Lehigh Valley Railroad SW1 #112.
USA Trains NW2 kitbashed into a SW1.
1/29 scale.
Scot Lawrence

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November 4, 2005

DEconstruction begins!
I removed every bit of wiring, circuit boards and metal from all the blue bits of plastic, so that the paint can be stripped.

USA trains did a nice job of making this engine easy to disassemble!
the major bits of wiring are connected with clips, so they can be simply unhooked.
there are 6 sets of black clips..to remember which is which when I reassemble, I scraped numbers into both sides with an x-acto blade.
1-1 on both sides of the first clip
2-2 on both sides of the 2nd clip.
through 6-6.
I also scraped the trucks, with a "F" for front truck, and an arrow pointing to the front of the engine.
and a "R" for rear truck, and also an arrow pointing to the front.
I took these photos mostly as an aid to put this thing back together! [:D]

The only wires I snipped are these 4 wires running into the cab.
the clips might have fit throught the hole, but I started to pull the cab interior out too soon, blocking the hole, then the cab interior didnt want to shove back up..so I just snipped the wires.
not a big deal, I can just splice them back together.

(I have several more detail shots of the wiring..I wont bother to post them all. if anyone wants to see them just drop me a line.)

woo! all apart! 

3 large bits of blue plastic
34 screws
4 bits of random circuitry.
2 trucks
window plastic removed.
some lead weights, cab interior, and a few other random bits.

a few of the round handrail eyelet things didnt want to come out, and the handrail actually pulled *through* them, leaving the eyelet behind with a crack in it.
shouldnt be a big deal.

thats everything so far!

next up..strip the paint!! 

November 19, 2005

paint is stripped!! 
well, as good as its going to get anyway..
the bits that are still blue remain that way because the container for the alcohol wasnt quite long enough for the entire frame to sit submerged..I could only soak one end at a time, and the middle couldnt get soaked..its good enough!
its going to get a coat of grey primer anyway before the color coats..I dont think the remaining blue will "show" in the finished model..

November 20, 2005

the pieces fit properly..
but I cant put it on the frame yet..because there are now tabs and posts on the frame that are in the way of the shortened shell..
have to dig out my files and other saws to do that job..
I looked for them tonight, (still packed away somewhere..from moving 2 months ago)
fitting the shell to the frame must wait for another day..


December 6, 2005

the shell is together! squadron putty applied and sanded.
new tool box for the front scratchbuilt out of styrene.
(im assuming thats a tool box, but im not really sure..havent had the opportunity to peek inside one.)

next, primer and paint!
I started putting the decals together in photoshop today, I will get the order sent out to Stan soon!

December 12, 2005

Designing decals..
no decals exist for 1/29 scale LV diesels, so I have to make my own!

Thanks to Ray over on the LVRR forum, I got accurate prototype details for the stripes!
see this thread for the discussion on stripes.

next, send the decal order to Stan have them printed, spray on some primer, and test a few reds.
I have one Krylon red that I think is a good match, but I still need to experiment to find that elusive perfect LV Cornell Red.


I re-did the decal sheet, enlarged the drawing of the SW1 to full-size for 1/29 scale, then cut and pasted my decals onto the drawing with photoshop, without re-sizing them at all.. here is the result:

and here is my final decal sheet!  :P 
8.5 X 11 inches.

thats a reduced-resolution version for posting on-line..
its only 72 dpi..(or technically, "ppi")
the real version is 300 ppi and will be printed on an alps printer.
time to send the decal sheet to Stan for printing! 

December 19, 2005

we have RED!!!

Lehigh Valley "Cornell Red" is a very controversial color..
every LV fan has their own opinion on what it should look like.
I believe I know whats its supposed to look like ;)
its a true, deep dark red.
not a hint of purple in it, its not maroon, its not burgandy..no hints of reddish brown..just pure 100% RED!
(the photo of the real 112 above is too "orangy"..bad color reproduction..perhaps a fading slide.)
its a tricky color! ;)

after trying out a few flavors of Krylon reds, I found a great one! 


December 22, 2005

Decaling begins...
the next update will probably be of the finished engine!
I expect to finish the week between Christmas & New Years..
Merry Christmas!


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Scot Lawrence
Rochester, NY

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