Don and Craig Hofsheier
The day after Marty's blast, we visited two other railroads and
Phil Jensen's train/model design home/museum in Omaha.
Don and Craig have an immaculate layout in the southwest
corner of their backyard right at the edge of the patio. There
is a ramp that allows Craig to have access to the layout with his

Most of the motive power and rolling stock is LGB. They also
have a well running "N" gauge layout in the basement so they
can run trains all year 'round.
Don and Craig
Mogul at the station
And on the trestle
Sean is a teenage train nut. He lives in an apartment complex which would not
allow a layout in the yard so he and his mom have used the entire deck off the
kitchen off their second floor apartment for the trains. It's packed from one end to
the other with trains and detailed dioramas that Sean has created. He's made the
best out of a very small area.
Sean Klinetobe's CJGRR
Porch layout right
Porch layout left
Some of the many dioramas Sean has
created in this very small area.