Finger Lakes Railway All Time Locomotive Roster


Roster status above is current as of May 2015.

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In 1988 ATSF Rebuilt 16 of their B23-7 units.
they were upgraded to 3,000 HP and were briefly renumbured in the 7200 series.
FGLK 2309 was part of this group. 2310 was not. Click here for more information.


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(2310 also received FB2 trucks at some point, but uncertain when.
she does not have the same 1988 rebuild history as 2309)

Two units were acquired for parts in 2011:

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FGLK Rolling Stock Roster:

Some of the rolling stock heritage data below comes from Joe Shaw's detailed FGLK rolling stock pages.
thanks Joe! Other data is from my own research, my photos over the years, and from FGLK.

FGLK Cabooses:

FGLK currently owns three cabooses, two ex-Penn Central transfer cabooses,
and one former B&O bay window caboose.

FGLK Caboose 201

1968  - nee Penn Central, N9 class, transfer caboose #18325,
              built at Despatch Shops in 1968 from an old boxcar built in 1945.
1976  - to Conrail 18325.
19?? - to MMRX 206
2001 - purchased by FGLK.
2002 - repainted by FGLK into a NYC "pacemaker" inspired red & grey
             scheme, and numbured FGLK 201.

FGLK Caboose 202

1968  - nee Penn Central, N9 class, transfer caboose #18223,
              built at Despatch Shops in 1968 from an old boxcar built in 1945.
1976  - to Conrail 18223.
19?? - to MMRX 105.
2001 - purchased by FGLK.
2002 - repainted by FGLK into a NYC "pacemaker" inspired red & grey
             scheme, and numbured FGLK 202,
has "remote control" logo applied.

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FGLK Caboose 203

1978  - Nee B&O 903, built June 1978.
19??  - To Genesee & Wyoming 1003.
2000 - converted to remote control car around the year 2000 by the G&W.
2006 - To FGLK 1003 - still painted in G&W Orange.
2007 or 2008 - repainted into NYC green and renumbured to FGLK 203

Passenger Cars:

Finger Lakes Railway bought its first passenger cars, four ex-VIA Rail cars, for excursion service, in 1998.
2009 FGLK owns seven passenger cars, (6 coaches and one baggage car.)

Highslide JS FGLK Coach 1642

1916 - Car built by Harlan and Hollingsworth Co. for Norfolk & Western.
1970's and 1980's  - Used as part of the "Chuck Wagon" Restaurant 
                                      in Lewiston, Maine.
1989  - Purchased and moved by "MRG, Inc./Downeast Rail"         
1990 - 2002 - Gradually restored, at Maine Coast RR, but rarely used.
2002 - Used for the one-season operation of the Niagara & Western
             New York Railroad, Lockport, NY
2004 - October - brought to Geneva, initally stored for a private owner.
200? - Purchased by FGLK, repainted, and placed in service.
2009 - In service with FGLK..crews call 1642 and 1643 "The Reds"

FGLK Coach 1643

1916 - Car built by Harlan and Hollingsworth Co. for Norfolk & Western.
1970's and 1980's  - Used as part of the "Chuck Wagon" Restaurant 
                                      in Lewiston, Maine.
1989  - Purchased and moved by "MRG, Inc./Downeast Rail"       
1990 - 2002 - Gradually restored, with Maine Coast RR, but rarely used.

2002 - Used for the one-season operation of the Niagara & Western
             New York Railroad,
Lockport, NY
2004 - October - brought to Geneva, initally stored for a private owner.
200? - Purchased by FGLK, repainted, and placed in service.
2009 - In service with FGLK..crews call 1642 and 1643 "The Reds"

See *note 2 for more info on coaches 1642 and 1643.

FGLK Coach 7201 "Geneva"

19?? - Built as (CN?)
19?? - To VIA Rail, Canada (number?)
1998 - Purchased by FGLK
1999 - Car arrives in Geneva.
2001 - October - "Geneva" is one of two cars used in the
              first FGLK excursions.
painted in the FGLK NYC-inspired scheme.
2009 - "Geneva" is currently in service.

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FGLK Coach 7202 "Cayuga"

19?? - built as Canadian National 3206?
19?? -  to VIA Rail 3206
1998 - Purchased by FGLK
1999 - Car arrives in Geneva.
2005 - "Cayuga" refurbished, repainted and placed in service.
2009 - "Cayuga" is currently in service.

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FGLK Coach 7601 "Seneca"

19?? - Built as (CN?)
19?? - To VIA Rail (Canada) (number?)
1998 - Purchased by FGLK
1999 - Car arrives in Geneva.
2001 - October - "Seneca" is one of two cars used in the
              first FGLK excursions.
painted in the FGLK NYC-inspired scheme.
2009 - "Seneca" is currently in service.

FGLK Coach 7602 "Canandaigua"

19?? - built as Canadian National 5602?
19?? - to VIA Rail 5516
1998 - Purchased by FGLK
1999 - Car arrives in Geneva.
2005 - "Canandaigua" refurbished, repainted and placed in service.
2009 - "Canandaigua" is currently in service.

FGLK Baggage Car

19?? - built as?? (currently no history for this car)
2005 - Purchased by FGLK. plan to convert to an open-air excursion car.
2009 - Car remains stored in Geneva.

Passenger car data sources:
Mr. Sylvanus D.
Plus my own additional research, my photos, and Finger Lakes Railway.
thanks everyone! :)


FGLK owns 24 boxcars of Milwaukee Road heritage, built in 1972.
FGLK 24000 - 24023.
see Joe's page here for more detail on these cars.

And possibly as many as 256 boxcars in the 26000 series,
although it is not known if every number slot in that series actually contains a car..
anyone know?


Units leased by FGLK:

In the early days of the FGLK, 1995-1996, several units were leased for a time to get things up and running:
"Due to many failures early on, and a dump truck accident within two weeks, we saw many B&P and a R&S unit on the FGLK. At least 203,207,208,209, 879,922(GP18) and the R&S (107?) SW1200
Briefly, there were no FGLK painted units running! The B&P was a huge help at that time."
            - quote from "Checkit" on the NY forum

B&P EMD GP9 #879  was leased for a time from 19?? to 19??.
the unit was ex-N&W, still in N&W black and still a high-hood while on FGLK.
Unit was returned and not purchased.

B&P EMD GP9 #207  was leased beginning in 19??
The unit was then purchased in 1998, becoming FGLK 1751.

BDLX EMD GP40 1355, an ex-NS high-hood GP40,  was leased briefly in 2001.
then returned, and went on to become NYSW 3042.
Its nose was chopped by NYSW, after it had operated on FGLK.
This unit was originally N&W 1355.
photo from 2001.

GSRX EMD SW9 #708 - Originally leased by Ontario Central in 1996 and based in
Victor, the lease on this unit was continued by FGLK when they took over the ONCT
in 2007. In 2009 the unit is still leased by FGLK and still based in Victor.

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GSRX EMD SW-9 #708

1952  - Nee Apalachicola Northern Railroad, Florida
1971  - To Canton Railroad, Baltimore, MD.
19??   - To Consol Coal, Baltimore, MD.
19??   - Donated to B&O Railroad Museum.
1994  - Aquired by Golden Spike Railroad Services in a
              trade with the B&O museum.
1995  - Used for a short time at a Flour mill in Buffalo.
1996  - Arrived in Victor, NY, leased by the Ontario Central.
2007  - ONCT is aquired by FGLK, from parent LAL.
              ONCT ceases to exist as a shortline, former ONCT trackage
              (Shortsville-Victor) is now FGLK.
2009  - Number 708 remains in Victor, still leased by FGLK.
2009  - December - Number 708 is repainted! into a
              NYC-inspired black scheme.

2013  - No. 708 is for sale in Geneva.
2014  - No. 708 was sold and left Geneva in February 2014.

Click here for more photos of #708.

CEFX SD40M-2 3124
Built in 1968 as Southern Pacific SD45 8954.
Rebuilt by SP to SP SD45R 7516
2001 - to CEFX SD40M-2 3124, repainted into CEFX blue.
2013 - May, leased by FGLK.
2014 - November, left FGLK service.

CEFX SD40M-2 3126    photo
Built in Feb 1969 as Southern Pacific SD45 9006.
Rebuilt by SP to SP SD45R 7480
1999 - to CEFX SD40M-2 3126, repainted into CEFX blue.
2013 - May, leased by FGLK.

2014 - December, left FGLK service.

And yes, technically the SD38-2's are leased, not owned outright by FGLK, but im including them as members of the "main" roster, because they are painted and lettered for FGLK, and they are on long-term lease. It is a judgment call however to place them on that roster, and not in this list of leasers..its a grey area! ;)




A history of the Finger Lakes Railway..

The first railroad that makes up part of today's FGLK system wound its way
across the northern Finger Lakes region in 1840, the Auburn & Rochester Railroad.
The A&R became the Rochester & Syracuse Railroad in 1850, and was finally
consolidated into the all-powerful New York Central system in 1853.

For well over a Century, from the 1850's to the 1960's, this line would be known
as the New York Central's "Auburn Road", a meandering branch line between
Syracuse and Rochester, just to the south of the New York Central mainline.

Today, most of the "Auburn Road" makes up the East-West mainline of the FGLK, 
from Syracuse in the east to Canandaigua in the West. (Auburn Road tracks
between Canandaigua and Rochester no longer exist.)

The next railroad that is today part of the FGLK arrived in 1851, the Canandaigua
& Corning Railroad.  After several name changes, the route became part of the
Northern Central Railroad, and eventually became part of the Pennsylvania
Railroad's Elmira branch.

The PRR Elmira branch was used to haul coal from the PA coal fields to Lake
Ontario freighters at Sodus Bay, and is famous for being one of the last holdouts
of PRR steam, (or ANY steam for that matter) in the North East, with steam
locomotives operating on the branch as late as 1957.

Today, a remnant of the PRR Elmira branch is operated by FGLK between
Watkins Glen and Penn Yan.

And the third major Class-1 railroad making up today's FGLK system was the
Lehigh Valley Railroad, which opened its mainline to Buffalo in 1892
Today the FGLK operates two disconnected segments of former LV mainline,
from Geneva south to the Seneca Army depot, and from Shortsville, through
the LV's Manchester yard, to Victor.

The NYC and PRR merged in 1968 to form Penn Central, and PC in turn became
the largest portion of Conrail in 1976. The LV was also absorbed into Conrail
in 1976, (but Conrail abandoned and never operated the LV mainline across
Western New York.)

Conrail operated the former NYC and PRR lines around Geneva from
1976 to 1995 as its "Geneva Cluster"

In 1995 Conrail sold its "Geneva Cluster" to the newly formed Finger Lakes Railway.

Finger Lakes Railway operates its first train on July 23, 1995.

1995- July - FGLK starts up with three GP9 locomotives, 1701, 1702 and 1703,
           and a few leased units.

            The FGLK owns and operates (in 1995) two seperate routes, a remnant of the
            former NYC "Auburn Road" between Solvay (Syracuse) and Canandaigua.
            and a piece of PRR Elmira branch between Watkins Glen and Penn Yan.
            The two routes are connected via trackage rights on Conrail between
            Geneva and Himrod Junction.

            A third piece of FGLK trackage is the remnant of former LVRR mainline
            from Geneva south to the Seneca Army depot, however this line is not
           used on a  regular basis.

            FGLK's main access to the outside world is Conrail, which it interchanges
            with at Solvay, Lyons, Geneva and Himrod Junction.

            FGLK also interchanges with the Susquehanna railroad at Solvay, and with
            the small Ontario Central at Shortsville,
            (FGLK is the ONCT's only access to the outside world.)

           FGLK is jointly owned by Farmrail System,Inc.
           Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
           and two individuals.

1998 - A fourth GP9 joins the roster, number 1751, which had previously been
          leased from the B&P until purchased outright in 1998.

1998 -FGLK purchases four ex-VIA Rail passenger coaches for a planned excursion business.
            Due to delays at the border, the cars did not arrive until 1999.
            passenger excursions begin in Autumn 2001.

199? - The 5th unit arrives, GP10 1801, the "Mountain Laurel" unit.

1999- June - Conrail ends its sucessful 23 year reign, when it is sold and split-up
           beween CSX and Norfolk Southern.  Instead of one major Class-1 railroad
           in central and western NY, there are now two.

           NS takes over, from Conrail, the former Erie "Southern Tier Main" 
           between Binghamton and Buffalo, and also operates the former NYC
           "Fall Brook Sub" between Corning and Lyons, passing through Geneva.
           FGLK has trackage rights on NS (and Conrail before it) to access the two
           seperate parts of its system.
           FGLK and NS interchange at Himrod Junction and Geneva.

           CSX takes over the original New York Central mainline from Conrail, 
           continuing the NYC mainline as a major American rail route.
           FGLK interchages with CSX at Lyons and Solvay.

1999- June - the "all-EMD, all-GP" streak is broken by the arrival of three GE B23-7
           locomotives. 1979, 1989 and 2004. (later numbured 2301, 1989 and 2303.)
           These are former Conrail units. The roster now stands at eight units.

200? -  A Fourth GE arrives, U23B 2211. (later 2201)
            The roster is up to 9 units.

2001 - October - FGLK begins passenger excursions, using four ex-VIA Rail coaches
             which were purchased in 1998. (Only two of the four are used in 2001, "Geneva" and "Seneca")

2001 - FGLK purchases its first two cabooses, 201 and 202, both are former PC transfer cabooses
            and are converted into Remote  Control units for operation in the Solvay area.

2004? - Two more B23-7 units arrive, FGLK 2304 and 2305.
             These are the two units that began life as Southern Railway high hoods,
             and the "front" of the units was the long-hood end, in typical SOU and
             N&W fashion. Their noses were later chopped, giving them both an
             unusual looking custom low nose, and "front" was changed to the "cab end".
             The roster reaches Eleven units.

2004 - October -two new coaches arrive! the coaches formerly used on the Niagara & Western NY
             excursion railroad, which operated between Medina & Lockport, NY for one season only (2002)
             These two coaches were built for the Norfolk & Western in 1916, and will become FGLK 1642
             and 1643. They were intially stored in Geneva for a private owner, for a few years, then purchased
             by FGLK.

2005 - FGLK purchases its 7th passenger car, a full baggage car, with plans to convert it
             into an open air observation car.

2005 - The other two (of four) ex-VIA Rail coaches,  "Canandaigua" and "Cayuga" , purchased in 1998,
refurbished, repainted and placed in service.

2006 -  The first unit leaves the FGLK roster. 1801, which spent its entire FGLK
             career in its Mountain Laurel paintscheme, is sold to the Seaview Railroad 
             of Rhode Island, who gives it a sparkling new paintjob in 2007.
             The roster drops from eleven to ten units.

2006 -  FGLK purchases it third caboose, the former G&W 1003, which becomes FGLK 203.

2007 - FGLK takes over the Ontario Central from previous owner Livonia, Avon
            & Lakeville. The former ONCT trackage stretches 13 miles from Shortsville
            to Victor, and is a remnant of Lehigh Valley Railroad mainline. The ONCT
            Alco RS36 goes "home" to the LAL, leaving behind the leased GSRX EMD SW9.

2008 - March - GP9 1702 returns to previous owner, Farmrail, after 13 years serving
           with FGLK. 1702 was one of the three original FGLK units, at the startup in 1995.
           1701, 1702 and 1703 all originally came from corporate relative Farmrail.

2008 - Yet more B23-7's arrive, FGLK 2306 and 2307 arrive on the property, 
           for now remaining in the paintscheme of their former owner the
           Providence & Worchester.
           Bringing the current roster to 11 units.

           As of July 2008, 10 units are operating, and one (2304) is OOS in Geneva,

2009 - April, B23-7 2305 heads over to Fort Edward, NY, north of Albany, for some FGLK contract                   
             work. (FGLK is not leasing the unit..FGLK is doing the work!)

2009 - April or May, about two weeks later, FGLK 1703 joins her sister 2305 in Fort Edward.

2009 - May 9th, FGLK 2308, FGLK's 14th unit arrives in Geneva.
              former Camas Prairie Railnet B23-7 number 7
           Making 12 units on the FGLK roster. (1703 and 2305 are in Fort Edward, and 2304 is still OOS.)

2009 - June, FGLK 2304, which has been OOS in Geneva for two years, returns to service!

2010 - February - News hits the internet that FGLK may be ceasing passenger excursions!
             they are looking for an independant operation to take over the excursion business.
             Some excursions were operated however, through 2010, by FGLK.

2010 - March - news first hits the internet that a new FGLK locomotive is on the way!
             to become FGLK 2309

2010 - April - It is confirmed as TWO new units! FGLK 2309 and 2310. Two B23-7's, originally
             Santa Fe units. The units will arive still wearing their original ATSF yellow & blue Warbonnet paint!
             These will be FGLK's 15th and 16th units, and will make 14 on the active roster.

             Thanks to Mike Rujak, for the first photos of the new units, taken at Mingo Junction, Ohio
             on March 16, 2010:  Photo of 2309 - Photo of 2310.

Final Finger Lakes Railway Passenger Excursions?

2010 - November 6, FGLK annouces it will operate its last passenger excursion December 19, 2010.
             the news is published in local newspapers:
Railway to give up excursions.
By David L. Shaw / Finger Lakes Times
Sunday, November 14, 2010 12:09 AM CST
GENEVA ” Finger Lakes Railway will sponsor its last passenger train excursion Dec. 19.
The company will not resume booking passenger excursions in May, as usual, but is looking for another party to manage and operate the passenger services.
“We are going to keep the passenger coaches, locomotives and infrastructure for the passenger service,” said Deb Najarro, director of passenger service for the railway. “We’ve put a lot into them and it’s not a good market to sell such assets. “We want someone to come in and manage the passenger services so we can concentrate on our main focus, which is freight.” There was an excursion yesterday to the Granger Homestead in Canandaigua. The next excursion is planned for Nov. 21 to Cayuga. Najarro said there is at least one interested party and she’s hopeful an arrangement can be made so the new party can resume excursions next spring without interruption.

FGLK would operate a total of 32 passenger excursions, on 11 days,
in November & December of 2010:

Victor Rock-n-Roll Wine & Beer Tasting Train Excursion
Date:Saturday, November 6, 2010
Boarding Location(s):Village of Victor
Fare: Adult (14+):$40
Fare: Senior (62+ or retired):$38
Board the train in Victor and have some fun!
The train will head east for 90 minutes then return 90 minutes to Victor.
Trip includes Finger Lakes beer and wine tasting (5 each) and hors d'oeuvres onboard. (Pizzas, finger foods, veggies, wraps, etc.) Trip also includes live rock and roll music. (TMP band)
3 hour ride.
Child Policy: No children under 21

Christkindl Market Ride in Ontario County
Saturday, November 13 from 10am to 5pm 
Enjoy a day long trip from Geneva to Canandaigua. Travel by rail in the morning from Geneva Station, just off Exchange / Rt.14 at The Shops at the Station historic depot.
Arrive in Canandaigua at noon for a 3-hour layover. During the layover, you have the option to visit Granger Homestead or walk-about downtown. Return Departure time is 3pm.
Granger Homestead is hosting their seasonal Canandaigua Christkindl Market and Christmas Tree display. Market is full of juried crafts and trees are decorated. Downtown is full of shops, eateries, and boutiques for visiting strollers. It is a One-mile walk to lakefront. Train will depart Canandaigua at 3pm and arrive in Geneva at 5pm. Snacks, drinks and some souvenirs available onboard. We are NOT wheelchair accessible. Passengers must climb 5-7 stairs to enter the train. Walking is necessary, however a wheelchair can be folded and brought along for use in Canandaigua. Please call with special concerns.

Cayuga Harvest Train SURPRISE
Sunday, November 21 at 12pm and 2:30pm 
SURPRISE - Santa will visit the Village of Cayuga a little early for a Harvest Surprise train ride. We will ring in the holidays early with hot cocoa, carols, and goodies for the whole family during a 75 minute train ride across Cayuga Lake and back. Of special note for this trip: Parking is limited in the Village of Cayuga. We are asking people to park along the streets above the historic train depot, which is now the Village Hall. The Depot is located at Harris Park on Cayuga Lake. Walking is necessary. We are NOT wheelchair accessible. Passengers must climb 5-7 steps to enter the train. However, there are 5 handicap spaces at the bottom of the hill for parking near the depot. Thank you for your patience in advance when attending this ride.

SELECT Saturdays & Sundays, November 27 - Dec 19 
The Finger Lakes Railway Santa Trains have become a family tradition. Each 75-min trip offers a visit with Santa onboard and carol singing. Starting with the Santa rides in Shortsville and ending with Auburn Santa Extravaganza, we will be visiting a community near you.
Shortsville - Sat. Nov 27 - 5 Trips
Victor - Sun. Nov 28 - 4 Trips
Geneva - Sat. Dec 4 - 5 Trips
Seneca Falls - Sat. Dec 11 - 3 Trips
Watkins Glen - Sun. Dec 12 - 2 trips
Camillus - Fri. Dec 17 - 2 Trips - PM
Camillus - Sat. Dec 18 - 4 Trips
Auburn - Sun. Dec 19 - 3 Trips
For a complete listing of all Santa Trains, visit our Excursions page online and scroll through the dates and locations. Any Santa Ride can become a "Pajama Express" at your own discretion. Just wear your Jammies! We will have hot cocoa, concessions, and some souvenirs available to purchase onboard. Each trip is listed online with the BOARDING LOCATION first and in date order. Refer to list above as you begin planning for your visit. We appreciate that it takes time to coordinate family and friends for a ride together. We suggest buying tickets together for families and boarding early and together to ensure family seating together. All tickets are for General Seating. Lapsitters 2 and under are FREE.

2010 - December 19 - Finger Lakes Railway operates its last passenger excursion.
(update! not the last afterall! there are Autumn 2011 excursions, see below)
Auburn Santa Extravaganza - sponsored by CNY Model Railroad Club - (3 TRIPS)--SOLD OUT-
Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Boarding Location(s):
Fare: Adult (14+):$12
Fare: Child (3-13):$12

Enjoy a train ride with Santa and sing carols with everyone. Hot cocoa and snacks available. Some souvenirs too. Santa is sure to see each child that wants to. 

Boarding location is linked in red above. Location is on Rt 5 heading east to Elbridge / Syracuse. Just outside Auburn city limits, across from Grant Ave Plaza with theatre and tractor supply store. There is an old gas station with Angel's Auto office. Park along tracks and where marked. Tickets Redeemed onboard. Please have confirmation from your purchase below.

There are 3 trips to choose from.

BUY TICKETS NOW. TRIP #1 - 10:30 am --SOLD OUT--
BUY TICKETS NOW. TRIP #2 - 12:30 pm --SOLD OUT--
BUY TICKETS NOW.  TRIP #3  -  2:30 pm -- SOLD OUT--

Child Policy: Lapsitters - 2 and under FREE

As of December 2010, there are no future plans for excursions, none are scheduled for 2011, and there are no known "operators" lined up for future excursions. but for now, FGLK is keeping their passenger car fleet, in the hopes that excursions might yet operate in the future.

2010 -
December - 2309 is repainted from her ATSF yellow & blue "warbonnet" colors into the
             standard FGLK scheme, and is in service.

2011 - January - 2310 remains in her ATSF colors, and remains OOS in Geneva.

2011 - May 13 - news first hits the internet that FGLK may be considering trading in their high-hood
             GP9, number 1751, for more GE's..possibly making FGLK an all-GE railroad in the future.
             (in recent years the EMD roster has dropped from 5 to 3 units, while the GE roster has grown
              to eleven units!) however, this trade of the 1751 remains only speculation, for now.

2011 - Autumn - Turns out 2010 was *not* the last excursion season afterall! Finger Lakes Railway
             came back in 2011 with a full calendar of excursions in September through December 2011!

  • Fall Festival Express, sponsered by the Geneva Rotary Club (1 Trip)
    Saturday, September 17, 2011 - Geneva Station
  • LVRRHS Fall Foliage excursions, sponsored by LVRR Historical Society (4 Trips)
    Saturday, October 8, 2011 - Shortsville

          Will the 2011 excursion season end up being the last? lets hope not!

2011 - October - FGLK's 17th (all time) unit arrives in Geneva, the Eleventh B23-7 on the roster!
             The unit is the former NYSW 2300.
FGLK 2300 (unit will likely be renumbured)
              GE B23-7.
           built 1978
           ex NYSW 2300 - P&W 2214 - CSX 3126 - SBD 5127 - Nee L&N 5127
           This unit will most likely become FGLK 2311. The all-time roster increases from 16 to 17 units,
              and the current roster increases from 14 to 15 units.

2011 - December - The speculation above, from May, about GP9 number 1751 perhaps being traded
             for more GE's, is true! FGLK 1751, the high-hood GP9, was sold to the Conway Scenic railroad
             of New Hampshire in 2011. 1751 left Geneva for the last time in early December, 2011.

            As the 1751 goes to Conway Scenic, two GE's are coming from Conway Scenic to FGLK.
            FGLK's 18th and 19th (all time) units.
            Conway Scenic U23B 2820 and B23-7 1943 are on the way. The two GE's have not arrived in
            Geneva as of the end of 2011.

            The exact status and future plans for the three new GE's is uncertain at this time, the former:
            NYSW 2300
            CSRX 2820
            CSRX 1943
            Two of the three are rumoured to be OOS and not in operating condition..perhaps FGLK has
            aquired some GE parts units to keep the rest of the fleet going? perhaps..
            we will have to wait for 2012 to find out.

2012 - January 6 - FGLK's 18th and 19th units arrive in Geneva! dead in tow. These are the two former
             Conway Scenic Units.

           FGLK 1943 (unit will likely be renumbured)
              GE B23-7
           built 7/1978
           Serial - 42056
           ex CSRX 1943 - CSRX 23 - QBT 23 - nee Conrail 1943

           FGLK 2820 (unit will likely be renumbured)
              GE U23B
           built 2/1975
           Serial - 40130
           ex CSRX 2820 - CSRX 21 - QBT 21 - R&N 2390 - CSX 3320 - SBD 3320 - nee L&N 2820
            ~ found some references that 2820 might have been rebuilt at some point to B23-7 specifications,
               and so might be considered a dash-7 mechanically, but still in its original U23B carbody..
               havent confirmed this.

2012 - Spring 2012, B23-7 No. 1989 is OOS with engine problems.

2012 - October - Roster update from "checkit" on

            Re: Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) Discussion - 2012

           by CHECKIT » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:26 pm

        As of 10/1/12:
        1701 Auburn Running AY1
        1703 Geneva Running GK2
        1943 Geneva Running Not yet in service
        1989 Geneva OOS Engine failure
        2201 Geneva Running Shop
        2301 Solvay Running SH1
        2303 Geneva Running GS2
        2304 Geneva Running GS2
        2305 Ft Edward Running G.E. Hudson River
        2306 Geneva Running Shop
        2307 Geneva OOS Engine possibly failed. Being evaluated
        2308 Ft Edward Running G.E. Hudson River (2308 is still in Camas Prarie Blue & yellow paint)
        2309 Himrod Running HG2
        2310 Geneva Running GY1
        2300 Geneva Bought for parts
        2820 Geneva Bought for parts
        708 Geneva Running, private owner, not in service

2012 - November - FGLK B23-7 1943 is in service.

2012 - December.
             The leased EMD SW9, GRSX 708, is for sale.

2013 - April - Roster update from "checkit" on

Re: Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) Discussion - 2013

by CHECKIT » Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:30 pm

Here's a few clarifications on some of the questions lately.
GCK 154 is definitely the former Salt City Ventures #2 (Trigen, Suez etc.)
#1 is still on the property at Suez, will be GCK 153 and is sold and will move out when made safe to do so.
901 is still on the property at Suez. No plans for it yet.
The former Alco now in use will see service until coal is done in the summer. I was thinking it was re-engined with a Detroit Diesel, but that was on hearsay and it could well be a Cummins.
In Geneva, the 2310 has been in service for several months. It has lately been the GY1 switcher power as U23B 2201 undergoes some repairs.
The 1989 has been OOS for about a year now after a failed conrod bearing scored the crank. It may be repaired at some point.
2307 suffered a similar fate a few months later, and will donate parts for now. Status uncertain.
2300 and 2820 were secured for parts.
1943 is in service and working pretty well after initial repairs after receiving it from the Conway Scenic. Nicknamed "Rusty" ! In time it will receive body work and touch-up.
Finger Lakes opted to invest money into engine warming systems to save fuel, over spending on painting, but painting could take place here and there going forward.
Hope this helps answer some questions!

2013 - May - Now here is something different! :) In May 2013 two large and unusual beasts turned up on the FGLK..Two leased SD40M-2's!

The two units are currently classed as SD40M-2 units, but they began life as SD45's, and they are still in their SD45 carbodies today. So externally they look like classic SD45's. The two units are CEFX 3124 and 3126:

CEFX 3124
Built in 1968 as Southern Pacific SD45 8954.
Rebuilt by SP to SP SD45R 7516
2001 - to CEFX SD40M-2 3124, repainted into CEFX blue.
2013 - May, leased by FGLK.

CEFX 3126
Built in Feb 1969 as Southern Pacific SD45 9006.
Rebuilt by SP to SP SD45R 7480
1999 - to CEFX SD40M-2 3126, repainted into CEFX blue.
2013 - May, leased by FGLK.

2013 - May - FGLK 1701 and 2304 are leased to the Ethanol Plant
                        in Fulton, NY.

2013 - October - FGLK 2310 gets painted in FGLK Lightning Stripes,
                                losing her ATSF Warbonnet.

2013 - November - FGLK is no longer running scheduled excursion trains for the
                                   general public, but they did run a few private excursion trains
                                   for groups in 2013. Including
Santa trains for Victor Friends
                                   of the Railroad on November 30, 2013.

2014  - February - SW9 No. 708 was sold and left Geneva in February 2014.
                            Sold to a new owner in Ohio.

2014  - July - The former FGLK 1702 is for sale at Ozark Mountain Railcar.
                1702 is one of the original trio of FGLK GP9's that started out the FGLK roster in 1995.
                She returned to corporate relative Farmrail in 2008.
                Looks like Farmrail has been upgrading with GP38's, and is selling off the old GP9's.

2014  - September - 2308 is spotted for the first time in fresh FGLK paint, back home in Geneva.
               losing her Camas Prairie blue & yellow paint.

2014  - October - between October and December 2014 the two "Bluebirds" left FGLK.
              These were the two SD40M-2 leasers, in SD45 carbodies, CEFX 3124 and 3126, that operated
              with FGLK about a year and a half, May 2013 to December 2014. Photos online show the 3124
              was still running with FGLK on October 2, 2014, and she was photographed in Buffalo on
              November 6, having left FGLK and heading out to her next aassignment. 3126 was last
              seen with FGLK on December 5, 2014. Clearly they both left because the SD38-2's were
              on the way!

2014  - November - News first hits the internet about new units coming to FGLK! Two SD38-2's!

2014  - December - First photo of one of the SD38-2's is on-line..unit is in full FGLK lightning stripes! :)

2014  - December 9 - GMTX 3303, the first of the new FGLK SD38-2's is dropped off by CSX in Solvay.

2014  - At some point in 2014, three of the four FGLK units that were "away on assignment" returned to                      Geneva. In 2013, the four units were:

            GP9 1701 - In Fulton at the Ethanol plant.
            GP9 1703 - In Fort Edward at the Hudson River dredging project.
            B23-7 2304 - In Fulton at the Ethanol plant.
            B23-7 2305 - In Fort Edward at the Hudson River dredging project.

            At some point in 2014, 1701, 1703 and 2305 returned to Geneva. only 2304 remained in Fulton.

2015  - Finger Lakes Railway's 20th anniversary year! :)

2015  - February 12 - the second SD38-2, GMTX 3301, is spotted in Selkirk. For the next month, CSX would                 tow the unit back and forth across upstate NY, between Selkirk, Buffalo, and perhaps even back                     into Ohio! utterly failing to drop it off for FGLK.

2015  - March - After three years OOS and stored in Geneva, B23-7 No. 1989 is returned to service!

2015  - March - OOS units based on my own observations in March and April 2015:
             1703 is behind the shop, appears OOS.
             Three-unit dead line along 5&20 contains 2207, 2820, 2300.
             a second group stored further east along 5&20 is 1701 and 2310.

2015  - March 18 - finally! after FIVE weeks of touring western NY with CSX, the second SD38-2,
              GMTX 3301, is dropped off for FGLK at Solvay.

2015  - March - The heritage of 3303 has been worked out:

GMTX SD38-2 3303:
Built as Burlington Northern SD40-2 8130, June 1980.
to FURX SD40-2 8130, around 2002.
(FURX 8130 is from the units blue card, thanks to "terms-d" on for that info)
Rebuilt at Progress Rail, Paducah KY, in 2014, de-turboed and re-classed as a SD38-2,
still in full SD40-2 carbody. Emerged from the shop as GMTX 3303, painted in FGLK lightning stripes,
on long-term lease to FGLK. delivered to FGLK at Solvay on December 9, 2014.

The heritage of 3301 is still unknown.

In March 2015 there is still speculation about a possible third SD38-2 for FGLK. At this time, it is not known if that is fact or fiction.

FGLK have GMTX 3301 and 3303..there is also a 3302! which was also rebuilt from a SD40-2 into a SD38-2, same rebuild as her sisters 3301 and 3303..however the 3302 was repainted into fresh GMTX blue paint, and is lettered for Louis Dreyfus commodities:
This suggests (but does not prove) that there perhaps is not a third unit coming for FGLK.

2015  - April 24 - The third SD38-2 is confirmed! number 3304. Her existance was uncertain until she
              was dropped at Solvay for FGLK. On April 24, 2015, 3301 and 3303 headed to Solvay to pick up
              their identical triplet sibling 3304, and the three units then headed back to Geneva with 3303
              in the lead, followed by 3301 then 3304, running in the order they arrived on FGLK.

About the three new SD38-2's, May 2015:

The three units began life as SD40-2's.
They were rebuilt at Progress Rail in Paducah, KY, in 2014 and 2015.
They were de-turboed, and reclassified as SD38-2's, however they have kept their full SD40-2 carbodies,
so externally they still appear to be fairly standard SD40-2's.

They were repainted in the full FGLK lightning stripe scheme by Progress Rail, with "Finger Lakes Railway" spelled out on the long hood. FGLK logos were added to the nose and rear by FGLK in Geneva. The units are technically owned by GMTX, they have GMTX reporting marks on the cab, but they are on long-term lease to FGLK. Because of the full FGLK paint and markings, and the long-term lease, I made the decision to include the three units on the "regular" FGLK roster for the purposes of this webpage, and not include them under the "leased locomotives" list. This is a subjective call, open to interpretation, however I feel it made more sense to include them as "regular" units on the FGLK roster, even though they are technically leased. it's a gray area! ;)

As of May 2015, only the heritage of 3303 is known. (3303 was built as BN SD40-2 8130 in 1980)
the heritage of 3301 and 3304 is not yet known.

2015  - May 6 - for several months in early 2015 both of the remaning GP9's, 1701 and 1703,
             were stored in Geneva and not operating. With the arrival of the new SD38-2's there
             was speculation that they might be retired permanantly. this was not the case!
             1701 was spotted operating on a road train on May 6, 2015. so at least one of the
             primordial GP's is back in service.




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