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0-Overlapz (Templates & Libraries) 21 APR 04
We saw no need to replace the Clarion Resizer, we have just added some very nice features to the template.

!conMania Collection (Graphics) 13 JAN 05
More and more, it becomes difficult to produce originality in a world that demands uniqueness. With this icon collection, I hope to bring as many usable and worthwhile files as possible, without infringing on others' rights. A minority of the files contained in this compilation (called !conMania Collection) were created from scratch. Most are submissions from individuals. Let it be known that I merely categorized the icons so that it would benefit those who were looking for the grouping I also desired. By downloading, you agree that you (or your parties) will not prosecute me or any other parties involved.

"Sometimes" Lookups (Clarion Magazine) 6 JUL 01
Clarion's ability to validate data with lookups is great, but what happens when you want to only do the lookup sometimes? Steve Parker tells all.

.HLP The Visual Windows Help File Generator (Help Tools) 19 FEB 03
Because your time is precious! With no prior experience you can create a fully functional help file in One Minute! Then all you have to do is type in the text.

.NET Basics: What Is .NET, And Why Should I Care? (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 05
You've heard the pitch before: Microsoft's .NET is the future, and Clarion.NET is the future of Clarion. But really, should you care? And what is .NET anyway? David Harms answers these and other questions.

.NET Basics: What Is .NET, And Why Should I Care? Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 28 NOV 05

0-HaZzle Ready for C6.2 as is (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
0-HaZzle Modern appearance for your Clarion programs!

0-MeZz Rewritten for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
We would like to announce our new template 0-MeZz, give your users the chance to massupdate in their files, just as You can do with TopScan, BUT you as the developer can mark fields non-updateable so no keys are overwritten.

And it is easy :-) all you have to do is drop a Control Template inside your window , recompile and your off ...

So our new slogan is: Dont make a mess, let the customer do it them self

10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications (Tips) 3 JAN 05
Writing a Web application with ASP.NET is unbelievably easy. So easy, many developers don't take the time to structure their applications for great performance. In this article, I'm going to present 10 tips for writing high-performance Web apps. I'm not limiting my comments to ASP.NET applications because they are just one subset of Web applications. This article won't be the definitive guide for performance-tuning Web applications—an entire book could easily be devoted to that. Instead, think of this as a good place to start.

10,000 Icons 31 DEC 00
These are huge zip files full of icons. Not categorized. Enjoy. Thanks to Kelvin Chua, MBA; Software Specialist; AccPro Computer Systems Pte Ltd; SINGAPORE; email:

15seconds (ASP) 23 OCT 02
ASP information and articles.

1st Icon Design (Web Sites) 21 APR 04
Finally a professional icon solution at an affordable price. We offer beautifully designed icons for software developers, webmasters and designers who are looking for that extra pizzazz for their projects. Our icon collections will make you stand out from the competition. Gorgeous icons designed to maintain a consistent style with today's operating systems. First impressions do count ... make it a good one. Our icons are royalty-free. Include them in all your projects and never pay more than your initial investment.

We offer custom solutions as well. If your icon needs go beyond our collections give us a call, we will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a free quote.

1st Logo Design (Web Sites) 2 DEC 05
Let Jesus Moreno make your logo and your look. Free graphics to download.

Some of his favorites:

2.5 gigapixel photo (Off-Topic) 11 FEB 05
Somebody has altogether too much time on their hands.

The photographs shows Delft and its surroundings and was taken from the top of the Electrical Engineering facility of Delft University. It includes detail such as:

(The link is to a web site describing the photo. Downloading the photo is entirely optional.)

2750 sound effects on a CD 25 AUG 00
Recently I purchased a CD with 2750 great sound effects for use in my programs. They can be distributed royalty-free. I think I paid $5 for it at OfficeMax in the cheapy software section so it is a real bargain. (Greg Berthume)

3d ActiveX (OCX) Shareware controls with OpenGL from Nevron LLC 16 FEB 00

3D Images within a PDF (Templates & Libraries) 6 JUL 05
For anyone interested in embedding 3D Images within a PDF, we have just completed a project partnership with Actify Inc of San Francisco to allow 3D image embedding using their 'Spinfire' add-on for MS Office and PDF-XChange - any End User licensee of our PDF-XChange Standard or Pro V3 product using Actify's Spinfire application automatically receives the benefit of our this partnership without further license costs on our part.

3rd Party Event Calendar 12 SEP 01
An attempt to list events in the EVENT:User area used by various products so you'll know what to use or avoid.

3Schools (ASP) 23 OCT 02
Tutorials and references on HTML, SQL, ASP, JScript and whatever else you might want a tutorial or reference on.

4guysfromrolla (ASP) 23 OCT 02
Asp, .net and sql articles, reference and forum. 23 APR 01
Information on Active Server Pages.

7-Zip (Utilities) 13 JUL 06
7-Zip is a file archiver with high compression ratio.

7-Zip is free software distributed under the GNU LGPL.

911 Networks 29 NOV 99
A weekly newsletter about solving network problems.

95 Clients on NT Server fix 23 FEB 98
It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce that Microsoft has now provided us with a new VREDIR.VXD for Windows 95 that does disable the buffering of files shared on Windows NT. The redirector executable is a self installing program provided by Microsoft. Run it under Windows 95 and it installs itself and makes the needed changes to your Windows registry. You then need to restart Windows 95 for the changes to take affect. Look under "New Stuff" Or go to and look for tech note Q148367.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection is busy with results for another hstmt." (Tips) 9 JAN 06
What to do about it from SV.

A Basic Editor For Text Fields: Conclusion (Clarion Magazine) 1 OCT 03
Clarion's TEXT control is versatile and useful, but has next to no word processing capabilities. But as Tim Phillips shows, it's relatively easy to add capabilities like search/replace, block reformatting, and more. Part 2 of 2.

A Basic Editor For Text Fields: Introduction (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 03
Clarion's TEXT control is versatile and useful, but has next to no word processing capabilities. But as Tim Phillips shows, it's relatively easy to add capabilities like search/replace, block reformatting, and more. Part 1 of 2.

A Better DATE Function (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 JAN 06

A Better DosFileLookup (Clarion Magazine) 16 MAY 05
When some standard Clarion functionality doesn't meet your need, what do you do? First, you embed some code. Then, when you need that code elsewhere, you start thinking about how to avoid duplicating the embeds. As Dave Harms shows, often the easiest solution is to create a custom, derived ABC class, and tell the templates to use your class instead of the ABC original.

A C6 Tagging Class Template Wrapper (Clarion Magazine) 5 AUG 03
Steve Parker recently published an article on an ABC compliant class for tagging on browses. When someone requested a template-enabled version, Jim Katz volunteered his services, and along the way discovered that creating a C6 ABC class template wrapper is easier than it used to be.

A C6 Tagging Class Template Wrapper (Clarion Magazine) 5 SEP 03
Steve Parker recently published an article on an ABC compliant class for tagging on browses. When someone requested a template-enabled version, Jim Katz volunteered his services, and along the way discovered that creating a C6 ABC class template wrapper is easier than it used to be. In this second of two parts Jim concludes the template code.

A Calculator Class And Template (Clarion Magazine) 24 JAN 03
Nardus Swanevelder's search for a free XP-like Clarion calculator was fruitless, but he found some free Clarion 4 source code. Nardus shows he he converted that source into a class and templates.

A Calendar For Date-Limited Browses (Clarion Magazine) 23 SEP 03
One of the most-used features of Clarion is page-loaded browse boxes. But are these really a good idea? Veronica Chapman suggests otherwise, and illustrates this with a calendar you can use to date-limit a file loaded browse box.

A Class For Tagging (Clarion Magazine) 13 FEB 03
Steve Parker is on record as not feeling the need to create classes. Yet here he is, creating a class version of his tagging code. It's the end of the world as we know it.

A Class For Printing Addresses (Clarion Magazine) 3 OCT 02
Printing street addresses on reports can be a pain - missing field data can make a good report ugly in a hurry. One way around this is to use a memo for addresses, but then you still have to format sometimes wildly different address data. Here's a small class that makes short work of address formatting.

A Class For The ASCIIng (Clarion Magazine) 8 NOV 02
ASCII files are commonplace in programming, but their use in Clarion is generally more complicated than in other languages because Clarion can only do ASCII file I/O via an ASCII file driver declared file. Declaring such a file can become quite a nuisance, and breaks Konrad Byers' golden rule of never having to program the same thing twice. Enter the any ASCII file class.

A Class Wrapper for Brice Schagane's Menu Buttons (Clarion Magazine) 26 MAR 04
Nik Johnson gets his copy of Tips & Techniques and quickly discovers a solution to his screen real estate problem: Brice Schagane's menu button. For easier re-use, Nik shows how to convert Brice's code into a class.

A Class Wrapper For Files (Clarion Magazine) 21 DEC 99
Imagine you've been asked to write just one piece of cost estimating code that can be used on several quite different sets of files. Jim Kane shows how it's done.

A Class Wrapper for the SimpleOCR API (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUL 06

A Closer Look At Required Fields (Clarion Magazine) 28 FEB 02
Following reader response to his first article on required fields, Steve Parker takes a second look at this tricky subject.

A Column by Any Other Name Is Not A Data Element (Clarion Magazine) 2 JUL 01
This Whitemarsh paper describes an approach to achieve enterprise-wide data standardization through the specification, implementation, and maintenance of data elements within the context of a metadata-repository, CASE-like environment.

A Configurable Expression Editor, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
Since Clarion does not have a good integral tool for defining an expression at runtime, Tim Phillips went ahead and built one, using his Basic Editor as the foundation. Part 1 of 2.

A Configurable Expression Editor, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
Since Clarion does not have a good integral tool for defining an expression at runtime, Tim Phillips went ahead and built one, using his Basic Editor as the foundation. In this second of two parts Tim shows how the code works.

A Copy/Paste Popup Menu (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
Clarion entry controls may have support for Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for copy and paste, but what do you do when a client asks for the Copy/Paste popup menu? If you're Nardus Swanevelder, you start writing some code.

A creative way to deal with spam by Michael Fraase (Tips) 7 AUG 02
With that in mind, I think I may have hit on a formula that probably won’t eliminate spam, but it sure makes the parasites think twice about doing it again. And it always seems to push the indignant outrage button that all of these vermin seem to have in common. So far, the formula has worked like a choreographed dance in each instance. Here’s how it goes (please play along at home):

a derived browse class 4 AUG 00
Changing range limits at runtime has been in the past a little difficult. No longer, there is now a derived browse class available, on the CWIC site, that allows range limits to be cleared, added, changed and generally fooled around with at run time. The class gives you complete control over the following range limit types, Current, Single and Pair. I seldom use the file type so the class does not alter its default behavior. The file type could be added if needed.

A Dozen Techniques to Improve Your Software Online Help (Web Sites) 1 DEC 05
There are several main reasons why putting your software manual on-line is necessary. It makes your web-site attractive for search engine crawlers and therefore brings you targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines. A good online manual makes your product serious and credible. Moreover, if a user faces difficulty using your software and asks for technical support, you may easily resolve the issue by referring that user to a certain page of your online help. Simply give the page's URL. With just one click the user will see screenshots and explanations which will help them to settle the case.

A Facelift, A Podcast, And More Articles (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
It's been a busy week at Clarion Magazine - we've launched the latest redesign of the web site, which was prompted by the addition of the Planet Clarion podcast, a regular audio program for Clarion developers, hosted by Dave Harms and Andrew Guidroz II. You can download the podcast the same way your download any other file, or you can use any one of a number of RSS readers to automatically download the podcast as an enclosure. Anyone can download the entire podcast; subscribers have the option of downloading individual tracks. All of the changes needed to support the podcast mean our publication schedule has been pushed back a little. Also please note that Clarion Magazine's subscription rates will be going up Dec 1, so if you're thinking of subscribing or renewing, now is the time!

A FileDropBox With Conditional Content (Clarion Magazine) 30 NOV 05

A FileManager For Marked Deleted Records (Clarion Magazine) 1 AUG 01
Dennis Evans recently created a template and two classes to manage records marked as deleted (rather than physically deleted), as described in a recent ClarionMag article. This page contains usage notes on the class, and a link to the source.

A Function to Return Clarion Standard Time (Clarion Magazine) 16 JUL 04
Mark Riffey made the request: "I want to do TIME('12','24','06') and get a Clarion [standard] time just like I would do DATE('12','24','2004') and get a Clarion date." Steve Parker, with a little help from his friends, shows how it's done.

A good archiver (Free) (Utilities) 11 DEC 03
For all of those like me that like a good freebie - here is one - excellent and highly efficient free archiver - compresses much more efficiently than ZIP, RAR etc.

John Verbeeten
Tracker Software Products

A Hunka-Hunka Burnin' CD Data, or Two Steps Forward, One Step Back(up) (Clarion Magazine) 15 APR 04
An integrated backup system can be a great way to provide complete service to your customers. But what happens when your users want to back up to CD? Mark Riffey explains a technique that makes use of the Windows XP burn wizard.

A list of sites using C5.5 web technology 30 MAY 00

A Multi-Threaded Queue Of Queues (Clarion Magazine) 21 JUN 05
Queues make all kinds of data handling fast and easy. With Clarion 6, queue access gets a little more complicated, since queues by themselves are not thread safe. And what if you use queues of queues? Svetlana Zusman shows how to lock nested queues for thread safety and maximum efficiency.

A Naïve Look At Pre-Emption (Clarion Magazine) 20 MAR 03
Steve Parker knows that with Clarion 6 on the horizon, global data abuse has to be dealt with, beginning with his own applications.

A Naïve Look at The Mutex (Clarion Magazine) 3 APR 03
Steve Parker finishes up his look at Clarion 6 synchronization objects with the mutex. Part 1 of 2

A New Paradigm for Successful Acquisition of Information Systems 12 JUL 00
Abstract: Most information systems projects are over budget, under specified, delivered late, and fail to meet organizational expectations. A key reason for these characterizations is that during the information systems development, requirements both change and are being introduced. This paper presents a strategy whereby full development is started only after a series of realistic code-generator produced prototypes are created through mission-based database design techniques. The quickly accomplished prototypes are demonstrated to key user groups, and are iterated until they truly reflect a quiesced set of valid and accurate requirements. Production class systems created through CASE, metadata repositories and code generators will then be on-budget, correctly specified, timely, and will meet organization expectations.

A paper comparing MSSQL and Interbase (SQL) 2 MAR 04

A Plan For Eliminating Bugs (Clarion Magazine) 6 JUL 99
In his first Clarion Magazine article, Bruce Gilham weighs in with a checklist of bug-avoidance techniques.

A Progress Bar For Multiple Processes (Clarion Magazine) 8 JUL 04
Henry Plotkin does a lot of year-end processing. Process template procedures, one for each file, can do the work. But the user ends up looking at windows popping up all over the place. In this article, Henry shows how to use one progress bar window when running multiple processes.

A Project Development Methodoligy 14 OCT 99
This is a PDF, and you might want to right click the link and select "Save Target As" to save it. Thank Dave Harms for putting it on the Clarion Magazine web site.

A Project Development Methodology (Clarion Magazine) 14 OCT 99
Free download: TopSpeed's project development methodology document provides helpful information on managing projects and the client/consultant relationship. Essential reading for independent developers. Many thanks to Rich Mebane for making this document available.

A Simple Versions And Annotations Template (Clarion Magazine) 5 DEC 03
Recently Ronald van Raaphorst realized he needed some kind of annotation system for his Clarion app. The result was this template that lets a developer record changes in any procedure, and print an overview of all annotations per procedure or application.

A Single Browse For Multiple Lookups (Clarion Magazine) 5 JUL 02
There have been a few threads in the newsgroups lately regarding techniques for handling a multitude of lookup tables in an application. Randy Rogers recently faced this situation, and came up with an efficient solution.

A Tale Of Three Brokers (Clarion Magazine) 18 JUL 00
Steve Parker untangles the web of confusion around Clarion's three application brokers.

A Template Debugger (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 7 SEP 06

A Template For Copying Fields Between Files (Clarion Magazine) 10 JAN 02
If you're like most Clarion developers, you frequently have to copy fields between files. Clarion's deep assignment is perfect for this, right? Wrong, says Andrew Guidroz.

A Template For Exporting Classes (Clarion Magazine) 20 SEP 02
Lee White has previously written about creating a template wrapper for classes. That template worked fine, but only in single EXE applications. What about multi-DLL apps? This time around Lee shows how to create a wrapper that handles the tricky business of exporting, and handling exported, classes.

A Template for Preserving Procedure Variables (Clarion Magazine) 31 JAN 01
Clarion 5 introduced nice new feature in the standard ABC templates, and that was the ability to easily preserve the contents of global variables in the application’s INI file. Tom Hebenstreit shows how to apply this idea to procedure data.

A Tool For Understanding Template Symbols (Clarion Magazine) 19 SEP 02
To be an effective template programmer, you need to know what values various template symbols contain at code generation time. Steffen Rasmussen presents a code template that you insert at any embed point, and which prints out all (or selected) currently available template symbol values.

A Tree In A Page Loaded Browse (Clarion Magazine) 9 JUN 03
Clarion has a template for building a tree list control (RelTree). One of the disadvantages of this control is that the maximum tree level is fixed by the number of files you use in it. In this article, Ronald van Raaphorst outlines a simple idea for a non-level-limited, page loaded tree, using a standard browse control.

A Tree in a Page Loaded Browse: the Sequel, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 28 OCT 05

A Tree in a Page Loaded Browse: the Sequel, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 5 NOV 05

A Tree in a Page Loaded Browse: The Sequel, Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 14 NOV 05

A Tree In A Page Loaded Browse: Update And Delete Logic (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUL 03
In this installment, Ronald van Raaphorst continues his discussion of a simple alternative to the RelTree template with a discussion of the ins and outs of updating and deleting records.

ABC Amber Clarion Converter (Utilities) 28 NOV 05
ABC Amber Clarion Converter is an advanced tool which helps you convert your DAT (Clarion) files to any format you wish (XLS, CSV, MDB, DBF, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages. Batch conversion ability allows you to convert a unlimited number of DAT files at a time.

As all "ABC Amber" products, it's really easy as ABC and powerful as Amber.

ABC Amber Clarion Converter v1.05 (Utilities) 20 JUL 05
ABC Amber Clarion Converter is an advanced utility which converts your DAT (Clarion) files to any format (CSV, XLS, MDB, DBF, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages. Batch conversion ability allows you to convert a unlimited number of DAT files at a time. As all ABC Amber products, it's easy as ABC and powerful as Amber.

ABC Design Series: The ViewManager Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 23 NOV 99
The ViewManager is the base class for all ABC browses. In this first of two articles David Bayliss explains ViewManager fundamentals and initialization code.

ABC Design Series: View Manager Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 7 DEC 99
In ViewManager Part 2 David Bayliss looks at the code that actually does the work.

ABC DLL ToolKit 9 OCT 01

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’ve come to the right place!

ABC Embeds Are Easy (Clarion Magazine) 21 DEC 99
Tom Giles sifts through the huge number of ABC embed points and comes up wiith the ones you're most likely to need.

ABC Free Templates (v 2.43) (Templates & Libraries) 4 MAY 04
Updated 4 May 2004

ABC or Legacy: Which Templates Should You Use? (Clarion Magazine) 8 FEB 99
Which templates should you use? ABC offers power and complexity; legacy offers comfort and predictability. Do you need to switch to ABC?

Able Software (Templates & Libraries) 29 JAN 04
Source code for sale.

Able Software - Using the CARDS32.dll (Tips) 13 JUN 06
Create card games in Clarion using the standard Windows cards32.dll. The demonstration shows dealing cards, using the animation and includes two games (Crazy-8 and Klondike)

Demonstration of using Cards32.dll in Clarion

ABXTrackBar (Templates & Libraries) 12 NOV 02
It is a complete class wrapper around the APIs and a set of templates, making easy for any Clarion user to implement the TrackBar control.

Accent (Utilities) 24 OCT 02
Accent is a set of must have utilities for the Windows environment that will make you more efficient in your day to day computer tasks.

You will have information at your fingertips and launch applications faster than ever. Organization is the key word and this alone will save you valuable time. Never again search your entire system for notes, images, software registration information, and passwords. Surf the net with your favorites list. Yes your browser can do this, but you can take this on the road and get to your favorites in less time. Need to keep track of time spent on a task? No problem, Accent does that for you as well.

Accessing Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Data 22 AUG 01
Summary: Do you want to use Outlook® data in your Microsoft® Access applications? This article tells you how to use Data Access Objects (DAO) with Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications in Access to link or import Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook data from message folders, public folders, address books, and other items. (17 printed pages)

Accessing TPS Files Via ASP (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAY 02
In this article Brian Staff provides an introduction to Active Server Pages, or ASP, for Clarion developers. With ASP you can use the TopSpeed ODBC driver to display a TPS file (or any ODBC compliant data) in a browser.

Accessing Version Resource Information (Clarion Magazine) 13 JAN 04
It's often useful to know the version of a particular EXE or DLL your customer is using, and Windows EXEs and DLLs do have a standard format for version information. There are tools readily available to put this information in your Clarion apps, and now Brian McGinnis demonstrates how to extract that information at runtime.

AccPro Clarion Connection 16 JAN 02
At you may advertise your applications written in Clarion.

Please kindly email to any of the Contributors to advertise your applications; it is FREE for all clarioneers. If you have a Product Category that is not listed there and would want to include, please email me.

Kelvin Chua

Accviz Office Productivity Suite (Utilities) 16 SEP 02
Accviz Office, Productivity Suite

Six products for the price of one!

Coming soon: Project Status:
The office suite is now on on beta test.

Reasons to use this product:
(1) does not use the registry.
(2) does not put any DLLs into the \system32 or \system directory.
(3) consume minimal system resources to run.
(4) has a small nag on startup, but do not have any time-outs.

Ace Icon's Free Page (Web Sites) 23 OCT 03
Free icons, buttons, backgrounds and wallpaper from Susan Pichotta.

Ace Icons (Graphics) 23 SEP 03
Matching sets of icons, glyphs, backgrounds & buttons for software and web developers.

ACT! Software Development Kit 11 MAY 00
It's really no surprise that ACT! 2000 is the contact management software preferred by small businesses and over 3 million sales professionals worldwide. At least not when you take a closer look at what ACT! 2000 does for you.

Detailed contact and account information. Sales tips from Dale Carnegie training. A complete history of your contact-related communications. Full calendar management of your schedule.

The bottom line? ACT! 2000 puts more profitable relationships — and results — within your grasp.

Actipro SyntaxEditor .NET Control (Controls) 16 JAN 06
SyntaxEditor is a powerful editing control, similar to a multi-line TextBox, which syntax highlights text and provides an amazing number of state-of-the-art features for code editing. SyntaxEditor is modeled after the code editor in VS.NET and provides nearly all of its functionality.

SyntaxEditor comes packaged with a number of sample language definitions for common languages like Batch files, C#, CSS, HTML, INI files, Java, JScript, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, VB.NET, VBScript, and XML. Custom language definitions can be developed in an easy to learn XML format and distributed with your applications. To provide maximum functionality in the editor control, SyntaxEditor uses two parsing phases, a lexical parsing phase that tokenizes text, and an optional semantic parsing phase that you can implement to generate extended semantic parse data to be used for code outlining, IntelliPrompt, etc.

Active Plugin (Templates & Libraries) 6 FEB 06
Active Plugin is unique additional 3rd party product that allows Clarion programmers to make their applications more flexible and scalable. This product allow to use widespread technique of so-called "plug-ins".

Active 19 AUG 99
A large collection of ActiveX controls to download.

ActivePatch (Templates & Libraries) 29 SEP 05
ActivePatch is a software development kit that enables developers to create their own updates in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly into their own software. Unlike other products, ActivePatch does not simply create incremental updates and re-package the files. It analyzes each file at the byte level, and determines the best method for updating the target file on the user's system.

ActivePatch is designed to work on both text and binary files of any type, including executables, libraries, data files and documents. It can be used to create a patch of a single file, or can be used to create an update for a complete product, modifying existing files, removing files that are no longer needed and creating the new files that have been added.

ADDA v1.0.4 (Utilities) 22 SEP 04
ADDA is a multipurpose toolkit for designing, creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application lifecycle. It is especially useful to those developers who use Clarion in conjunction with .NET tools.


Adding A Class To Your ABC Program (Clarion Magazine) 23 MAR 00
Not sure how to add a custom class to your ABC app? Tom Ruby explains all, and throws in a serial/parallel port communication class for good measure.

Adding Page Of Pages To A Clarion Report (Clarion Magazine) 16 AUG 02
For many years now it has been difficult to add a Page of Pages variable to a Clarion report. It has also been difficult to print more than one copy of a report without clicking on the print/report button twice, or using the printer properties to specify multiple copies. Inspired by Bruce Johnson's ABC book, and some conversations at ETC III, Nardus Swanevelder finds a solution to both problems.

Adding version information to an application (Part 1) (Tips) 16 MAY 02
Adding version information to an application is actually easier than most people think, and there are only 3 basic steps you have to worry about:

Addressing Arrays On A Window (Clarion Magazine) 23 JAN 04
Steve Parker loathes, hates, and despise arrays. But sometimes, like it or not, he has to use them. Here's what he learned about using arrays on windows, and what you need to know

ADDSoft Visual Custom Controls 10 FEB 00
Reported to work well with Clarion

Adi0Cornerz ready for C6.2 as is (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
This template simply wraps a box around specific controltypes in order to smoothen the look. It differs between regular controls and read-only/disabled controls. The result is that the user instantly see which controls he might fill in. The template has been available for free for some time, but we have decided to commerialize it to secure future maintance.

AdiColorManager ready for C6.2 as is (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
AdiColorManager provides your end-user with an easy interface to alter the colors and icons in their ABC-browses based on their own conditions, evalutated at runtime. I.e. they may select special coloring when stock is below minimum, special icons depending on their individual needs. The information is saved in an open TPS file. All sourcecode. You specify the COLOR attribute on some columns in the browse and add the template, compile and run.

ADIINFO New DLL for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
AdiInfo generates the information about your application into separate datafiles. With the supportapplication you can view and print this information.

AdiIniEditor Ready for C6.2 as is (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
More and more developers use the registry to save files, and yes, it is good. Still many prefers the simplicity of an INI-file. However, it is still troublesome to guide a enduser to the right inisection and variable.

AdiIniEditor, also known as AdiIniFileEditor gives you a simple interface with tabs for each section in the INIFile, unless you tell it to skip reading that particular section.

AdiSplitButton Ready for C6.2 as is (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUN 05
This template gives a button with splitfunction like in Outlook. The left side handles the default action, the right gives a droplist of choices.

Adjusting the prefetch settings in XP 23 JAN 02
This is an unique technique for XP, which could improve the performance significantly by tweaking the prefetcher. Recommended hardware: PIII 800 or higher, 512M RAM or more. Seems to fix a problem when set to 0, which is off (Lynn Howard).

ADO Control For Clarion Web Site 10 AUG 99
xADO was designed to give the Clarion Programmer access to all of the data sources available to Microsoft's ADO (OLE DB) providers. This includes the ability access any ODBC data source, direct access to Access (MDB) files, MSSQL, Oracle, or any new type supported by OLEDB and ADO.

ADO Query Tool (Utilities) 25 APR 05
Query Tool is a Universal Data Access (UDA) tool. It lets you query OLE DB data sources, author SQL scripts and queries, return query results into a grid or free-form test, return provider properties, execute multiple SQL scripts or stored procedures simultaneously and more.

Advanced Skeletons: Managing Hyperlinks (Clarion Magazine) 7 MAR 00
The older Internet Connect templates have an option called Autospot Hyperlinks. But how do you create hyperlinks in Web Edition?

Aesthetically Pleasing Recursive Updates (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAY 06

AFD Postcode Templates for Clarion 30 AUG 00
This is a set of ABC templates that allow Clarion to interface easily with the Postcode Plus suite of programs from AFD software. The templates enable your program to look up any postcode in the UK and to perform some powerful address searching procedures.

AFE v6 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05
The AFE6(ABC) install for C6 Gold is available for download. This install requires the password & serial number for your AFE v2.5 server upgrade.

Aha-soft (Utilities) 17 JAN 05
Here you can read about our software, download and register copies for immediate use, download image collections and ask questions about the use and performance of our products.

AIDA32 - Enterprise System Information (Utilities) 26 MAR 03
AIDA32 Is A Professional System Information, Diagnostics And Benchmarking Program For Windows Platforms. It Extracts Details Of All Components Of The PC. It Can Display Information On The Screen, Print It, Or Save It To File In Various Formats Like HTML, CSV or XML. For Corporate Users, AIDA32 Enterprise Offers Command-Line Switches, Network Audit And Audit Statistics, Remote System Information And Network Management.

AISIP The Association of Independent Software Industry Professionals (Web Sites) 17 JUN 05
AISIP is an association for people who work in the independent software industry. We are professionals who strive to provide top-quality products and services to our customers while aiming for excellence within our industry. Our focus in AISIP is to assist each other in the issues that face us, from marketing to software protection to website design to customer support.

Our common ground is an interest in marketing and improving our products and services. Most members market and sell their products via websites, but some members employ newsletters, blogs, and even snail-mail to good effect.

Alfred Blaho's Directory of Clarion Developers (Web Sites) 29 JAN 04
Who's your neighbor?

Alias - Who Was That Masked File? (Clarion Magazine) 24 AUG 99
"File alias" is one of those concepts that is at once extremely difficult and extremely simple. Steve Parker explains what file aliases are, and how and when they should be used.

All Our DevCon 2004 Coverage In One Place (Clarion Magazine) 21 OCT 04
Looking for links to all our DevCon 2004 articles? Check out this page in the topical index.

AllAPI 2 AUG 01
Use API functions in Visual Basic. For beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers.

Welcome to, your #1 source of information about using API functions in Visual Basic.

This site is made and maintained by Kris & Pieter Philippaerts. You can send your comments about this website via this page, or you can email us at

Allerup Report Designer New Version Jan 99 (Mitten Software) 28 JAN 03
Now freeware and open source. Report designer by Allerup EDB in Denmark (Arnor Baldvinsson and Thomas Arestrup).

If your copy has missing templates, download it again.

ALPHA build of VCSDiff 3 SEP 99
An ALPHA build of VCSDiff (a difference reporting tool that will be included in C6) is available for download. VCSDiff provides a text based comparison of the differences between two files and is specifically aimed at the files used by Clarion and the TopSpeed Version Control System. You can:

APP files are converted to TXA format - a procedure list and other navigation buttons make it easy to move between differences in the files.

Alpha Media, Inc. Pink Notes Plus v4 (Utilities) 31 JUL 06
Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Whether you want to send Instant Messages down the hall, or across the world, Pink Notes Plus is the Easiest, Fastest, and most Efficient Business Instant Messaging software available, to deal with real-world business requirements.

Throw away those pink message's Pink Notes Plus!

Address Matching Approval System for the Australia Post system. Prints the Australia style barcodes.

AMYUNI Consultants 25 AUG 01

Amyuni PDF Print Driver 10 MAY 01

An Economical Record Status Control (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 30 AUG 06

An FTP Client built with Handy Tools (Utilities) 27 FEB 03
Here's a working FTP client built with The Clarion Handy Tools.


Gus M. Creces
The Clarion Handy Tools Page

An FTP Client written in Clarion 30 AUG 99
After playing with the wininet.dll a simple FTP client written in Clarion was born. Actually it's two clients one is working in synchronous and another one in asynchronous mode. Probably the next step would be wrapping them up in a template and becoming rich . Files are at Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

An Introduction to CVS and WinCVS (Clarion Magazine) 14 FEB 05
Version control software has long been popular with software developers, and particularly development teams, because it offers a centralized repository for source code, and tracks and manages changes to that source code. But even if you're a software developer working on your own, version control software can be immensely useful, and not just for software, but for any file that changes over time. In this two part series, Nardus Swanevelder shows how to install and configure CVS and WinCVS, two popular and freely available open source products.

An Introduction to CVS and WinCVS Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 21 FEB 05
Version control software has long been popular with software developers, and particularly development teams, because it offers a centralized repository for source code, and tracks and manages changes to that source code. But even if you're a software developer working on your own, version control software can be immensely useful, and not just for software, but for any file that changes over time. In this two part series, Nardus Swanevelder shows how to install and configure CVS and WinCVS, two popular and freely available open source products. Part 2 of 2.

An Introduction to Hand-Coding Reports (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
Dermot Herron continues his series for the beginning Clarion programmer with a look at how to easily manage complex reports by using the report template and a little hand code.

An Introduction To Writing Templates: Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 10 OCT 00
Writing templates is easier than you think; John Morter explains his borrow-and-adapt approach to becoming productive quickly. Part 1 of 2.

An Introduction To Writing Templates: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 17 OCT 00
Writing templates is easier than you think; John Morter explains his borrow-and-adapt approach to becoming productive quickly. Part 2 of 2.

An Overview of the Dynamic Driver (Clarion Magazine) 21 FEB 05
Bruce Johnson continues his series on the new drivers from SoftVelocity with a look at the Dynamic Driver, which lets you create file structures at runtime. As Bruce shows, the real magic happens when you combine the Dynamic Driver with the In-Memory Driver.

An Overview of the In-Memory Driver (Clarion Magazine) 11 FEB 05
Bruce Johnson continues his series on the new drivers from SoftVelocity with a look at the In-Memory driver, which works like any other file driver except that all data is stored only in memory, not on disk.

An Overview of the IP Driver, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 31 JAN 05
The IP driver was announced by SoftVelocity quite some time ago, and quickly generated a lot of interest in the Clarion community , because it provided a way of connection a Clarion application to any database, using just an IP, or Internet Protocol, connection. But many questions still remained. Bruce Johnson provides some insight into the design and best use of the IP driver.

An Overview of the IP Driver, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 31 JAN 05
In this second part of two parts, Bruce Johnson looks at the architecture of the IP driver, as well as security and cost.

AnalyZe.IT 4 FEB 02
Make a Management Information System from your application data. AnalyZe.IT will extend the lifetime of your application, Produce 2/3D Graphics from your database, or tabular reports. All your customers report demand "only 2 clicks away". You also have the possibillity to distribute your reports using Preview.IT (same as Show.IT, but not the designer) Supports.: RunTime Variables, PDF, XML,HTML,RTF,LL etc. schedule your reports, Mail-Your reports, FTP Your reports (v1.4) Same source different layouts, same layout multiple destinations.

Support newsgroup at news://

Andrew's Kitchen (Clarion Magazine) 20 OCT 99
Andrew Guidroz II explains what TV dinners have to do with Clarion embeds.

Andrew's Kitchen - Sliding Into Cookery (Clarion Magazine) 26 APR 99
The cooking Cajun gets his name in lights (again!) with this feature article. Is it food? Is it code? It's a little of both.

Andy Stapleton's (Cowboy) presentation about SQL and TPS 5 OCT 99
If it doesn't work, try a small D in Devcon99.

Anex Barcode Tools 21 JUN 00

ANN: Clarion Magazine's New E-Books and a Special Subscriber Offer (Clarion Magazine) 23 FEB 05
E-books are another great way to get the information you want from Clarion Magazine. Your time is valuable; with our PDF e-books, you spend less time hunting down the information you need. We're collecting the best Clarion Magazine articles by top developers into themed PDFs, with the first releases in March. These e-books will be available for purchase by anyone, but we have a special deal for subscribers. Not only will subscribers get discounted prices and free updates on e-books, but everyone taking out or renewing a subscription between February 23 and March 5, 2005 will receive an e-coupon good for two free e-books! 3 JAN 02 is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows.

Stomp out annoyances with the topics on this site. Check out the various Annoyances books for more advanced, in-depth solutions. Use the discussion forums (links to your left) to talk annoyances and solutions with other annoyed users.

Another Single Browse For Multiple Lookups (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 JUL 06

AntiPiracy 2004 Internet Edition (Utilities) 9 SEP 04
AntiPiracy 2004 Internet Edition Allows You To Add Advanced Piracy Protection To Your Software Applications.

Special Two-Way Communication Allows Online Registration Over The Internet. Detects When Two Or More Copies Of The Same Application With The Same Serial Number Are In Use And Gives You The Option To Disable The Illegal Copies!

AntiPiracy 2004 Keeps A Violations History And Allows For Easy Integration With Existing Applications Or Components.

Anyone Home on the Network? (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 21 JAN 06 26 JUL 99
In the Icetips incoming directory:

Template to pop the APG USB Cash drawer from a Clarion program (Legacy template)

API Documentation 16 AUG 99

App Shutdown Options in Clarion 6.2 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 1 FEB 06

App To Service 14 NOV 00
Run regular applications as Windows services (for NT/2000 only)

App-Ref New Version 25 Sept 2000 25 SEP 00
App-Ref will analyse and cross reference your Clarion Windows Application

AppForge (Utilities) 10 DEC 02
AppForge™ software is fueling the handheld revolution.

AppForge™ software lets you create applications for PDAs and other Palm OS® devices using Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0®. It's incredibly powerful and easy to use.

AppForge supports products made by Palm®, Handspring®, Sony®, Symbol®, Kyocera®, TRG®, and others.

Think it. Build it. It's that easy!

AppInit 25 JAN 02
AppInit performs a lot of housekeeping so you don't have to. Many of the tasks are small, like adding your application icon to every window instead of the default Clarion Icon. But some are major, such as stamping your exe or dll with version information while automatically incrementing a build number.

The Splash screen and About box are generated by the template. You can use whatever image you find desireable for the Splash screen and About box. I have made several matched image sets available in the Gallery area of this website. Of course, you can always design your own images.

Application Assistant 2.10 (Utilities) 13 MAR 06

Application Manager 1.5 31 DEC 00

Application Prototyper (Utilities) 19 MAY 04
A prototype is an early experimental model of a system, system component, or system function that contains enough capabilities for it to be used to establish or refine requirements or to validate critical design concepts.

Application Prototyper currently allows Software Developers to prototype the Software Product screens according to the customer requirements. Integration with the Business Rules Application as well as Business Process Prototyping is for seen in the near future.

AppShell® (Templates & Libraries) 9 APR 05
KwikSYSTEMS® ASSOCIATES & Comsoft7 (as Associates) are please to announce that we have exclusively licensed the products know as Duke Shells. We will be the exclusive sales outlet for the latest AppShell® products from now on. We will also be supporting, further enhancing and adding to the existing AppShell® products.

AppSite Hosting (Hosting) 3 OCT 06
Dedicated Hosting.

AppToService 30 JUN 00
AppToService is a Windows NT/2000 Unicode console application that lets you run regular applications as Windows services.

This allows you to have some of the benefits of a Windows service, such as the ability to run an application even when no user is logged on the computer, the ability to run an application under a specified user account, the ability to allow an application to survive logoff/logon sequences, hence saving the overhead of restarting it for each new user, and so on.

Aramdillo Software Protection (Utilities) 20 SEP 02
Reduce or eliminate software piracy with this powerful and easy-to-use license management and software protection system!

Archive of old clarion newsgroups. (Web Sites) 31 OCT 03
The previous news data has been restored. This data is being made available to all in a read-only format.

The archive server is available via NNTP or HTTP.

To read the news archive via NNTP, point your news reader to:

To read the news archive via HTTP (with full text search), use the link:

ARCO WORD Reporter *Now Freeware* 19 AUG 00

ARD Report Writer download for C6.3 Template (Templates & Libraries) 13 FEB 06
Free Allerup Report Designer templates modified for Clarion 6.1. Distribution contains source code and C6.1 (9033) compiled exe, lib and dll.

Are Accounting Objects Possible? (Clarion Magazine) 22 FEB 00
Is it possible to write a set of objects to manage most accounting software needs? David Podger sets some requirements and launches an open source project.

ArGo Software Design (Utilities) 17 OCT 03

Argosoft 28 AUG 00
Go to There is a free simple SMTP server there. The instructions and the help are very very very simple. The only thing they need to do to use it is install the program (2 or 3 clicks) and figure out what their DNS server is (the help shows them how to do this, with pictures!)

If you configure your smtp client to send mail to AND you have the argosoft mailer setup and running, youre home free when your app needs a smtp server, AOL or not.

Armadillo Copy Protection (Utilities) 8 SEP 03
I am a big fan of Armadillo... very easy to set up, very easy to add just about any type of licensing you want, including enforcing seat licensing without the need to have a common shared file of any kind - all TCP/IP.

Just my .02

Tim Morrison

Arnor & Sue 4 March 2000 7 MAR 00
Wedding Pictures

Arnor's new process templates 20 JUL 98

Article on Memory Leaks in NT (Tips) 27 AUG 02
Memory leaks have plagued Windows NT since its first release.

Articles in the Icetips Knowledge Base (in HTML) 15 JAN 99

Artisoft - Telephony libraries 9 APR 99

ASCIIing For More (Clarion Magazine) 12 MAY 03
Konrad Byers is back with a new and improved ASCII file handing class that is interchangeable with the ABC FileManager, and handles multiple file layouts on the fly.

Asp Faqs (ASP) 24 OCT 02
Once a developer becomes familiar with ASP, then is a great resource too.

ASP Wizard 15 JAN 01
The ASPWizard idea was started after personal experience and frustration of learning ASP. ASPWizard is a concept that can be used in conjunction with already established software packages.

ASPACK (Utilities) 11 JUN 02
ASPack is an advanced Win32 executable file compressor, capable of reducing the file size of 32-bit Windows programs by as much as 70%. (ASPack's compression ratio improves upon the industry-standard zip file format by as much as 10-20%.) ASPack makes Windows 95/98/NT programs and libraries smaller, and decrease load times across networks, and download times from the internet; it also protects programs against reverse engineering by non-professional hackers. Programs compressed with ASPack are self-contained and run exactly as before, with no runtime performance penalties.

ASProtect is the system of software protection of applications, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for shareware authors. ASProtect is designed for such specific tasks as working with registration keys and creation of evaluation and trial application versions.

(alas, cracked by the same guys who cracked Linder's Setup Builder)

AspUpload 4 MAY 00
AspUpload is an Active Server component which enables an ASP application to accept, save and manipulate files uploaded with a browser. The files are uploaded via an HTML POST form with one or more INPUT TYPE=FILE tags. The FORM tag must contain the attribute ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data".

Also XUpload.

Aurelia Systems (Utilities) 22 MAR 02
Windows printer driver generates HTML and Style Sheets.

Aureleon quickly and easily converts Windows documents to HTML. Installed as a Windows printer driver, Aureleon makes it possible for non-technical users to publish and e-mail existing Windows documents as easily as printing them.

Aussie DevCon Day 1, Part 1 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 11 MAY 06

Aussie DevCon Day 1, Part 2 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 13 MAY 06

Aussie DevCon: Charles Edmonds’ Pro-Series (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUN 06

Aussie DevCon: Mambo, Critical Sections/Threading, and Ingres (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 18 MAY 06

Aussie DevCon: NetTalk 4, Debugging, XML and SetupBuilder5 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 18 MAY 06

Aussie DevCon: Windows Services, CapeSoft Tools (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 30 MAY 06

Austrailian Clarion User's Group 5 AUG 99
A huge Clarion related site from Down Under.

Australia Post (Web Sites) 9 SEP 05
The Postcode Datafile is a copy of the Postcode Database that contains the following fields:

Australian DevCon 2006 (Events) 6 JAN 06
Australian DevCon 2006 will now to be a reality. With three high profile international speakers, the conference will be an instant sucess, with sessions on new Soft Velocity products and developments, lessons on efficient programming, some web based technologies, plus some fun and much, much, more.

Auto-Complete Files And URLs With SHAutoComplete (Clarion Magazine) 26 FEB 04
Ever wonder how you can add an auto-complete feature like that used in Internet Explorer to your applications? Carl Barnes shows how to use IE's code, via the SHAutoComplete API function.

AutoComplete In An On-Demand Drop Down Combo (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUN 04
Why would you want to learn how to code AutoComplete into a Drop Down combo when a Drop Down Combo already does that? The big answer is speed. If you have a number of Drop Down Combos (DDCs) on a page, each referencing a file that has a growing number of records, then even just opening the window will become very slow. Stuart Andrews demonstrates his approach to coding on-demand drop down combos.

Automated FAX Engine 25 JAN 02
AFE is an addon product for CW reports that fax enables your applications. "A"utomated "F"ax "E"ngine provides you with several options to enable your CW reports with fax capabilities. Now in 32 bit too. Available for C5 and C5.5beta.

The new AFE Fax Server is now available. This release includes a complete rework of the server internals to provide 32-bit server support on ALL 32-Bit variants of Windows®. This release also includes the latest FaxMan® (version 3.51) components to provide support for all 32- bit platforms.

Automatic Router Login Utility (Utilities) 18 AUG 04
Ever sence Micorsoft issued the Internet Explorer patch;en-us;834489 you are unable to pass the user name and password via Internet Explorer to secure web sites within the URL as http://username:password@name.domain or in the case of logging into a local router, http://username:password@

I have posted a new utility on my web site that will allow you to log into the router.

You can download it from

Ben E. Brady

Autorun Menu Maker (Utilities) 7 NOV 03
Autorun Menu Maker is absolutly free utility that allows you to create an autoplay CD. An user just inserts a CD into a drive and the program automatically displays the menu.

Ava Find (Utilities) 21 FEB 05
Smarter than your average search dog.

Avoid My SQL Mistakes! (Clarion Magazine) 18 JUL 01
For newcomers to SQL, the pitfalls are many. Mauricio Nicastro has been there and done that. In this article he describes the setbacks he encountered converting his applications to SQL, and the solutions to those problems.

Axialis AX-Icons (Utilities) 7 JUN 06
Icon editor and librarian allows you to extract icons from apps.

Axialis Icon Workshop (Utilities) 7 JUN 06
Axialis IconWorkshop (formerly AX-Icons) is a professional tool designed to Create, Extract, Convert, Manage and Redistribute Windows® Icons. Compatible with graphic industry standards, it has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and create professional icons in minutes.

Axtel Barcode Recognition Software (Graphics) 16 APR 05
Axtel licenses software for Barcode Recognition from raster images. Standard products and licenses are available for Windows as well as porting services to WIN-CE and other embedded systems. Axtel software provides Barcode Recognition capability for Document Management Systems, Document Scanners, Facsimile Servers, Computer Vision Systems, Digital Cameras, Assembly Line Cameras, Badge Readers, Lottery Terminals, Traffic Cameras, Pen Products and others.

AZSpell 30 MAR 01
AZSpell 4.6 is provided with an intelligent word identification algorithm and is suitable for the complexity of almost any language.

BackFlash Data Backup Module v4.6 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
BackFlash is now compatible with all versions of Clarion from CW20 to Clarion 6.1, ABC and Legacy. (No update needed for 6.1)

  1. BackFlash is supplied as a Clarion .APP with all source code (apart from the compression section) so you can change screen layouts, fonts etc. to fit in with your applications look and feel.
  2. Security Option: you can use an ID string to make sure no other BackFlash user can restore from your backups.
  3. Compression is excellent and uses the high performance 32 bit ZLIB DLL - this is royalty free and can be distributed by you as part of your BackFlash EXE without restriction.
  4. BackFlash will work out how many floppies are required and notify the user before starting. Each set of backup disks will be given a unique serial number to ensure that only disks from the same set are used on restore and also that the most recent backup is being used.
  5. Any drive and path can be specified for backup - so large capacity drives such as ZIP drives could be used, or drives somewhere else on the network.
  6. If a user tries to restore from a disk out of sequence (for example they insert disk 3 when disk 2 is required) BackFlash will notify them accordingly and prompt for the correct disk #
  7. During compression an animated hourglass is displayed to show the progress, together with bytes processed in total, for the diskette and also for the file.
  8. Unattended Backup facility
  9. User can decide where files are restored to - useful when restoring to a different PC
  10. The user can also specify which files are restored (this option can be disabled by the developer if needs be)
  11. All details of backups are stored in a log file
  12. Last backup date/time kept in an INI file for use by other applications
  13. Optional "Backup Completed" message and sound file.
  14. Multi-language : Croatian, Dutch, Danish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese & Spanish (other languages are being added)
  15. LS120 Support
  16. Format a Floppy Option

BackItUp! (Utilities) 13 SEP 06
BackItUp is a small systemtray utility that lets you configure and run backup tasks. It uses file masking to determine what files to backup. (for instance *.APP and *.DCT) and lets you quickly run the task before you open your app, creating a (optionaly password protected) zip file in the folder you specified.

Barcode (Bar Codes) fonts and equipment 26 JUL 01

BarCode 1 3 DEC 97
Much information about barcodes. Demo, shareware and fonts.

Barcode Fonts 21 DEC 01

Barcodebook (Web Sites) 23 APR 03
Bar code Printers, Scanners and Labels.

Bardon Data Systems (Controls) 16 MAY 02
WinU and Full Control offer computer security, access control, file protection, user oversight, remote system administration and policy management. They feature activity audit trail logging, IT asset audit reports, desktop lockdown, mobile security, web browser monitor, system usage authorization, software distribution, troubleshooting, and helpdesk support.

Base 64 coding information (Tips) 14 AUG 02

Base2 22 DEC 00
Our Mission is to provide high-quality, user-friendly Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software for the automotive industry in the Microsoft® Windows 9x/NT™ environment.

BaseCW 10 AUG 00
This product manages mail and news message archives.

Basic File Handling in Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 23 APR 04
Over the years, Dermot Herron has developed a set of basic practices for hand-coded file handling using Clarion's ABC library. In this article, based on a talk he gave to the Johannesburg Clarion User Group, Dermot explains his tried and true approach.

Basta Computing 15 MAR 01

Batch Email and Save Report (Templates & Libraries) 20 JUL 02
Get it from the Clarion Shop.

Beautifying Clarion Applications (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 13 JUL 06

BeCubed Software, Inc. 6 AUG 99
OCX's with Documentation for Clarion.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit (version 7.1f) (Utilities) 3 MAR 06
The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

Ben Brady's little program to check the Opportunistic Locking settings (Utilities) 21 OCT 05
Make sure your user's computers won't be corrupting the TPS files by checking the Opportunistic Locking settings.

Benjamin Dell's template for Build Number 28 MAR 01
After seeing many requests requesting an auto build number counter on compiling an application, i have created a template that will do this. The developer drops the extention template into the application and UNFORTUNATELY have to add two small pieces of code the the ABC class...and there is the auto build incrementor.

To display, there is a code template that gets populated into an embed point and a message pops up with the version and build number.


Best & Worst Dressed Clarion Third Party Related Sites (Web Sites) 19 MAR 04
( In case you're interested:) )

Better OOP series of articles by Dan Pressnell (Web Sites) 28 NOV 05
The Better OOP series of articles by Dan Pressnell has been added to our articles section at . The example files are also have been added to our download section. So when you click on a link to download the file you will get the file.

The article section is available to registered users only. Once you register you can also submit your own articles.

BevelTool 29 MAY 00
BevelTool is a little utility to create the value for Prop:BevelStyle. BevelTool source is now available from

Beyond Ada: The First Paranoid Programming Language (Humor) (Web Sites) 28 DEC 05
Stunned at the bulk of Ada, which a few of us braver souls were teaching ourselves strictly against the wishes of the Pascal-loving Department, the concept of a language so huge and awful that it was utterly impossible to write a meaningful program, and with such bizarre constructs that nobody would want to use it, evolved. And all before Ada 9X escaped into the real world.

Beyond Compare 16 FEB 00

Spawn external editor and go to line number Handles long lines, large files

BG SoftFactory launches new virtual training center. (Tips) 21 MAR 06
Clarion from the Start focuses exclusively on the language. 48 lessons, divided in 10 blocks, lead the programmer, beginner or experienced, toward writing a sophisticated Clarion program, using API, SQL and XML.

BG XML DICO v2.0 (Templates & Libraries) 16 FEB 05
Will Let you See, Browse, Explore, Navigate into your Clarion Dictionary like you never dreamed it would ever be possible before !

(Installer fixed, sorry<g>.)

BIDS: BAA Information Delivery System (Web Sites) 5 JUN 02
Federal projects looking for developers.

Big Image Tamer v1.3 Ready for C6x (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUL 05
ABC and Legacy

Big MyFavoriteEmbeds Tamer - BFET v2.0 (Templates & Libraries) 3 AUG 04
Adds no code or overhead to app. It is a collection of embed buttons to go directly to your favorite embeds. If you don't see your favorite there, ask, we will add it.

Add the global template to your app, and the extension appears in each procedure with the embed buttons. You can leave it in, or remove it before release.

Big Outlook Tamer Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 4 DEC 03
Import Outlook Address book into tps files.

Big Registration Tamer (BRT) Template v1.6 (Templates & Libraries) 7 JUN 05
BRT is rich in features.

  1. Easy to understand and use. (Big Registration Tamer)
  2. C5 thru C6 supporting both the Clarion and ABC template chains.
  3. Multi-DLL support.
  4. Example apps in C5 Clarion and C55 ABC.
  5. Extensive Documentation.
  6. No DLL's to get updated with each Version change (all source included).
  7. Optional Evaluation/Demo Mode.
  8. Optional Timeout if Eval/Demo Mode is selected.
  9. Default Mode when not in Eval/Demo Mode or Actively Registered.
  10. Optional Support for Network Seats.
  11. Optional Support for Feature Registration Levels (0-9, 9 being highest)
  12. Optional Subscription AKA Expiration Date Time Out Registration Key
  13. Optional Date Tamper Check (For Computer Set Back)
  14. Optional Number of Days Registration Key is valid.
  15. Key suffix and Prefix, Seed(1-9999), and 3 encryption Methods."Example Key CS7-1740-3499-OEM"
  16. Uses BRTWindow for Messages and Nag Screen (Developer access in *.clw file)
  17. BRTWindow has Optional built in website and Register (Email) support.(Hidden if not filled in)
  18. All Messages Used by BRTWindow are Developer configurable.
  19. Branding supported.
  20. Record Limit on Multiple Files based on Eval/Demo or Default Mode.
  21. Procedure reject based on Feature Level and Modes.
  22. Unlimited Controls Hide/Disable based on Feature Level and Modes.
  23. "Document The Settings" Button to create text file with all of the above.
  24. Embed points for adding your own Features and Limitations.
  25. BRTRegMan.exe for generating keys with Send Key Email (button) to the customer.
  26. Application Key generation Specifications are stored with the product(Application) in BRTRegMan.
  27. Customer Info stored right in BRTRegMan along with keys you generate.(Optional)
  28. "BRTGenKey button template" - "Free Hand" or Pre-Loaded Key Generation
  29. "BRTRegButton template" Turns your Registration File Form into a "registration form" .
  30. ALL SOURCE shipped with BRT in templates and apps and *.clw files. Salt to Taste.
Source for BRTRegMan sold separately. (C55 ABC app)

BigFileSyntaxSearchTamer(tm) (Utilities) 9 MAY 02
BFSTWiz.tpl searches embedded code for keywords on the file syntax changes and also will search any other words you add to the list. Case insensitive. Creates a text file with the procedure name, embed point and line of code it detected.

BigLegacyToABCTamer(tm) Ver 1.3 (Utilities) 4 NOV 04
BLATWiz.tpl picks up where the Softvelocity templates left off. Converts over 77 legacy embeds to ABC embed points. It also converts Window, control, and Browser embeds. Runs from the ide with a template wizard. Converts loaded app, or select a separate txa to use. Creates a backup and can import the txa automatically back into the ide. You can change the embeds it converts too.

BigNum Ready for C6.1 (No changes needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
Save yourself hours of work and buy BigNum from Sterling Data!

This is an app to convert your customers phone/fax number area codes to the new ones being introduced by BT. Full source code is supplied. You just slot in your own phone & fax fields and compile it as a standalone EXE.

The converter allows for area code changes which can be done NOW and local number changes which must not be done before 22/4/2000.

Let your customers know before Christmas that you have a solution to "Big Number" and put their minds at rest.

BigScheduler Tamer (BST) Template Suite Ver 4.1 (Templates & Libraries) 17 DEC 05
ABC and Legacy

BST is looking more and more like a PIM (Personal Information Manager) It is a Resource Manager. However it may be used easily as a PIM. Now supports icons/transparent , drag and drop, double-click, popup menus/icons and displays extra fields in tooltips.

Give your application an edge using these powerful Resource Scheduling and Data Evaluation Tools templates. They all come with Runtime Configuration options.

BST can schedule Multiple Resources: Employees, Dentists, Doctors, Service Bays, Rental Equipment, any Resource that needs to be scheduled.

BigTamer Templates (Templates & Libraries) 17 DEC 05

Bill Rollins' free replicator for Carl Barns' CW Assistant (Utilities) 3 JAN 03
A small utility program that works with CWA code files. It will allow you to search for any string in any of the code memo fields. I work back and forth between my laptop and my desktop. I wrote a sync routine to transfer the code data back and forth. The only catch to the sync is, it will only transfer if the record on the host is smaller than the record on the remote. New records transfer fine.

Billy Reaves' String Manipulation Functions (Templates & Libraries) 8 AUG 06
Here is some string functions that i (Billy Reaves) put together to use in clarion.

the template and the dll can be down loaded from Steve Parker's Place.

Bio: Andrew Guidroz II (Clarion Magazine) 16 JUL 04
Andrew Guidroz II isn't shy about his Cajun heritage. Actually he isn't shy, period. But even if you think you know Andrew, you'll probably find a few surprises here.

Biometric Security Devices 7 DEC 99
Fingerscan V20

Bitsom Technologies (Utilities) 21 FEB 04
PEBundle - Combine an application and the files it depends on into a seamless binary. Modules can even be downloaded from the interenet at runtime. There are numerous uses for this technology, including reduction of "DLL Hell" problems, bundling a script with its interpreter, protection from reverse engineering, and much more. Available in English, Russian, and German.

PECompact - Compress and protect win32 executables. PECompact is a well known executable compressor that is the most configurable on the market. It works by compressing the executable and installing a symbiote that decompresses and reconstructs the executable at runtime in memory with extremely low latency. By compressing your portable executable, it is inherently protected against reverse engineering, may load faster from disks and networks, and has a smaller physical size.

SetCsum - Console mode application to set the checksum in the header of a win32 portable executable (exe, dll, etc..). Free

SetSubSys - Console mode application to set the subsystem (character [console], windows [GUI], etc..) of win32 portable executables. Free

TrimPE - Trims portable executable files by optimizing their structure (realigning to minimum file alignment), stripping debug information, overlays, and relocations. No compression or code additions are performed. This is a console mode application and supports wildcards and directory recursion. Free

Anti-Windows Messenger - This small freeware application terminates Windows Messenger whenever it is launched. This app is for Windows2000/XP only. Free

DriverSpyNt - View I/O Request Packets (IRPs) sent to device drivers. This is an excellent tool for debugging device drivers or reverse engineering device driver interfaces.

MakeService - Console mode application that allows any program to be run as an NT system service. Free

MoveLater - Console mode application to set copy, rename, or delete operations to occur at the next system boot. It can also enumerate pending delayed file operations. Works with all win32 flavors. Visual C++ source code included! Free

Outlook Express Hotmail Ad Killer - This application kills the annoying ad window in Outlook Express's hotmail integration. Free

NT Driver Dispatch Dumper - This utility was written several years ago while exploring NT device drivers. It displays the dispatch table of device drivers. The dispatch table is the table of entry points for various requests.

Portable Executable Compressor/Bundler Benchmarker - This utility, which includes C++ source, times the decompression or reconstruction time of executable compressors, bundlers, or other portable executable tools which attach themselves to a host executable. It works by timing the interval between the process creation and the instruction pointer reaching the host executable's original entry point. We use this to keep our software optimal.

Process Supervisor NE - Process Supervisor automatically manages running processes using a rule based approach. It can automatically restrain processes hogging all the CPU usage, set applications to always run at specific priorities, prevent certain applications from running, and much more. This is a one of a kind application, a first from Bitsum Technologies.

PWShow - PWShow (PasswordShow) displays the characters being asterisks in password fields of many applications. It works with all win32 flavors and is completely free.

WfpAdmin - Dynamically disable Windows File Protection so that Windows 2000 and XP system files can be replaced. This is the only utility on the market that can programmatically temporarily disable Windows File Protection (a.k.a. System File Checker, SFC). Need a DLL to dynamically disable WFP on folders so that your installer can replace system files?

Asmvars - This is a nifty utility that scans assembly language projects for unreferenced variables, a feature missing from assemblers. Free

Bit I/O C++ Classes - These two C++ classes, bitin and bitout, facilitate bit input and output. They are great for compression or encryption algorithms, or any other code that requires input and output on a bit scale. They are free for use after contacting us to let us know you are using them. Free

Boyer-Moore String Search Algorithm - This high-performance string search algorithm includes assembly language source and an easy to use DLL. It includes a binary search function in addition to case sensitive and insensitive string searches. Speed up your string and phrase searches substantially using this DLL. Free

LZSS Implementation in C++ - This is a very simple implementation of the LZSS compression algorithm written in C++. I wrote this years ago and it is poorly formatted and implemented, but is a good example and may be useful for someone. Free

JCALG1 - High performance compression library. Intended for extremely good compression ratio and very rapid decompression with low memory overhead. Used by PECompact. Written in x86 32-bit assembly language, the full source code is included. The compression ratio is generally better than Zip's Deflate and other common compression algorithms. Included is a DLL and libraries for easy use in your own projects. For more information and compression results of the canterbury corpus, click here. Free

Disabling Windows File Protection in Windows 2000 and Windows XP - This article explains the latest information about disabling Windows File Protection and clears up some common myths.

The Truth About Windows Memory Optimizers, Boosters, Cleaners, and Washers - This article is a non-technical overview of virtual memory and how these memory optimizers work.

Undocumented Encrypted File System APIs - This article documents a few undocumented EFS APIs to read and write encrypted files in their raw unencrypted form. (Web Sites) 27 JUL 04
At you will find barcode fonts and ID fonts including MICR E-13B, CMC-7, OCR, POSTNET, PLANET, PDF417, Code 39, Code 128, DataMatrix, Codabar, UPC, EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI Plessey, and many more. We also offer several bar code font tools for easy integration. If you know exactly what you want, you may proceed directly to our product index to order or download.

BK ReplaceEm 11 DEC 00
Welcome to the wonderful world of BK ReplaceEm, your premiere-quality, freeware string-replacing utility for Windows 95/98/NT. At its core, BK ReplaceEm is essentially a text search-and-replace program. However, unlike the search-replace functionality of a standard text editor, BK ReplaceEm is designed to operate on multiple files at once. And you need not only perform one search-replace operation per file -- you can setup a list of operations to perform. If different groups of files need to have different operations performed on them, this is no problem either. You can also specify a backup file for each file processed just incase the replace operation didn’t do exactly what you wanted.

BlackICE Defender 17 FEB 00
Internet Firewall

BlackICE Document Imaging SDK (Controls) 14 OCT 03
Powerful SDK for BlackICE Imaging system.

(Their email won't let me copy/paste their text and I don't feel like memorizing and typing it.)

BLAT for Windows 22 JUN 00
Easily mail any file from the command line

BlinkFlash Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04

  1. Delay before blink starts
  2. How long to blink for
  3. Whether text or background should blink
  4. Frequency of blink
  5. Conditional blinking - such as "SALES < 10"
  6. Multiple controls per window
  7. Compatible with CW2002 to C5.5, ABC and Legacy

Blue Marble Geographics 9 JAN 98
Windows DLL and OCX (ActiveX) components designed to enable geographic component technology to be embedded within developers' applications. Why reinvent the wheel? More...

BlueDragon (Utilities) 12 NOV 04
[b]BlueDragon[/b] is a family of runtime server-side products for the deployment of ColdFusion Markup Language pages- with native technology platorm integration on the operating system, web server and database of your choice.

Bo Schmitz' Clarion.Syn for TextPad (Utilities) 9 OCT 04
Clarion.Syn for TextPad has been updated with more properties and key words. Oct 8, 2004

Bob Cat Systems 16 JAN 98
SpellCat Spelling checker for CW applications.

Book Review: .NET Framework Essentials (Clarion Magazine) 15 NOV 03
.NET represents the first wave of Microsoft's Windows new software development and deployment strategry. Dave Harms reviews a book that provides some basic .NET information.

Book Review: .NET Framework Essentials (Clarion Magazine) 31 OCT 03
.NET represents the first wave of Microsoft's Windows new software development and deployment strategry. Dave Harms reviews a book that provides some basic .NET information.

Book Review: Inside COM (Clarion Magazine) 6 FEB 04
Although Clarion 6 includes greatly expanded COM support, documentation on just how to use COM with Clarion is sparse, to say the least. One book that comes up again and again is this older work by Dale Rogerson. Although out of print, it is still reasonably easy to find, and is a useful reference for anyone doing Clarion COM work.

Book Review: PostgreSQL Developer's Handbook (Clarion Magazine) 28 FEB 03
PostgreSQL is one a handful of popular open-source databases, and arguably the most feature-rich. This hefty book from SAMS does cover day to day operations with SQL, but as the title suggests, devotes more pages to the many ways developers can use, and extend, PostgreSQL's advanced features.

Book Review: Programming PHP (Clarion Magazine) 24 JAN 03
PHP, an open source scripting language, has become hugely popular for web site development. Clarion developers are noticing, and so is SoftVelocity, as evidenced by their announcement of the forthcoming Clarion/PHP product. If you're hunting for more information on PHP, this book from O'Reilly is a great place to start.

Book Review: SQL In A Nutshell (Clarion Magazine) 31 JAN 03
O’Reilly’s SQL In A Nutshell is a desktop reference for SQL as implemented in SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. This is a slightly older work, first published in December 2000, but it still has some useful information. Reviewed by Dave Harms.

Book Review: SQL Tuning (Clarion Magazine) 16 APR 04
Among Clarion developers SQL databases continue to grow in popularity. It's easy to see why - SQL offers vastly increased capabilities over flat file databases. But with power comes complexity, and with complexity comes the possibility that your SQL queries may not be running as quickly as they could. Tuning SQL statements often seems more black art than science, but in this book Dan Tow introduces a simple and effective methodology, and applies it to a variety of common problems.

Book Review: The Art & Science of Web Design (Clarion Magazine) 20 MAR 01
Web development means a lot more than slapping a few pages on a web server. If you have any interest in making your web site a better experience for your users, read this book. Reviewed by Dave Harms.

Books Reviewed: Getting Your ASP In Gear (Clarion Magazine) 22 NOV 02
No, there's no ASP book by that title, at least not yet. Instead, David Harms reviews two books from O'Reilly on the subject of ASP development.

BoTPL v3.2 (Free) Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 5 APR 04

BoTplWiz 14 DEC 01
BoTplWiz is an utility template that creates control and extension templates from existing procedures that contain the desired functionality. BoTplWiz creates prompts and symbols for variables and called procedures used within the template. BoTplWiz adds your prompts, an add project button, and can create local variables and assign them in embeds(for reports). BoTplWiz recalculates control positions for under the prompt placement. This is all controlled with options thru the control panel. It is self documenting in a text file. It also contains a template for documenting all the embeds in an application. The embeds are written in template language to cut and paste in other templates, or just cut and paste the code.

BoTran v2.3 (Templates & Libraries) 16 JAN 06
I was asked to create a Translation Template that was easy to add, use, get up and running, where you do not have to hack the shipping templates, and be reasonably priced. (Whew!) BoTran is the result of that request. I added the "Dynamic" feature to BoTran, because I like "Dynamic", and do not think you should have to restart the app to switch languages<g>.

PS- Works good for just changing prompts and pictures on verticle apps too

BoundsChecker (Utilities) 27 MAR 02
BoundsChecker is the premier runtime error detection and debugging tool for C++ and Delphi developers. It speeds development and time-to-market by automating the debugging process. BoundsChecker provides clear, detailed analyses of programming errors, many of which are unique to C++. It detects and diagnoses errors in static, stack and heap memory, and in memory and resource leaks. BoundsChecker validates over 8,700 APIs and OLE Methods at runtime, including the latest Windows APIs, ODBC, ActiveX, DirectX, COM and Internet APIs.

See Paul Attryde's site at

BoxSoft Development (Templates & Libraries) 30 AUG 04

BPL BS Print List Template from Comsoft7 (Templates & Libraries) 30 SEP 05
BSPrintList was developed primarily as a way to generate WYSIWYG reports for the BST template Listboxes and works with other listboxes as well, but has some limitations with other listboxes. Installing and registering the BPL template shows up in the registry as the Class BSPL BSPrintList Template. BSPrintList is a control template that drops a print button on the window that can be configured to print a listbox on the window.

Brad's Windoze Utility Megasite 21 AUG 01
More windows utilities than I care to try! 20 JUL 00 The IT Career Vortal - offering quality jobs, skills training, professional certification, career enhancement and peer tech support.

Brazilian ConDev - Notes and Photos (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUN 05
Clarion Magazine's undercover reporter gets the real story on this year's Brazilian conference...

Brazilian ConDev Report (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUN 05
Fernando Cerini reports on the sixth annual Condev Mercosul Gescla, organized by the Brazilian User Group.

Break Dancing With Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 04
Clarion 6.1 has introduced some improvements to the report designer. These aren't the sort of changes that will, on their own, make you want to run out and upgrade to C6.1, but they are important advances nevertheless. In the first article in this review Geoff Bomford covers the use of pre-Clarion 6.1 techniques for performing some common report break tasks, and in the next article will discuss the use of the BreakMgr Class, a new tool in Clarion 6.1 for handling the same tasks a little better!

Break Free of Code Deadlocks in Critical Sections Under Windows (Tips) 20 NOV 03
How to use Critical Sections by MS.

Browse Greenbars in Clarion 6 (Clarion Magazine) 5 FEB 04
Giving a presentation on Clarion 6 can be a tricky thing, when the topic everyone wants to know about, in this case greenbars, is the one thing you haven't prepared. Under intense pressure and close scrutiny, Carl Barnes and Steve Parker discovered just how this new feature works.

Bruce Johnson's Clarion Book (Tips) 9 NOV 02
Clarion 5.5 ships with GetReg and PutReg functions in the "hidden" runtime library. Look in the \c55\libsrc for c55util.clw and

(Tip courtesy of Bruce Johnson)

Bug Poster (Now Free) 19 APR 02
Bug Poster is designed to enable your customers to report bugs to you, the developer.

Bug Poster consists of a Browser in which your customers can see all their reported bugs, an update procedure to enable your customers to comfortable enter bugs.

Your customers can enter as many bugs as they want. After they´ve entered all known bugs they can press “Send” to automatically EMail the bugs to you, the developer.

Buggy by Novosys v4.1.7 (Utilities) 19 AUG 05
Buggy is a multiuser database program designed specifically for keeping track of bugs in your program(s). Additionally you can keep track of feature requests (enhancements) and support requests.

Instead of writing a bunch of sticky notes to track which bugs you have and have not fixed, you can let Buggy keep all of that information organized for you. You can easily keep track of multiple projects/software packages and multiple releases so you'll know exactly which changes were made in each release of your software.

Bullseye Zip Code Locator 31 JAN 02
Deliver the optimal dealer locators, lead generator, marketing application, or call center solution with this definitive zip code locator search software.

Burning COM: How To Write CDs in Windows XP With ICDBurn (Clarion Magazine) 29 APR 04
When Andrew Guidroz's article idea was made redundant by Mark Riffey's article on popping up the Windows XP CD burn wizard, Andrew decided to grab COM by the horns and figure out just how to use the ICDBurn COM interface in Clarion. He ended up with two examples, one using Jim Kane's COM classes, the other using SoftVelocity's COM classes.

Business Rules Manager RBusiness 9 NOV 01
Available from is a Business rules management application that allows Businesses and Software Developers to Define and Manage Business rules.

C&G Software 11 JAN 03
C&G Software ( ) provides miscellanous tools for Clarion or softwares written with Clarion. Here are the most recent available products :

Freewares :


C5 Assistant by Carl Barnes 13 SEP 99

C5 LIB's needed for Catalyst Socket Wrench 14 MAY 99
Thanks to Mark Geisinger.

C5.5.01 Fix List 6 FEB 01
Can't wait to try it out!

C6 Beta versions of all CPCS Products. (Clarion 6) 27 FEB 03
CPCS is pleased to announce the availability of C6 Beta versions of all CPCS Products.

Upgrade policy information and install files for all products (except the ClarioNET addon which should be available a bit later) are available at the following link:

C6 compatability for icetips products (Clarion 6) 21 JAN 03
The following table details the compatiblity of Icetips products with Clarion 6. This will be updated as the Clarion 6 Early Access progresses. (Follow the link)

C6 Gold (News) 11 NOV 03
EA Participants will see a patch soon. CD's are at the duplicator's.

C6 Icon Extractor (Utilities) 26 OCT 04

C6 Tips Book In Print, C5.x Tips Books Re-Released (Clarion Magazine) 1 JUL 05
Clarion 6 Tips &amp; Techniques Volume 1 is now in print, and although we've raised the price you can still save a few bucks off the list price for a limited time. We've also re-released the original tips book in a two volume set, Clarion 5.x Tips &amp; Techniques Volume 1 and 2. These books are in print now, and for a very limited time are available for $29.95 each to subscribers, and $32.95 each to non-subscribers.

C6.1 HotFix 9031 (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
A HotFix release to update Clarion 6.1 Build 9030 to version 9031 is now available for download.

C6.1 patches for report generators (Web Sites) 3 JUN 04
If you purchased any of the Report Generator products for output of reports to PDF, XML, HTML or TEXT, there are patches available for download, go to

CAD Viewer 3.2 (Utilities) 9 JUL 02
AutoCAD Drawing viewer. Works well from command line.

Calendar2 (free) Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
A free past-in calendar from Sterling Data, thanks to Frank Uhlik.

Call Center 20 MAY 01

Calling A Clarion Application With PHP (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
by Ville Vahtera

In this article, I will show you how to create a Clarion application which can be executed from, and have its output captured by, PHP. This provides web access to my application (and TopSpeed database) over the Internet/Intranet.

Calling By Address, STARTing By Address (Clarion Magazine) 16 NOV 01
What would you do if someone gave you a project that involved either calling or STARTing a procedure in a DLL which was loaded dynamically at runtime, with some procedures using the Pascal calling convention, some the C calling convention, and even one procedure with an MDI window that needed to be started on its own thread? If you're Jim Kane, you write a class that handles all of this. Part 1 of 2.

Calling By Address, STARTing By Address (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 21 NOV 01
What would you do if someone gave you a project that involved either calling or STARTing a procedure in a DLL which was loaded dynamically at runtime, with some procedures using the Pascal calling convention, some the C calling convention, and even one procedure with an MDI window that needed to be started on its own thread? If you're Jim Kane, you write a class that handles all of this. Part 2 of 2.

Calling the Skype API (Clarion Magazine) 23 DEC 04
By now you've probably heard of Skype, the free internet telephony service that makes the Planet Clarion podcast possible. But Skype is much more than just a free phone call. David Harms shows how to call the Skype API to manage calls, send instant messages, and much more.

Camtasia 25 JAN 02
Camtasia captures the action and sound from any part of the Windows desktop and saves it to a standard AVI movie file or streaming video. Share your Camtasia screen recordings on a Web site, distribute them via e-mail, an Intranet or CD.

Canadian Postal Code Information 28 NOV 01

Capesoft AnyFont v1.20 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
AnyFont allows runtime changes to your default program font. You can change the font name, size, colour, style and character set! All this can be stored in an INI file for the next time the program is run. Give your users the ability to customise their applications look and feel. No more complaints from clients with fading eyesite, they can set their own font size larger! And, if you thought resizing was a problem, AnyFont also automatically adjusts the size of the program's windows to compensate for the change in font parameters.

AnyFont supports Clarion 5.5 and up, Legacy and ABC, including Multi-DLL.

Capesoft BreakIn ready for C6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
CapeSoft BreakIn allows you to identify points in your Clarion application source where your program may be hanging.

Capesoft Bulk Dictionary Editor Ready for 6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
Manages bulk changes in your Clarion dictionary. Useful for SQL migration and Replication). Included in FM3, Replicate and Multi-Proj.

CapeSoft Draw v2.3 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06

New in Draw 2:

CapeSoft EMail Server Developer Edition (Templates & Libraries) 20 MAY 04
A royalty free email server for you to distribute with your application that's almost exactly the same application as the normal CapeSoft Email Server. But it has an additional sending and receiving authentication layer, thus only allowing your applications to be able to talk to the server. The server will send outgoing email, and can collect emails.

CapeSoft Email Server v2.2 Gold (Utilities) 17 FEB 05
CapeSoft Email Server is a compact SMTP & POP3 Server for small or medium businesses and home environments. It's easy to use and provides you with full control over email domains, mailboxes and aliases. Upgrades are free. The number of mailboxes are unlimited so you don't have to pay again as your company grows or your needs increase. Runs on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / XP.

CapeSoft Email Server presents your with the following functionality:

Works with all email clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape email client, Eudora). Software Developers please note that a Developers Edition and the Source Code to this email server are also available. More details about Email Server Source Code and Developer Edition.

Capesoft Email Server v2.20 (Utilities) 17 MAR 05
CapeSoft Email Server is a compact POP3 & SMTP Server for medium or small businesses and home environments. It's easy to use and provides full control over email mailboxes, aliases and domains. Upgrades are free. The number of mailboxes are not limited so you don't have to pay again as your company grows or your needs increase.

Built for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows NT4, Windows ME, Windows 98 & Windows 95.

CapeSoft Email Server presents your with the following functionality:

Software Developers please note that a Developers Edition and the Source Code to this email server are also available.

Capesoft EZ Help Compiler 2.63 Ready for 6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
ezHelp will have the following visible effects on your Clarion application.

1. Enable the familiar Windows 95 "Question Mark" button on the top right corner of the screen.
2. Enable a popup-menu, containing a "What's This" message when the user right clicks on a control.
3. NEW ! Cue Cards. This allows the help to automatically pop up when the user lingers too long on a field. Includes a handy menu item so the user can turn them off when he gets used to your application

Capesoft File Explorer v3.75 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
File Explorer allows you to embed the Microsoft Internet Explorer OCX, the Adobe PDF reader, and the Microsoft Media Player OCX in your clarion application simply by populating a control template.

By using these controls you can embed, HTML or PDF documents in your application. You can also play a large number of multi-media formats including MP3, AVI, MPG, QT, and WAV.

Capesoft File Manager 2 v3.27 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
File Manager 2 is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the hassles involved in upgrading your products.

Capesoft Free Page (Web Sites) 29 OCT 03
We've knocked up a free stuff page on our website. Have a look at it at: This page also includes links to our Tip of the Week and to our Opinion Articles.

Capesoft GPFReporter (Gold) (Templates & Libraries) 11 JAN 05
We all have the same frustating feeling when clients report a GPF... especially those inconsistant, difficult to reproduce ones! Well, CapeSoft now has a quick and simple solution to help you track down the problem. GPFReporter allows you to trap program "illegal operations" and offers the user the opportunity to email a short report to the developer detailing the illegal operation. GPFReporter identifies the line number in your application source code where the illegal operation occurred , and reveals the chain of procedure calls which preceded the illegal operation. GPFReporter requires HyperActive and WinEvent, which by the way, you qualify for a 15% discount on when you buy GPFReporter.

Sound too good to be true? Well, yeah, unfortunately, the only down side is that it only works on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Programs containing GPFReporter will however run normally on other versions of Windows.

GPFReporter supports Clarion 5 and up, Legacy and ABC, including Multi-DLL.

Capesoft HotDates Blond Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
I bet you've wanted to drop your date information onto a calendar? Leave, Birthdays, etc looks so much more comprehensive on a calendar as apposed to in a list box. Or a scheduler/planner to view a summary of a days events and edit it from a popup?

Enter HotDates. Use HotDates to view dates in a calendar - drill down to month, or day. Create a scheduler. Print your calendar straight to a printer. Create a customizable date picker.

Capesoft Hyperactive v1.82 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06

Capesoft Insight Graphing GOLD ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
For adding graphs to a Clarion application the CapeSoft way, real fast, real easy!! All Clarion code.

CapeSoft KeepingTabs Gold Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JUN 06
KeepingTabs saves and restores the tab selected between sessions as well as the format of listboxes with the simple addition of one global template. You can also make your lists look hot by setting the grid color and line height in one place.

Capesoft Mailer v3.02 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
CS Mailer is our bulk email distribution tool (used to send you this newsletter < g> ).

Capesoft Makeover v2.52 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Makeover does just that - it gives your applications a Makeover. By automatically detecting the color depth of the users computer, Makeover can take advantage, at runtime, of available colours. You get textured backgrounds, countoured buttons, colored tabs, and so on. It's all 100% consistent across your app, making your program more exciting, more colorful, and better looking. And if you want to change the style, you simply change the settings in an ini file, using the included Styler Utility.

In this age of the internet dull grey is out ! Give your apps what they need - A Makeover....

Find themes at

Capesoft Multi Project version 2.62 Ready for 6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
Doing Multi-DLL Development? Thinking of Multi-DLL Development? READ ON!!

Capesoft NetClip 3 Ready for 6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
Freeware to copy clipboard to another PC over TCP/IP.

Capesoft NetTalk v4.16 (Templates & Libraries) 14 SEP 06
NetTalk is quite simply the Networking Accessory for Clarion. Using low-level Winsock functionality you get unmatched flexibility, performance and compatibility. Whether you are writing Clarion programs that talk to each other, or interacting via TCP/IP with other software, NetTalk is the solution for you. Some of the more major new features include:

NetTalk features:

Capesoft Object Writer v2 (FREE) (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
Object Writer allows you to use the normal Clarion IDE to write reusable Objects. Objects are stored in APP files rather than source files, and are structured, and viewable using the normal Clarion IDE app interface. Object Writer frees you up to write the code for your objects, and not spend time managing files or syntax.

Capesoft Office Inside GOLD Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Easy-to-use templates makes adding functionality to your apps simple and fast Templates that make it easy to add features such as:

Capesoft Office Messenger v3.0 Ready for C6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
CapeSoft Office Messenger is an Office Instant Messenger application. It's great for sending all sorts of messages instantly to your office colleges.

We've designed CapeSoft Office Messenger to offer you all the functionality of a high-quality Office Messenging application, while keeping the setup and options to an absolute minimum. This means anyone in your office can use Office Messenger with little or no training required.

For $6 a seat you won't find a better office messenger application!

Capesoft Profiler Ready for C6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
The CapeSoft Profiler will run you application, in the same way as a debugger does, and collect performance data for each line of your application source code. This allows you to easily locate the "slow" points in your application.

To use the Profiler you simply compile your application with "full" debugging enabled. It is then ready for profiling.

We (Capesoft) have used the Profiler on some of our internal applications and were suprised at the results. Even well written code can use up your CPU power in the most unexpected ways.

Capesoft Progress (gold) Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06

Capesoft Ready for C6.3 (News) 19 JAN 06
All the CapeSoft Accessories except Special Agent have been built for the new Clarion 6.2 release.

Capesoft Replicate Gold (Templates & Libraries) 25 JUL 06
Replicate provides an automatic, driver independent, file-version independent, mechanism for replicating the data in two or more databases. Basically, Replicate logs your changes, adds and deletes and then using a transport manager of your choice, exports the changes to the other sites, where the changes, adds and deletes are imported to that data set. This all done completely automatically without your users having to do anything!! Replicate supports both offline and online environments.

CapeSoft Safe Update (Templates & Libraries) 19 SEP 05
Safe Update allows you to add secure auto-updating to your application with little or no coding. This is achieved by using a digital certificate to sign your update file. Version tracking is done by a separate XML file that is also signed.

Safe Update can perform automatic generation of the XML file, signing, uploading, downloading and signature verification as well as running your new setup file. The template is highly configurable to suit a wide variety of applications. You can use Safe Update to process any kind of file you want, not just setup files.

Additionally, we have made an uploader utility available that will sign and upload your files automatically.

Capesoft SafeWriter & SafeReader v2 (Templates & Libraries) 3 JUN 05
Password Encryption

Capesoft Safewriter v2.12 (Utilities) 20 OCT 04
Safe Writer is used to encrypt files (using the 168-bit Triple DES Algorithm) and in so doing to create a Safe File, which can then be safely distributed with virtually no risk of unwanted users reading the files. A password or key provided by the user is used for the encryption.

Capesoft Secwin Online Server 1.05 (Utilities) 6 AUG 05
Secwin Online Server provides immediate access to temporary or permanent product activation codes for any product which has the Secwin online client feature enabled. Activation codes can be blocked for certain clients, products or datasets, allowing the supplier full control over product sales and distribution, but giving prospective or new clients immediate access to the product. Activation codes can be issued as temporary or permanent product codes.

Capesoft Secwin Online Server Ready for 6.3 (Utilities) 19 JAN 06
CapeSoft has been hard at work again, developing another new product to help you build leading edge applications. Secwin Online Server - the name speaks for itself... CapeSoft has taken it's existing technology to the next level to bring you online automated Product Activation and Licensing functionality.

Secwin Online Server provides immediate access to temporary or permanent product activation codes via the internet, for any product which has the Secwin Online Client enabled. Activation codes can be blocked for specific clients, products or datasets, allowing the supplier full control over product sales and distribution, but giving prospective or new clients immediate access to products. Activation codes can be issued as temporary or permanent product codes. Secwin Online Server features:

Capesoft SecWin v3.3 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Add complete user access security to your Clarion applications. Comes with an effective copy protection and registration tool.

Secwin now supports full compatability with both the standard Web Builder templates included with Clarion, as well as the ClarionNet add on. The only thing you need to do to make your program WB compatible is to create your own versions of the Secwin screens. (You may have already done this anyway for design reasons.) For information on creating your own Secwin windows see the section called Making your own Secwin Windows.

Capesoft SelfService Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
In case you needed yet another reason to get Clarion 6, CapeSoft today released the first beta of SelfService. The first 3rd party product designed exclusively for Clarion 6, and utilising features new to Clarion 6, SelfService is the easy way to make a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 service.

In order to make a practical service you'll also need to have WinEvent, as WinEvent offers standard background application functionality.

Capesoft SendTo Gold Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JUN 06
You, and your client, spend hours getting your Browses just right. The filter. The sort-order. The column sizing. And when it's perfect he says "Great - Print That!" - Or - "Great - Export That!" - Or - "Great, now Email that!" More Hard Work? Not any more....

Enter SendTo. SendTo will enable you to send your data exactly as it appears in the browse/list directly to Email, Printer, or File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV or PDF). Simply drop on the SendTo button on any browse/list in your application, and you have all these options available without having to design extra reports or export procedures - it literally takes a few seconds to add this functionality to a browse or list.

Capesoft Special Agent v1.45 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Seeing is Believing! Add Microsoft Agent to your programs, with ease.

CapeSoft Tearoff 1.1 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Here's a small cheap template that adds a simple feature to your Apps. It allows you to have a TearOff Toolbox (dockable in C5). This means that if you Control-Click on any of your menu items they are automatically added to the toolbox. Sounds like a silly feature, but try it out and you'll see that it's really nice. In short - allows the user to make their own dynamic toolbox while the program is running!

Capesoft Ticker Tape Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
TickerTape is a scrolling text control which you can add to your clarion windows. It's really neat for snazzing up the app, or just getting some user attention.

Capesoft WinEvent v3.03 Ready for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Adds RS232 Comms, Taskbar functions, windows behaviour functions and various system function.

Capesoft World Tour (Events) 8 MAY 06
Over the next few months we'd like to visit as many of our customers as possible. The goal of this trip will be to train and demonstrate using CapeSoft Accessories in Clarion programs. Some of the sessions will be longer and more technical, some will be short, depending on the nature of the product. We want to send programmers away knowing what is possible, and how to achieve it. The exact program may differ from place to place depending on the level of training required, and the interest from the participants. Sure we want to sell you stuff, so we'll be demoing some of our newer, and more popular products, but we also want to make you as productive as possible with the tools you already have. So bring your credit card, and your laptop.

CapeSoft xFiles (Templates & Libraries) 19 SEP 05
CapeSoft xFiles is a collection of classes for hand-coders. It provides the following functionality: Reading and writing XML files directly to and from Groups and Queues. Reading and Writing binary (and text) files to and from disk. We wrote xFiles a number of years ago, and it provided fast XML functionality, which we used in a number of our products (CapeSoft Email Server & CapeSoft Mailer). It worked so well, that we decided others would benefit from using it too. Note: xFiles is for hand coders. This means you will need to call the xFiles methods within your code, for example self.Init(), self.Load() and self.Save(). This accessory is not purely template driven and requires hand-coding to operate.

One of the best things about xFiles is that is it really, really fast. This means that it outperforms other XML toolkits (for example the Microsoft SAX toolkit).

Please note: xFiles is not an generic XML parser. At the moment it does read all XML files that it creates, but it won't read just any XML file.

Capesoft's Tip of the Week (Tips) 1 JUL 03

CapFlash 3 Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 1 FEB 06
CapFlash is an extension template to be used on a Process - it will convert a file of all upper case to Proper Case ("capitalize") with the following options:

1) You can enter into the template a list of words which are always lower case - such as del, la, de etc
2) There is also a user-defined list of "words" which are always UPPER case - such ABC, USA, AFB etc.
3) Individual fields (such as State) can be excluded
4) Names beginning with Mc, Mac or O' are also catered for
5) Compatible with CW2002 to C5.5, ABC and Legacy (demo apps supplied)

Free. 20 JUL 00

Carl Barnes Computer Consulting 4 NOV 98

Cartographique World 30 DEC 97
Cartography OCX

Castle Computer 18 AUG 97

Castle Computer Conversion Templates (Templates & Libraries) 12 MAR 02
A set of templates to help you easily convert measurements

Calculate Cubic Feet


The templates are simply CODE templates that you add to your app. Just select the template and fill in the prompts - THAT'S IT!

Catalyst Development (Templates & Libraries) 13 APR 04
Now includes CLARION prototypes!

Catalyst Development 6 APR 98
OCX Tools for Internet

CCleaner Last updated on 26th September 2006 (Utilities) 2 OCT 06
CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)

CCleanup Com (Utilities) 12 JUN 06
Tools for cleaning up your computer.

CCSSQL templates (Now at Icetips) (Templates & Libraries) 3 JUN 04
See Icetips Cowboy.

CD-ROM and DVD burning COM class (Templates & Libraries) 28 MAR 02
CD-ROM and DVD burning COM class.


The only limitation the com class is that you can only burn upto 50MB on the CD-ROM. Sample application ideas: The main reason why you want to buy this is because: You don't want to buy a CD-ROM/DVD burning application you can't use with Clarion .

If you have some CD-ROM/ CD-RW, CD-Whatever and DVD-Whatever burning need, please contact:

CDDB Database by Gracenote 4 AUG 01
A database listing information for music CD's that you can look up.

Central Florida Clarion User's Group 7 JAN 00

Cephes Mathematical Library 5 MAY 00
Cephes Mathematical Library. Latest Linux distribution [THERE IS A DOS DISTRIBUTION ALSO], dated 7/31/98. Special functions and other goodies in C, including long double precision routines for 68K, 386, and sparc processors. This is the most complete distribution package of the function library (but not the most up-to-date one). It includes these sections-- double: all functions in 64-bit double precision; single: all available functions in 32-bit single precision; long double: all available functions in 80-bit extended precision; 128bit: all available functions in 128-bit long double precision; qlib: all functions in q-type extended (44 to 106 decimal) precision, includes a C++ class for the binary floating point arithmetic and a q-type calculator program; c9x-complex: new C language standard C9X data type for complex variables, header complex.h for GNU C and functions in float complex, double complex, and long double complex precisions.

CFC Computer Consulting 2 FEB 02
CFC Computer Consulting, proudly announce the availability of Win95 Sort Template, The template will give you the ability to sort on any column in the browse box (excluding Group field, Computed field and Local/Global fields). You can choose to move the sorted column to be the first column, Sorting can be done in Ascending and Descending Order, case sensitive sorting is available too, as well as the ability to identify fields that you do not wish to sort on.

Support step, entry and incremental style locator. The locator prompt text will change according to the sorted column.

CGI template by Dave Berton (Templates & Libraries) 1 MAY 02

CGMp3 (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUN 02
CGMp3 is a full source code Mp3 player, written with Clarion (5.5) In this source code, you'll find a lot of tips of programmation :

Get it from

CGMp3 v1.0 (Templates & Libraries) 11 JAN 03
This CGMp3 version is a free MP3 player (limited to 25 titles in each playlist ). We commercialize here the sources who shall allow you to cancel this limit and to personalize as one pleases this playeur.

Chameleon Clock 10 JAN 02
Chameleon Clock is a desktop clock which purpose is to be useful, user-friendly, and beautiful. It is where the power of both features and interface is combined with simplicity. 12 JUL 01
Internet Credit Card Processing

Charles J. Edmonds Control Monitor Template (Templates & Libraries) 24 FEB 04
Lets you execute code whenever any control changes.

Check Please: Managing Conditional Browse Relationships (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 03
Here's a tip from Carroll Jolly on how to use a checkbox to alternate between showing all related records on a child browse, or all records whether related or not.

Checkboxes For Many-to-Many Relationships (Clarion Magazine) 9 NOV 01
There are a lot of ways to show many-to-many relationships between two tables, and some take more work on the part of the user than others. Dave Harms shows how to create a linking record between tables with a single mouse click.

Checkboxes For Many-to-Many Relationships: The Source Code (Clarion Magazine) 15 NOV 01
There are a lot of ways to show many-to-many relationships between two tables, and some take more work on the part of the user than others. This week Dave Harms explores the inner workings of a derived browse class to manage these relationships.

Checkmate Tracing Emails (Tips) 28 JUN 06
Have you ever received an anonymous email and wondered who it was from? Ever conducted business via email and wanted to know if the other party is who they say they are? As you can imagine, the uses for this type of investigation are endless. Not only is it possible to find the sender of the anonymous email but it is also possible to locate the sender.

chSTD library (V 2.63) (Templates & Libraries) 13 FEB 03
The chSTD library consists of numerous modules - basic functions, business functions (accounting, analytical geometry (coordinate geometry), inverse hyperbolic, hyperbolic, matrix algebra, mathematical, statistical, trigonometric functions), handling of constants, functions with the expanded possibilities, basic classes, classes with the expanded possibilities, services, screen services, standard components. Each module includes hundreds functions, procedures, components, classes and services. Each serious programmer should have it. Clarion 5.5 or later, ABC, Legacy (hand code), 32-bits only.

The business functions module - chFM is now available. As times goes by will available all other modules step by step.

CIA Factbook Update Oct 2005 (Web Sites) 10 OCT 05
What: Posted below are the Central Intelligence Agency's two most popular publications--The World Factbook and the Factbook on Intelligence--in compressed, .Zip file format, for the convenience of visitors who wish to download a personal copy.

Updates: We occasionally update these publications, so if you rely on the data for more than simple informational purposes, we recommend that you check back periodically for updates.

Format: The files for both publications are in standard HTML format. They have been compressed in .Zip format for ease of distribution.

Created with: The files were created with WinZip®, but any program that supports the .Zip format may be used to uncompress them. 3 JUL 00
I recently uploaded a Clarion mp3 player (similar to WinAmp) to icetips. It uses MCI. The file is called

ClaColor - Free (Utilities) 25 AUG 06
We (Charles Edmonds) have a new FREE utility program for you to download.

ClaColor is a small utility program that converts HTML colors (like you would get from a ColorPicker program (such as ColorImpact) into colors that you can use in Clarion.

ClaColor makes it easy for you to type or paste in a HEX color code, then it is converted to a LONG in Clarion's color format. Next a sample shape is colored with the converted value so you can see the results immediately. Then all you have to do is copy the Clarion color value and use it in your application.

This can be a very useful tool when you are working with setting matching colors for 3rd party tools such as XPTaskpanel or simply in matching some external color scheme that you like. Just paste the value from the clipboard into the control color field and Clarion will either use it as it is - or convert it back to a Clarion hex value as needed.

For those that are not aware of it, normal Windows colors are stored as a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value - while Clarion stores them in BGR (Blue, Green Red) format.

CLACom 8 FEB 99
GAP Development has been providing Electronic Communications solutions since 1985. Beginning with our popular Bulletin Board Software, GAP BBS, we expanded our product line with numerous Utilities and Door Authoring Kits for BBS Sysops and ultimately Developed the only Communications Libraries written Exclusively for Clarion.
** Now includes FTP **

Clarion & CGI 5 FEB 01
Somebody wrote a couple articles that covered CGI in Clarion, along with some other options. There is also a template that makes it very easy to implement CGI. It handles all of the nasty StdIN/StdOUT stuff and presents you with all name pairs in a queue. Also simplifies writing the HTML. If you find the template useful, let me know and I'll send you an updated version that added some more features like URL decoding. The articles are in the free Clarion Online archive at, under the 'COL Archives'. Look for 'Clarion, the Web and You' parts 1 & 2 (part 3 is on ftp). At least, I think those are the names... that was a while ago. Try

Clarion & Firebird (Tips) 31 JUL 04
Learn how to use Clarion and Firebird 1.5 SQL together. There are currently six (6) lessons with many more on the way. These lessons are accessed by a one time subscription which will be discounted by fifty percent (50%) until I have fifteen (15) lessons online or I have one-hundred (100) new subscribers, which ever happens first ends the promotion. I only have nine (9) more lessons to go, so hurry and subscribe for half off the normal subscription price. Click the following link and read what a couple of subscribers have to say: Then click the "How to use Clarion and Firebird 1.5 together" link on that site to view the table of contents containing a brief description of each lesson currently available. Hurry and subscribe, for I am turning out a new lesson in less than three (3) days each on average.

Clarion & MSSQL discussion group 24 MAR 00
To join go to afterwards e-mail to
Thanks, Johan van Zyl - Somerset West - South Africa

Clarion - ASP Videos and Info (Tips) 14 JUN 02
SoftVelocity's Clarion/ASP templates generate Active Server Pages (ASP) web applications which provide query, navigation, and editing procedures for client/server databases over the web, increasing the productivity of web designers and enabling business application developers to easily “translate” behaviors from line of business desktop applications to the web. The generated pages integrate into existing sites both in looks and via links to and from existing pages of the site. The code produced additionally includes important features necessary for public and high volume sites such as the ability to view only the parts of a database “owned” by an individual user. The resulting applications are highly reliable, containing sophisticated error checking, yet tight and very scalable.

I've done some ASP programming, and it was pretty cool, but I thought, "This would be really great with templates and the dictionary!" (Torby)

Clarion - The Canadian Reformed Magazine 2 DEC 99
(Ok, it's a joke, right?!?)

Clarion 101: Understanding the IDE (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 28 SEP 06

Clarion 3rd Party Association 22 MAY 00
YES! Follow this guy's suggestions! The Turnpike will even mark your products (If you let me know it's approved.

Clarion 5.5 Web Development Features (Clarion Magazine) 9 NOV 99
Just how different is Web Builder from its predecessor? A lot! Steve Parker takes a look at what's new in the web development portion of Clarion 5.5.

Clarion 6 First Look: The Examples (Clarion Magazine) 22 OCT 03
There are two ways to get to know a new release of Clarion. One is to read the release notes (always a good idea). The other way is to do some independent investigation. Dave Harms begins a tour of Clarion 6, from the directories on up.

Clarion 6 First Look: The IDE (Clarion Magazine) 11 DEC 03
In this concluding part to Clarion Magazine's first look at C6, David Harms goes through the Gold release CD install, and reviews the C6 IDE improvements.

Clarion 6 First Look: The Source Code (Clarion Magazine) 30 OCT 03
In Part 2 of this series Dave Harms examines the changes in the libsrc directory in Clarion 6, including a number of modified and new classes.

Clarion 6 First Look: The Templates (Clarion Magazine) 15 NOV 03
In Part 3 of this series Dave Harms looks at the changes in the template directory from C5.5 to C6.

Clarion 6 Goes Gold! (Clarion Magazine) 21 NOV 03
Clarion 6 has gone gold! A final patch will be made available to EA program participants, and shipments will begin after CDs are received from the duplicators (which takes 8-10 business days).

Clarion 6.1 (Clarion 6) 4 MAY 04
Clarion 6.1 is the first update to the gold release, and when available for download will be free to all registered users. The instructions for download of the 6.1 install will be posted on the website during the week of May 4th.

Memory driver and IP/Server driver to follow shortly!

Clarion 6.1 (Web Sites) 30 JUL 04
The production release of Clarion 6.1 is available as a free download to registered users. Review the changes and enhancements list, download the patch update, and the updated Help files. Review the more than 400 items on the list details

Clarion 6.1 Ready (Clarion Magazine) 30 APR 04
Clarion 6.1 is complete, and will be available for download the week of May 4. Changes include XP theme support (PROP:ThemeActive); Win98/WinME bug fixes/workarounds; RTF embedded objects; new ErrorStatusClass; Oracle cursors in stored procedures; runtime DLL mismatch checking; new TransactionManager class; PDF encryption and compression; new HOWMANY,GETGROUP and ISGROUP language statements; XML BLOB support (base64); and several hundred other fixes, changes, improvements, and workarounds.

Clarion 6.2 Now Available (Clarion Magazine) 25 MAY 05
Clarion 6.2 has been released, and is a free upgrade for anyone who bought or upgraded a license for PE or EE after November 1, 2004. Several options are available for other developers, including flat $99 fee and two levels of subscription program. New features include enhanced SQL functionality, new core templates (multi-child relation tree, shutdown with Windows, clean closedown of multi-DLL apps, minimize to system tray, trigger support in the Clarion chain), thread enhancement for the debugger, EIP, RTL and RTF improvements, and a variety of other enhancements and bug fixes.

Clarion 7 and Clarion.NET: Video No 1 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 13 JUN 06

Clarion 7/Clarion.NET News - Updated June 1, 2005 (Clarion Magazine) 2 JUN 05
Read our Clarion 7/Clarion.NET blog page for the latest news on SoftVelocity's upcoming product releases. In the latest edition, Bob Z responds to the discussion of the Brasilian DevCon presentations.

Clarion Advisor: Debugging Tricks (Clarion Magazine) 28 JUN 99
Clarion Magazine has featured several articles on debugging applications (go to the Search page and search for "debug"). But you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve, and Clarion developers get as wily as anyone when it comes to using alternative debugging techniques.

Clarion and an Mp3 OCX (Templates & Libraries) 2 FEB 04
Clarion is able to interface with OCX components from the Visual Basic world; however, the integration process is a little painful and not very well documented. While I was writing a software program for my home MP3 music server, I learned the hard way how to incorporate OCX components with Clarion 6.0. In return for the many (MANY) times that fellow Clarion programmers have saved me whilst knee-deep in a project, I decided to make this source code freely available to help other Clarion programmers work with MP3 and OCX files.

Clarion and DLLs (Tips) 24 MAY 05
This zip file includes a PowerPoint tutorial for building DLL files in Clarion, as well as several example projects/applications. The approaches outlined here center around building general purpose, reusable, redistributable code libraries rather than segmenting existing applications into DLLs. The following topics are covered,

Clarion and MSSQL 18 APR 00

Clarion and Multi-Edit: Together At Last (Clarion Magazine) 24 APR 01
Clarion's own source code editor, although functional, isn't as feature-rich as some other programmers' editors, like American Cybernetics' Multi-Edit. Multi-Edit integrates with any popular programming tools, and as Vince Du Beau explains, you can use Multi-Edit with Clarion too.

Clarion and mySQL DSN Less Connection (Tips) 5 APR 02
We have updated our clarion demo using mySQL ODBC DSN-less connection. We have now added procedure for browsing the 285.000 recs database using page by page load. This is achieved by using the LIMIT function. It is still for demonstration/testing purposes. The page by page works with scrollone and scrollpage sequence. Scrolltop/-bottom is not yet implemented.

We have updated documentation on: The documentation includes the browse page by page source file.

The Clarion application is available as a password protected installation file on: (for installationpassword send mail to (autoresponder)) Dictionary and sourcefile included in installation.

The mySQL database contains 285.000 recs.(49MB) with old norwegian company names. You are welcome to use the database for testing purposes. The database is also available from PHP application at:

Happy mySQL'ing...

Kristian Hyllestad

Clarion and OOP (Tips) 24 MAY 05
Contributed by Dan Gorrell

Included in this zip file are a PowerPoint demonstration which outlines some of the basic features of objects in the Clarion language. Also included are two example applications which demonstrate the following,

Clarion and OOP 2 (Tips) 24 MAY 05
Contributed by Dan Gorrell

Included in this zip file are a PowerPoint demonstration of some more advanced usages of OOP within Clarion. Also included are three example applications which demonstrate the following,

Clarion And The Fatal MyODBC/MySQL Flaw (Clarion Magazine) 28 JUN 02
David Harms has been a proponent of the MySQL open source database for a few years now, but recent performance problems have him looking for an alternative to the MyODBC driver and, consequently, MySQL.

Clarion and the Internet: Publishing Static Data (Clarion Magazine) 3 APR 01
Publishing data on the Internet is easy! Just ask Tom Ruby - he's been doing it for years. As Tom explains in this article, the trick is to use the Clarion HTML driver...

Clarion and the War on Terror (Clarion Magazine) 21 OCT 05
Ozzie Paez discusses Clarion's use in support of Homeland Security research conducted over the past two years, and Clarion's demonstrated advantages supporting evolving research. When it comes to delivering quality applications, productively and competitively, the Clarion paradigm offers advantages that have proven effective in supporting the national efforts against terrorism.]]>

Clarion API Database Manager (Utilities) 25 MAY 06
This utility makes it very easy to add API's, Equates to your APP. Due to a very busy last 2 years, I haven't update this Utility at all. It were available at ClarionShop for 49USD. I've Descided to make this utility freeware, to all clarion Users. Programmers who bought this utility legally, can email me (daniedbATdesignersoftwareDOTcoDOTza) and I'll give them the source code Excluding 3rdparty templates.(Which is FM3) Anyone else interested in the source can email me for more information. It's compiled in Clarion 6 Build 9052, and Only tested with this version.

You can use the utility in 2 ways.

Clarion Apps Can Be Sexy! (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 05

Clarion Audio 2 DEC 99
(Ok, it's a joke, right?!?)

Clarion Batch Compiler beta 9 (Utilities) 17 NOV 04
Free. Unzip with 011103 for the password.

Clarion Book Reviews (Tips) 29 OCT 03
Courtesy of Stirling Data.

Clarion Central All Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 28 APR 04
POSitive Software's Clarion Central

Clarion Challenge Results - Remove Links (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 24 MAR 06

Clarion Challenge: COM Examples (Clarion Magazine) 9 MAY 00
In this week’s issue Jim Kane explains how Clarion COM can be as easy as VBScript COM. Show us what you can do with Clarion COM scripting.

Clarion COM: As Easy As Visual Basic COM (Clarion Magazine) 9 MAY 00
Can COM be as easy in Clarion as it is in Visual Basic? Impossible, you say? Read on.

Clarion Companion 17 DEC 01
Clarion is well kept secret. Apparently so is the latest and only current printed book on Clarion for Windows - "Clarion Companion" by Randy Goodhew. Save money if you purchase it before the year end!

"Clarion Companion" is loaded with useful, field tested methods that will save you time and improve the quality of your programming. It is a useful reference guide that tells you how programs should be written, not how they can be written. Most concepts and techniques apply to any Clarion version. Clarion Companion is a comprehensive guide with optimizing techniques for each of the following five areas: Language, Database, Applications, Components and Resources.

Clarion Data Exchange (Tips) 29 OCT 03
Misc information about many countries which would be useful to developers. Updated Feb 2000.

Clarion Developer Bio: Sim Sherer (Clarion Magazine) 30 NOV 05

Clarion Developers & IT Companies (Web Sites) 5 FEB 04
A service by Alfred Blaho.

Clarion Development @ Com-Data (dead link) 26 FEB 01

Clarion Editor Lost & Found (Free) (Utilities) 19 DEC 03
The Clarion Embed Editor can get lost in the Window's Z-Order when you switch applications and try to switch back. Most times you can get focus back to the editor by pressing Alt+F6 but it does not always work. Sometimes to have to shutdown Clarion from the Task manager and you lose work and risk corrupting your App. It can be frustrating.

Clarion Editor Lost & Found should get focus back to the clarion editor 100% of the time.

Clarion Essentials CBT From SoftVelocity (Clarion Magazine) 22 DEC 00
Tom Hebenstreit reviews SoftVelocity's Clarion Essentials Computer-Based Training CD. As a step up from the original Clarion Foundations CBT, which concentrated mainly on learning the basics of the Clarion language and IDE, the Essentials course tackles more advanced concepts and features of the Clarion IDE and language.

Clarion for drawing a captured signature on a window (Templates & Libraries) 29 MAR 06

Clarion for the Weary 6 JUN 00
The object of this page is to teach Clarion in a tutorial format, but in a simple style. Every step is described and most windows are shown in screen snapshots. The sample programs may be utterly useless in business applications, but they are written in a way so the codes should be obvious in their useage.

Clarion For Zebras: Working With Barcodes (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 20 JUN 00
Simon Brewer explains the ins and outs of using barcoding technology with Clarion. Part 1 of 2.

Clarion For Zebras: Working With Barcodes (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 27 JUN 00
Simon Brewer explains the ins and outs of using barcoding technology with Clarion. Part 2 of 2.

Clarion Foundry (Tips) 11 OCT 04
A concise technical reference for Clarion programmers.

(You don't have to log in to read articles.)

Clarion FreeImage Project v3.9.0 (Templates & Libraries) 7 JUL 06
The Clarion FreeImage Project is a set of classes and a template that implement the FreeImage library in Clarion 5.5 and 6.x. FreeImage is an open source raster image processing library. The base class wraps the FreeImage DLL and includes methods to load, save, transform, rescale, create thumbnails, color correct, change bit depth, alpha blend and more. You can contribute to the project by helping with any of the tasks listed on What's Next?.

Built on the base class is an image control that you can use on your windows like the Clarion image control. It supports flicker free, resampled zooming and scrolling. The image control is 100% Clarion source code. Since you have the source code, you can recompile it as new versions of Clarion are released.

Clarion Handy Tools 10C1.0 (Templates & Libraries) 29 JUN 06

Clarion Handy Tools Newsserver (Web Sites) 9 NOV 02
The CHT Newsgroup Server is a 100% Clarion application built with The Clarion Handy Tools O7B2.0 build available to subscribers by December, 1, 2002. The application, called HNDNGSVR.APP, will also be available as source to all CHT members. Our earlier plans to release a #2 update between O7B and O7B2.0 have been modified to simply releasing O7B2.0 a bit sooner than the Dec 15, 2002 target date.

Clarion Insider 9 OCT 01
Paul Attryde's site:

Clarion Magazine 28 AUG 99

Clarion Magazine Buys CapeSoft and ClarionShop, Expands Empire (Clarion Magazine) 2 APR 05
In a surprise development, Clarion Magazine has purchased CapeSoft, the largest third party vendor in the Clarion community, as well as CapeSoft's online store, ClarionShop.

Clarion Magazine Sampler in PDF 27 APR 99

Clarion Magazine's Podcasts (Clarion Magazine) 20 DEC 04
James Cooke reports on SoftVelocity's Clarion ASP.NET presentation.

Clarion Magazine's RSS Feeds (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUL 03
Wondering what those new XML icons are on the ClarionMag home page? They're RSS feeds, and in combination with an RSS reader they make it possible for you to get notification of articles and news items when they appear on the web site. No more waiting for the weekly update emails!

Clarion Magazine's Search Page 3 NOV 99

Clarion Market - Online Knowledge Base (Web Sites) 28 NOV 05

Clarion Master (Tips) 8 AUG 02
Many articles and tips.

Clarion News - August 2000 (Clarion Magazine) 30 AUG 00
Clarion news, notes, and happenings from around the globe.

Clarion Newsgroup Search 14 DEC 01
Search the Clarion Newsgroups

Clarion Numpties 29 AUG 00
Developing in Clarion For Windows 2003

Clarion online news (Web Sites) 6 JAN 04
This is online Clarion Resources and News page. Here you can find and post (send us e-mail at Clarion related information. You can use Search, Calendar, Categories, Month Archives etc. Take a look at !

Clarion PHP (Templates & Libraries) 29 NOV 04
The Clarion/PHP templates generate PHP web applications which provide query, navigation, and editing procedures for client/server databases over the web. The generated pages integrate into existing sites both in looks and via links to and from existing pages of the site.

The generated code includes important features necessary for public and high volume sites such as the ability to view only the parts of a database “owned” by an individual user. The resulting applications are highly reliable and very scalable.

Clarion ProScan (Templates & Libraries) 27 FEB 06
Charles Edmonds ( LANSRAD ) is proud to announce the opening of the new Clarion ProSeries website ( ) and Clarion ProScan - the first of a series of new Clarion Development tools.

Building on ImageEx technology and Clarion 6, ProScan is a single or multipage document scanning solution that can be added to your application in less than 10 minutes!

Adding ProScan to your program is as simple as adding a global template, importing the Clarion TXA and dropping the ProScan link button on your parent form.

ProScan also comes with a 5600+ word help file that was written for you to distribute to your end users (or integrate into your own help system).

Clarion Report Program Generator (Utilities) 27 MAR 02
The CRPG beta is available at Steve Parkers web site ( in the Download Center.

The Clarion Report Program Generator generates Clarion source code. It is not intended to be a 'drag and drop' approach to report programming - you must be a hand coder to make effective use of it. Also, you must export and preprocess your dictionary before you can specify a report.

Clarion Skill Pool (Web Sites) 12 MAR 02
The Clarion Skill Pool has now got its own website which will greatly increase its visibility on the search engines. There is no charge for listing on this site.

Clarion SOAP Revisited (Clarion Magazine) 28 NOV 02
The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) has been covered before in Clarion Magazine, but only from the Clarion end. In this article, Radventure's Erik Pepping shows how to create the server in C# and the client in Clarion.

Clarion Source Printer 22 APR 99
Clarion Source Printer 1.00 is planned to have following features:

Clarion Source Search (I lived without it, but I don't know how) 4 MAY 00
This new Utility program is designed specifically to search Clarion Source Code and tell you the Module, Procedure, Method and Routine where the results were found. This avoids the typical search game of hunting for the Procedure Name. I had been using Norton FileFind for searching source. It was taking far too much time to find the name of the procedure.

Clarion Subscriptions (Web Sites) 25 MAY 05
Introducing two new programs to keep you current with the latest Clarion releases; the Simple Maintenance Program (SMP) and the Core Subscription Program (CSP).

Clarion Third Party Profile Exchange Updated - November 22, 2003 (Utilities) 28 NOV 03
The Clarion Third Party Profile Exchange consists primarily of profiles of third party add-on products and vendors. This includes freeware templates and tools as well. Online and Downloadable Profiles available. Online product profiles include Product Internet URL, Order URL, Currency code, Dated Price Quote, Grouped by Category, Clarion 6 Compatible, Extended Description and Download Page Reference. Currently, there are 447 product profiles and 425 vendor profiles. You must have Product Scope 32 PRO Version 5.0 to view profiles with data files (downloadable profiles). 161 Clarion 6 compatible products as of this release.

Clarion Tips & Techniques Book (Clarion Magazine) 25 FEB 04
Clarion Magazine is a popular online publication, but sometimes reading on-screen doesn't cut it. So we're putting selected ClarionMag articles in book form. These aren't e-books, but professionally printed, softcover, perfect-bound books just like you buy at your local computer bookstore. The first of these books will be a Tips and Techniques collection.

Clarion Tips & Techniques Book Announced (Clarion Magazine) 1 DEC 03
Clarion Magazine is a popular online publication, but sometimes reading on-screen doesn't cut it. So we're putting selected ClarionMag articles in book form. These aren't e-books, but professionally printed, softcover, perfect-bound books just like you buy at your local computer bookstore. The first of these books will be a Tips and Techniques collection.

Clarion Tips &amp; Techniques Volume 3 Table of Contents (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 6 JUN 06
Pre-purchase now and save $15!]]>

Clarion Tips &amp; Techniques, Volume 3 - Save up to $39.95 This Week (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 06

Clarion Tips by Scott Daughtry (Tips) 2 FEB 04

Clarion TXA & TXD Scanner Updated 7 May 2003 (Utilities) 7 MAY 03
The Clarion TXA and TXD Scanner was designed to give a visual presentation of your sourcecode and data dictionary without the need to load the data into into Clarion. Procedure information, templates, variables, used files, images and icons , global templates and data are all displayed when a TXA is scanned. Table information, relations, fields and keys are displayed when a TXD is scanned. Unused tables are marked when both the TXA and TXD are scanned.

Besides displaying this information on your screen you can copy fields tables, window and report layouts from the scanner into your Clarion dictionary and application. Also you can create program and dictionary documentation in HTML. The HTML colors are configurable aswell as the specific data you wish to export. If you have the Microsoft CHM compiler installed then AppScanner can also generate a project for your CHM compiler and compile the HTML files to CHM giving you easy to distribute database and program layouts.

Clarion User Group of Northern Virginia 28 FEB 00

Clarion Virtual Office (Web Sites) 24 JUN 02
The Clarion Virtual Office is a solution for those living in remote areas, where User Groups are hard to come by, or for anyone looking for real time voice and text communications to collaborate with Clarion Developers worldwide. Members are not associated with each other, but, are programmers willing to help each other out when needed. In this manner individual programmers can have the resources that larger software development teams enjoy.

Clarion Web Hosting (Hosting) 3 OCT 06

Clarion won't work on XP? It's Microsoft's bug! (Tips) 25 APR 02
Here's the fix: The Windows XP Application Compatibility Update is a package of software updates that expand program compatibility support in Windows XP. This can help to avoid common issues with certain programs. Microsoft recommends that you download this compatibility update if you are having problems with any of the programs that this update is designed to support.

Clarion Worldwide (Web Sites) 3 FEB 03
Clarion Discussion Group on MSN

Clarion wrapper for RDC component (Templates & Libraries) 1 AUG 02
Clarion wrapper for RDC component is available at Included is trial version of the rdc wrapper (rdc.dll) with sample app and report. Feel free to try it and let me know about the results.

Clarion, COM, Soap, and HTTP (Clarion Magazine) 5 AUG 03
Recently Shane Vincent wanted to add a no-cost solution to the credit card authorization process. His solution involved a couple of open source COM components, Jim Kane's COM interface generator, and a couple of Clarion wrapper classes.

Clarion/SQL Server - Hardcore (Events) 28 JAN 05
Mar 31st - Apr 2nd - Tulsa, OK

Get ahead of your competition by becoming proficient with the fastest growing database backend in the market! There are many tips and tricks and more than a few roads one can travel down when deciding to use Sql Server's powerful backend in conjunction with Clarion. I realize that there are plenty of aids in our Clarion community to help with this but nothing to jump start you and show you how to go from zero to done.

Clarion7 / Clarion.NET news (Clarion Magazine) 2 JUN 05
Bookmark this blog-style page to keep up with the latest news on the upcoming releases of Clarion 7 and Clarion.NET. (Web Sites) 21 OCT 05
This site is devoted to the development of small business database applications through the use of Clarion for Windows from SoftVelocity.

Clarioners (Web Sites) 1 FEB 05
SealSoft's database of Clarion Developers.

ClarioNet v1.4 (Templates & Libraries) 14 JAN 04
"Thin Client" computing has become the vision of the future for distributing application software to user's desktops. TopSpeed's Clarion programming is a superb software development system. ClarioNet is a software extension that web-enables Clarion applications to run remotely using the ClarioNet Client connected to the server program through the Clarion Application Broker.

ClarioNet is unique to other solutions because the "client" is using an actual Windows program that is a near-exact representation of the application. This is not a Browser/HTML representation…ClarioNet provides true remote program operation!

Entire 1.4 system available for demo at:!

Clarionfoundry - Information on dates and calendar calculations (Tips) 27 APR 05 (Web Sites) 8 NOV 05
As the name suggests its a website dedicate to Clarion Jobs.

As a programmer you can register for free with our site listing your skills and type of employment you are looking for.

As an employer you can register for free and search for programmers based on your required skills, ideal if you are looking to fill full time positions or you need extra resource on a temporary basis.

ClarionMag at OSCON 2006 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 31 JUL 06

ClarionMag Blog Launched! (Clarion Magazine) 1 OCT 05
The ClarionMag blog is now online! Rants, raves, and generally unwanted opinions from Clarion Magazine's publisher, Dave Harms.

ClarionMag Blog Launched! (Clarion Magazine) 7 OCT 05
The ClarionMag blog is now online! Rants, raves, and generally unwanted opinions from Clarion Magazine's publisher, Dave Harms.

ClarionPost (Web Sites) 23 FEB 04
The Clarion Post resource index is your one-stop destination for business solutions and discussions. Regardless if you're just beginning or a seasoned veteran you are bound to find something to enhance your skills. Get started by clicking on one of the directories below.

ClarionRapidApplicationDevelopment (Web Sites) 3 MAY 03
If you are interested, I've (Danie de Beercreate a Chat group on MSN Messenger for Clarion.
Group : ClarionRapidApplicationDevelopment
Anybody who wants to join, goto (it is free)

Class Anatomy v1.2.0 (Utilities) 6 JUN 06
The utility is a tray utility that can read a CLW and INC file and build a list of used data, classes, procedures and methods and presents this information in way that makes it easy to read. All global (module wide) data is shown together, all class data and methods are grouped together and all method data is shown. Double clicking a declaration will open either the CLW or INC in your favorite editor on the correct line. Besides that and for my own use at least the most important feature is a picklist like the data picklist in your Clarion editor. This picklist can float on top (transparant or not, and even rolled-up) and present you with

Double clicking on a label will copy the label or definition to the clipboard from where you can paste it inside your editor of choice

Class Explorer 31 DEC 00

Class Wrapper Templates The Easy Way (Clarion Magazine) 15 AUG 02
In earlier releases of ABC, class wrapper templates were difficult to create. After creating his first class, Lee White, inveterate hand coder and template writer, went searching for a way to create a template wrapper for that class. What he found was a pleasant surprise.

CLASSy ASCII File Importing (Clarion Magazine) 20 DEC 02
Earlier this month Steve Parker wrote an article on importing ASCII files into a database using Konrad Byers' ASCII file class. In this article, Steve describes a class by Dave Harms that makes fixed record length ASCII importing configurable at runtime.

Clickteam - Install Maker (Install Programs) 19 NOV 04
Install Maker is simply the easiest installation distribution tool in existence. Spend your time developing your creations not building the installers. Download the fully functional freeware version of Install Maker and create your first installation in less than one minute! Then you decide which way is better!

ClipMate by Thornsoft Development, Inc. (Utilities) 4 NOV 03
For those of you who aren't already using ClipMate, GET IT!

It is an absolute must have for doing Clarion development or any software development for that matter.

Especially when doing multiple cut and pastes between source embeds.

You'll love the PowerPaste function.

Really handy when converting DOS systems to Windows when you need to grab multiple chunks of code.

(comments by Greg Berthume)

Cloning List Boxes Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 18 APR 00
There are many occasions when it is useful to have list boxes that are clones of each other. Jon Waterhouse updates a previous Clarion Online article with a new template and generalized classes. Part 1 of 2.

Cloning List Boxes Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 25 APR 00
There are many occasions when it is useful to have list boxes that are clones of each other. Jon Waterhouse updates a previous Clarion Online article with a new template and generalized classes. Part 2 of 2.

Cobian Backup (Utilities) 30 JAN 06
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their original location to other directories/drives in the same computer or other computer in your network. FTP backup is also supported in both directions (download and upload).

Cobian Backup exists in two different versions: application and service. The program uses very few resources and can be running on the background on your system, checking your backup schedule and executing your backups when necessary. Cobian Backup is not an usual backup application: it only copies your files and folders in original or compressed mode to other destination, creating a security copy as a result. So Cobian Backup can be better described as a "Scheduler for security copies".

Cobian Backup supports several methods of compression and strong encryption.

Code Documentation: The Achilles´ Heel Of Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 8 AUG 00
Documentation is essential for maintaining an application. Unfortunately there is no way to automatically document code in Clarion, and manual documentation is laborious and prone to errors. Stefan Rasmussen outlines a systematic approach to documenting your code.

Code Generation Templates Using XML and XSL 25 JAN 02
Dealing with complexity is one of the biggest challenges of programming. There is a great need for tools that help us to better understand and manage software complexity. Such tools would not only help create better code, but would also increase software development productivity. Code generators are tools that generate complex code from a simpler model. Code generators are therefore an ideal candidate for helping cope with software complexity.

Understand the relationship:)?

Code Signing, who is the Unknown Publisher? (Tips) 18 JAN 05
Since Microsoft got religion around security, and especially since SP2 developers have been faced with the Unknown Publisher problem. Any application that has not been signed with a digital certificate from a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) displays a message that the publisher is Unknown with a more forceful warning than in previous versions of Windows.

Code Templates (Tips) 24 MAY 05
This PowerPoint presentation by Don Reynolds will teach you how to get started in creating your own custom code templates.

CodeCharge v3.0 (Templates & Libraries) 18 NOV 05
CodeCharge Studio is the most productive solution for visually creating database-driven Web applications with minimal amount of coding. The support for virtually all databases, web servers and web technologies makes CodeCharge Studio one of a kind. It is a complete solution available for Web development.

Whether you are a legacy developer, MS Access programmer or experienced Web engineer, you can use CodeCharge Studio to rapidly develop anything from simple database-driven Web applications to complex e-business solutions.

The included Application Builder instantly converts your database (MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) into a working Web application with login-protected user access to database search, list, view and update functions.

Also included is CodeCharge Studio Add-In for FrontPage (for optional use) - the first product that extends FrontPage functionality into a full-featured, integrated web development environment that makes it fast and easy to create database-enabled web sites.

CodeCharge Studio delivers the speed of code generation integrated with a full featured, powerful IDE. You can quickly generate dynamic, bug-free web sites in PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, ColdFusion, ASP.NET. And then edit and customize your applications using the Studio's powerful code editors.

CodeGuru 30 AUG 00
Welcome to CodeGuru, the number one developer site on the Internet!

CodeMax 2 MAR 01
I (Diego M. Borojovich) finish the tpl and class to use the CodeMax 2109 dll with clarion. It's free. The zip file is about 178kb. A demo app is included. It is posible to load from a fiel or a blob. Clarion laguage is pre defined. Contextual help is suported. Ctrl+\ is suported to change the case like in the CW editor. Buttons template to open,save, do redo, etc. Macro record and save is supported. etc,etc. Get it from the CWIC Web download site.

COM Classes written by Andy Ireland of Plugware Solutions (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUN 02
The COM Classes written by Andy Ireland of Plugware Solutions are now freely available from ThinkData ( Just click on the link for Products and then COM Classes and you can register to download the classes. An ADO wrapper is included and the supplied example application connects to the MSSQL Northwind database. Andy has done an excellent job with these classes as everyone at ETC has seen and we're proud to bring them to you for the benefit of the whole community.

COM: Getting Easier By The Minute (Part 1 of 3) (Clarion Magazine) 6 FEB 01
COM? Easy? Well, easier, at least. In this three-parter, Jim Kane, Clarion Magazine's resident guru of Microsoft component object technology, shows how to call COM objects with the new COM-compatible INTERFACE in Clarion 5.5. As Jim says, if VB programmers can use COM, so can you!

COM: Getting Easier By The Minute (Part 2 of 3) (Clarion Magazine) 13 FEB 01
Easy? Well, easier, at least. In this three-parter, Jim Kane, Clarion Magazine's resident guru of Microsoft component object technology, shows how to call COM objects with the new COM-compatible INTERFACE in Clarion 5.5. As Jim says, if VB programmers can use COM, so can you!

COM: Getting Easier By The Minute (Part 3 of 3) (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 00
COM? Easy? Well, easier, at least. In this three-parter, Jim Kane, Clarion Magazine's resident guru of Microsoft component object technology, shows how to call COM objects with the new COM-compatible INTERFACE in Clarion 5.5. As Jim says, if VB programmers can use COM, so can you!

ComCode Emporium v2.2 (Templates & Libraries) 13 SEP 02

And many more...

ComForMark Templates (Web Sites) 10 JUN 04

Command Line ZIP utility 15 JAN 01
Here us one to use called FreeZip. but I haven't tried it yet but it is supposed to work from the command line.

Commentary on UKCUG, Clarion Roadmap (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 22 AUG 06

Compile Manager 13 AUG 97

Compile Manager 2 by Gordon Smith 7 JAN 02
Fixed for Winows 2000 (Win2k). There's even a 32 bit version!

Compile Manager II (Handy tools) (Utilities) 30 AUG 02

Compiled Reports From Report Writer (Clarion Magazine) 2 APR 04
As far as Henry Plotkin is concerned, the best thing about Clarion Report Writer is the ability to set up the finished page without having to adjust the position of each individual band. The next best thing about Report Writer is that report testing is much faster. It does not require a compile-link cycle. It does not require minimizing Clarion, starting the application and navigating to the report. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to design reports in Report Writer, and then just copy them into a Clarion report procedure? Actually, it can be done, and fairly easily.

Compiling C with the Clarion IDE, Part 1: It's Easier Than You Think (Clarion Magazine) 17 MAR 05
Ever find some C source on the Internet that does exactly what you need? So you rewrite and convert it to Clarion code, then try to get it to work again. Carl Barnes will show you how easy it is compile C modules with your Clarion code. One small change to the C header, create a Clarion include file and, Bob Z's your uncle, you're calling the C function. Part 1 of 3.

Compiling C with the Clarion IDE, Part 2: Calling C from Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 22 MAR 05
Ever find some C source on the Internet that does exactly what you need? So you rewrite and convert it to Clarion code, then try to get it to work again. Carl Barnes will show you how easy it is compile C modules with your Clarion code. One small change to the C header, create a Clarion include file and, Bob Z's your uncle, you're calling the C function. Part 2 of 3.

Compiling C with the Clarion IDE, Part 3: Naming and Mangling (Clarion Magazine) 28 MAR 05
Ever find some C source on the Internet that does exactly what you need? So you rewrite and convert it to Clarion code, then try to get it to work again. Carl Barnes will show you how easy it is compile C modules with your Clarion code. One small change to the C header, create a Clarion include file and, Bob Z's your uncle, you're calling the C function. Part 3 of 3.

Completely Dynamic Listbox Formatting? (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 12 JAN 06

Completely Dynamic Report Orders and Breaks Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 12 DEC 00
Steve Parker delves into dynamic group breaks in the report engine, and lays out the theory and the practice. Part 1 of 2.

Completely Dynamic Report Orders and Breaks Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 22 DEC 00
Steve Parker delves into dynamic group breaks in the report engine, and lays out the theory and the practice. Part 1 of 2.

ComponentOne 3 JAN 02
Great news for Help authors: ComponentOne has acquired Doc-To-Help and is launching a new version, ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 6.0!

Powerful, yet easy to use, it's packed with great features: database architecture, a redesigned user interface, flexible conditional text, enhanced graphics handling, and time-saving reports… to name a few!

They're picking up some key ForeHelp features.

Computerize Your Assets (Clarion Applications) 17 JUN 05
Experts and professionals agree, you really do need to take a home inventory for a variety of reasons. Computerize Your Assets is the most professional and feature complete home inventory and asset management software on the market, and is available for virtually the same price as the others. Don't settle for average when you have so much at stake.

What's really interesting is this is a program in Clarion that just got a 5 cows rating from twocows!

compXPMenu (Templates & Libraries) 6 JUN 02

Get it from the Clarion Shop.

Comsoft7 BHT Calendar Holiday Class and Templates (Templates & Libraries) 5 JAN 06
Big Holiday Class

BHT is a set of classes and template wrappers designed to easily add Holidays, Week Numbers, and Full and New Moon information to any Calendar, scheduling, or app as needed. BHT automatically includes File and Queue Locking with a Critical Section in Clarion Versions 6.x. It should work with C4 - C6x, Legacy and ABC.

BHT uses Country Codes in the Master Holiday File. A free Country Code File is included, that is freely downloadable on Ben Brady's Website. It is being included with his permission. The country code is used as a filter when looking at dates to see if they are a holiday. A flag is set for the class, telling it which country to use for determining the holidays.

Conditional Sort Orders and Page Breaks in Reports: Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 7 NOV 00
Sometimes customers have the most perplexing requirements. This month Dr. Parker takes a purchase order print job and builds in conditional sort orders and page breaks through the judicious use of a few embeds. Part 1 of 2

Conditional Sort Orders and Page Breaks in Reports: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 14 NOV 00
Sometimes customers have the most perplexing requirements. This month Dr. Parker takes a purchase order print job and builds in conditional sort orders and page breaks through the judicious use of a few embeds. Part 2 of 2

Conductor Template 6.0 (Templates & Libraries) 20 NOV 03
Conductor Template for Clarion 5~5.5~6 ABC/Legacy. White box template to simultaneously generate code at any major embed point of all application procedures (or any subset of them). It might be used for building program security, program log or just for customising functionality of all application procedures from one place without even opening them. Utility is included to easily transfer all embeds from one application to another.

So delegate all boring repetitive work to this digital slave and spend your time on something more exiting than copying-and-pasting some bit of code over and over again day after day after day!

Configuring Opportunistic Locking in Windows (Tips) 6 SEP 06
By default, opportunistic locking is enabled for server message block (SMB) clients that run one of the Windows operating systems that is listed at the beginning of this article. Opportunistic locking allows clients to lock files and locally cache information without the risk of another user changing the file. This increases performance for many file operations but may decrease performance in other operations because the server that grants the opportunistic lock must manage the breaking of that lock when another user requests access to the file.

Connection Strings Home Page (Tips) 26 APR 05
Welcome to the world's largest collection of ADO and ADO.NET connection strings on the Internet! On this web page, you'll find links to sample ADO and ADO.NET connection strings for .NET Data Providers, OLE DB Providers, and ODBC Drivers (DSN/DSN-Less).

These sample connection strings are compiled by Carl Prothman, a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP. (Web Sites) 17 JUN 05
Helps you figure out connections strings for all sorts of databases.

Consuldata 30 JUN 00

Consultants On Demand 20 JUL 00
Your direct connection to Information Technology Professionals

Controlling Printers With DevMode (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 24 OCT 01
A customer's request to save printer bin selections sent Jim Gambon off on an exploration of the printer DevMode structure. In this two part series Jim explains how to create a 16/32 bit DevMode that really works, and how to use it to get full control of your printers.

Controlling Printers With DevMode (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 30 OCT 01
A customer's request to save printer bin selections sent Jim Gambon off on an exploration of the printer DevMode structure. In this two part series Jim explains how to create a 16/32 bit DevMode that really works, and how to use it to get full control of your printers. Part 2.

ControlMonitor (Templates & Libraries) 14 MAY 03
This class will monitor ALL the controls and data on a window and execute code whenever ANY of the data is changed. What is significant about this is that you only have to put your code at a single embed point (instead of on each control).

The need for this class came about as the result of a problem I had involving a image editor which needed to be updated whenever data on one of any of over a hundred controls was changed. Even though I had the actual update code in a routine, I did NOT want to have to place calls to the routine in all those different control embed points. Then there was also the problem that the update routine needed to be called whenever the other code in the program changed the data as well.

Support was added for the Sysinternals DebugView program so that a programmer could view output as the class was working without relying on STOP, HALT or MESSAGE statements (which are known to interfere with the code processing ).

Converting Clarion 5.5 Apps To Clarion 6.1 (Clarion Magazine) 9 SEP 04
Dermot Herron had no intention of upgrading from C55 to C6.1, but circumstances forced him to confront his concerns over the huge step to true threading. Unexpectedly, he found that it's easy to make a C6.x application work just like a C55 application, and that means he can pursue the full conversion at a later date while reaping many C6.x benefits now.

Converting PowerBrowse from Legacy to ABC (Clarion Magazine) 12 DEC 00
Do you have an application that you would like to convert to ABC but haven't? Would you like some guidelines for when to convert and what to convert? Do you have existing legacy templates with no ABC equivalent e.g. PowerBrowse? All of the above? Well keep reading - this article highlights some of the problems in converting large applications over to ABC, gives some homegrown Laws of conversion, and then solves the legacy PowerBrowse problem.

Converting The Inventory Example - Calling Stored Procedures (Part One) (Clarion Magazine) 31 OCT 02
In his previous articles, Ayo Ogundahunsi showed how to connect to SQL Server, import data, and generally run a Clarion application with a SQL Server backend. In this series of articles, Ayo shows how to call a stored procedure, pass a parameter, and (hopefully) get results from the stored procedure. Part one focuses on preparing the application by splitting it into DLLs.

Converting The Inventory Example - Calling Stored Procedures (Part Three) (Clarion Magazine) 7 NOV 02
In the conclusion to this three part series, Ayo Ogundahunsi demonstrates how to use the supplied template to call stored procedures.

Converting The Inventory Example - Calling Stored Procedures (Part Two) (Clarion Magazine) 31 OCT 02
In his previous articles, Ayo Ogundahunsi showed how to connect to SQL Server, import data, and generally run a Clarion application with a SQL Server backend. In this series of articles, Ayo shows how to call a stored procedure, pass a parameter, and (hopefully) get results from the stored procedure. Part two covers a template you can use to call stored procedures.

Converting TPS Files To A New Layout (Clarion Magazine) 25 FEB 05
No matter how hard you plan your database design; sooner or later you will want to change the layout of your application's TPS data files. Clarion has a mechanism for converting files in the dictionary editor, but it doesn't work on files that contain BLOBs or arrays. It also doesn't help if your application is installed in multiple sites, where the Clarion dictionary editor is not available. If you make changes to the file's structure and then distribute your application, your end users will get that dreaded error 47. That is, unless you do what Abe Jimenez does.

Converting TPS Files To A New Layout Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAR 05
No matter how hard you plan your database design; sooner or later you will want to change the layout of your application's TPS data files. In this second of two parts, Abe Jimenez describes the actual data conversion.

CONVIC - An Antipodean Clarion Gathering (Clarion Magazine) 14 FEB 03
If you’re not an Australian Clarion developer then there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of ConVic. Does this matter, you ask? Well, ConVic’s been on the Australian landscape for five years now and for the last four, it’s been the only Clarion conference in Australia. What’s more, ConVic 2003 is coming up at the end of March; it's an opportunity not to be missed by Australian developers, and overseas developers who might like to consider combining the conference with a sightseeing trip down under.

Cool, Free Icons and tips (Web Sites) 3 MAR 03

Cool, Free stuff from Sergey Bashkiroff and friends in St. Petersburg. 20 FEB 00

Cool.STF 31 DEC 00

Coollook template Almost ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 30 APR 04
Coollook template gives an Outlook style (or Leg2Abc style) to your application. You just have to populate a Coollook menubar just like you populate a standard clarion menubar. See the demonstration application on our site in the templates section.

Coollook template is available for C55 legacy and ABC. You can find Coollook template and its demo at C&G Software website

CopyFile documentation from Microsoft (Tips) 2 OCT 02
The api can copy a file with spaces in the path.

CopyFlash v2.3 Ready for C6.1 (no changes needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
1) It puts a copy button on the browse (and also popup menu if desired) to create a copy of a record (+ related files) in another file or in the same file
2) After copying the original record can be deleted or have a flag field set (eg "archived")
3) A template for batch copying that tacks on to a standard process template
4) All source supplied and works with every Clarion version from CW2 to C5.5 (ABC & Legacy)

And CopyFlash 2.1 is Clarionet compatible!

CORBA documentation 18 FEB 00
Links to CORBA and XML press releases, published articles, and RFPs.

CoreObjX (Controls) 9 JUL 02
CoreObjx (pronounced core objects) is a developer's tool that greatly simplifies integrating applications with QuickBooks 2002 Pro. CoreObjX is an ActiveX DLL that implements the standard business objects and rules supported by QuickBooks Pro 2002 and exposed through the qbXml API. CoreObjX enables developers to implement real-time links to the QuickBooks database quickly and reliably without needing to learn the intricacies of the qbXml API.

Corporations using Clarion Software 16 AUG 01
A brief collection of corporations using Clarion software to help you convince your clients that Clarion works.

Correction: Class And Wrapper For Handling Control Files (Clarion Magazine) 7 SEP 99
Nik Johnson has updated his article on handling control files with several paragraphs of text (appended to the article) and an updated zip with code corrections. You may need to refresh the page to see the updated information.

Cover Your Ass(ets) v1.22 (Templates & Libraries) 24 SEP 03
Template to automatically produce TXA and TXD files when you compile.

  1. PREVENT DISASTER in the form of corrupt APP and DCT files; because TXA and TXD are raw text, simply import them back into clarion and you're back in business
  2. a true *IMPLEMENT and FORGET* mechanism that doesn't disrupt workflow because backups are created automatically at compile time
  3. creates "generational" backup using the compile timestamp to act as "checkpoints" allowing for quick recovery of the dct, app or even specific procedures that you may have FUBAR'd during your current coding session

Cowboy Computing Solutions 21 JUL 00
Best known for SQL tools.

Now available for 5.5b2.

Cowboy's SQL Browse templates (Templates & Libraries) 18 DEC 04
Icetips Software is very proud to release a new-to-Icetips product, the Icetips Cowboy SQL templates. Previously known as the CCS SQL templates, Icetips Software has taken over the sales and marketing of these templates and we will be working on new features and improvements.

The Cowboy SQL templates are available for Clarion 2-5.5 Clarion templates (Legacy) and Clarion 5.0 and Clarion 5.5 ABC. We will be working on enhancements with the author of the templates, Andy Stapleton and he will assist us with technical support when needed.

CPCS - Creative Reporting Tools v6.20 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 4 APR 06
Ya gotta have this if you gotta use paper. Now FAX your reports.

Available for C6 EA 4 at

cpTracker (now gold) (Utilities) 9 MAR 05
cpTracker will assist you in managing your contacts, prospects, customers, sales, projects and tasks to the last detail. cpTracker is your Complete Data Management Solution! Also available, cpTracker Lite (less filling, tastes great?).

Keep track of the following:

Use the following tools to access your data the way YOU need to: Lite version is v2.2.

Crap Cleaner (Utilities) 14 SEP 05
(free) CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)

Create Database Sample (Tips) 7 MAR 06
I've (Dan Pressnell) uploaded a setup file that contains an APP and a DCT file that demonstrates how you can use Clarion code to connect to an MSSQL server, create a database if it doesn't exsit, and populate tables, columns, and indexes to the database.

Available from Icetips!

Creating #AT Statements The Easy Way (Clarion Magazine) 29 JUN 01
Writing templates can be tricky, especially when it comes to creating #AT statements that correspond to ABC virtual method embeds. Here's a template that makes that task easy.

Creating A Designer Interface In Clarion (Part 3) (Clarion Magazine) 23 JUN 03
This three part series by David Podger and Deon Canyon examines selected code from David and Deon's MediaSim touch screen application, written entirely in Clarion. This installment covers the MouseUp event code, including repositioning controls. Part 3 of 3.

Creating A Dynamic Option Box (Clarion Magazine) 5 JUL 02
Creating an option box is straightforward: select the option box, populate the radio buttons, compile and run. But users often want changes to option boxes that require a recompile. Steffen Rasmussen offers up a dynamically configurable option box, based on a list control.

Creating A SCADA Interface With Clarion (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 14 MAR 02
There are many industries that rely on automated process controls for creating a product or providing a service. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the term often used to describe an industrial automation system. Sometimes all of that acquired data needs to stored somewhere for future reference; since Clarion is very good at storing, manipulating, and viewing data, a Clarion application is a good fit for a SCADA system data storage interface. Part 1 of 2.

Creating A SCADA Interface With Clarion (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAR 02
There are many industries that rely on automated process controls for creating a product or providing a service. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the term often used to describe an industrial automation system. Sometimes all of that acquired data needs to stored somewhere for future reference; since Clarion is very good at storing, manipulating, and viewing data, a Clarion application is a good fit for a SCADA system data storage interface. Part 2 of 2.

Creating An Invoice Application Using C6.1 Legacy Edit-In-Place (Clarion Magazine) 22 JAN 05
Invoicing is a commong requirement for Clarion business applications. Bill Rollins shows how to create a useful edit-in-place invoice using Clarion 6.1 and the legacy (Clarion) templates.

Creating An MS OutLook-Style Menu In Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 29 AUG 00
Microsoft Outlook uses an innovative menu style that’s become quite popular. Now Steffen Rasmussen shows how to create the same style of menu in a Clarion application.

Creating An MS OutLook-Style Menu In Clarion: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 5 SEP 00
Microsoft Outlook uses an innovative menu style that’s become quite popular. Now Steffen Rasmussen shows how to create the same style of menu in a Clarion application. Part 2.

Creating An XML RSS Web Site Summary With Clarion 6 (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 23 JUN 03
Ever wonder how easy or difficult it is to work with XML? Consider the RSS specification, which is used to create summaries of items on a web site. In this second of two parts, David Harms looks in detail at the code.

Creating Derived ABC Classes With a Template (Clarion Magazine) 27 FEB 04
In this article Harley Jones explains some of the behind-the-scenes magic that Clarion performs on ABC windows and controls, and how you can do the same with custom templates.

Creating Elliptical Windows in Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 25 MAY 01
Have you ever wondered how some applications display windows in non-standard shapes? As Brice Schagane shows, you can create elliptical windows (and other shapes) with just a few simple API calls.

Creating Filter Expressions The Easy Way (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 00
Creating filter expressions can be a tricky process - there's no "Populate Column" toolbox readily available and it's possible to make a typing error that's not picked until run-time. Here's a nifty workaround that can save some grief.

Creating ODBC Data Sources At Runtime (Clarion Magazine) 9 MAY 01
One of the drivers that comes with Clarion is the ODBC driver. Although Clarion deals with most of the problems of translating your file access code (e.g. OPEN, CLOSE, NEXT) into calls to the particular ODBC driver that looks after your data file, there is one area where Clarion ignores a potentially useful set of features of the ODBC design. These are the administration functions, which are required before you can access any data source through ODBC.

Creating Utilities For MS SQL 2000 (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 03
Clarion's PROP:SQL is an often under-appreciated language statement. As Bernie Grosperrin shows, you can use PROP:SQL for lots of things, including creating SQL utilities for MSSQL. This task is made even easier with Dan Pressnell's clever "Query from Queue" mechanism.

Creative Computing Solutions (Now for C4) 14 JUL 00
Many templates:

Credit Card Authorization software 18 SEP 97

Credit Card Number Formats 12 DEC 01
This document outlines procedures and algorithms for Verifying the accuracy and validity of credit card numbers. Most credit card numbers are encoded with a "Check Digit". A check digit is a digit added to a number (either at the end or the beginning) that validates the authenticity of the number. A simple algorithm is applied to the other digits of the number which yields the check digit. By running the algorithm, and comparing the check digit you get from the algorithm with the check digit encoded with the credit card number, you can verify that you have correctly read all of the digits and that they make a valid combination.

Cresent Software 31 DEC 00

Crispy Development Labs (Templates & Libraries) 23 MAR 04
Clarion Examples (Source for C6)

Crispy Development Labs (Templates & Libraries) 23 JAN 06
Clarion source code for C6

Critical Procedures: Synchronization for the Lazy (Clarion Magazine) 29 OCT 04
To protect data that's shared across threads, you can use a Critical Section, but if you fail to release the Critical Secition when you're done with it, you have a Critical Problem. The solution: use a Critical Procedure instead.

CrossOver Office for Linux (Utilities) 17 JUN 04
CrossOver Office produced by CodeWeavers.

CrossTab Wizard 6.02 (Templates & Libraries) 12 JUN 06
CrossTab Wizard's cross-tabulations quickly consolidate or summarize, large amounts of data. This "data summary" is consolidated within rows and columns whose intersections represent an accumulation of values from the larger data set. End-users can effectively rotate the rows, columns and accumulated values to see different summaries of the source data.

Cryptography and Clarion: Using the MSCrypto API (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAY 04
Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques related to aspects of information security such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication. Increasingly, cryptography is important to software developers, and with the US government having lifted restrictions on the export of strong encryption, a solution is now widely available to Windows developers. In this two-part article Ron Webb explains what cryptography is all about, and introduces a Clarion class wrapper for the MS Crypto API.

Cryptography and Clarion: Using the MSCrypto API Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 26 MAY 04
Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques related to aspects of information security such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication. Increasingly, cryptography is important to software developers, and with the US government having lifted restrictions on the export of strong encryption, a solution is now widely available to Windows developers. In this two-part article Ron Webb explains what cryptography is all about, and introduces a Clarion class wrapper for the MS Crypto API. Part 2 of 2.

Crystal Clear Class v2.0 Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 20 MAY 04
Crystal Clear Class - Interface to Seagate Crystal Reports

Crystal Clear Class provides you with the means of seamless integration between your Clarion application and Seagate Crystal Reports. This is pure Clarion source without any dll "black boxes". Class is ABC/Clarion compatible and works with Clarion 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. "Must have" if you are planning to use power of Seagate Crystal Reports in your Clarion applications.

Crystal Design Component 2 MAR 99
Take Crystal Reports to the next level with the CRYSTAL DESIGN COMPONENT. This ActiveX container lets you embed a Crystal report directly inside an application, and gives you complete control over the report-preview interface. Begin with a prebuilt interface, or design your own from the ground up--you're limited only by the capabilities of your chosen development environment. Separate editions of this component exist for Visual Basic, Delphi, and C++ Builder; we've got the Visual Basic version at your fingertips:

CursorArts 21 OCT 97
IconForge is a very easy to use, Windows-based utility for creating icons, cursors, animations and small images. IconForge comes in a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups, or a 32-bit version for Windows95 or WindowsNT. FTP Server limited to 100 users at a time (I got bumped).

Custom Queue Sorting (Clarion Magazine) 24 JUL 02
Clarion queues have two basic sorting methods built in - numeric, and alphabetical. But there are times when neither of those will suffice. Gordon Smith shows how to implement a custom queue sorting procedure.

Customizing Clarion5's Editor And Menus (Clarion Magazine) 13 JUL 99
John Morter shows how to customize your Clarion development environment with editor keystrokes and a menu of your favourite utilities.

Customizing your Clarion Tree Controls (Tips) 12 DEC 03
Contributed by Ross Woolf

This application demonstrates different customizations that become possible when you hand-code your Clarion Tree controls. Included are a CLW file, a PRJ file, and several ICO files.

CW Assistant (Utilities) 3 JAN 03
Get more done, delegate work to your assistant.

CW Barcode Toolkit 20 JUN 00
You should run, not walk, to the nearest computer and send an email to Maurice Pilotte ( He's got the best CW barcode toolkit around. I'm using his Postnet and i2of5 barcodes in our software developed for

CW Flex 26 AUG 97
With the cooperation of TopSpeed Corporation I am developing a DataFlex driver for Clarion for Windows. The driver is currently in a limited beta test with a couple of bugs remaining before the release candidate is ready. Once the driver is completed, it will be announced in the Clarion newsgroup (comp.lang.clarion) and on the CompuServe forum. If you would like additional information about the driver or ordering information, please fill out this form. You can also call (888) 372-1700 or (801) 374-9633 for additional information.

CW Handy - Clarion 6 (Clarion 6) 13 DEC 02
Because The Clarion Handy Tools in most cases extend ABC/Clarion native functionality we'll be thoroughly checking each template/class set in our tool kit for full, C6 compliancy.

CW SMTP EMail Control 9 MAY 00

CW Super Page 11 DEC 97
Bookmark this one. Seems to have LOTS of stuff.

CW Wall Chart - a visual procedure map of the WindowManager Class (Tips) 2 MAY 05
I thought this wall chart may come in handy for developers (existing and new to abc).

It's a visual map of the ABC class WindowManager. Once you get the hang of how ABC works it's very easy. As 40% of the poupulation respond quicker to visual data, I thought you might like this.

It's cheap and cheerful, but it does demonstrate the logical, top down flow of an ABC prodecure and even suggests some places to codes or check things (not complete, maybe next version). The idea is to give an overview of the main functions/purpose - always check the help and the .CLW source files for a better understanding.

CW WinReg 22 APR 00
Send mail to: (Apparently not available)

cwAdvantage (Templates & Libraries) 23 NOV 04
cwAdvantage is a database manager utility designed for the AdvantageDB.

why AdvantageDB?

1. SQL compliant
2. unlimited single user deployment is FREE, thats right FREE
3. run as embedded by simply distributing 4 files (less than 2mb)
4. ability to ENCYPT database w/ pw preventing unauthorized access
5. native SECURE / COMPRESSION access over TCP/IP
6. ability to scale to Peer-2-Peer / WorkGroup
7. ability to scale to client/server by installing server engine on WinNT family, Win9x, or Linix

what cwAdvantage! does...

1. import clarion TXD
2. convert TXD to SQL/DDL
3. optionally create the physical Advantage database
4. execute DDL (planned feature)

CWCM Compile Manager 11 SEP 00
The CWCM Compile Manager is now freeware!! (binary and APP)

Has a feature to shut down and restart CW for your REALLY big apps. Makes .prj files. Updated Sept 2000. In case you make changes on the source, please send your changes with a short comment back to !!

CWEdit 2000 (Utilities) 4 JUL 02
Here is a plain and simple Clarion Source Code editor that I made recently to find out how difficult it would be to make a decent editor for Clarion. Unfortunately I lost my interest to this editor when the project was about 80% completed (means: only the "bells and whistles" are missing and some minor bugs may still lurk there as well), so I never finished it the way I originally wanted to.

CWIC Web hosts your CWIC applications 9 FEB 00

CwKeys (Free) 19 APR 01
If you've ever taken a look at the C5EDT.INI or C55EDT.INI files in your CLARION\BIN directory, you might have seen that the keyboard shortcuts are fully configurable (nice job, SV!). If you've taken a closer look you might also have seen that there are functions that are not accessible via the editor menu (I don't know if these are even undocumented, at least I couldn't find them documented anywhere).

CwKeys lets you view and / or change the keyboard shortcuts simply by pressing the desired key combination! This works for both Clarion5 and Clarion5.5. Up to two shortcuts per function are supported.

CWPlus v3.02 (Utilities) 9 MAY 05
CWPlus is the auxiliary integrated tool for Clarion for Windows IDE and allows to simplify manual coding essentially. Now it appears in the CW Editor toolbar and has options for formatting code and data embeds. CWPlus realizes analogues of the most important elements of Microsoft IntelliSense technology as applied to Clarion, such as:

Any programmer is expected to memorize a lot of information about his application: how a certain procedure is called, all the numerous names, labels, identifiers. Instead of concentrating on the task, you have to keep on remembering all these. Enough of this! Now you have a reliable assistant to remember all this routine information for you. He will prompt you the needed information at any time and he will easily handle an object with many enclosed properties, as well as suggest a procedure prototype to you or show you a variable type just at the pointing of a mouse cursor.

Mistake-proof work! CWPlus will never make a mistake when you use it to paste a needed identifier into your program body while the identifier itself is easy to pick up from a suggested list. Now you can give longer and more informative names to the variables since you can still easily paste these into the text. CWPlus will attend a complex identifier name entry. Just in case you've lost connection with the CWPlus window in the process, occasionally you may enter a wrong name but not to worry - simply delete the wrong character with the Backspace button and the connection re-establishes!

CWRES (Templates & Libraries) 12 NOV 02
CWRES creates a compiled resource file (RES) that can be linked directly into your 32 bit Clarion for Windows Applications. By using CWRES, you can give your Clarion applications a more professional looking appearance adding version and copyright information into your EXE. This information is visible by right clicking on the EXE and selecting properties within Windows 95/98/ME or NT 4.0/2000/XP. The information entered into CWRES will be shown on the version tab. Having this information available is a great method for support issues to make sure the client has the correct version of the EXE. Advanced options are also available allowing you to specify language ID, code page, debug switches, and adding additional segments to the compiled RES file.

cwScript (Templates & Libraries) 26 AUG 06
cwScript is NOT a template, but an ActiveX OCX Control written especially for Clarion. What's the difference? An ActiveX control is a self contained server program that executes commands directly from Clarion. A template is Clarion's way of generating code based on a set of rules. With an ActiveX control there are no hidden lines of code, you determine exactly how your program operates.

CWTools v 1.1 Ready for c6.3 (Utilities) 28 JAN 06
Seal-Soft's CWTools

d-icons2 (Graphics) 28 MAR 06
Whilst Windows Xp style icons look like the light is shining on them, the newer Vista style icons have a slightly different color pallete, and they look like light is reflected from them rather than shining on them. They also have a defined border, and the symbols are shaded rather than white. There are more than 620 icons in this pack.

DAB - File Manager III (Clarion Magazine) 6 JUL 99
David Bayliss concludes his three part series on the ABC FileManager with the meat of the class: the dictionary interaction and the file access itself.

DAB's article on how to use INTERFACE and IMPLEMENTS. 29 MAY 00
(Clarion Magazine subscription required)

DAB's Page 13 NOV 98
Includes some interesting documents:

daFinga v1.03 (Templates & Libraries) 4 AUG 05
iAlchemy is excited to annouce daFinga! daFinga is implemented as a template / library designed around the APC Biopod biometric fingerprint readers.


All functions are accessable either through our simplified control/extension templates or can be hand coded as simple functions.

Works in English or French.

Dalby Source Printer for Clarion v 5.1 30 JUL 02
DSP5 is a stand-alone program that can print clarion source code in a complex setup including page formatting, syntax highlightning, extraction of embeds etc etc.

It also contains a project feature that - based on the program .clw file can list all files, procedures etc in a project.

Discussion forum at

Dan Pressnell's "Toward Better SQL" Class (updated 10/23) (Templates & Libraries) 27 FEB 03
With the courtesy, generosity and permission from Mr Dan Pressnell, I had uploaded the Better SQL Series to currently located at . Click the FAQ ( to access his contributions. Feel free to copy and download for your own use. In such event that you need to publish it in another domain, kindly seek permission from Mr Dan Pressnell.

The cwodbc object allows you to do the following, among other things:

  1. Send a query and process the results on a row by row basis.
  2. Get the column values from a query by position.
  3. Get the column values from a query by name.
  4. Get the names of the columns that are returned by a query.
  5. Get the names of the tables (and views) on the server.
  6. Get the columns and types for a table.
  7. Easily fill queues with the results of queries. There is even one method that will let the queue structure write part of your SQL.
  8. Retrieve TEXT, and IMAGE data. (Yay!)
The cwodbc object relies very heavily on the functionality that is provided by the drivers supplied with Clarion. I have tested it with ODBC and with Clarion's native MSSQL driver, and it works equally well with each. It should work with all the SQL drivers that Clarion provides, except for Oracle. It may work with the ODBC driver for Oracle, though.

In addition to the functionality that is provided by Clarion's drivers, the cwodbc object makes a few ODBC API calls to expose some additional features that you can use in your program (like getting the type of a column).

I have been advised to sell this, by several people, including my wife. But I want to make it available to all Clarion programmers, so it is freeware. All the source code is included, and it is all pure Clarion source code. (CW55 is required at a minimum). With this package, you can now access SQL databases like the big guys do with things like OLE DB and ADO, although in a less robust way, and do it all with nothing more than what comes out of the box with Clarion.

Dan Pressnell's Better SQL and Better OOP series (Tips) 14 MAR 06
Dan Pressnell has uploaded install files for his popular Better SQL and Better OOP series that you can find on Icetips. You can download the file now from Icetips. Look for

This works for C55 and C6

Dan Pressnell's class (Tips) 7 MAR 06
Dan has also uploaded a small class which allows Clarion's IDE to be used to create classes, so that the class source stays in the app tree, and is generated along with the rest of the app. Get it at Icetips.

Dan Pressnell's MySQL Browse for Legacy (Templates & Libraries) 2 DEC 02
I've created a template that will turn Legacy template browses for MySQL into true page loaded browses. I've added it to the package that does page loaded ABC browses.

  1. After installation, copy mysqlbr.tpl to Clarion's template directory.
  2. Register the mysqlbr.tpl template with Clarion.
  3. In your app, add the global extension MySQLBrowseSupport, and click the check box.
  4. For the browses you want page loaded, add the MySQLBrowse extension.
There is one important thing that this template (and the ABC class) won't do correctly. If you use "ValidateRecord" code to to filter records, your list box won't be filled. There is no way to fix that, so avoid that technique.

There is another thing to look out for with the legacy template. If you have a page loaded browse, and call a procedure that retrieves records on the same table, you MUST have a window open in that other procedure before the retrieval, or that procedure will have its result set incorrectly limited. I might be able to fix this in the future, but it's difficult given the lack of adequate embed points in Clarion's legacy browse template.

Dan Pressnell's SQL examples (Tips) 20 JUL 02
I have uploade to a small example package of using some techniques I think will help. It is an ABC app, and DCT, and a Microsoft Access database. If you have the Access ODBC driver already installed on your computer, it should work. It uses the template generated FORM procedures, but not the browses. All the browses are hand coded into WINDOW template procedures for flexibility and speed.

Danie de Beer's Free Template Finder (Utilities) 21 AUG 03
Have you ever come accross the problem of.... You know you've seen a Template somewhere on your HDD performing a certain task, but you can't remember it's name.... What template....etc.

Hopefully this little utility will help you solve the Problem. I'm constantly running accross this problem, with all the Template on my HDD.

All I ask is to just drop me an Email to let me know that you've downloaded it...

Danie de Beer's Video/DVD Rental Program (Clarion Applications) 21 AUG 03
A commercial application in Clarion.

Dart 29 JUL 99
OCX's, VBX's, ActiveX and Internet tools.

Daryl's TCP/IP Primer 29 NOV 01
Addressing and Subnetting on the Near Side of the 'Net.

DAS Quick Help Ready for C6.2 (Help Tools) 2 JUN 05
An easy-to-use utility template which creates near commercial quality Help Files from any existing Clarion .APP or .DCT file.

DAS QuickHelp 8 JUN 00
Das_QuickHelp, an easy-to-use utility template, allows you to quickly create Help files for Clarion applications. Simply load your APP into the Clarion environment and select the following menu items; Application, Template, Utility, Das_QuickHelp -- then, let the Wizard lead the way (of course you can modify and adjust the defaults to suit your needs). Now, compile the project and you will have a comprehensive outline (in RTF format) for your Help file.

DAS Registration Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05
Templates for doing "Registration" to protect your software from piracy.

DAS Security Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05
Das Security offers security at many levels for all your development projects. The level to which you take this security system will vary with your needs. All the tools are included to make this the best security enhancement package on the market. The package consists of functions and templates that will assist you in handling the difficult task of adding user-friendly security to your Clarion applications.

DAS Suite Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05

The whole works.

DAS Tools Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05
Featuring our proprietary resource technology. DAS_Security For Windows is a compilation of functions and templates which assist the developer in handling the difficult tasks of adding user friendly security to applications using the Clarion For Windows environment.

Data Cataloge Demo DATACAT 30 JUL 97

Data Cataloge Demo DATACAT demonstrates:

Data Conversion template v1.7 Apr 27, 2001 27 APR 01
The DC template is intended for automatic datafiles converting when application dictionary changes.

Key features :

Data Ferret v4.12 (Utilities) 30 MAY 06
If you have not seen Data Ferret before, it is a program which extracts pure company data from yellow pages type web sites. So rather than having to copy and paste the results of searches, Data Ferret does it all for you, and stores the results in a TPS file. These results can then either be printed to Labels, mail merged letters or exported to other formats for refining. So if you need to write to all the pizza restaurants in a particular state or town, Data Ferret can bring up the website for you to enter the search into it, and once the first page of results appears, click on the Extract button and all the company details are then extracted and stored in a Topspeed file on your machine. It then automatically goes to the next page of results and extracts the results from that, next page, extract etc etc until no more results are shown. It then allows you to add to that data to refine it for marketing your products.

Data Ferret v4.06 is now available as a free at source add-on for Clarion applications.

Data Ferret's demo 29 DEC 00
Merry Christmas from the Data Ferret.

This app demonstrates getting Web Builder and Messaging to work together, and using the POP3 Authorization class to "open the door" for SMTP for the ISP's who require it.

Look for the Holiday Greeting and see the blurb before you download. Note that there are places where things like domains, POP3 user id/Password, and other data must be hand-coded in, but as everything is generally either "XYZ Company" or "youraddress," "yourpassword," and "yourdomain" that shouldn't be too hard to do.

Data Ferret's Telephone Lair Page Updated Apr 27, 2001 27 APR 01
My own (Data Ferret's) experience with the ExceleTel TeleTools 3.5 package indicates that it works very well with Clarion for Windows 5b. News Flash! I have now tested it with C5.5 RC-1, and it works just fine with this release! << The contains the TeleTools CallerID and DeviceInfo sample apps ported to Clarion 5b and additional files containing EQUATE's and such necessary to compile and run the ported sample apps. You may use these apps as the basis for your future development with TeleTools.

Data Ferret's web program demo in C55 gold 9 NOV 00
They don't do much, but are just a "technology demonstration" for my principal client.

Data File to Flat File Converter 8 NOV 01
Data2Flat converts Cobol data file to flat (comma-separated values) data file. In the resulting flat file every record occupies exactly one line and data items on the line are separated by separator character (usually comma). Flat file contains text representation of all data items in a file.

Currently Data2Flat reads the following Cobol data file formats:

Data INtact 8 DEC 99
A service offered by Mitten Software, dataINtact delivers files to and from remote sites over the Internet to your central data repository. It's designed for organizations with 10 or more remote sites or users. Data is compressed and encrypted for maximum speed and security. Senders receive a certificate of receipt that guarantees data was delivered INtact. Use requires a server-based license without any additional transaction charges.

Data Interchange Standards Association 26 AUG 99
DISA: Data Interchange Standards Association, a Virginia-based not-for-profit association, is the leading provider of educational and networking forums on E-Business. Representing E-Commerce professionals from around the world, DISA’s affiliation with EC User Groups, the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, and many others, facilitates an interchange of e-commerce topics hitting the global market. In other international arenas, DISA and ASC X12 serve as the entry point for the United States into the United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT), an international standard relating to the exchange of trade goods and services.

Data Is Executed Policy - A Case Study (Clarion Magazine) 25 JAN 01
This Whitemarsh paper presents a Clarion-centric approach, illustrated through a case-study, to requirements analysis and design through production system implementation. This material can be given to clients in support of a systems development proposal.

Data Junction 14 MAY 99
Translates many data file formats.

Data Mapper v1.26 (Utilities) 4 JUL 06
In a nutshell, you open your Clarion Dictionary in the Clarion IDE, and then export the Dictionary to a TXD (text) file. You then open Clarion Data Mapper, and import that TXD file. You can then view your tables in diagram. You can move the tables around, resize them, set a bunch of options, etc, etc, etc. Then, when you have the diagram looking like you want it, you can then save it as an image file (WMF or EMF), which you could then email to your colleagues, your friends, your mom, whoever.

While this is a commercial product, we have also released a FREE version! You can download and use the free version for as long as you like - no strings attached! See the licensing section for more information.

Data Modeler - by Peabrain Software 22 OCT 02
Version 5.5 now available (rel 9000).

Data Modeler 55 EE 4 JAN 01
Update for Data Modeler for C5.5 EE. Free download. I put the link here 'cause I couldn't get to the server when I saw the message and figured I'd go back to it later.

Data Modeler Update 30 AUG 01
If you are experiencing any problems using data modeller, please download the new version.

Before installing please delete all other copies of data modeller: dm5.exe and dm55.exe

then install this version. for more information email peabrain on

Web site :

download upgrade file :

Data Modeller View Browser 23 NOV 98
For the first time, you can use SQL to view and manipulate data from any combination of table types. Whether it is a dBase table, Clarion or ODBC table - you can:

using a combination of SQL and Clarion-syntaxed statements.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part I: The Dynamic Stack (Clarion Magazine) 19 APR 02
On the newsgroups it happens time and time again: a Clarion newbie asks: "How do I implement a Tree in Clarion?" or "How do I implement a List in Clarion?" These aren't questions about tree controls or list boxes; they're about established, standard data structures. Here is the first article in a series by Alison Neal outlining how to implement standard data structures and algorithms in Clarion.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part II - The List (Clarion Magazine) 17 MAY 02
How many times have you been asked to write a list? Lists are everywhere: there are shopping lists, to do lists, lists of people's contact details, and lists of appointments. The List is so pervasive and so valuable that many people have spent many years discovering how to effectively represent this structure in computer memory with the greatest efficiency.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part III - Maintaining Order (Clarion Magazine) 19 JUN 02
Alison Neal continues her series on basic data structures and algorithms with a discussion of list sorting, beginning with the Bubble Sort.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part IV - More Maintaining Order (Clarion Magazine) 26 JUN 02
Alison Neal continues her series on basic data structures and algorithms with a discussion of the Cocktail Shaker, Insertion, and Counting sorts.

Data Structures And Algorithms Part IX - Are You Getting Too Tall? (Clarion Magazine) 26 SEP 02
There are two approaches that can be taken to make sure that the Binary Search Tree always provides the best-case scenario. The first is known as a Weight Balanced (or Perfectly Balanced) Tree; the other, and the subject of this edition of Data Structures And Algorithms, is the Height Balanced (or AVL) Tree.

Data Structures And Algorithms Part V - The Sort Goes On (Clarion Magazine) 17 JUL 02
Alison Neal continues her discussion of sorting algorithms with the Radix, Selection, Heap, and Quick sorts.

Data Structures And Algorithms Part VI - All Sorted Out (Clarion Magazine) 26 JUL 02
Alison Neal concludes her series on sorting algorithms with the Merge sort, and her personal favorite, the Shell sort.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part VII - Up a Tree (Clarion Magazine) 29 AUG 02
In this installment of this series on data structures and algorithms, Alison Neal talks about the Tree data structure (which is not the same thing as a Clarion tree control).

Data Structures And Algorithms Part VIII - Watching Your Weight (Clarion Magazine) 10 SEP 02
In her previous article, Alison Neal discussed Trees, and more specifically the Binary Search Tree. She also pointed out the main shortcoming of the Binary Search Tree, which is that when data is entered in sorted order, the structure collapses into a linked list. The solution? Weight balanced trees.

Data Structures And Algorithms Part X - Going Out Of Your Tree? (Clarion Magazine) 24 OCT 02
In the previous installment in this series, Alison Neal discussed the AVL Tree or Height Balanced Tree; in this article Alison continues her discussion of the AVL Tree and shows how to delete an individual item while still maintaining the sub tree heights.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XI - Binary Search Tree Indexing (Clarion Magazine) 8 NOV 02
Have you ever wanted to key index a text file so that you can fetch a single record directly? In this article Alison Neal shows how you can do this using a Binary Search Tree.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XII - Trie This (Clarion Magazine) 4 DEC 02
In this article Alison Neal introduces a data structure known as the Trie, which is basically a type of general tree, containing words rather than numbers. The Trie is an immensely useful data structure when storing strings in memory. The Trie has been used for such things as computerized Boggle and Yahtzee games, and file compression algorithms.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XIII - Trie Hard (Clarion Magazine) 19 DEC 02
In her last installment, Alison Neal introduced a data structure called the Trie, which is used for storing strings in computer memory. In this article Alison continues her discussion of the Trie, and covers some of the other methods that are contained in the Trie Class, namely the Search, Print and Kill methods.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XIV - A Queue Is A Queue Is A Queue? (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
You know about Clarion Queues. But what about the "traditional" queue, as known to C++ programmers? Alison Neal explains.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XIX - Simple Graphs (Clarion Magazine) 12 MAY 03
All-Ali week continues with Alison Neal's implementation, in Clarion, of a Graph.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XV - Priority Q (Clarion Magazine) 30 JAN 03
In this second of two parts, Alison Neal continues her examination of traditional (i.e. not Clarion) Queues. This week's subject: the Priority Queue.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XVI - The Huffman Compression Algorithm (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 21 FEB 03
In her latest installment, Alison Neal discusses the Huffman compression algorithm, which is the same compression algorithm that is used by PkZip. The algorithm yields approximately 40% compression for text files. The test application included with the article reduces the provided test file from 20kb to 12kb in size, and then decompresses it back to its original state. Part 1 of 2.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XVI - The Huffman Compression Algorithm (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 25 FEB 03
In her latest installment, Alison Neal discusses the Huffman compression algorithm, which is the same compression algorithm that is used by PkZip. The algorithm yields approximately 40% compression for text files. The test application included with the article reduces the provided test file from 20kb to 12kb in size, and then decompresses it back to its original state. Part 2 of 2.

Data Structures And Algorithms Part XVII - Decompression (Clarion Magazine) 27 MAR 03
Last time Alison Neal discussed Huffman's compression algorithm, which provides about 40% compression for text files. In this article Alison shows how to decompress the now compressed file.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XVIII - Networks & Graphs (Clarion Magazine) 12 MAY 03
Clarion Magazine's All-Alison Neal week kicks off with an introduction to Networks and Graphs, two highly useful abstract data types.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XXII - Critical Path Analysis (Clarion Magazine) 5 SEP 03
Alison Neal's algorithms series resumes this week in Clarion Magazine, with a discussion of critical path analysis software.

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XXIII - Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm (Clarion Magazine) 22 OCT 03
Have you ever needed to work out the shortest path between two locations? Alison Neal shows how to do this in Clarion, using Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm

Data Structures and Algorithms Part XXIV - Floyd's All Pairs Algorithm (Clarion Magazine) 15 NOV 03
Alison Neal discuss Floyd's All Pairs algorithm, which provides the shortest path between all pairs of nodes in a graph.

Database Comparer (Utilities) 26 FEB 03
For InterBase, FireBird and Yaffil.

Database Jumpstart 20 NOV 00
IFT: HTTP Server helps you to build an app server quickly. Although you can code IFT to put a database on the web, Database Jumpstart (DBJ) was developed to make it much easier, as a matter without any coding.

Yes, DBJ gives you a quick and powerful jumpstart connecting your database to the web. DBJ as an add-on to IFT:HTTP Server, automatically generates tables, forms and update procedures (pretty much inspired by the old Personal Clarion that many may remember). So you can develop a database application without any coding.

DataPump 22 OCT 01
Interbase DataPump allows you to pump data from any BDE/ODBC sources (such as dBase, Paradox, Access, MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle etc) into Interbase databases easy, fast and painlessly. You can generate SQL script to create Interbase database based on BDE/ODBC source. This is also a freeware.

Date Field Helper (SQL) 22 MAR 04
DateFieldHelper is a small tool for the clarion dictionary editor. DateFieldHelper create with one klick a datetime group for sql drivers. Simply put the cursor on Dictionary to the right place and klick the [Insert Field] Button.

Date Filtering with MSSQL (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUN 04
Working within the Clarion source with Clarion language statements, and translating the filter to that needed by the SQL engine, can become more complex than is really necessary. John Griffiths describes a neat trick for filtering dates in MS SQL.

DateTimePicker 2 APR 01
Keystone Computer Resources announces the availability of the DateTimePicker class and templates. This class encapsulates the DateTimePicker control from the Windows Common Control Library (comctl32.dll) making it extremely easy to use from your Clarion for Windows programs. Our templates make the implementation details a snap.

Dave Harm's new book 23 MAY 01
JSP, Servlets, and MySQL by David Harms

David Bayliss on FieldClass (Clarion Magazine) 12 APR 99
FieldClass is one of the smaller ABC classes, but it's responsible for almost 30% of the reduction in generated code between the legacy and ABC templates. David examines the rationale behind FieldClass and explains the implementation. This extensive article includes a lot of useful information on the care and treatment of ANYs.

David Bayliss On The ConstantClass (Clarion Magazine) 19 MAR 99
The management of constants in an application presents a number of ticklish problems. As DAB writes, "Should I explain the design insights I should have had (as I can now see with perfect 20-20 hindsight) or should I detail the evolution of the Constant Class from the germ of an idea into one of the cornerstones of the system?"

David Bayliss On The ErrorClass (Clarion Magazine) 22 FEB 99
David Bayliss begins his comprehensive series on the inner workings of ABC with a discussion of ErrorClass, one of the most fundamental and basic ABC classes.

David Bayliss On The FileManager (Clarion Magazine) 17 MAY 99
David Bayliss begins his series on the FileManager class with a look at the file manager concepts and initialization code.

David Bayliss On The FileManager Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUN 99
David Bayliss continues his series on the FileManager with a look at the administrative functions, error handling, and the snapshot mechanism.

David Bayliss On The RelationManager - Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 26 OCT 99
David Bayliss concludes his two-parter on the RelationManager class.

David Harms To Speak at ETC 2004 (Clarion Magazine) 30 MAR 04
David Harms, Clarion Magazine's publisher, will be giving a presentation on XML at the East Tennessee Clarion Conference and Gathering (also known as ETC 2004). As David's presentation is immediately prior to the Cajun Cookout, attendees are requested to keep drooling to a minimum. Nothing unnerves a presenter more than that hungry dog look.

DB Designer 29 AUG 01
This is a new, truly revolutionary database design product that will be available before the end of May, 2000.

Most currently available tools for designing business system databases start with an empty slate. The engineer designs from the bottom up - typically going through a learning curve that has been gone through by several other developers of similar systems.

DB Designer takes a different approach. It includes collections of hundreds of template tables and 'field classes' extracted from well known business products.

This enables very large, complicated data systems to be properly created in hours instead of months.

DB2 Universal Database 28 JUN 00

DbaMgr Free (SQL) 18 FEB 04
A little alternative administrative console for Microsoft MSDE 1.0 and MSDE 2000 written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

DbaMgr v0.64 and v0.20 (Utilities) 31 AUG 06
A database management utility for MS SQL. Quite nice.

dBase & Paradox File Drivers + free tools 5 JAN 99

dbi technologies 23 DEC 98

DBMS World 15 SEP 99
Now with a clarion page!

Web hosting for you Clarion applications.

dbZip (Templates & Libraries) 1 JUL 02
This template provides a wrapper for the "BIGSPEED ZIP DLL" available from BigSpeedSoft. This is a very fast, low footprint (64kb), low cost ($US65), Royalty Free dll which provides basic zip and unzip functions.

DC Templates 19 FEB 01
DC Templates solves the problems of changing or adding fields and key to TPS files by simply running the program. Easy to use and works every time. Works in C5 and C5.5. No hassle file changes for your clients. This product has saved me a lot of extra work. Vasiliy Goncharenko is the author of this gem of a template. Contact him at

DCOM Update from Microsoft fixes many Win 98 GPFs 29 OCT 99
The latest DCOM upgrade from Microsoft cures allot of GPF's that are their fault not yours, in addition try using the auto update feature on Windows 98 before debugging your app. It may save you quite a bit of time if the problem is not your fault. At the least you can be more certain that it is not something else that is the problem. (Thanks to Andrew Finn)

Dct2SQL Updated 7 Feb 2006 (Templates & Libraries) 7 FEB 06
The Dct2MySQL template had an option added for sorted listing of the key-fields to tables to be generated at the end of the script. This assists in making sure that you have all you relationships set up properly. If you have 500+ tables in a dictionary and you are establishing all the relationships between them, how do you know you got them all?

Necessity is the mother on invention.

Sweat is the father of invention.

Debug De Program With Debuger by Skip Williams (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
Skip tells how to use DebugView from SysInternals with your Clarion Apps.

Debuger Class v6.0.1 (Templates & Libraries) 17 AUG 05
Indeed, that's spelled correctly!

A Clarion open source project to add DebugView support to Clarion applications (Aug 9th 2005, version 6.0.1). This version is designed for use with Clarion 6.x and ABC only. You can use the class (only) with a Clarion template based application - see the hand code section of the docs for how to do this.

Debugger Instructions from TopSpeed 31 DEC 00

Debugging Queues With Excel (Clarion Magazine) 27 FEB 03
Like a lot of Clarion programmers, Alan Telford thinks queues are the greatest thing since sliced bread. But it isn't always easy viewing queue data when you're tracking down a queue data-related bug. To solve this problem, Alan created a procedure that makes it easy to export queue data to Excel, which is an excellent tool for viewing tabular data.

Debugging Without The Debugger (Clarion Magazine) 29 MAR 99
The debugger isn't the only way to find out what's gone wrong with your code. This article shows you tips and tricks for debugging your application using the open source cciDebugClass and cciProfilerClass.

Debugging/Profiling Classes 12 OCT 99
Dave Harms' presentation. You can download the version of the profiler which I used for my DevCon '99 presentation but for now you're on your own as far as documentation goes (although the example app and PowerPoint presentation are included).

DebugView v3.41 (Utilities) 24 AUG 04
Debuger (sic) mentioned by Russ Eggen at ETC. Freeware.

DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and Win32 debug output, so you don’t need a debugger to catch the debug output your applications or device drivers generate, nor do you need to modify your applications or drivers to use non-standard debug output APIs.

DebugView works on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP and .NET Server.

Deepnet Explorer (Free) (Utilities) 21 FEB 05
Not only is Deepnet Explorer the world’s first browser with RSS news reader and P2P client integration, it is also the first browser to foil phishers! With its superior security, functionality and usability, Deepnet Explorer can dramatically improve your web experience.

Dejanews Searcher 16 OCT 00
Its a silly lil program that searches the clarion news groups. It either sits in the tray or its up in the application frame. Your's free from EzSoft.

Delta Spy Internet Monitoring Tool (Utilities) 17 NOV 05
DeltaSpy monitors web pages and blogs selected by you at regular intervals for changes to content. It scans the web in the background, politely notifying you of what's happening.

Demo of Ray Dummer's Data Trigger 7 JUL 00
Data trigger will give you the ability to load a condition and trigger an action at runtime.

Demos of UltraTree Platinum 12 FEB 01
Each demo file is a ZIP file containing an executable application and its data files. UNZIP to a folder of your choosing. (We recommend you put each demo in a separate folder) The demos are all completely self-contained.

Demystifying C6 Threading (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 15 FEB 03
Mutexes, semaphores, critical sections, reader/writer locks; all of these things are part of Clarion 6, and they all have to do with the new support for unlocking Clarion threads so they run like real operating system threads. Should you care? If you write any embedded code, yes, you should. Should you worry? That all depends on what kind of embedded code you write. Part 1 of 2.

Demystifying C6 Threading (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 20 FEB 03
Mutexes, semaphores, critical sections, reader/writer locks; all of these things are part of Clarion 6, and they all have to do with the new support for unlocking Clarion threads so they run like real operating system threads. Should you care? If you write any embedded code, yes, you should. Should you worry? That all depends on what kind of embedded code you write. Part 2 of 2.

Demystifying C6 Threading (Part 3) (Clarion Magazine) 28 MAR 03
Mutexes, semaphores, critical sections, reader/writer locks; all of these things are part of Clarion 6, and they all have to do with the new support for unlocking Clarion threads so they run like real operating system threads. Should you care? If you write any embedded code, yes, you should. Should you worry? That all depends on what kind of embedded code you write. Part 3 of 3.

Demystifying The Debugger (Clarion Magazine) 25 MAY 99
You've read "Debugging Without The Debugger." Now Russ Eggen shows that yes, you really can use the debugger to find bugs and solve coding problems.

Dependency Walker (Utilities) 12 DEC 01
Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. For each module found, it lists all the functions that are exported by that module, and which of those functions are actually being called by other modules. Another view displays the minimum set of required files, along with detailed information about each file including a full path to the file, base address, version numbers, machine type, debug information, and more.

Dependency Walker v2.1 (Utilities) 11 JAN 03
Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. For each module found, it lists all the functions that are exported by that module, and which of those functions are actually being called by other modules. Another view displays the minimum set of required files, along with detailed information about each file including a full path to the file, base address, version numbers, machine type, debug information, and more.

Dependency Walker is also very useful for troubleshooting system errors related to loading and executing modules. Dependency Walker detects many common application problems such as missing modules, invalid modules, import/export mismatches, circular dependency errors, mismatched machine types of modules, and module initialization failures.

Dependency Walker runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP. It can process any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module, including ones designed for Windows CE. It can be run as graphical application or as a console application. Dependency Walker handles all types of module dependencies, including implicit, explicit (dynamic / runtime), forwarded, delay-loaded, and injected. A detailed help is included.

Dependency Walker is completely free to use. However, you may not profit from the distribution of it, nor may you bundle it with another product.

Designed for Windows XP Application Specification (Tips) 24 APR 02
The Designed for Windows XP Application Specification document defines the requirements to be met for software products to obtain the Designed for Windows XP logo.

Designing Crosstab Reports In Clarion (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 11 SEP 01
One of the more common and useful reports is the crosstab report, which can be defined as any report that summarizes data in a two dimensional grid, such as breaking down sales data into monthly or quarterly sales. Other report writing tools often supply a wizard to guide the user through the process of creating this type of report. Clarion, however leaves the programmer to his or her own devices to create this standard summary. Part 1 of 2.

Designing Crosstab Reports In Clarion (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 13 SEP 01
One of the more common and useful reports is the crosstab report, which can be defined as any report that summarizes data in a two dimensional grid, such as breaking down sales data into monthly or quarterly sales. Other report writing tools often supply a wizard to guide the user through the process of creating this type of report. Clarion, however leaves the programmer to his or her own devices to create this standard summary. Part 2 of 2.

Destinator GPS Software Development Kits (Templates & Libraries) 28 DEC 05
Use Destinator SDK to integrate navigation capabilities in your application or to develop your own customized navigation solutions.

Integrating Destinator into your solutions is an easy, low-cost strategy to add value to your own organization’s capabilities or to offer more revenue generating services to your customers.

Your developers will appreciate Destinator SDK’s precise, clear API’s that make their job easier and hassle-free. Of course, we have thoroughly tested and documented Destinator SDK, so your technical team will not be spending unproductive time fixing bugs or deciphering confusing code.

Detecting Crashes With DDE (Clarion Magazine) 28 JUN 99
David Podger shows how to use a tiny DDE server to detect (and potentially recover from) application crashes.

Detecting Drive Types (Clarion Magazine) 14 MAY 04
Rumors to the contrary, SneakerNet is not dead! Sometimes you still need to copy data to physical, removable media. As Andrew Guidroz shows, there are some API calls that can help.

Detecting incorrect social security numbers 30 AUG 01
In the United States a Social Security Number (SSN) is considered the standard identifier for everyone from childhood to death and beyond, and is used by many government and private institutions. Issued by the U.S. Social Security Administration, it's evolution from being "Not For Identification" between the years 1946 and 1972 to it's present status is considered disturbing by many because of the potential for criminal abuse and privacy invasion, but this also makes it ideal for investigative purposes!

Detecting System Idle Time With Hooks (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 12 APR 02
Faced with a need to detect system (not application) idle time, John Gorter turned to system hooks. System hooks are a way of plugging your own code into Windows' internal operations. There are a variety of system hooks available that let you do things like monitor Windows messages (a great way to determine system idle time), activate Computer Based Training applications, monitor low level keyboard and mouse events, and much more. Part 1 of 2.

Detecting System Idle Time With Hooks (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 17 APR 02
Faced with a need to detect system (not application) idle time, John Gorter turned to system hooks. System hooks are a way of plugging your own code into Windows' internal operations. There are a variety of system hooks available that let you do things like monitor Windows messages (a great way to determine system idle time), activate Computer Based Training applications, monitor low level keyboard and mouse events, and much more. Part 2 of 2.

Determining Gender With Clarion (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 14 NOV 02
Inspiration can come from the strangest sources. An automatic complaint letter generator sends Geoff Robinson on a quest to create a gender guessing function using regular expressions. Part 1 of 2.

Determining Gender With Clarion (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 19 NOV 02
Inspiration can come from the strangest sources. An automatic complaint letter generator sends Geoff Robinson on a quest to create a gender guessing function using regular expressions. Part 2 of 2.

Dev Dawn - A Clarion Blog (Web Sites) 7 OCT 05
Hello to any Clario-Newcomers! Thanks for visiting. May your stay be profitable and/or interesting. Well, really, you’d like it to be and. I’d like what I do to be profitable and interesting.

Hopefully for you, this site is both. Development is what we are about.

DevCon 2004 (Events) 11 FEB 04
September 20 - 24, Orlando FL!

DevCon is back—and this is one you just can't miss. Three technology packed days designed with the developer in mind. DevCon 2004 brings in-depth technical content from Clarion experts. Our goal is to give you the edge you need to remain successful in today's ever changing market.

If you are on a quest for in-depth Clarion knowledge and want to expand the boundaries of software development, this conference is for you. Still not sure this event is for you? If you are a corporate developer, software developer, IT manager, web application developer, senior application developer, database developer, programmer analyst, commercial developer or consultant—then this is the conference for you!

DevCon 2004 Keynote: Clarion.NET (Clarion Magazine) 21 SEP 04
Tuesday’s keynote address by Bob Zaunere was titled "From Win32 to .NET", and gave the attendees a look into the not-very-distant future. And the future is Clarion.NET.

DevCon 2004 Monday Keynote: Bob Zaunere (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 20 SEP 04
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity's president, gave the keynote address on Monday morning. Bob Z set the promised conference tone with a complete focus on Clarion technology, and a total absence of "marketing hype." He covered some upcoming new C6.1 products, including three new drivers, and then spent some time talking about Clarion 7's feature set. Part 1. (This is a free access article)

DevCon 2004 Monday Keynote: Bob Zaunere (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 21 SEP 04
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity's president, gave the keynote address on Monday morning. Besides discussing a number of C6.1-compatible new products, he discussed the Clarion 7 feature set. This article also has a link to some video from Bob's talk. Part 2.

DevCon 2004 Reporters Wanted (Clarion Magazine) 9 SEP 04
We're looking for reporters for DevCon 2004! There are a lot of sessions to cover, so we're not asking for really long reports (although you can always go for it if you want to).

DevCon 2004 Starts Off In Style (Clarion Magazine) 19 SEP 04
DevCon kicked off Sunday with a reception at the Disney Contemporary Resort marina, under a beautiful Florida sky, with cooler than expected temperatures (but still plenty warm for those of us not used to the local climate). Good food and drink, and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

DevCon 2004: Business Rules, Triggers and the Local Class (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
By a quick show a hands, Nik Johnson verified his suspicion that very few people are using the new Business Rules features in Clarion. He reminded us that, as database programmers, we strive for "Third Normal Form" for our data structure designs. Considering the benefits of that philosophy, he challenged us to recognize that the same benefits should be applied to our validation code as well.

DevCon 2004: Clarion ASP.NET (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
James Cooke reports on SoftVelocity's Clarion ASP.NET presentation.

DevCon 2004: Clarion In The Public Sector (Clarion Magazine) 29 SEP 04
This presentation by Douglass Smith may have been the sleeper hit of DevCon 2004. Steve Gradolph reports.

DevCon 2004: COM Objects In 15 Minutes Or Less (Clarion Magazine) 30 SEP 04
The longest presentation at DevCon was Jim Kane's two-part session on creating a COM object using Clarion. While this is still not a simple task, Jim's free utility makes the task possible with a minimum of pain.

DevCon 2004: Debugging Clarion Apps (Clarion Magazine) 30 SEP 04
Russ Eggen gave a large crowd at DevCon a tour of the Clarion debugger, and provided a number of valuable debugging tips.

DevCon 2004: Developing Applications with the new IP, Memory and Dynamic File Drivers (Clarion Magazine) 23 SEP 04
This session was delivered by the inimitable Bob Foreman of SoftVelocity, and was intended as an introduction to three new and/or recently announced add-ons for Clarion.

DevCon 2004: Do It Yourself ABC Classes and Templates (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
This session by Mike Hanson covered the steps required to make your own class ABC compatible and how to write a template so your class shows up in the Embed tree just like the regular ABC classes.

DevCon 2004: Implementing CVS Version Control and Clarion 6.x (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
Rick Martin gave an enlightening DevCon presentation on using the CVS version control system (VCS) with Clarion. Dave Harms reports.

DevCon 2004: Rebasing and Binding (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
As Carl Barnes pointed out in his Wednesday DevCon presentation, the full benefit of the EXE/DLL structure can be realized only if the developer understands the process of loading, linking and using these modules at run time.

DevCon 2004: Report Generation - Tricks & Tips (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
Diego Borojovich's session was the last of the conference, and had to be squeezed into a sub-30 minute slot. Still, Diego covered a number of tips for designing reports that can appear similarly in a variety of file formats, including PDF, XML, and HTML.

DevCon 2004: The PHP Templates (Clarion Magazine) 30 SEP 04
Pierre Tremblay demonstrated SoftVelocity's new PHP template set, which is expected to be available in about a month.

DevCon 2004: Threading - Just What You Need To Know (Clarion Magazine) 21 OCT 04
If you are still using Clarion 5.5 to develop new applications because you are scared by the new threading model then Steve Parker's DevCon presentation has the solution for you.

DevCon 2004: Using Objects in Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 29 SEP 04
For those of you who have never heard Bruce Johnson explain OOP and virtual methods, you have missed one of the truly enlightening experiences for a Clarion programmer.

DevCon Pre-Conference Training: Day 1 & 2 (Clarion Magazine) 23 SEP 04
With more than 140 developers in attendance this wasn't your usual training class. In fact it was more of a guided tour of the new features of Clarion 6 than training. Greg Bailey reports.

DevCon Pre-Conference Training: Day 3 (Clarion Magazine) 30 SEP 04
While Day 1 and 2 of the pre-conference training sessions focused on new functionality provided by C6, Day 3 focused on taking advantage of capabilities available to us since Clarion 4 introduced Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and the Application Building Classes (ABC).

DevCon2004: Metadata Management for Increased Interoperability in an Enterprise Databas (Clarion Magazine) 5 OCT 04
Mike Gorman presented his database design and development methodology at DevCon 2004, and made a powerful case for a rigorous methodology to promote successful outcomes. His message, presented with good humor and supported by examples and detailed visuals, was well received by a large audience of DevCon attendees.

DevCon: Russ Eggen on C7 and Clarion.NET (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 06

Developer Plus

Developer Plus 12 OCT 99
We Care About Our Customers

Developing .NET Applications With Clarion and Fenix, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 22 SEP 05
Clarion Programmers have long benefited from Clarion's outstanding capability to integrated data with visual screen design and wizard support to generate code, which can be used as is or tailored as necessary to meet specific needs. RadVenture's Fenix leverages Clarion's technology with a special template set that lets developers create .NET web applications using the Clarion IDE. Ozzie Paez reports. Part 1 of 2.

Developing .NET Applications With Clarion and Fenix, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 29 SEP 05
Clarion Programmers have long benefited from Clarion's outstanding capability to integrated data with visual screen design and wizard support to generate code, which can be used as is or tailored as necessary to meet specific needs. RadVenture's Fenix leverages Clarion's technology with a special template set that lets developers create .NET web applications using the Clarion IDE. Ozzie Paez reports. Part 2 of 2.

DevSoft 16 JAN 98
IP Works - OCX's and such for IP work. New version

DevSoft, Inc. 14 SEP 99
Visual or library edition available

DeZign 28 NOV 00
I use Mascon for database admin, but I now create my databases using DeZign ( and then run the create script it generates. Only problem is it doesn't support all MySQL data types. (note by Dave Harms)

Dice.Com 20 JUL 00
Job search engine for full-time & contract computer consulting and programing employment.

dIcons - Handyman Icons (Graphics) 21 FEB 06
Lawyers. I guess we need them, but on occasions they can have the most bizzarre demands.

Earlier this year I was doing some contract programming for a large multi-national company.

Large companies have lawyers. Lawyers don't always know much about the field in which they give advice. Anyway, the lawyers concerned here wanted me to sign a document saying that all the artwork included in my programming was my own work. It was not sufficient that I had rights to it !

So I had to buy an icon editor and make icons.

It was actually quite good fun!

Now includes 900 icons. I'm selling them cheaply in the hope they help someone else ... Dave Beggs

Dictionary Assistant v2.12 (Utilities) 28 MAR 06

Dictionary Builder 1.09 (Free) (Utilities) 24 JAN 03
DCT Builder was made by Erik Pepping and Peter Rakké on RAD Race 2002 in order to generate a Clarion Dictionary from a ODBC connection. The application also has some query functionality.

Maybe you find it interesting that is version was built in Clarion 6.0 EA.

Dictionary Enhancement Templates - v2.6 beta for C6 (Clarion 6) 2 DEC 03
DEF and DET will be C6 compatible, I've ordered the update. Maybe this time I'll even update the DLL Toolkit.

With DET you can extend Clarion's capabilities:

Digital Data Integration 1 FEB 02
The new HanDBase ODBC Driver is a tool that integrates data contained within the Palm or Pocket PC handheld computer and back-end corporate data files in three functional ways.

1.) Primarily the ODBC Driver allows handheld databases to appear as tables directly within corporate databases, which enable users to access live data for queries, reports, forms, charts, and mail-merge without having to do any conversions.

2.) Secondarily, the ODBC Driver will synchronize changes made to the database across all entry points between the handheld and desktop versions of HanDBase, and ODBC enabled back-end database programs, such as MS Access, JDBC, Clarion, Crystal Reports, and Sybase.

3.) Lastly, the ODBC Driver also expands opportunities for enterprise application developers and systems integrators. Application developers will be able to use the new ODBC driver to write custom applications that can access current handheld data using developer tools such as JDBC, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access, greatly simplifying the process of integrating handheld data into custom written applications.

DigitChanger v1.10 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
For clarion 5.5 or 6.x
ABC (Legacy at request)
Multi-DLL support
100% source code (no black boxes)

Change the number of digits of the amounts in your window, reports and tables with just a global option.

You already designed your windows, your reports and your tables and your system is working fine. Now, you manage to sell your system to other country. Suddenly you discover that for your totals instead of 10 digits, you need 14! You can go field by field changing the picture, OR you can apply this template and in just a minute expand all your entries, strings, columns inside tables and reports pictures to whatever you want. For example, if you set a value of 2, your @n10.2 pictures become @n12.2, your @n-11.3 become @n-13.3 and so forth.

The template changes the pictures for "amount" type fields (numeric with decimal):

Whether you made a design mistake, or a new need suddenly appears, fix it with this template in just a minute.

Dimension 4 12 OCT 01
Free atomic clock program for keeping the computer's clock set properly.

Direct-To-USB Printing (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 4 APR 06

Displaying Related Fields In ABC EIP (Clarion Magazine) 8 AUG 00
Alan Telford explains how to display related fields when using ABC Edit-In-Place.

DLL Demo: How to use DLLs example 31 DEC 00

DLLs and Reusable Code: Divide and Simplify (Clarion Magazine) 2 MAY 05
DLLs are a fantastic way to split up large applications, but in some situations you can still run into problems with duplicate symbols if you try to create a generic data DLL with exported global variables, using the AppGen. The solution? A hand-coded generic DLL. As Jeff Slarve shows, this is a lot easier than you might think.

DNA for Clarion: Manipulating Browse Cells With A VLBPROC (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 19 DEC 02
Virtual List Boxes (VLBs) are one of the least-understood and most under-appreciated features of the Clarion language. In this two-parter, Stephen Bottomley explains VLBs, and introduces a class that you can use standalone, or to control the display of an existing browse. Part 1 of 2.

DNA for Clarion: Manipulating Browse Cells With A VLBPROC (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 20 DEC 02
Virtual List Boxes (VLBs) are one of the least-understood and most under-appreciated features of the Clarion language. In this two-parter, Stephen Bottomley explains VLBs, and introduces a class that you can use standalone, or to control the display of an existing browse. Part 2 of 2.

DNS Stuff (Web Sites) 28 JAN 05
All sorts of domain and ip lookup tools in one handy place.

DNS2Go (No longer free) 6 JAN 03
DNS2Go is an exciting, service brought to you by By using a powerful Dynamic Naming Service, DNS2Go can give you the freedom to control your own Internet Server Applications from your computer.

By associating a static domain name to your computer, rather than a random number address, you can host virtually any on-line service! And DNS2Go can offer great benefit to both broadband users and dial-up customers alike.

Document comparing Firebird with MySQL (SQL) 2 MAR 04
A document from IBPhoenix.

Documentation Expert 8 JUN 00
Would it not be nice to sit back and watch DM Documentation Expert create some stunning documentation from your Application and Dictionary. Without having to do anything else but complete the Descriptions and Comments in both the APP and DCT. This allows you to impress your clients with excellent documentation without doing much. Insert DM macros into your documentation. DM Macros inserts extracts from your DCT and APP into your text.

With this product event the lazy documenters can still produce good documentation.

DocuTrack - Image-XChange Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 3 DEC 03
A Document Management & Archiving tool

Don Redd's zipcode database 14 JUL 00
(on Steve Parker's CWICWEB) I've finally been able to convert my zipcode database to a .TPS file. Anyone who needs a copy of it,email me. It has over 42,000 records (zipcode/city/state - no area codes). Thanks to Don Redd for providing this.

Don't Know, Do Care - A Philosopher Looks At OOP (Clarion Magazine) 15 FEB 99
Steve Parker muses on the meaning of object-oriented programming as implemented in Clarion.

Doodling Bitmaps (Clarion Magazine) 4 APR 00
Clarion does a reasonable job of handing graphics, but sometimes you need a bit more horsepower.

DOS POS Printing 26 NOV 01
If you are having the same problems I am with more and more printers refusing to print from your DOS programs, check out my new version of DOS Printer.

It is a "virtual DOS printer driver" that sits in the system tray and monitors for the presence of a pre defined text file.

If it finds that the file exists, it prints it to a pre defined windows printer. This can be a network printer, a USB Printer, a PDF Driver, even a fax. If it exists in Windows you can print to it.

It supports Epson printer codes.

DOS Printer v11 (Utilities) 21 FEB 06
DOSPRINTER is a little programme that sits in the system tray and monitors for the presence of a certain text file. If that file exists, DOSPRINTER opens the file and prints it using WINDOWS mechanisms to any WINDOWS printer that you specify. It acts just like a "virtual printer driver".

New in this release is the ability to take a rich text file and use it as the background for a report, thus allowing you to use a "virtual letterhead" with colours, fonts and logos - all from within your DOS Program. This helps make the email function more useful as you no longer need physical letterhead paper.

Dot Net Charting (ASP) 28 FEB 05
.netCHARTING enables your web site to display massive amounts of dynamically generated data quickly and easily through a visual interface. Built with 100% managed code and the C# language and provided with extensive samples in both VB.NET and C#, this high performance charting control also contains a feature rich data access and aggregation system with calculation support. We continue to add value and functionality (such as the gauge and dial chart type added in version 2.5) to .netCHARTING for no additional cost. See what's new or download a fully functional, free, developer version and start charting today!

Double Metaphone (Web Sites) 25 MAR 02
Finding words or names that might be spelled differently than the search string that was typed in presents an aggravated case of this problem. English is not only well known for having maddeningly irrational spelling practices, but in America we have also accumulated names from all over the world. The first algorithm to deal with this problem, Soundex, is gratifyingly simple, but it is not at all an adequate solution. It often fails to do the job of returning alternatives that are pronounced similarly to the search string.

Downloading Files Within Your Clarion App (Tips) 12 DEC 03
Contributed by Dan Gorrell

This application demonstrates how to download a file from within your Clarion app using the WinInet API. Included is a .APP file for the project.

dpQuery v2.08 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JUN 06
dpQuery is a tool, which includes libraries and a template that adds a powerful interactive resource (Query wizard) for importing of practically any external data into your program.

Having spent only a couple of minutes on adding dpQuery to the application, the programmer provides the end users with an easy to use tool with an intuitive interface, which allows loading data from any source, whether it be xbase files, MS Excel books, MS SQL tables, CSV, XML, Firebird/InterBase, DSN source, MS Access : you name it.

The user is given a possibility to build simple and complex (relational) queries, to filter and sort the data, as well as edit and run an edited query right away. It allows any user familiar with the SQL SELECT statement to build his own queries of any complexity, which can be saved and invoked at any time.

dpQuery ver 2.03 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUN 05
dpQuery is a tool, which includes libraries and a template that adds a powerful interactive resource (Query wizard) for importing of practically any external data into your program.

Having spent only a couple of minutes on adding dpQuery to the application, the programmer provides the end users with an easy to use tool with an intuitive interface, which allows loading data from any source, whether it be xbase files, MS Excel books, MS SQL tables, CSV, Firebird/InterBase, DSN source, MS Access : you name it.

The user is given a possibility to build simple and complex (relational) queries, to filter and sort the data, as well as edit and run an edited query right away. It allows any user familiar with the SQL SELECT statement to build his own queries of any complexity, which can be saved and invoked at any time.

Dr. Dwg (Utilities) 2 FEB 05
Dr. DWG ( A Division of California Software Co Ltd, Madras, India) is a provider of CAD and Graphics software solutions to large corporations and emerging companies. Dr. DWG develops and markets state-of-the-art Libraries and Viewers of AutoCAD drawings. Dr DWG provides skilled personnel who can work onsite, offsite or offshore in providing CAD and Graphics solutions.

Dr.Explain v2.0 (Help Tools) 2 AUG 06
Dr.Explain is a tool that will make help files for your software automatically.

While other help authoring tools are mostly featured screenshot takers and text editors, Dr.Explain automatically handles window's structure and adds numbered callouts to all control.

Dr. Explain makes professional looking HTML, CHM or RTF help

While other help authoring tools are mostly featured screenshot takers, Dr.Explain automatically parses the window's structure and attaches a label to each control.

Drag to the Browse buttons Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
John Morter of Flat Chat Solutions (Australia) has sent me a template which is a nice variation on the freeware TrashFlash template. It allows drag and drop changes and deletes by using the standard browse buttons as "drop zones".

Thanks Mike McLoughlin and John Morter.

Dragon Dictate (Utilities) 2 FEB 05
With Dragon NaturallySpeaking and DragonDictate from Dragon Systems Inc. you can dictate directly to your PC and see the words appear on the screen as you say them.

Drive Information Class (Tips) 11 MAY 06
Information you can get:

  1. Drive label (or UNC path for remote drives)
  2. Fat type
  3. Drive type
  4. Drive serial
  5. Remote user (in case of remote drive)
  6. Total disk size
  7. Free space on disk
  8. Used space

Drop Ship It! (Clarion Applications) 2 FEB 05
Bill of landing Program written in Clarion

DrTCP (Utilities) 26 FEB 04 presents DrTCP - by moderator DrTCP, and the users of the tweaks forum. You Will Need To Reboot (older windows) or Restart Networking (2k,XP) For DrTCP Changes to 'take'

Notes by Peter Kirk:

I had a similar problem (very slow access) accessing an NT4 Server using XP. Browses would take 30s to open in XP, but only 0.5s to open using win98.

Eventually traced the problem to MTU settings which set the size of the data block sent in each transmission. If it is set too large you get lots of retransmissions and the data is said to be fragmented.. hence the system runs like a snail..

It is very simple to test.. Open your DOS command box (or Press START and RUN) and type the following:

PING YourServerName -F -L MaxDataSize

where YourserverName is the Server NetBios Name or IP and the MaxDataSize is the datablock size ranging from 400 to 1500 bytes. On win98 machines I found 1472 to be a typical value, but with my XP machine it could be as low as 472 on the same network.

If you get a data fragmented message then the DataSize is too high and you need to reduce it until the PING return is normal. The optimum value is approx 32bytes below the point where fragmentation begins.

The modification nees some changes to your registry and there is a useful applet called DrTCP which you can download from the following site:

DSNless connection strings for databases (Tips) 2 FEB 05
This page contains sample ADO connection strings for ODBC DSN / DSN-Less, OLE DB Providers, Remote Data Services (RDS), MS Remote, and MS DataShape.

Also included are ADO.NET connection strings for each .NET Data Provider (SQLClient, OLEDB, and ODBC).

DTM SQL Editor (Utilities) 21 JUL 03

DumbDict.ZIP (Utilities) 22 FEB 01
Tom Ruby's utility for looking at txd files and generating scripts for creating SQL Anywhere databases.

DynaLib Library Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 3 FEB 06
Using of the given library allows to create more flexible and powerful programs. And the opportunity to create structure GROUP/QUEUE/FILE/VIEW during performance of the program by simple loading of their description from an external textual file, allows to create programs that have very big degree of autonomy and universality, insensitive or practically tolerant to change structures of an entrance/target of the data stream. The basic advantages of the given library before similar products (for example library xLib from A.Solovjev):

Dynamic DNS (Utilities) 7 JAN 03
The Dynamic DNS service allows you to alias a dynamic IP address to a static hostname such as (or,, or any other name in one of many domains we offer - if you would like a name such as, check out MyDynDNS Custom DNS), allowing your computer to be more easily accessed from various locations on the Internet. We provide this service for free to the Internet community as a whole.

Dynamic Filters: Applying The Theory (Clarion Magazine) 3 APR 01
Dr. Parker, having dealt with the theory of dynamic filters, goes on to some sample code, which ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Dynamic Filters: The Theory Behind the Facts (Clarion Magazine) 27 MAR 01
Clarion’s templates hide complexity. The ABC classes are supposed to also. But too often we developers re-introduce complexity.Once you realize that filters can be created in only two ways, it is really much easier to optimize filter expressions and performance. Part 1 of 3.

Dynamic Pool Limit helper by POSoftware

Dynamic Systems Development Method 26 NOV 97
A software engineering methodology.

Dynamic Table-Based Tagging (Clarion Magazine) 17 SEP 04
Sometimes a simple tagging solution is the ideal solution, and sometimes you need something a bit more robust. When his users began requiring features not included in a readily available tagging class, Chris set out to create his own tagging functionality using a highly flexible, table-based approach.

Easier Version Control: Using TortoiseSVN With Subversion (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAY 05
The two heavyweights in the open source version control world are the old workhorse, CVS, and the new contender, Subversion. Mark Geisinger shows how easy it can be to get started with Subversion, using the Explorer-based TortoiseSVN client.

Easter Sunday Claculator (downloads a txa) 6 JAN 01
Hey, this feels like Christmas with all this Clarion users presents! Here is my contribution:

Do you need to know Easter date in a given year? Try this function:

you must supply a long with the year number (>1583) and it will return the Easter date!

You must 'File/Import Text' the .TXA file !

Easy3DStyle v3.00 (Templates & Libraries) 7 APR 06
Easy3DStyle (E3D) class and template allows:

Compatibility with the standard WindowResize template and EasyResizeAndSplit (ver 1.05 and higher). Uses EVENT:Sized event for redrawing of the controls. 32 Bits Legacy or ABC.

EasyAnimation v1.02 Ready for C6.1 build 9026 (Templates & Libraries) 23 AUG 04
EasyAnimation allows you to:

EasyAutoEntry (v 1.04) Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 9 JUN 04
Familiar and convenient elements of the Microsoft IntelliSense technology ("AutoComplete") now are accessible in your Clarion applications! The EasyAutoEntry (EAE) class and template will allow your end users to enter the data simply and easily! Once entered the data will be saved and automatically offered in the convenient form in the necessary moment.

It's enough to simply add EasyAutoEntry (EAE) template into the application and all controls such as ENTRY, COMBO and SPIN (matching the given masks) will gain the magic "AutoComplete" property.

Support of EditInPlace (only for the ABC templates).

EasyCOM2INC v2.07 (Utilities) 22 SEP 05
EasyCOM2INC utility is used to automatically creating Clarion include files with the definitions of COM-interfaces from IDL file. The MicrosoftR Interface Definition Language (MIDL) defines interfaces between client and server programs. You can create a IDL file using MS Oleview.exe - OLE/COM Object Viewer. This administration and testing tool browses in a structured way, configures, activates, and tests all Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) classes installed on your computer.

EasyCOM2INC WMI v1.01 (Templates & Libraries) 9 JAN 06
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a component of the MicrosoftR WindowsR operating system that provides management information and control in an enterprise environment. Using industry-wide standards, WMI allows managers to query and set information on desktop systems, applications, networks and other enterprise components. Developers can use WMI to create event-monitoring applications that alert users when important incidents occur. WMI also offers a variety of programming interfaces, such as C++, ODBC, MicrosoftR Visual BasicR, or HTML, that developers can use to further tailor their management applications. Finally, WMI integrates with other Windows components, such as the Active Directory, to allow for a unified management experience.

What the product demonstrates

EasyCOMCreator ver 1.04 (Utilities) 12 JUN 06
EasyCOMCreator utility is used to create a Component Object Model (COM) dynamic-link library (DLL) automatically using Clarion. It allows you to manage your Projects, Objects, Methods and Parameters and generates all the necessary CLW/PRJ files (including a test application) automatically. After you compile your Project you will get your COM server DLL! To use it, you need to register it using the REGSVR32.EXE utility and you are done!

EasyDockerv 1.0 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUN 05
EasyDocker is a Class and Templates providing you an ability to include a float toolbars into your application, written in Clarion. You can start procedures, mimic global menu items, implement standard windows behavior in the float toolbars. Also you can transfer your standard "static" global toolbar functionality into float toolbars in one click.

EasyExcel (Version 4.02) Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 10 AUG 06
EasyExcel is a Class and a set of Templates, providing you with the ability to:

and do much more in Excel from your Clarion application!

For the use EasyExcel the following is needed:

EasyHelper v1.00 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUN 05
A context sensitive help system is state of the art in today's software applications. Don't go without it, you cannot afford to!

EasyHelp is a class and templates, allowing you easily add context help to your application. It provides you with the ability to:

C5b and C5.5, ABC and Legacy, 32-bits

EasyListPrint ver 1.12 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUN 05
EasyListPrint (ELP) class and template is a set of classes and templates for automatic creation of tabulated reports, using queues or lists (for example, automatic printing of BrowseBox contents). Creates

Compatible with: You may customize Title, Header, Footer, Total sections (fonts, alignments etc), number of pages. Widths of columns will be automatically calculated during printing in case they obviously are not defined in the settings. You can print ALL BrowseBox contents despite the Loading method (so always File).

EasyMultiTag v 2.07 ready for c61 9029 (Templates & Libraries) 1 NOV 04
EasyMultiTag will allow you considerably to expand functionality of BrowseBox ABC. Now supports ClarioNet.

For use EasyMultiTag following is needed:

EasyNETComponents v1.00 (Templates & Libraries) 22 JUL 06
EasyNETComponents allows you to use Microsoft .Net FrameWork components in your Clarion 6.1 or higher applications right now!

EasyOpenOffice v1.02 (Templates & Libraries) 21 MAR 06
Now in the EasyOpenOffice are realized the basic features (you can open and close Calc and Writer, pass/get the data form your Clarion application, format cells in Calc, create tables and set font properties in Writer etc.). The number of the EasyOpenOffice features will be increased in the next releases. You can try our demo application:

Libraries were compiled for CW 6.2 9049

EasyReport v1.02 Ready for C6.1 rel 9026 (Templates & Libraries) 18 AUG 04

EasyResize and Split v2.12 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 1 MAR 06
EasyResizeAndSplit (ERS) class and template lets the end user resize/split the controls (List boxes, entry controls, buttons, etc.) on the windows. EasyResizeAndSplit (ERS) generates code to reposition the controls, resize the controls, or both, when the end user resizes the window or moves Split bars (vertical or/and horizontal).

Easysoft (SQL) 29 JAN 03
ODBC Driver for firebird (and other things).

Easysoft ODBC (SQL) 26 AUG 03
Driver for Phoenix

EasyVersion (Version 3) Freeware (Templates & Libraries) 31 MAY 06
EasyVersion is a template and will allow you :

EasyWinIco (Free) (Templates & Libraries) 6 JUN 02
This template allows to associate an animated icon with the window (which located in the left top corner of a window). No more ! This package includes Template, demo app and documentation. For use EasyWinIco following is needed:

EBCDIC-ASCII Conversion Table 30 NOV 01

eBooks at Clarion Magazine (Tips) 6 APR 05 (Utilities) 5 JUN 02
Looking for Payment Processing Solutions for Your Business? ECHO Provides: (Web Sites) 10 DEC 02
You are in the right place and on the right time! As you might have guessed, we are offering you creation of eCovers. But – whatever is it and why would you need it? In case you know the answer – click HERE and be transferred to our Products' page. If you are new to this, we will introduce you to some details. Suppose you have a certain digital product or products (software, e-books, manuals, magazine, ezine, membership cards, subscriptions etc.) which you think is very good and you want to advertise and sell it via the internet. Everything would be in place IF it weren't for one – your product doesn't yet have a FACE. But it should! A catchy, vivid and easily rememberable! This is THE factor for success and booming sales which we are offering you.

Edit Plus (Utilities) 5 FEB 03
EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

Download configuration files for ClarionCourtesy of Trond Eirik Paulsen
Download configuration files for TS Modula II
(Don't laugh, I still use it occasionally!)

Edit-In-Place CheckBoxes Done Right (Clarion Magazine) 21 DEC 99
ABC has a lot of edit-in-place functionality, but EIP check boxes are a bit quirky. Pete Halsted shows how make your browse's checkboxes look and act they way they should.

Edit-In-Place: Getting User Confirmation (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 16 JAN 06

Edit-In-Place:Lights, Camera, Action...Take Two! (Clarion Magazine) 8 FEB 00
There's more than one way to add edit-in-place to a browse. James Cooke lays the groundwork for making a form look like EIP. Part 1 of 2.

Edit-In-Place:Lights, Camera, Action...Take Two, Part Two! (Clarion Magazine) 15 FEB 00
There's more than one way to add edit-in-place to a browse. James Cooke lays the groundwork for making a form look like EIP. Part 2 of 2.

EDT OCR Toolkit 25 JAN 02

Effect Applets @ Dacoffeebean (Java Applets) 1 FEB 03
Java applets of all sorts.

eHelp Corporation (Help Tools) 3 JUL 02
Vendor for Robohelp.

EIP Template (v2 beta) (Templates & Libraries) 25 FEB 04
The EIP Template is designed with the objective to add full template support for the Clarion Edit-in-place List box. You are not required to add any embed code to the implemented Edit-in-place functionality in your list box, as long as the functionality is supported by the EIP Template (See the Feature List).

In other words the EIP Template gives you full RAD support for real Edit-in-place use. All you have to do is add the extension template and set the template properties. There is no need for adding additional controls to your procedure.

The code generated by the EIP Template is completely reusable. It generates only the exact code required for each specific instance of its use; it does not inherit unused methods. The EIP Templates is also polymorphic, since the programmer specifies the features and functions that are required for the procedure. The benefit for the programmer is the complete flexibility to generate code that is directly suited to the programmer's needs.

eiStream Kofile 23 JAN 02
What happened to Wang Imaging? It became Kodak Imaging, then Kofile, then removed from XP. You try to sort it out.

Elvis To Perform At ETC 2004 (Clarion Magazine) 1 APR 04
Word has leaked out that Elvis Presley is alive and well, and will be performing at the Edgewater Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN, during the Tuesday night reception for Lee White’s etc 2004 Clarion conference!

EMail - Send SMTP Email 15 OCT 99

Email demo application 8 JUL 00
This is a small application that demonstrates sending an email. You can optionally attach a file, or request a return receipt. It is written using Clarion 5.0b, which you will need to compile and run it. Instructions for users using Clarion versions before 5.0 are also included.

All source is included.

Emailing PDF Files From A Report Previewer (Clarion Magazine) 28 JUN 02
In recent months, a number of third-party products have come into the marketplace that allow the user to save a report in a standardized format, and then email that report to someone. But according to George Lehman, there's still something all these products are missing.

EMailReport by Vivid Help Systems v6.0 Ready for Ct (Templates & Libraries) 12 SEP 03
EmailReport templates both ABC and Legacy are released and available from the Clarion Shop

So now you can:

  1. Email any Clarion, CPCS, RPM, DAS, and Tintools report right in the body of your email
  2. Populate email addresses, Subject and Body note right from your Clarion fields
  3. Duplicate report as RTF attachment (which can be opened even with Windows WordPad (95-XP))
  4. Use template just for saving reports to disc in this universal RTF format
  5. Play sound files in your emails as many times as you want (just like the audio in this email)
V6 for ABC only.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc 30 MAR 00
Administration tools for SQL.

Embed Assistant 3 OCT 00
Prints the used embeds.

Embed Assistant (EA2) (Utilities) 9 JAN 06

Embedding Fonts In Clarion Apps (Clarion Magazine) 15 JAN 05
Embedding resources into a program is common practice in Windows programming. Surely, Clarion must be able to use the Windows Resource file system to access a font stored away as a binary resource. But how does Clarion handle this? David Bratovich explains.

EMerge (Templates & Libraries) 9 JUN 04
eMerge Template ABC/Legacy 6.1 (C5-C61 compatible) by Vivid Help has been released.

It lets end-users compose their own arbitrary emails, merge them with Clarion data, and email with default Windows email program.

Empower ISV by Microsoft (Web Sites) 11 APR 03
Then take advantage of the Microsoft® Empower Program for ISVs! The program was designed to help you succeed both in developing your product and in growing your business. The Microsoft Empower Program for ISVs promotes your success by providing resources for developing and marketing your software products on the Microsoft platform as well as offering marketing resources to build your business. If you’re serious about reaching more users worldwide, enrolling in this program is an important first step. Learn how you can save on the enrollment fee!

Encrypting Data With Number Base Conversion (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 7 MAR 06

End User Report Designer 31 DEC 00
The ERD - End-user Report Designer is an add-on tool for Clarion developers. It enables Clarion developers to add a dynamic and end user-operated report generator to applications developed using Clarion.

Enriching The User's Experience With RTF Displays (Clarion Magazine) 12 MAR 05
Text is becoming more and more of a requirement for applications, and large text fields have never displayed comfortably within the Clarion list box. Stephen Bottomley shows how easy it is to use RTF to create a custom display format for your data.

EntabberPro (Utilities) 24 OCT 02
No changes to your existing applications are required! So, how does it work? EntabberPro monitors all pressed keys before they are sent to the target applications; if it detects an enter key it checks it's internal database and if required changes the key stroke to a tab key. This process is "invisible" to the target of the key press, IOW the running applications don't even "know" that the enter key had been pressed at all. v5 (Certainly Clarion Developer) (Templates & Libraries) 24 MAR 03
Cut, Copy and Paste using popup menu on entry controls for ABC or Legacy by Maarten Veenstra .

Epsilon Concepts Hosting (Hosting) 26 MAY 05
We offer affordable, reliable Linux and Windows based hosting plans in addition to a wide variety of valuable products and services in order to be your one stop internet shop.

Epsilon Promote (Web Sites) 26 MAY 05
Let's face it... you can have the greatest website selling the best products or services, but if no one knows your website exists, it means nothing! That's where our search engine optimization, search engine submission, and link building services and products come in to play!

ERD - End User Report Designer 31 DEC 00
This is Evaluation copy by Melnik Benny of Afiq information systems.

Essays on how to do business by Bruce Johnson (Capesoft) (Tips) 9 SEP 02
A voice of reason in a mad world.

Estensibility 27 JUN 00
XML tools.

ET Menues for 5.5 IC2 12 JUN 00
Windows-like menus for Clarion Internet Connect 2 applications

ETC 2004 (Events) 8 MAR 04
June 2004. Don't miss it!

ETC 2004 (Events) 11 FEB 04
June 8 through 12, 2004.

The THIRD East Tennessee Clarion Conference & Gathering. Tuesday, May 21, 2002. The Edgewater Hotel, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

ETC Keynote Address Covers Clarion 7, .NET (Clarion Magazine) 9 JUN 04
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity's president, made the keynote address at etc2004 on Wednesday morning. Zaunere began by giving attendees a roadmap to SoftVelocity's Clarion 6.x development efforts, and then discussed Clarion 7 as well as technologies on the immediate horizon such as the IP, dynamic, and in-memory database drivers. Zaunere also discussed plans for .NET, and demonstrated a Clarion-generated .NET application. In a Q&A session Zaunere covered topics from command line compilers to the number of Clarion licenses worldwide.

etc2004 Report: Bob Foreman's Clarion 6.x Tour (Clarion Magazine) 16 JUN 04
Mark Riffey reports on Bob Foreman's whirlwind tour of the new Clarion 6.x features.

etc2004 Report: Jono Woodhouse on COM (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUN 04
Jono Woodhouse from Capesoft did an excellent job filling in for Andy Ireland, who could not make the conference. Michael Lawson reports.

etc2004 Report: Russ Eggen & Templates (Clarion Magazine) 16 JUN 04
Abe Jimenez reports on Russ Eggen's template writing presentation at etc2004.

etc2004 Report: Third Party Presentations (Clarion Magazine) 16 JUN 04
Tom Hebenstreit reports on third party presentations by RADVEnture (Fenix) and CapeSoft.

etc2004: Carl Barnes on Threading (Clarion Magazine) 10 JUN 04
One of the primary features of Clarion 6 is a new, pre-emptive threading model. The operating system can interrupt any thread at any time, allowing it to enforce priorities and prevent a hard-working thread from hanging the system. Nik Johnson reviews Carl Barnes' Wednesday presentation on threading in Clarion 6.

etc2004: The Cajun and the Hillbilly (Clarion Magazine) 23 JUN 04
etc2004 is the last of a series of wonderful East Tennessee Clarion conferences. Andrew Guidroz shares his thoughts on this conference, and on how etc came to be.

Ethereal: A Network Protocol Analyzer (Utilities) 28 APR 05
Ethereal is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. It has all of the standard features you would expect in a protocol analyzer, and several features not seen in any other product. Its open source license allows talented experts in the networking community to add enhancements. It runs on all popular computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Ever lose your Sourcecode window and if you can't get it back? (Tips) 8 MAR 04
Right-click on the taskbar, click on Tile Windows. It comes back!

Thanks, Robert Paresi.

There's also Carl Barns' lost and found utility.

Everything you need to use Firebird (SQL) 23 FEB 04
Thanks to Kelvin Chua at ClarionPost.

Evolution Browse Export v1.1 (Templates & Libraries) 14 JUL 06
Export to EXCEL,WORD, HTML, ASCII, XML and print totaling fields from a Browse or a Queue

Evolution Edit in Form, Version: 1.04 (Templates & Libraries) 23 FEB 06
This template transforms your standard Forms into an Edit in Place! You can use the form, as always, and the template resizes the form window on top of the browse row, simulating the Edit in Place behaviour. You can use lookups, dropdowns, calendars, tooltips, etc. And all the form embed points!. Works in Clarion55 and Clarion6x. Both ABC and Legacy.

Evolution Excel Import, Version: 1.01 (Templates & Libraries) 14 MAR 06
The easiest way to import Excel Files into you Clarion Application. Clarion 5, Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6. Only ABC Templates.

EVOLUTION MAIL TEMPLATE (Templates & Libraries) 17 NOV 04
The product consists of a Control Template to send a email and an Extension Template to send the WMF from the preview by email tith a page selector

Evolution Report Export v1.09 (Utilities) 23 FEB 06
Export to EXCEL,WORD, HTML, ASCII and XML from the clarion preview

Example of using xFXSlider control (Tips) 24 JUN 04
Ben Brady has posted the example of how to implement the free xFXSlider control from fxJumpStart with Clarion. You can download it from

Excel Files read/write utility (Templates & Libraries) 23 DEC 02
Excel NOT required! You can read and write content from/to Excel files (97/2000/XP) without Excel, and use XLS files as report pattern. No OLE/DDE used, therefore this process is VERY fast. Now you can exchange data with Excel from CDD/CPD programs - just run our utility in windows-compatible environment. Command-line and manual modes are available. Simplest, friendly, useful... [Examples for Clarion 5.5; data preparation templates -for both ABC and Legacy; utility not limited by Clarion only - it can be used by any users and developers]

Excel Viewer (Utilities) 27 JAN 04
Microsoft Excel Viewer is a small, freely distributable program that lets users view and print Excel for Windows (versions 2.0 and greater) and Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh (versions 2.2a and greater) spreadsheet files.

ExcelBond v 2.1 Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
ExcelBond is now compatible with Clarion 6.1 Gold.

ExcelBond allows you to export your data to native EXCEL *.XLS files AND also import from XLS files!

This addon requires IMPEX

ExcelWrite Class (v1.01) (Free) (Templates & Libraries) 1 JUL 02
About ExcelWrite Class: Writes an Excel BIFF 2.1 spreadsheet file DIRECTLY. No external DLL's or Excel OLE automation needed. Everything is pure Clarion source without any "blackboxes". Great for exporting data from your application to an Excel spreadsheet without using any 3rd party tools.

List of features include:

ExcelWrite Class is Freeware. You may freely use it in your Clarion applications. No payment is required for the use of this class but a donation would be appreciated.

Excuses Generator (Web Sites) 27 DEC 05
A very important web site you'll want to bookmark.

Thanks, Timo Lahtinen of Helsinki Finland

Explanation of Opportunistic Locking on NT (Tips) 10 MAR 03
With Exclusive Oplock, if a file is opened in a non-exclusive (deny none) mode, the redirector requests an opportunistic lock of the entire file. As long as no other process has the file open, the server will grant this oplock, giving the redirector exclusive access to the specified file. This will allow the redirector to perform read-ahead, write-behind, and lock caching, as long as no other process tries to open the file.

When a second process attempts to open the file, the original owner will be asked to Break Oplock or Break to Level II Oplock. At that point, the redirector must invalidate cached data, flush writes and locks, and release the oplock, or close the file.

Opportunistic Locking level II, provides a method for granting read access to a file by more than one workstation, and these workstations can cache read data locally (read-ahead). As long as no station writes to the file, multiple stations can have the file open with level II oplock.

Exporting APPs and DCTs to XML (Clarion Magazine) 29 OCT 05

Exporting APPs and DCTs to XML, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 5 NOV 05

ExpressFlash Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
ExpressFlash is the easy way for your users to get messages from Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express into your app's database. Until now, all that sales and customer support information in the email Inbox was trapped there. But once ExpressFlash imports it into your Clarion app it becomes available to everyone in the organization.

ExpressSoft Thumbnail Creator v1.51 (Utilities) 11 JAN 03
Express Thumbnail Creator will allow you to quickly and easily create professional-looking web image galleries ready to be published on the web. Just add your images to the list, click a few buttons and watch your new gallery come alive!

Extended Evaluate v2.3 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 7 APR 06

Extending ABC's Edit In Place - Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 15 JUN 01
Russ Eggen has heard it all when it comes to Edit In Place (EIP). Well, here's a dirty little secret: ABC's EIP features are fully functional. Part 1 of 2.

Extending ABC's Edit In Place - Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUN 01
Russ Eggen has heard it all when it comes to Edit In Place (EIP). Well, here's a dirty little secret: ABC's EIP features are fully functional. Part 2 of 2.

Extending the FileManager Class: Shorthand Fetches (Clarion Magazine) 29 OCT 04
One of the most commonly used commands in Clarion is GET, which can retrieve records from both files and queues. The ABC equivalent is the FileManager.Fetch method, that isn't necessarily easier to use. Mike Hanson shows how to make your fetches quick and easy.

Extension Templates (Tips) 24 MAY 05
A PowerPoint presentation by Don Reynolds describing how to go about creating custom extension templates.

External Business Rules with the In-Memory Driver (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 21 JUN 06

Eyeball Chat (Web Sites) 14 AUG 02

EZ Forms - Gracefully deals with forms. 29 SEP 97

EZ Help Web 31 DEC 00

ezDicom (Controls) 12 SEP 06
This software is designed to display most medical images: MRI, CT, X-ray, and ultrasound. All versions of ezDICOM can automatically detect the format of a medical image and display it on the screen.

"Use the EzDicom, it's free and it's easy to use with Clarion. It supports even picture slizes." Steen Maigaard

ezFormFiller v1.0.6 (Utilities) 12 MAY 05
ezForm Filler allows to maintain database of the fillable PDF files. You'll be able to create data entry forms based on the Adobe PDF documents, retrieve saved PDF files, restore saved information, print and save PDF data in both editable and uneditable formats.

EZRound v2 (Utilities) 23 FEB 06
In just minutes EZRound makes it possible for YOU to create great looking rounded corner and drop shadow effects for the tables on your website from just a few simple menu selections.

EZRound creates the graphics, slices them and writes the HTML to use them as containers for your website content.

EZRound can now create matching unsliced images from your design in any size. This makes it easy for you to create matching:

Your designs can have all rounded corners, be square on all sides or just square on one side. You also have a full set of drop shadow options including a full shadow. There is also a new Shadow Padding feature that gives you even more control over the look and feel of your design.

Colors can be any color you can imagine and there is even an option to add an accent band to dress up your design even more.

You can use the new EZSingle images in NetObjects Fusion to create your own Site Styles!

EZTwain 25 JAN 02
This package contains two Windows DLLs (One 16-bit, one 32-bit) that provide very easy access to basic TWAIN services from your application. These DLLs are designed to be called from almost any language that can invoke functions in DLLs, including C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Access Basic, LabView, and others. Full source code is included, with project files for Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. A C sample program is provided which can be built in either 32-bit or 16-bit form.

A single call is all that is needed to acquire one image, in memory as a bitmap or as a BMP file on disk.

Dosadi gives away EZTWAIN 1.x and CTwain freely to benefit the TWAIN developer community, and makes no claim or warranty of any kind regarding either software. If you use either package, you assume all responsibility for the results (or lack thereof.)

Dosadi offers an upgraded version of this package: EZTWAIN 2.0 which requires a license for commercial use.

F3 Seach on ABC Browses (Templates & Libraries) 4 NOV 05
This templaes add search capabilities on ABC browses (note MDI app frame is needed!).

Face-off: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server go head to head (Tips) 31 MAY 06
In this special report, and editors team up to bring you both the pros and cons of investing in MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server databases. Read the opinions of industry experts then Sound Off! to share your own.

FamFamFam Free Icon sets (Graphics) 31 DEC 05
Quite nice.

FAQ about what you can and can't do with MSDE (SQL) 25 MAR 04
Q. Can I use and redistribute MSDE in conjunction with applications developed using non-Microsoft development tools?

A. Yes, you can redistribute MDSE with applications built using any application development platform.

FAQ: Troubleshooting TPS File Corruption (Clarion Magazine) 24 AUG 01
In this free FAQ reprint, Eric Vail lists a number of questions and answers to help you resolve TPS file corruption over a network.

Farpoint Technologie's Spread 22 NOV 99
Use FarPoint's Spread 3 to create powerful database front-ends, manage the display and entry of two billion rows and two billion columns using the enhanced Virtual Mode, print reports, perform calculations, import/export files, sort data, support OLE Drag and Drop, respond to user changes, or take advantage of its unparalleled cell-level formatting, including twelve built-in cell types. All of this is included in one control. Unmatched power, flexibility, and speed combine to make Spread the perfect complement to any application.

Faxaway's Internet Fax Service (Utilities) 16 JUN 06
Fax with confidence using one of the industry pioneers.

FaxMan (Templates & Libraries) 10 MAY 02
Our FaxMan products allow developers to integrate Fax support for industry standard fax modems in hours instead of the months it would take writing support from scratch. The FaxMan toolkits are designed for developers and include programmatic interfaces in ActiveX, DLL and VBX flavors.

fCoder (Templates & Libraries) 5 AUG 02
Image converters and other tools in DLL form.

Fenix ASP.NET Generator v2.0 Gold (Templates & Libraries) 3 FEB 06
Fenix ASP.NET Generator is a complete new template set that, instead of generating Clarion code, generates VB.NET or C# code for ASP.NET Applications. The goal of the product is to be able to generate database WEB Applications faster and easier by using Clarion Templates and Generation concepts. With this tool you can develop high quality Web Applications in less time than any other tool in the market.

By just changing 1 template prompt (for a Fenix Procedure) you can choose between generating controls for the Standard .NET framework or for the Mobile Framework.

Fenix will generate the ASPX pages with Mobile controls, so the .NET framework will determine the device capabilities and will render the best html (or WAP) to the target device.

Ferret's sample MessageClass-based Web Registrarion Demonstration 15 FEB 01
This is a DEMONSTRATION only. It in no way represents a finished product. In particular, any liability for damages incurred by compiling, linking, or running this program resides with YOU and not with me. If you don't like that, don't download it.

Fetching A Web Page With WinInet (Clarion Magazine) 25 AUG 05
There are a few different tools you can use to get a web page from a server, and one readily available solution is to use Windows' own WinInet DLL. Skip Williams shows how it's done.

File Caching and Opportunistic Locking (Tips) 24 JUL 03
There is much confusion regarding File Caching and Opportunistic locking. The purpose of this solution is to explain how locking works in a NetWare environment.

File Manager 3 Beta 3.27 (Vital Update!) (Templates & Libraries) 15 NOV 03
File Manager 3 builds on the functionality provided by File Manager 2 (it includes ALL Fm2 functionality), and adds a few tricks of it's own. The primary addition has been the creation of a SQL engine. This will allow Fm3 to convert SQL based files in the same way that Fm2 converts TPS files. Also Fm3 is able to convert from TPS to SQL creating a very smooth upgrade path for your programs.

With this beta 1 release we have included support for MsSQL. We are currently working on Oracle support, and after that we'll be doing the other popular SQL engines as well. Our goal is to create a system that easily lets you convert your files (tables) regardless of the file system you are using.

FileZilla Server (Utilities) 21 FEB 05
FTP Server

Filter bug in C55H that breaks xPlore (Tips) 15 FEB 03
For those of you that use Xplore and are running C55H you will probably know about the filter problem, and if you look on the newsgroups you will find a fix in ABQUERY.CLW. We have been running this fix but a customer has reported a problem when performing a user filter using CONTAINS, it doesn't work.

So, to fix this load ABQUERY.CLW and scroll down to the QUERYCLASS.GETLIMIT procedure; In this procedure you will find the following snippet of code:

IF Value[1] = '^' ! When the carat is the second character i.e. *^
CaseLess = 1
Value = CHOOSE (Length = 1, '', UPPER(Value[2:Length]))

You need to change it too:

IF Value[1] = '^' ! When the carat is the second character i.e. *^
CaseLess = 1
Value = UPPER(Value[2:LEN(Value)])
! Value = CHOOSE (Length = 1, '', UPPER(Value[2:Length]))

Seems to work for us and hasn't broken anything to our knowledge!


FinalStep 2.01 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 6 FEB 06
In English or Spanish.

This template allow the developer to change all the cosmetics of the program at once, effortlessly (just picking several global options). Also, at the developer choice, allow the final user to change the program’s aspect as well. You can select a wallpaper or a plain color for background, graphic buttons with or without runtime-border, the Font, etc.

In detail, you may define:

All the functions (except the message box) are supplied as extension, control templates or code templates. The Example program (available as demo, compiled with Clarion 5.5) has almost no code inside it.

The template is supplied with installer, example program, PDF manual, and libraries of buttons and wallpapers. You get 15 wallpapers and 37 buttons sets (so far), all of them in high quality, high speed display GIF format, and also in original BMP format so you can derive your own graphics if you want.

Find who'se responsible for that spam! (Web Sites) 2 APR 03
I've suddenly experienced a bunch of terrible, pornographic spam. Naturally, it always has forged email headers, but it always includes some sort of link to their "service." I found which has links to find who owns and is responsible for an ip address or machine name.

(I'm not yet sure how effective it is. I just fired off a couple emails. Waiting to see what happens.)

Finding A File Using Template Code (Clarion Magazine) 31 AUG 01
The Clarion template language is more powerful than most developers realize. In this article Kevin Erskine hows how he wrote template code to locate and parse the Clarion redirection file so he could parse his own class includes at generation time.

Finding Field Names (Clarion Magazine) 14 AUG 02
Ever find yourself looking through generated file declarations for certain fields? Here's a quick template by Andrew Guidroz that will help.

Finding Lost Files: A Redirection Class (Clarion Magazine) 22 DEC 00
In a perfect world, reading image files from disk wouldn't be a problem. Just store the filename in a database, display the file as needed in an image control, and be done with it. However, in a networked environment, several nagging issues pop up that can cause significant difficulty. Here's a redirection class that lets your application search for files on the paths you specify.

Finding Unused Variables (Clarion Magazine) 12 SEP 01
The Clarion compiler has a wonderful pragma called Variable Declared But Never Used: wdnu. Andrew Guidroz shows how to use this pragma to clean up your old embedded source.

FinePrint 24 JUL 00
I use FinePrint2000 -- they have a developrs SDK you might want to see what can be done. (Comments by Kevin Erskine)

FinePrint 6 DEC 01
pdfFactory allows you to create PDF files with the ability to preview, combine documents into a single PDF, insert and remove pages, embed fonts and much more...

FinePrint Prins booklets, print preview, print multiple pages onto a sheet, embed letterheads, superimpose watermarks and much more...

There's also a developer's SDK. (thanks, Kevin Erskine)

I have used a utility called Fineprint to do scaling. It can act as a previewer, can print 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single page plus lots of other useful stuff. I use it every day. (thanks to, Bob Diver for the comments)

Fineprint 27 JUN 00
I have used a utility called Fineprint to do scaling. It can act as a previewer, can print 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single page plus lots of other useful stuff. I use it every day. (thanks to, Bob Diver for the comments)

Firebird 2.0 Release 2.0 (SQL) 18 MAY 06
Open source SQL Server.

Firebird Discussion Group (SQL) 29 JUL 02
Anything you should know about Firebird find it at: Excelent group, the actual developers of Firebird discuss there. (Comments by Pablo Sanchez)

Firebird IBOConsole (SQL) 22 JUL 02
For those who had downloaded Firebird as a SQL for Clarion, you will realize that it does not come with the IBConsole which is only available for Interbase.

You many download to administer your FirebirdSQL.

Firebird Magazine (SQL) 8 JUL 04
New issue of Firebird Magazine

Firebird Manual in PDF (SQL) 28 AUG 04

Firebird ODBC Driver (Templates & Libraries) 23 FEB 04
Latest Windows and Linux libraries for the Firebird ODBC driver are available for download

Please download at

Firebird QuickStart Manual in PDF (SQL) 28 AUG 04

Firebird Relational Database 19 NOV 01
Firebird project is a joint endeavor of InterBase® Developer Initiative, original InterBase® designers and former InterBase® engineers and all others who love this wonderful piece of database technology. Our goal is to make this great database even better for everyone.

If you're curious, why we're found the Firebird project and why we're separate ourselves from Inprise/Borland tree, you should read the true story about Whats Happening to InterBase? Full track of past events recorded by press is also available.

Firewall Log Analyzers by Brady & Associates, LLC 9 JUN 01
Brady & Associates, LLC. is pleased to offer high quality software to assist you in analyzing the log files created by the very popular personal firewall packages:

First Field, Required Field (Clarion Magazine) 25 JAN 02
When you cancel a form that has field validation code, does that code still execute? If so, you have the "required field lookup blues." Here's Dr. Parker's prescription.

First Look At The New Clarion IDE (Clarion Magazine) 31 MAY 05
Attendees at the VI Condev Mercosul Gescla conference were the first outsiders to see the new Clarion IDE. Bob Zaunere presented an overview in English, and Diego Borojovich discussed the new language features of Clarion.NET, in Spanish. Read about the new IDE here, see screen shots from the presentations, and download the AVI presentations.

First Look: CapeSoft Profiler (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 1 MAR 06

First Look: Clarion 6.3 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 28 JAN 06

First Look: RADVenture's RADProfiler Simplifies Tracing and Debugging (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAY 05
Clarion has long had the ability to generate a trace of all procedure calls in any given application. Radventure's RADProfiler adds some neat twists to previous efforts to exploit this technology, including trace filtering and the option to send output to SysInternals' DebugView utility.

Five Rules for Managing Complexity: Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 22 AUG 00
Tom Ruby kicks off a five part series on managing application complexity with a rule about repeating fields.

Five Rules for Managing Complexity: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 29 AUG 00
In Part 2 of this five part series, Tom Ruby explains how to eliminate redundant data in your database design.

Five Rules for Managing Complexity: Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 12 SEP 00
In the third of this five part series, Tom Ruby explains how to eliminate columns that don't belong in your database.

Five Rules for Managing Complexity: Part 4 (Clarion Magazine) 15 SEP 00
Isolate independent multiple relationships.What's that mean? Tom Ruby tells all, in the fourth part of this five part series.

Five Rules for Managing Complexity: Part 5 (Clarion Magazine) 15 SEP 00
Tom Ruby concludes his series on managing complexity with some surprising thoughts about one-to-one relationships.

Fix for running Clarion 3.0 programs on newer computers 7 FEB 00

Fixing problems with Clarion on Windows XP 15 NOV 01

Fixing XP to access data on Novell Netware server (Tips) 20 MAY 02
Also for Win 2000.

FlameRobin (SQL) 13 SEP 04
FlameRobin is a database administration tool for Firebird DBMS. Our goal is to build a tool that is:

Flash Cam 25 JAN 02
Flash Cam allows you to record demonstration or training "movies" using screen captures and outputs to web industry standard streaming flash files that play on almost every browser, including Linux and Mac.

Flash Control v1.3 (Templates & Libraries) 11 OCT 05

Fomin IPDS Report Storage (Templates & Libraries) 30 JUN 05
Feature highlights:

Fomin ODBC Report Storage (Templates & Libraries) 16 DEC 05
It uses direct ODBC API calls to store FRB report layouts on any proper ODBC connected SQL server.

Fomin Report Builder v3.05 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUL 06
(FRB) - is a reporting accessory for Clarion from TopSpeed Corporation. It is an easy-to-use, fully functional tool for creating, printing and managing graphic report forms. FRB was designed with the end-user in mind, and run-time reporting capability can be easy included in a Clarion application with Report Builder Classes library (DLL or LIB). FRB is compatible with all current versions of Clarion. Support forum at

Fonix 7 APR 00
Text-To-Speech and Handwriting Recognition Technologies

Font Paradise (Web Sites) 8 APR 03
Lots of free fonts.

FOOOD's Icons (Graphics) 19 MAY 04
Custom Icons. Many free downloads

For Keeps New version 4.1 15 OCT 99
Drowning in email and newsgroup or CompuServe Forum messages? Can´t find the information you need? Looking for a way to organize, archive and index your messages so you can quickly find what you are looking for?

Look no more - ForKeeps can do the job for you! Import from a variety of file formats into ForKeeps' relational databases. Browse, maintain and search your messages in one place, regardless of how and with which browser or mail program they were downloaded. The tools provided within ForKeeps to organize and find the information you need are superior to those you can find in any browser or mail program.

ForeHelp by ForeFront (Help Tools) 1 JUL 02
ForeFront ceased operations on January 10, 2002. ComponentOne is honored that ForeFront entrusted us with three key ForeHelp technologies: InterHelp, FrameMaker MIF import, and Help Server Studio (see ComponentOne news release). Please know that we are dedicated to the Help authoring tool community and have acquired these technologies precisely because of that long-term commitment. We hope to be the company that you rely on for high-performance Help authoring tools, backed by outstanding support and service.

ForKeeps Mail & Message Archiver 31 DEC 00

FormatFlash Read for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
This is a freeware template which adds a floppy disk format option to your apps. Works with all versions of Clarion from CW2 to C5.5 (legacy and ABC) - 32 bit only.

Formula One Professional Spreadsheet OCX 10 FEB 99
In both ActiveX and Java versions, Formula One Professional empowers developers, Webmasters, and end users with the most powerful spreadsheet technology available anywhere.

Four DLLs And An Executable (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUN 99
Gordon Smith explains step-by-step how to split a large application up into a global DLL, program DLLs and an EXE.

Frame Text from Solid Software C6.2 ready version is available. (Templates & Libraries) 23 JUN 05
FrameText. This is a small extension that allows you to display text on your application frame's client area. The MDI client area is often the only part of a program that is visible ALL THE TIME, so it is even worse that (without FrameText) it is not possible to use this valuable space, which could otherwise be used for displaying license information, advertisement, tips of day etc.

FrameText allows you to specify all parameters like:

All this can be done by simply adding an extension template to your frame procedure. All settings mentioned above can be either fixed and chosen directly or variable (assigned at runtime). You'll have your FrameText running in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code!

FrameText works with Clarion 5 as well as 5.5, supports both (legacy and ABC) template chains and produces 16 and 32bit applications. For details visit A demo is available.

Frank Piscopo's Free Clarion Utilities 6 MAR 99

Frank Piscopo's Report Writer template (Templates & Libraries) 21 DEC 99
(It's on CWIC Web)

Just add this extension to your apps, and your reports written in Report Writer come to life on your frame menu. You can include any combination of reports, located in any directory (or multiples thereof), and you can organise them in any way you want on any menu in the frame. Reports defined in each .TXR file are organised in their respective sub-menus, or you can opt not to use a sub-menu and all the reports in all .TXRs will appear in one single menu. When the users select a report from the menu, they are prompted for any runtime variables defined in your .TXR(s) in the form of a wizard.

There is only one catch: your .TXR files have to be in text form - i.e. you cannot protect them with a password.

You'll find both versions on Icetips, CW2 and C4. The 16-bit libraries for 'Standalone' compiles are bugged, but that has now been fixed, and as soon as Arnor removes the files from Icetips, I will be able to upload the update.

Walter Vandenplas suggested multi-language support. Great idea. I'll try to implement that in the next few weeks. Maybe even password protection of the Settings screen.

Check it out. At the risk of my sounding patronising, you'll probably ask why Topspeed did not include something like that in the first place. The system has certainly made MY life that much easier.

Of course, it's all FREE.

Free ABC/Legacy Embed Utility (Clarion Magazine) 21 JUN 01
Here's a free utility that shows you which ABC embeds correspond to which Legacy embeds. English and French versions available. By Eric Griset and Patrick Corcuff.

Free Borland C++ CommandLine Compiler (Utilities) 9 JUL 03

Free Button Maker (Web Sites) 5 MAY 04
Makes png graphics for many different button styles. Free. You can use PSP or something to make gif's from the png's if you need to. It can make slick html menus too.

Free CapeSoft Safe Reader 10 AUG 01
You will need this to decode .SAF files from Capesoft.

Free CWPlus wallpapers (Web Sites) 24 SEP 05
From Ingasoft

Free Database List 20 JUL 00
A large list of free DBMS's.

Free Disk Space 20 MAR 00
I just found another one which when I took their survey, gave me 300 megs of space. It seems to me that xdrive is the easiest of the 3 to use. (thanks Don Harvey)

Free entry point to Clarion Magazine's Open Source Project 18 MAY 00
Thanks, Dave.

Free fix for @D7 entry fields (Templates & Libraries) 8 FEB 03
It solves a problem wth date entry fields with picture @D7 in Clarion 5.5 and later. In clarion 5.0 and earlier, if you entered one or two digits and pressed tab, the run time library interpreted them as "day", and automatically added the current month and year, a very useful feature. With 5.5 and later, the same digits are interpreted as "month" causing lots of protests from users used to the previous behaviour.

This template works around the problem by changing the field picture to @D5 while the field has focus, and back to @D7 when the user leaves it. It's a Global template, so you populate it once and it fixes all your date fields in all your windows. It fixes all the @D7 forms (@D07, @D7-, etc.).

Free FTP Client With Source (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAR 06

Free FTP Client With Source - Update (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAR 06

Free Graphics 1 JAN 98

Free Images from Gitano including C6 graphics (Web Sites) 21 AUG 04
Courtesy of Jesus Moreno of Gitano.

Free Java Applets (Java Applets) 1 FEB 03
Java effects for the web.

Free Resource Compiler Updated (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 03
An updated version of Larry Sand's resource compiler is now available on the downloads page.

Free Templates 20 AUG 03
Free templates from the guys at Castle Computer:

Free templates from C&G (Templates & Libraries) 18 JUL 03

Free utility for use with Capesoft EZHelp (Utilities) 4 AUG 03
If your a CapeSoft EzHelp User, then this little freeware Program is for you. It is still in Beta Stage, but there is a huge amount of Add-on's to following. Feel free to Download it and try.

It use the CapeSoft EzHelp File, Take all the Help information in it, and Create a Document (Manual/Help) in HTM format. There is a few options you can use to make changes in the design. Tons of new stuff will be added as time goes by.

For the guys who don't have CapeSoft EzHelp yet, I've include a Demo file that u can use to Test. This is so easy you will realise that EzHelp is a Must have.Download a Demo at and gone with all the headache of creating help for your application.

Free wallpapers by 1st Logo Design (Web Sites) 16 MAR 04 (Web Sites) 20 JUN 02
Free Audio Clips

FreeByte Backup 22 JAN 01
Freebyte Backup is a freeware backup program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It allows one to easily copy a large number of files and directories into a backup directory. It is possible to backup all files found in the specified input directory, or to have only certain files copied. Files can be filtered according to file-extensions. E.g. you can specify that you want to backup all .doc, .rtf, .jpg, .bmp files, but none of the .exe, .dll and .txt files. You can define new file extensions yourself (to be added to the filter).

Freeman Installer ** NOW FREE ** (Install Programs) 10 FEB 99

FreePOP A free OCX to access POP 3 mailboxes 29 NOV 99
FreePOP is an ActiveX control that allows read/write access to a POP3 mailbox and the messages in the mailbox. This ActiveX control was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0-SP3.

From Russia (file not found?) (Templates & Libraries) 17 JAN 03

From The Publisher (Clarion Magazine) 8 FEB 99
We're official! Dave Harms spills the beans about Clarion Magazine.

Frostbytes (Web Sites) 27 JUL 04
Some clarion graphics for your splash screens.

FS Dates Class 14 SEP 99
Occasionally, it is necesary to know how much time has elapsed between either two times or two dates. This class was written to fill that gap where Clarion does not provide these features. There are two methods that you can call in this class - one for dates and one for times.

FTP Client from TransSoft 6 OCT 99
Ready to try a new FTP client? Be sure to check out the newest ftp client from TransSoft. We're (TransSoft) sure you'll rate this easy to use, full featured FTP client as a "Must Have".

FTP usint WININET.DLL (Tips) 16 APR 05
Several years ago Clarionfoundry consisted of a bunch of html files that were generated using a clarion template; these were FTP'd to the earthlink FTP site, who was hosting the website, using a Clarion applett that connected to the server, created the folders and sent over the files.

FTP/net & FTPServer/net (Controls) 12 MAR 02
Mabry Software has been designing, writing, and supporting Internet components for almost a decade. We have used this extensive experience to design our new Ftp/NET™ from the ground up and to take advantage of the exciting features of Microsoft's .NET platform.

Ftp/NET fully supports both the synchronous and asynchronous programming models as designed by Microsoft. Each method such as GetFile or BeginGetFile contains a number of useful overloads that provide flexibility and functionality found in no other FTP component. The synchronous model can be used where it is not a problem to block the thread that is invoking the method. The asynchronous model, which was designed to be 100% compatible with the .Net framework's model, can be used where it is not desirable to have a thread blocked for the duration of a method's execution.

Ftp/NET also provides a number of useful events that are fired during both synchronous and asynchronous method execution. The Progress event is fired periodically as files are sent and received. A DirectoryItem event is fired as directory listings are returned, enabling you to update UI elements as data arrives. And the StateChanged event can be used to track the state of method invocation and provide status information to your users.

Ftp/NET includes everything required of a modern FTP client component including the ability to restart interrupted transfers, firewall and proxy traversal support, and easy-to-use methods for sending custom commands and receiving the server's responses.

Unique in the industry, Mabry's Ftp/NET also includes FtpWebRequest, FtpWebResponse, and TFtp objects. FtpWebRequest and FtpWebResponse are subclasses of WebRequest and WebResponse, respectively, and provide easy integration with the .Net framework's HTTP request design.

As always, Mabry Software pushes the boundaries of what is required in components. The TFtp class provided by Ftp/NET continues that tradition by including, among other things, complete support for the latest TFtp-related RFC's, a feature not found in other TFtp components. And, like the Ftp class, both the synchronous and asynchronous programming models are fully implemented in the TFtp class.

When you buy Ftp/NET you get a complete set of FTP components designed especially for the .Net framework. Compare Ftp/NET with the offerings of other vendors and you will see that Mabry's Ftp/NET is the best FTP solution available.

FTPFind 1 FEB 02
The Ultimate FTP Search Engine

FullRecord v1.6 Clarion 5.5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 ABC or Legacy (Templates & Libraries) 8 AUG 06
When a user says “I didn’t do THAT!”, how can we know it is true?

When he said “Some records are missing”, our question is: Were they loaded and erased, or they never existed?

I accidentally erased a record… Can I recover it?

Why is there a difference in the stock?

FullRecord allow recording ALL the operations on your system and therefore easily answering these questions and many more!

The full record of all what is changed in a system allow to know exactly who, when, how and what happened any time with each record of all your files, and among other things we can recover lost information, analyze operation sequences to optimize the system work, find operational errors and educate the user to improve the use of the system.

100% source code (No black boxes).

This product consists on a template that implements the automatic recording of all the changes to files in a system through ABC and auxiliary programs. You also have auxiliary functions to easily recording manual operations (legacy) inside and ABC program. The auxiliaries programs allow inspecting the audits records, as well as recovering information.

Function Point Analysys presentation by Mike Pasley 5 OCT 99
FPA Powerpoint Presentation Available for download as presented at Devcon '99 and EuroDevCon '99. First go to Logic central at Then select the PlanetClarion menu item and finally select the section on Function Point Analysis. You should now see download link.

While in this section sign the FPA Guestbook if you would like FPA updates. Also see links to reference websiteson FPA.

FusionCharts 2.0 (Controls) 23 FEB 04
Imagine having a charting component, that doesn’t need any installation, works with any scripting language you could think of, runs on a majority of browsers, is interactive, is completely scalable & flexible, and creates stunning animated charts. Imagine your data being morphed into beautiful shapes un-bounded by the limits of time, space and the web. Imagine the essence of your presentations with life infused in them. FusionCharts helps you realize all your charting imaginations!

gCal & gCalPro ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
New from Gitano Software! The long awaited scheduler is now in the BETA testing stage! Help your customers organize their time by adding G-Cal Pro to all your applications.

gCalc Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
The first thing you are going to notice is the extremely clean interface on these calculators! Features:

Gemini Interbase ODBC Driver (SQL) 29 AUG 03
The ODBC driver for Interbase is an implementation of database specific part of ODBC technology, than enables applications to access relational database servers via standard database API. Also, it makes applications portable between different OS platforms and DBMS products.

ODBC interfaces are based on the Call Level Interface (CLI) specification designed by SQL Access Group and then adopted by X/Open and ISO/IEC as an appendix to current standard of SQL language. ODBC also has some valuable extensions by Microsoft Corp.

The driver conforms to the ODBC specification described in the ODBC Programmer's Reference, version 3.51.

The driver is available for Win32 and Linux platforms.

Generate any reports in CPCS, to HTML - CSV - TXT 4 FEB 02
We have a template that generate any reports in CPCS, to HTML - CSV - TXT It still in deployment, but in is a demo ( Test it, and give me your comments. (We is Raul Rivero)

Generating A Unique Registration Code (Clarion Magazine) 26 JUL 04
Registering software usually involves entering some sort of registration code. But how do you go about creating such a code to give to your customers, and then how do you validate in the customer's application? Vince Du Beau demonstrates a registration scheme using a product type code and a user name.

Generating MS SQL Server Side Triggers (Clarion Magazine) 30 APR 04
Although Ayo Ogundahunsi finds the new client side triggers bold and ingenious, he still prefers the traditional way of using server-side triggers. In this article he demonstrates how to use a custom template to create server side triggers for database auditing.

Generic Calculator v1.1 (Templates & Libraries) 5 AUG 02
Generic Calculator 1.1 for Clarion 5/5.5 Legacy/ABC. White box Procedure Template to add Calculator functionality to your application.

In a matter of seconds you can add the Calculator procedure in your application and customize it visually just as normal Clarion window. Usually you will probably use it as a standalone calculator, but it can be used as a lookup procedure or as a part of a complex window as well.

No template settings - no learning

Generic DLLs The Template Way (Clarion Magazine) 27 MAY 05
A truly generic DLL can be difficult to achieve using the standard templates. Hand-coding the DLL, as Jeff Slarve recently described, is one option; another is to use a specialized template to manage the creation of the export file. Bjarne Havnen shows how it's done.

Gentee 9 MAY 00
It is an installer and is designed for the creation of installations and setups. The ouput (setup) files are compact, easy to install with plenty of options. You can create self-extracting and multi-volumes archives, choose the parameters of the background and title, show license and readme, run your dll and exe, make Uninstall, write to Registry, INI Files, write files to other directories, create Menu group and icons.

GenWise (Utilities) 19 NOV 05
GenWise Studio is a Template-Based IDE for .NET

Customize the Generated Code by using CodeBlocks and the integrated Source Editor. Source Editor with IntelliPrompt Support (Code Completion)

Geoff Bomford's Templates (Templates & Libraries) 13 SEP 03

Gerald W. Duke & Company, Inc. (Clarion Applications) 8 APR 05
Developer of "Application Shells" source-code accounting modules for Clarion for Windows. All modules include complete source. Has complete accounting system source including GL, AP, AR, etc. Now for ABC!

New version of OfficePlus Application Shell 7 May 2004

Now available from

GetMail for Windows 22 JUN 00
Easily download mail to your harddrive from the command line.

GetMail for Windows 11 JAN 02
I wanted a way to create some automated scripts which included downloading and processing mail from a pop3 mailbox. I wrote getmail to fill this need.

Getmail can be used to automatically extract MIME encoded or UU encoded binary files as it downloads your mail, and is the perfect companion to BLAT, which sends mail from the command line.

GetRight 11 AUG 99
A very full featured downloading tool for the serious downloader and novices alike.

Getting A Handle On The System Tray (Clarion Magazine) 30 JAN 02
One main benefit of Windows programming is being able to have multiple applications open at once. The problem with this is that if you have ten programs active at once, you have ten programs cluttering up your task bar, and ten icons to Alt-Tab through to land on your desired application. So - the system tray to the rescue! This article by James Cooke (not Gordon Smith, as earlier indicated - my apologies James! ed.) covers the basic steps required for parking an app in the system tray, and responding to events on that icon.

Getting Dynamic With Report Writer (Clarion Magazine) 30 JAN 03
This action packed episode picks up where Ben Brady ("Integrating Clarion Report Writer Into Your Applications") leaves off. Ben showed how to integrate the Report Writer engine into standard Clarion apps. In this article, Dr. Parker shows how to add more flexibility to the process of using Report Writer from an app.

Getting version information to an application (Part 2) (Tips) 16 MAY 02
There's not a lot of point adding version information to an executable if you can't read it.

To read version information from a file (whether it be EXE, DLL, VXD or whatever) you really only need to make use of 3 different API calls.

gFileFind Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
Have you ever wished for a Windows file dialog for Clarion on steroids? Well, now one is available! gFileFind allows Clarion developers to include many advanced file search features into their own applications, without relying on the complexity of Windows API calls.

gFileFind allows you to search any disk media on your machine for any type of file or the contents of any file as fast as possible in Windows.

Search for files or folders, search for text or sets of characters within files from anywhere on your PC, even across network interfaces, calculate CRC32 checks on 1 file or thousands!

Create automated file utilities that allow you to use the results of your file search to process files, the list is endless!

Simply add the extension template to your application, drop in the ready-made procedures or you can modify the screens to match your individual look and feel of your application.

With gFileFind your hard drive is your oyster!

GhostMessage (Utilities) 4 DEC 02
We have developed a software that will send your messages directly to the computer screen of the people you wanted to see your advertising. Instantly!

Gibson Research Corp 2 MAY 01
Spinrite hard disk and ZIP drive checking utilities. Check your computer for Internet security (you won't believe! and suggestions for improving). Analysis of different firewall products.

GigaSoft 4 DEC 98
Graphics DLL's with Clarion Examples.

GIS Softwarre 9 JAN 98

GIS Templates (Templates & Libraries) 14 MAR 02
F3 Seach & Find Template

FREE Calendar
Open proyect: BigSpeed This is an open proyect for adding ZIP capabilities to any Clarion Program to Managing any Zip file: Creating, Adding, Deleting, Updating, etc. based in the very best library I ever seen before: BigSpeed from BigspeedSoft just go checking the amazing price!.

This Proyect is almost done, Ya can check the app I'd made in C55f, and the Doc explaining the BigSpeed Api's. The Final use I pretend from this library is to Backup any Data wihtin Your Clarion Aplication.

There are Some Api's that I'd not checked yet... but I think that by the first days of April will be finished. Hope that the advance I'd already done may help ya to integreate that wonderfull library into your Apps.

I'd to advice ya, that you need to download BigSpeed Dll library in order to run the Aplication!

Gitano Software C6.3 downloads for all products (Clarion 6) 21 JAN 06

Gitano Software Mailing List 26 SEP 01
If you would like to receive future notices about new utilities, updates and news from Gitano Software, please sign up and join the list.

Gitano Software's Free Graphics (Web Sites) 1 DEC 05

Gitano's Free C6 Screensaver (Utilities) 7 NOV 03

Give It a Nudge: Adjusting Report Position at Runtime (Clarion Magazine) 31 OCT 00
As good as printers now are, there are inevitable differences between brands and models that make it difficult to consistently print within the bounds of the printable area. Lee White and Steve Parker have the answer: Give that report a nudge.

Gizmo Richards' Tech Support Alert (Tips) 17 MAR 05
Apart from a bunch of How-To's, there's also a page listing the "best" free software out there. Yep I know how much y'all like spending money, so this won't be very interesting, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Up till now the "best 46" was reserved for paid subscribers, but Gizmo has recently opened it to everyone here... .

GKSetup 7 DEC 00
GkSetup is a Setup-toolkit for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows NT 2000. It allows you to create professional installations for your software. The self-extracting single-file Setups are ideal for internet distribution. The easy user interface will reduce your support calls. The uninstaller is required for the Windows logo. A detailed feature list that compares the Free- and Professional-Edition is available on the feature comparison page. There is a free version.

Glasso Icon Set (Graphics) 21 JUN 06
Vista ready.

Global Variables, Threads, Critical interSections and the Dangers of Unprotected Sets ( (Clarion Magazine) 27 JUN 06

Global Variables, Threads, Critical interSections and the Dangers of Unprotected Sets, (Clarion Magazine) 29 JUN 06

Glub Teck, Inc (Templates & Libraries) 30 AUG 04

Glyfz (Graphics) 13 JAN 05
For years, software developers have had to put up with the same set of toolbar glyphs and icons: widely available - boring and unoriginal! We understand that many software companies cannot afford or cannot justify hiring a graphic artist to create high quality toolbar images, splash screens and other interface elements. New versions of operating systems - Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OSX, and Gnome and KDE desktops on Linux - are setting a new standard for the look and feel of the application interface. We're determined to provide developers with an affordable way to achieve this new look!

Our small edition toolbar images will give an instant face-lift to your application, adding colour and a more appealing look. All the sets have been designed to work together seamlessly.

A free set is at These are quite nice.

Gnatt/OCX 26 APR 01
Gantt/OCX is a 32 bit ActiveX Control that will add Project Tracking, Planning and Management to your applications with the Click of a button. You can now produce applications with professional project management features like Planned, Actual, Progress and Slack tracking through visually interactive Gantt charts.

I know someone who uses it. Works fairly well. The code is a little messy, but not bad. (Steven C. Gallafent)

gNotes v3.0 Ready for C6.3 (Utilities) 21 JAN 06
Hold information such as additional addresses, phone numbers, important dates, notes, special invoice handling ... you get the idea.

G-Notes filters out the information pertaining to the selected record (you choose what field to use, SYS ID, Company, Name, etc.), and G-Notes will only display the notes attached to the selected record. Even if you are using several programs in the same directory, and all of them are using G-Notes, only the information for the active program will be displayed.

Go To Lunch Batch Compiler by Steve Parker 13 OCT 00
Steve Parker's GTLEE Compile Manager works great - especially in Win2k (Comment by Don Redd)

Go!Zilla 10 AUG 99
*FREE* Recover from download errors and resume failed downloads, manage and categorize files to download later and get those files from the most responsive site with Go!Zilla.

Google Maps EZ -- Get Started (Tips) 2 FEB 06
How to use Google Maps. (Web Sites) 11 DEC 02
Home of the $25 Logo! Looking for Great Domain Graphics at great prices? Well then - drink up! is dedicated to providing a professional look and feel for your domain name & website, an identity that engenders confidence and tells your customers that you are a serious enterprise. (Web Sites) 15 MAR 02
Access and control your pc from anywhere. Check email, transfer files, access your network. Fast. Easy. Secure. Free Trial!

gQ Query Sort v1.5 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
Easily create incredible on screen queries. Display information in an infinite number of ways. Queries can be created using an easy to use intuitive template format, then sorted and filtered. Users can be up and running within minutes with easy to follow directions and on-line help.

See also:

Gradient v1.1 from Princen Group ICT (Templates & Libraries) 22 MAR 05
Create Gradients and texts for all you frame/windows.

No black box, pure clarion code and a ressource compiler.

Graham Rhind's Page (Web Sites) 9 SEP 05
This site, built and maintained by Graham Rhind, contains the most complete postal code and address resource list available on the Internet, provided free since 1995.

Granite Bear's Network and other file problems 19 APR 02
Resolving network and other file problems

Granite Bear's tips on network crashes and file corruptions (Tips) 17 FEB 04
We've all been there. Your computer crashes for no reason and you can't figure out why it happened. The program that crashes has been working fine for months or years and nothing has changed on your computer recently, so your software provider is at a loss to explain the crash. Contrary to popular belief, we sometimes don't know or can't explain a crash - especially when the items noted below are involved.

Granitebear's user instructions for using the mailmerge features of ARCO 4 SEP 00

Green Parrots Software 10 JAN 02

Greenbar By The Block (Clarion Magazine) 9 SEP 04
Henry Plotkin shows a neat trick for adding a greenbar type effect to an event log.

gReg (ready for C6) (Templates & Libraries) 17 NOV 03
Our competitors offer only simple software licensing and authorization. gReg out-strips the competition with state-of-the-art encryption that locks out thieves permanently. Manage a few users or hundreds. gReg armors your software against thieves—and safeguards your revenues. Our protection is bulletproof!

Smoke your competitors with gReg's advanced customer tracking and technical support history. You and your customer support staff can satisfy every customer quickly and efficiently with our system.

Cut your advertising time and costs in half! Don't spend hours coding a demo version of your product. Use gReg to distribute an evaluation version of the real product. Allow access to all or part of your product for customer evaluation.

gReg is personalized for every programmer and custom unlock codes are completely unique from one developer to another. gReg is available for the following programming languages: Clarion, Visual Basic, & Delphi.

Compatible with Visual Basic, Clarion and Delphi

Grep32 19 DEC 01
GREP are the control letters for SED (stream editor) Global, Regular Expresion Print

Grid/X 6 FEB 01
Mabry's new Grid/X ActiveX control provides functionality and flexibility not seen in other grid controls. The rich object model consists of 20+ separate objects that make utilizing Grid/X's features easy and reliable.

Grupo de Usuarios de Clarion de Jalisco (Spanish) 15 SEP 00
Templates in spanish (but easy to implement according to Alejandro).

gSec v1.5 Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 17 MAY 04
Everything you need to add password protection to your *application. Easy to implement and designed for both the power user and the novice alike. Implement as much or as little security as you want. Have total control or pass on the job to your customer, then he can decide what procedures he wants protected and how. If you like simplicity and power combined, then this is for you. No more overkills!

GTL Batch Compiler v 6.22 (Utilities) 14 JUL 06
There is a new version of the GTL batch compiler available at the CWICWEB download site. (Graphics) 19 MAY 04
We make Xp icons for commercinal manufacturers. If you are a software developer, webmaster or user interface designer looking for high quality icons and glyphs for you software projects. You have come to the right place.

Here you can browse and buy high quality royalty-free icon. Our icons collections will bring a professional look to your projects while saveing your time and money.

GWB SQL AutoInc Updated 7 Oct 2004 (Templates & Libraries) 9 OCT 04
Use when you need AutoInc on the server, but need to know the value of the primary key so that child records can be added. The template is simply added to the Update Button on a form procedure.

Update . (Fixes a bug in the version posted a few days ago!

Hacker's Guide to the CWIC

Hand Coding Export Files (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 4 APR 06

Hand Coding Reports in Clarion (Tips) 24 MAY 05
Contributed by Ross Woolf

We all love the speed and relative ease with which Clarion allows you to build a report. However, sometimes the standard Clarion report templates don't give you quite the functionality that you'd like. In this example, Ross demonstrates how easy it is to build reports from 100% hand code. This example also demonstrates how reports are outputted in Clarion (.WMF files) and how you can capture these for your own use! Included is a .CLW file and a .PRJ project file.

HanDBase (Utilities) 22 APR 02
Database for Palm computers with ODBC for desktop to communicate.

Handcoding Tree Lists Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 13 JUN 01
James Cooke considersthe recent shift of the software industry toward tree-rich user interfaces, and decides this might be a good time to examine some of the benefits and key concepts of the tree control, as well as how to make good use of them in Clarion applications.

Handcoding Tree Lists Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 20 JUN 01
In Part 2 of this article, James Cooke shows how to handcode around a deficiency in the ABC relational tree control.

Handing COM Events - Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 11 JAN 02
The one area of COM that the Clarion OLE control is particularly weak in is receiving events. When the OLE control works, it works very well and is very simple to use. However, more often than not, it does not work, and in a case like that you'll need Jim Kane's OLE event code. Read on. Part 1 of 2.

Handing COM Events - Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 16 JAN 02
The one area of COM that the Clarion OLE control is particularly weak in is receiving events. When the OLE control works, it works very well and is very simple to use. However, more often than not, it does not work, and in a case like that you'll need Jim Kane's OLE event code. Read on. Part 2 of 2.

Handling Multiple Update Forms (Clarion Magazine) 29 JUN 01
In a college placement office application, Dr. Parker finds he needs to call different forms based on whether the client school is permitted to enter both off-campus and on-campus jobs or on-campus jobs only. And, just to keep it interesting, the different forms are to be used only when inserting new records.

Handling Nullable Fields in an ABC Application (Clarion Magazine) 17 SEP 04
It's no secret that Clarion doesn't handle nullable fields very well. In keeping with the ideal of simplicity, Clarion considers the value of a Null string to be blank, and a Null number to be zero. And in most cases, this is fine, and can make your code easier to use and maintain. But there are occasions when you have a Nullable field that really needs to be Null.

Handling Windows With Hundreds Of Controls (Clarion Magazine) 13 OCT 05 Job Seeker Homepage 20 JUL 00

Hello, Server? (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 13 DEC 05

Help & Manual 20 APR 00
Help & Manual contains all of the tools needed to create professional hypertext documentation and printed manuals, unlike limited help-authoring tools that force developers to learn obscure rich text file (RTF) tags, or to reformat their help file data to create printed manuals.

Help And Manual 4 JAN 02
Are you seeking information about help file creation and HTML HELP?

Help Magician Pro 19 MAR 99
Why would anyone want to spend more on a Help Authoring tool when Help Magician Pro 4.5 has all there is to offer for only $299? We are so confident that Help Magician Pro 4.5 will be your choice - we want you to compare our software to the competitive programs. You'll see for yourself why Help Magician Pro 4.5 is the preferred Help Authoring tool for creating online help.

Help Magician Pro 15 MAR 99
I have been using Help Magician Pro 95 for my help and developed a set of two templates to make adding Help to your app a _snapp_

The Help Context Strings are the Procedure Names. The Title is taken from the Window title.

One of the templates is a Utility that creates a .txt file that can be imported into HM Pro. The other is an Extension template that you place in the Global Extensions level of your app, and it automagically populates itself into all apps with a Window and sets 0{PROP:Help} = '~'.

Help Maker Plus 13 OCT 00
Fairly priced at 45.00 and easy to use- Uses MS Word 97 - 2000 (Comment by Dan Scott)

Help Pad 20 OCT 00
Inexpensive and Easy.

Help Scribble 23 DEC 98

Help to RTF Converter 22 NOV 00
I've found it invaluable for printing documentation for 3rd party products. There are others on the web as well -- do a google search for 'help RTF convert' and you'll find a lot of links. (Tom H)

Helpmaker Plus

HelpMaker.NET (Help Tools) 31 JAN 03
The freeware version does WinHelp help files and HTML-Help files. The WinHelp supports all the features required by Clarion help properties and the HTML-Help version builds a fully featured HTML-Help file for you.

The freeware version has no time-outs, no limits on topic size and no banner ads. There are no limitations on the freeware version.

HelpMaster 26 APR 00
Contact - Josef Becker

helpMATIC Pro for Windows95 8 OCT 97

Heraut Dezign for Databases 20 OCT 00

(Thanks, Dave Harms)

HijackThis (Utilities) 1 JUN 06
HijackThis is a program used by experienced users in order to detect browser hijackers. It allows you to identify any sort of spyware and malware (as well as some trojan horses and worms). This is achieved by scanning special zones of the registry as well as the hard disk drive, the results being listed in a structured window. Another feature of HijackThis is the creation of a log file, which can be saved as a simple text file and opened by any text editor (notepad as default). Until now, inexperienced users, who could not analyze the log file by themselves, had no other choice than posting it in a specialized forum and to hope that a more experienced user takes some time to analyze it. The script presented on this page is a way to analyze your log without help from the outside: simply copy/paste the content of the log file in the textbox below and hit the analyze button. HijackThis is free and does not need to be installed.

Hit Software 19 JUL 01
ODBC, OLE DB, JBDC drivers for IBM DB2 and AS/400. 20 JUL 00 (ASP) 24 OCT 02
Lots of ASP information.

HotSend 28 SEP 99
HotSend lets you email any document, graphic image or Web page to anyone—and know it will look like the original when they read it.

HotSend (eFax Messenger Plus) 23 FEB 01
eFax Messenger Plus lets you email any document, graphic image or Web page to anyone—and know it will look like the original when they read it.

Hovering cursor help builder by Vivid Help (Templates & Libraries) 23 DEC 02
"Hovering cursor" help builder by Vivid Help is released and available from ClarionShop with special Christmas price of 20$ :-) This tool allows you to build JAVA enabled HTML help compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. No programming skills are required to build user-friendly animated help for virtually any Windows program. Can be used both on- and off-line help system.

How ABC Handles Multiple Sort Orders (Clarion Magazine) 5 APR 99
A need for speed (sorts) takes Steve Parker down a winding path to ABC's handing of multiple sort orders.

How ABC Handles Multiple Sort Orders (Part II) (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 99
A need for speed (sorts) takes Steve Parker down a winding path to ABC's handing of multiple sort orders. Part 2 of 3.

How ABC Handles Multiple Sort Orders (Part III) (Clarion Magazine) 21 JUN 99
A need for speed (sorts) takes Steve Parker down a winding path to ABC's handing of multiple sort orders. Part 3 of 3.

How can I install Windows 2000 Server? (Tips) 10 MAR 06
As a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server support professional, one of your tasks may be to install the operating system.

How Not To Ignore The Form Template (Clarion Magazine) 4 OCT 02
In the previous episode, Steve Parker began "ignoring" the Form template, having previously ignored the report and browse templates. He stated that while he ignores the Form template’s prompts the most, he ignores the Form template the least. In this final installment in the series, Steve explores what really matters about forms.

How To Convert Your Database To SQL (Clarion Magazine) 3 MAY 99
Scott Ferrett has kindly given permission to Clarion Magazine to reprint his Euro DevCon '99 presentation on converting an ISAM (TPS) database to SQL. This is essential reading for anyone considering the move to SQL.

How to Display An Image In A ListBox Header (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUL 03
Have you ever wished that you could place an image on a listbox header? In this article Randy Rogers explain the first of two techniques (that is, hacks) that he uses to place little triangles in the header, like those used in Microsoft Outlook to display a column's sort order. Part 1 of 2.

How to Display An Image In A ListBox Header (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUL 03
Have you ever wished that you could place an image on a listbox header? In this article Randy Rogers explains how to use subclassing to place little triangles in the header, like those used in Microsoft Outlook to display a column's sort order. Part 2 of 2.

How to do OCX and Active X and a French corner. 26 JAN 98
Also information on imaging and scanning OCX which comes with 95 and NT.

How to get a GUID (Tips) 8 MAY 06
Explained in legible Clarion.

How To Handle Additional Sort Orders (Clarion Magazine) 4 JAN 00
It's easy to add additional non-keyed sort orders to a browse. But how do you get around the problem of not being able to use locators on these sort orders? Jim Halpin shows the way.

How To Ignore A Template (Clarion Magazine) 27 SEP 02
In his recent series on "ignoring" the ABC templates, Steve Parker documented the ABC class methods he uses most. In this article he explains how to discover which ABC methods might be of particular interest to you.

How To Ignore A Template: The Browse Reconsidered (Clarion Magazine) 4 SEP 02
In a recent article Steve Parker argued that it was not only possible but desirable (and even wise) to ignore large parts of the Report Template. Challenged by his editor, he now applies this approach to browse procedures.

How To Ignore The Form Template (Clarion Magazine) 3 OCT 02
For the past few months, Steve Parker has been attempting to demonstrate that Clarion developers are often well-advised to ignore the templates that SoftVelocity provides. Having dealt with browses and reports, Steve now takes on the form template.

How to keep Win 2000 from killiing 16 bit programs 17 JUL 00
Here is how to disable the maximize/minimize/close tool tip. It should be noted all other tool tips continue to work. The clip below is copied from the above article. It refers to Windows 98 but worked on Windows 2000 just fine for me.

How To Make Unplanned Service Improvements (Clarion Magazine) 21 SEP 01
The last few days have been very entertaining here at Clarion Magazine. My plan for a seamless migration to a new IP block went quickly awry when an apparent routing problem related to the migration more or less took ClarionMag offline. Here's what happened...

How To Query SQL into a Clarion Queue (Tips) 23 MAR 04
And it happens quite often that it would be extremely usefull to be able to have in a Clarion queue the result of an SQL query, without having to deal with the dictionary. Exactly, it would be neat to be able to have a flexible structure, different for different query, dynamically created, and go from there.

How to remove 32-bit debug information from an EXE without recompiling 19 FEB 01

How To Stop Trashing The Template Registry (Clarion Magazine) 2 MAR 04
How many times have you run a second instance of Clarion, without turning on multi-user development, only to have your registry trashed? In this article Danie de Beer describes a utility by Mark Goldberg that makes trashed registries a thing of the past.

How to use ArmAccess.dll and eSellerate in Clarion (Tips) 19 MAR 04
From time to time there are discussions on the newsgroups about incoporating into a Clarion application functions calling into Armadillo ArmAccess.dll, and also how to use eSellerate.

How to use Microsoft's Flexgrid control 19 AUG 00

How to use MS Calendar OCX (and others) 16 JUL 01
Using Ocx's with Clarion has always been a challenge for beginners as well as for more experienced programmers.The documentation is too technical to be use effectively by novices. This article does not provide an in-depth information about the architecture of an Ocx but rather a simple way to show you how to incorporate smoothly an object of the ActiveX type (new word for Ocx) in your applications. To do this we will use the Microsoft calendar MSCAL (included with MS-Office 97 and 2000). Notice that this technique applies also for lots of Microsoft Windows components.

We will use a Freeware product called OLEGEN to create all needed ABC class definitions for us.

HOWTO: Modify Printer Settings by Using SetPrinter 26 JUL 01
SetPrinter is a new API for Windows 95 and Windows NT that allows applications to change various printer attributes. However, as the code in this article demonstrates, a certain amount of preparation is necessary in order to call SetPrinter correctly.

HTML Designer (Help Tools) 19 MAY 04
This application will enable Clarion for Windows developers to EASILY and FAST implement HTML Help to their current and new applications.

Distribution consists of two template sets RHDESABC (ABC) and RHDES (Legacy). These templates need to be registered with the Clarion for Windows Version you are using if you don't register them during the installation.

The templates allows for the following:

HTML Designer works with all Versions of Clarion for Windows

HTML Designer Templates (Help Tools) 18 NOV 02
The HTML Designer suite allows the Clarion Application Developer to make use of the Standard Help, Tip and Message entry options on Screen Controls and Fields to enter information and a Wizard Utility Template will create the needed source code for the Compiled HTML Help.

This source code is "Compile ready" in that with use of the Microsoft Help Workshop you only need three steps to create the Compiled HTML help file:

1. Load the Project file into the Workshop.
2. Press the Compile button.
3. Sit and watch the file being created.

To view the Help file (CHM) go to and select the appropriate link.

Also works in C2003.

HTML Designer v1.04 Build 12 (Help Tools) 21 FEB 03
HTML Designer is a WYSIWYG HTML Help Creation utility that Interfaces directly with the Clarion for Windows Development environment for HTML Help file Creation in ALL versions of Clarion For Windows up to C55H. (Not tested with Version 6 yet)

To purchase the product/templates at the discounted price of $59 contact

HTML-Kit (Utilities) 6 FEB 03
HTML-Kit is a full-featured editor and an integrated development environment designed to help HTML, XHTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish web pages. Newcomers to web page development can benefit from letting it point out errors and provide suggestions on how to create standards compliant pages. Experts can save time spent on common tasks using the highly customizable and extensible editor while maintaining full control over multiple file types including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, VB, C/C++, C#, Delphi / Pascal, Lisp, SQL, and more. (Web Sites) 10 OCT 02
Cheap ASP hosting. $1.95/mth plus $25/yr for SQL server 7 (Web Sites) 10 OCT 02
Cheap ASP hosting: $20/mth with 200mb MS-SQL server 2000 (Web Sites) 10 OCT 02
Cheap ASP hosting: $5.95/mth hosts both ASP and PHP, free MySql (Web Sites) 10 OCT 02
Cheap ASP hosting: only has MS-Access but its free

Huenufeufu Development Task Control Ready for C6.3 (Clarion Applications) 19 JAN 06
TaskControl Lite

This program shows the running tasks in a window monitoring the CPU % used. You can set a CPU % hog limit, the number of cycles and the refresh rate for each cycle that the condition should met before the task is automatically terminated. This allows you to monitor hanged or bad terminated programs that remains in memory and hogs CPU resources. In addition, you can manually kill a process just like in Window’s task list.

TaskControl Pro

You can define which processes to monitor by its name. For each particular process, you can define a CPU % limit or a CPU time used limit, and a number of cycles that condition should met in average. You can also define an executable that should be launched after the program is terminated (therefore, you can unattended restart the terminated program). All operations and errors are logged to a special file, so you can later inspect what happened in your absence. With this version, it is impossible to terminate the wrong program by accident.

Huge icon collection 29 MAY 00
Over 3000 icons!

Hyperionics 25 JAN 02

I Didn't Need That Much Detail (Clarion Magazine) 26 JUL 01
Some clients like big reports. Very big reports. Reports that make mortal print drivers quiver and the Clarion IDE barf up cookies. Andrew Guidroz brings out his Binford 6500 IDE Grappler and shows how to fit big reports into that small space in the IDE.

iAnywhere (SQL) 21 OCT 04
SQL Anywhere Studio, the market leading data management and synchronization solution for mobile, embedded and small & medium business environments.

IB Expert (SQL) 28 JAN 04
Database Administration tool. For Firebird,

IBExpert v2 (SQL) 23 FEB 04
DB Manager for Firebird and InterBase.

iBill 19 DEC 01

IBM Introduces DB2 Express-C Data Server (SQL) 1 FEB 06
No license charge, no database size limit and no user limitations

DB2 Express-C offers the same core DB2 data server in a smaller package specifically designed for use in software development, deployment, redistribution and embedding within applications. No charge community support for DB2 Express-C is available via a new public forum on developerWorks, IBM’s resource for developers, with optional for-fee support offered by IBM.

IBM Lets Loose Viper Hybrid Database (Tips) 12 JUN 06
IBM said the world's first major hybrid database system, DB2 9, also known as Viper, will ship July 28 and will be able to handle the major form of unstructured enterprise data, XML documents, as well as structured data in traditional relational tables. The Oracle database system and Micrsoft SQL Server also handle XML data but IBM says DB2 9 is different. It will be the industry's first major system to allow seamless function between relational and XML-heirarchical data handling. With Viper, developers should be able to produce applications that direct DB2 to store and retrieve data without indicating whether it is structured or unstructured, said Bernie Spang, IBM's director of data servers. "It's a significant time and cost savings for developers," he asserted.

IBPhoenix Open Source ODBC Driver (SQL) 31 OCT 03
ODBC Driver for Firebird.

iButton (Web Sites) 16 FEB 04
The iButton® is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable stainless steel can, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. The steel button can be mounted virtually anywhere because it is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments, indoors or outdoors. It is durable enough to attach to a key fob, ring, watch, or other personal items and used daily for applications such as access control to buildings and computers.

IC Primer 5 MAY 00
How to use Internet Connect with your Clarion applications.

Ice Tips (Web Sites) 3 JUN 04

Icetip's Tips Page 11 FEB 00
Sometimes accidently passworded...

Icetips -Ready for C6.1 (Clarion 6) 3 JUN 04
All icetips products have been tested for C6.1. Those that have DLL's will need to download updated dll's.

Icetips Bios In ClarionMag - 1st Installment (Clarion Magazine) 19 MAR 04
Clarion Magazine is pleased to announce that it is the new home of the Icetips bios. By special arrangement with Sue Pichotta, these profiles of Clarion developers will remain free access. The first installment, consisting of bios from 2001, is available now. The next installment (Jan-June 2002) will appear next week.

Icetips Magic Buttons & Magic Entries (Templates & Libraries) 12 APR 03
Do you feel that your Clarion applications look a bit old and tired? Maybe not as good as some of the cool stuff written in other languages? Would you like to add a little spice to your applications?

Then you need to take a look at our Icetips Magic Buttons and Icetips Magic Entries. These two products add visual effects to your applications so they look cool and you can get some of the XP look and feel on other operating systems.

Icetips Magic Buttons v1.1 (Templates & Libraries) 22 AUG 02
The Magic Buttons add background images to your buttons with a very easy, yet powerful extension template.

You have complete control over what images are used, you can select images for individual buttons, exclude selected buttons or include only selected buttons. You can also specify variable image names and have the users pick the images they like!

It comes with several backgrounds and four different themes for buttons. Each theme has 3 images, one for small toolbar buttons (25 by 25 pixels), one for regular buttons (25 by 75 pixels) and one for large buttons (75 by 75 pixels).

You can also create your own images to use, the templates will work with any image that works natively with Clarion, i.e. bitmap, GIF, JPG or icons. Download the demo to see how it looks like and read the 14 page documentation.

Compatible with Clarion 5 and Clarion 5.5, both ABC and Legacy, the Icetips Magic Buttons add a professional style to your applications.

Icetips Magic Entries (Templates & Libraries) 22 AUG 02
The Magic Entries make your applications look sharp and professional by using flat entry fields instead of the old-fashioned three dimensional entries.

The Magic Entries are compatible with Clarion 4, Clarion 5 and Clarion 5.5, ABC and Clarion templates. It comes complete with a demo and a 37 page PDF manual with detailed documentation of templates and classes.

"Everything old is new again!"

Icetips News and BIO page. (Tips) 28 JUL 03
Icetips has moved the news and biographies to

Icetips Newsletter - Using XP Themes (Tips) 20 MAY 04
Any application can get the XP look and feel without expensive and complicated tools. But the way Microsoft designed the XP Themes, there are certain limits to what can be done. For examply any non standard buttons will not get the XP look.

The guys in Norway, Poweroffice, have a product that fixes this and makes ALL buttons draw properly under XP, even those with icons. I also understand that C6.1 may fix some of this. (Arnor)

Icetips Professional Wizards (Templates & Libraries) 3 JUN 04
The Icetips Professional Wizards are designed to help Clarion developers create attractive applications and save precious development time.

The Icetips Wizards are a combination of two types of software:

1. A Wizard Editor software.
2. Wizard Templates that generate Clarion 5.5 ABC code.

The Wizard Editor software allows the developer to create multiple schemes with information about various attributes for common controls and structures in the application. For example icons on buttons, fonts on appframe, browse and form windows as well as fonts on header, footer and detail bands on reports.

The Wizard templates ask the developer what scheme to use and then apply the attributes from that scheme to the application or procedure the Wizard is generating. Further the Browse and Report Wizards also allow the developer to specify what fields to populate in the browse listbox or the report detail respectively.

This setup considerably reduces the time to design the windows and reports.

Icetips Professional Wizards (Templates & Libraries) 4 MAR 03
The Icetips Professional Wizards are a set of templates and software that make creating applications, browses, forms and reports both easier and faster.

The Professional Wizards also have the unique possibility for you to add extension templates to your application or procedures. This is done in the Wizard Editor, with the Icetips Template Registry, where you register your templates and then populate them to the various locations in your app, global, frame, browse, etc., etc... You can register any templates there and use any extension templates that you have registered, including your own templates!

Icetips Report Checkbox Fixer (Templates & Libraries) 18 DEC 04
Have you ever needed to print reports with checkboxes on them? We have and so have other developers. The problem is that the lines in these checkboxes are so thin that they don't show up when the reports are faxed. This is a problem! So to solve our problem, and our customers, we created this little product.

Icetips Report Previewer v2.2 (Templates & Libraries) 26 MAY 06
The Previewer Wizard creates a previewer procedure in your application. It is just a normal window procedure, _with_ all the embedded code ready for you to modify and add functionality or do whatever you want to.

Now you can get a previewer with a lot of functionality and then add what you need, modify it to look like the rest of your program, translate, whatever. Best of all, you can have multiple previewers in your application and call them conditionally or use different previewers for different type of reports etc. etc.

Provides full support to both CPCS and Fomin Report Builder reports for the Clarion 6.0/6.1 target templates as implemented by those products.

Icetips Reporter 5 NOV 01
The Icetips Reporter is a tool to make creating Clarion reports a fairly easy and painless task (or as pain-free as possible!). With the Icetips Reporter, you'll eliminate the time-eating repetitive tasks involved in developing reports, so that your time can be spent working on the more difficult bits.

Icetips SQL Reference (Utilities) 8 JAN 03
There are two template sets that can help you when you are converting from TSP to SQL.

RADVenture in the Netherlands has just released a new freeware product, Clarion DictionaryBuilder beta 1.1. Download the Clarion DictionaryBuilder beta 1.1. from our FTP site. - 1,616,186 bytes, uploaded January 7, 2003

Icetips SQL templates v6.0 (Templates & Libraries) 7 JUL 03
Icetips Software is very proud to present a new release of the Icetips SQL templates, now presented in version 6.0, compatible with both Clarion 5.5 and Clarion 6.

Version 6 contains a lot of new features, improvements and fixes. We have also written a new 96 page PDF manual, that include a users guide and class reference. You can download the documentation from our website at

Icon Boss Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
Available in SOURCE for C4 or C5.

Icon Chooser (Utilities) 3 JUL 06
Helps choose Images, and copies them to your development folder.
Filter every image by name...
Copy Image name to clipboard...
Rename Image and copy it to your development folder and put the name in the clipboard with one click!

Source available for Clarion Programmers - Pure Clarion - no templates required!

Icon Edit Pro 31 DEC 00

Icon Snatcher 15 OCT 99
Icon Snatcher extracts icons from EXE and DLL files.

Iconcool (Graphics) 19 JUL 06
Many free icons.

IconExperience (Graphics) 20 MAY 04
The IconExperience was created with the purpose of providing professional icon collections at an affordable price. If you are a software developer, webmaster, or user interface designer looking for a large variety of stock icons, you have come to the right place.

Our icons were carefully crafted with a fresh and inspiring design. Their style fits nicely into modern environments like Windows® XP and the Java™ Swing framework.

Icons In List Box (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
Including a balance column or an aging column isn't quite obvious enough for the typical user, even if a contrasting color is set. Some other kind of visual indicator is necessary, and some iconic eye candy is just what Dr. Parker prescribes.

Icons XP Specialty Groups (Web Sites) 25 NOV 02
Each group contains images for a specific subject. These are not actually icons, but high resolution images that can be resized using any standard program such a PaintShop Pro (c). You can resize to use on a tool bar, splash screen, web sites, etc. The uses are unlimited. Each set is distributed in two formats, one that will contain all layers in the image, preserving the transparency, so that you can modify, and a flat image with a shadow that is ready to use as is.

ICVerify (Templates & Libraries) 5 JUN 02
Whether used as a stand-alone software solution, or integrated with another application, ICVERIFY for Windows helps you handle all of your in-store, mail, telephone, and electronic transactions, in one easy-to-use program. ICVERIFY software can help you reduce data entry errors and problems during reconciliation, which could be a problem when dealing with multiple payment transaction types and multiple processors. ICVERIFY provides reporting to match the exact dates of your merchant statement - greatly reducing reconciliation time. When you use ICVERIFY for Windows you can save significantly in your setup and maintenance costs because multiple users can share one phone line and there are no hardware upgrades involved in the setup.

iFolder by Novell (Utilities) 5 FEB 05
Used to keep files available and up to date on different computers and backed up.

I think I could use this!

IfranView (Utilities) 19 APR 02
IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze 9x/ME, WinNT, Win2000 and Windows XP.

The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIFF support The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support.

If you are a commercial user and you like this program (or are a home user who wants to support/donate further development), please register/donate by sending US$ 10.00 or EUR 10,- (this is the price for one (single) licence).

Igor Kuklin's page (maybe dead link?) 2 FEB 02

Image FX 31 DEC 00

Image Magick 6 JAN 01
ImageMagickTM is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 68 major formats) including popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Photo CD, and GIF. With ImageMagick you can create images dynamically, making it suitable for Web applications. You can also resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save your completed work in the same or differing image format. Image processing operations are available from the command line, as well as through C, C++, and PERL-based programming interfaces.

Here are just a few examples of what ImageMagick can do:

You can access ImageMagick functions directly from the command line using the ImageMagick tools convert, mogrify, montage, combine, or identify. Use the display program to interactively manipulate your images or animate an image sequence from a graphical panel. Finally you have access to the various image manipulation methods directly from your favorite application development environment: Perl, C++, C, or Java. These programs and much more are explained by following the links from this page or read the ImageMagick Users Guide.

ImageMagick is known to compile and run on virtually any Unix. system and Linux. It also runs under Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Macintosh, VMS, and OS2. See the install guide for compiling instructions. Pre-compiled binaries are available for some of the more popular operating systems. The entire source and binary distribution is also available for a limited time on CD.

ImageMagick is copyrighted by ImageMagick Studio, a nonprofit organization. ImageMagick is available for free, may be used to support both open and proprietary applications, and may be redistributed without fee.

Image Robot by JASC 7 FEB 01
Manipulate images from the command line. From the same people as Paint Shop Pro.

Image Shrinker (Utilities) 11 JAN 03
Have you ever received an email that contained just one photograph, but took 20 minutes or more to download ? This program was designed to stop YOU being the cause of this sort of problem!

Image Shrinker takes image files that can be HUGE and converts them to tiny easy to handle files which are suitable for emailing and printing on inkjet printers.

The program is designed to take any image file and convert it to the sort of file you might like to print using a normal printer, or display on your screen. Click here for more information about images.

My Digital camera by default saves images that take up about 1MB of disk space. Image Shrinker converts these to about 50Kb or less - and they are still suitable for viewing on screen, or high quality printing at about 1/2 an A4 size page.

(Written in C55 using ImageEx.)

Image-XChange v3 (Templates & Libraries) 14 JUN 05
Image-XChange Version 3 is our new set of tools to use in your standalone projects - or compliments our existing PDF-XChange, PDF-Tools and TIFF-XChange products for software developers.

Version 3 of Image-XChange is now available and a free upgrade for all existing users - including Clarion users 5.x thru Clarion 6.2x !

As with all of our developer kits we allow Royalty Free distribution of the 'Run Time' elements of the library with your end user applications - we also do not expect you to pay license fee's every time you incorporate the libarary into a new application, there are no limits on the number of applications you may use the library in.

ImageEX v3.5.2 (Templates & Libraries) 20 SEP 06
ImageEx is a graphic library that has been designed especially for use with Clarion. For speed issues it has been written in Delphi, but there's another Clarion layer in between your app and the Delphi library, so you won't get in touch with the Delphi stuff directly. Some people might dislike using non-Clarion libraries, but I bet after running the demo and seeing the amazing speed of ImageEx (especially the viewer control) this won't be a problem for you. ImageEx still supports all possible link modes (local / standalone).

ImageEx consists of three main components:

ImageMan (Templates & Libraries) 10 MAY 02
Our ImageMan toolkits provide support for loading, processing, displaying, printing and scanning images in over 35 raster and vector image formats. All this in a toolkit that has no distribution royalties.

Images, BLOBs, And The Imag'N OCX/DLL (Clarion Magazine) 9 APR 02
Scott Daughtry uses the Imag'N OCX/DLL toolset from Pegasus Software to manipulate images in Clarion. In this article he describes how to store images in BLOBs and display those images on a browse.

ImaginA+ (Templates & Libraries) 27 FEB 06
ImaginA+ is a simple, small and powerfull JPG encoder library. Lets you save SnapShots of any window (even the desktop) as JPG file, or copy the image directly from the Jpg stream to any Memory buffer / Blob database field. The library was written in assembler code. The API is simple to use and can be used by any programming language that supports calls to DLLs.

Imaging for Windows by Augustinius Ludwig Jacob 22 APR 99
Kodak imaging in Clarion.

iMatix 8 MAY 00
Many web related tools.

IMPEX Import / Export v5.3 Ready for C6.1 (No changes needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
Other new Features:

Implementing a Critical Section: Fast and Effective (Clarion Magazine) 21 OCT 04
The Critical Section is the construct most commonly used to protect reading and writing non-threaded, static data in multi-threaded applications. And using Critical Sections is easier than you think.

Implementing Read-Only Checkboxes (Clarion Magazine) 5 JUL 01
Many Clarion developers have discovered that the READONLY attribute is not available for checkbox controls. Although you can use the DISABLE attribute, it is often desirable to use the READONLY attribute for the sake of consistency in the user interface. Jeff Slarve shows how it's done.

Implementing SELECT DISTINCT in a TPS Database (Clarion Magazine) 9 JAN 01
In SQL when you want a report showing only single instances of a particular data element you can use the SELECT DISTINCT statement. But what do you do when you want this same capability in a TPS database? Jon Waterhouse presents a template that does the job.

Improving On The Non-Related Lookup Template (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 18 JUL 06

Imran Hussain's WinSQL 8 DEC 99
If you have used ISQL/W for MS SQL Server and wished that utility was available for all other databases, your wish has been granted. This utility uses ODBC to connect to different databases. You can connect to multiple data source at the same time. The editor is much better than ISQL/W as it highlight the SQL keyword as you type. It also displays the database catalog information including table name, field name, stored procedures and their parameters. Moreover, it uses a multi-threaded architecture for better performance. One big advantage of this utility is that there is no installation. It is just one file that can be copied easily on to a floppy disk.

There's a professional version available.

In The Red (Clarion Magazine) 29 AUG 01
In accounting, it’s standard practice to show negative numbers in red. Here's a source procedure that will search the currently active window for any numeric fields capable of displaying negative numbers.

InBack (Utilities) 11 SEP 06
"In Back" is a high performance tool designed to help computer users safeguard their precious files during the course of day-to-day work. Although many people do a daily backup of their files (at least they are supposed to), it is quite possible for something to happen during the day which could ruin hours and hours worth of work. Tragedies such as program crashes, human error, hardware failure, bad luck, and others can render your hard work useless. Before "In Back" you would have had to restore from the last full backup in order to recover. "In Back" provides the computer user with a way to save their more important files in a quick and easy way.

Indigo Rose Software (Install Programs) 21 MAY 04

Infintech (Credit Card Services) 16 SEP 05
Credit card processing. Easy interface. In store or internet sales.

Info ZIP 23 AUG 99
Info-ZIP's purpose is to provide free, portable, high-quality versions of the Zip and UnZip compressor-archiver utilities that are compatible with the DOS-based PKZIP by PKWARE, Inc.

Info-ZIP code has been incorporated into a number of third-party products as well, both commercial and freeware. Some of the more interesting ones include the use of UnZip code in the unzip.dll distributed with IBM's OS/2 Warp BonusPak and WebExplorer, and as part of the reinstallation code for the IBM Aptivas preloaded with OS/2 Warp. Sun used Info-ZIP's self-extractor to distribute the NT version of their HotJava browser. Various Windows products such as WinZip and the DynaZIP DLLs incorporate Info-ZIP code, too. And let us not forget Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an excellent encryption program that uses Info-ZIP code as a first step in encrypting files. Info-ZIP's primary compression engine has also been spun off into the free zlib compression library, used in Netscape Communicator and countless other products.

Infodata 21 JUL 00
Adobe Acrobat Tools

As you probably know, there are 4 descriptors inside a PDF document under "Document Information" general properties:

These can be filled in using a batch process and an Acrobat add-on tool such as Ambia's Compose tool. Go to for more information. You can also put in bookmarks and links automatically, using Compose, if you design your reports with different fonts.

When I print reports (for archiving), I create a record in a TPS file that stores the four fields for each report, and then I run a batch program to fill in the Document Information on the reports.

(Comments by Bob Campbell)

Information Systems Planning (Clarion Magazine) 13 FEB 01
This Whitemarsh Information Systems paper presents an information systems model for information systems managers. Includes comparisons to IBM's Business System Plan, James Martin's Strategic Data Planning, and Clive Finklestein's Strategic Management Plan.

Informit 29 APR 99
Zip code and mailing software. Some free. Includes zip codes, longitude and lattitude and demographic information.

Infoworld reviews Clarion 31 DEC 00

Infragistics ScheduleX (Controls) 29 APR 02
ScheduleX™ combines six powerful, lightweight components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, WeekView, DayView and TaskPad components, create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires powerful scheduling. ScheduleX includes the Date Edit and Time Edit components for a total scheduling solution.

Ingasoftplus forum (Web Sites) 3 OCT 06

IngasoftPlus Online Store (Web Sites) 16 APR 03
It is incredible that now you can not just use our great products but also touch Ingasoftplus !! Buy what you want from our new store ! Apparel, Housewares, Hats, Auto Goods, Cards, Bags, Prints and More!

Yes, Ingasoftplus merchandise.

Ingegrating the Clarion Report Writer into your Application part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
by Ben Brady

This article will show you how to integrate CRW and the CRW ReportEngine class (which lets you control the report writer by method calls) into your application, within the Clarion IDE and Application Generator, using embedded code.

Ingegrating the Clarion Report Writer into your Application part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
by Ben Brady

Passing the path to the data files contained in the data dictionary.

Ingres for Windows (SQL) 7 OCT 04

Ingres r3 – An Evaluation by Bloor Research (SQL) 11 OCT 04
The latest release of Ingres (r3) represents a dramatic departure for CA, not so much in its new features (though these are significant), but in the fact that the company has migrated the product from a conventional, proprietary model to being an open source one. This has immediately propelled Ingres to a leadership position in the open source database market. It is clear that Ingres is by far and away the most sophisticated product in this market.

Inno Setup 20 JUN 00
Yes, it is completely free, even for commercial use. (There are restrictions on modifying and redistributing the source code, however; see the LICENSE.TXT file included in the source code package for details.)

Inno Setup Compiler (Install Programs) 8 AUG 03
visitors since Jan. 1998 Inno Setup Setup Wizard IDE Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability. Features Learn more about what Inno Setup can do. Download Inno Setup Get the latest version of Inno Setup here. Mailing List Be notified by e-mail whenever major new versions are released. Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to common questions and problems. Third-Party Files Here you can find various useful tools for Inno Setup (for example, GUI script editors) and translations of the Setup text in many languages. Don't forget to check out the Inno Setup newsgroups, the primary source for Inno Setup support. Key features: Support for all 32-bit Windows versions in use today -- Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Me, NT 4.0. Supports creation of a single EXE to install your program for easy online distribution. Disk spanning is also supported.

Is it really free of charge, even for commercial use? Yes, it may be used completely free of charge, even when deploying commercial applications. However if you wish to show your appreciation and support its development you can make a donation.

InnQuest (Clarion Applications) 26 AUG 04
An application written in Clarion.

inpout32.dll (Templates & Libraries) 13 SEP 06
Introducing Inpout32.dll for WIN 98/NT/2000/XP. This dll have the following features

How it works.

Install US ($50) 16 MAR 00
Install-US is a setup toolkit that helps you create an installation for software you developed. Install-US compresses the files and splits them into the medium. Install-US copies expanded files into directories, creates program groups and enters the software into the system registry. Uninstall is also supported, and you can define file extentions for Explorer. Install-US can be applied to 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROMS, and media up to 2 GB in size.

Install-us (Install Programs) 13 MAY 02
Install-us makes it easy to create your own installation applications within minutes.

Install-us will bring many powerful features, which will give you total control over the installation issues of your software.

Instant Demo Screen Recorder (Utilities) 3 NOV 04

Intel Application Accelerator (Utilities) 1 OCT 03
Intel Application Accelerator
Reasons to Use Intel® Application Accelerator

The Intel® Application Accelerator is a performance software package for desktop PCs using select Intel® chipsets. The following sections describe the major benefits of installing Intel Application Accelerator.

Intel® Application Accelerator (Utilities) 24 JAN 05
The Intel® Application Accelerator is a software package that replaces the ATA drivers that come with Windows* with drivers optimized for desktop PCs using select Intel® chipsets. This software package is not a requirement for your operating system to work properly.

InterBase 14 JUN 00
Apparently a Free SQL engine.

Interbase Datapump (Version 3.4) (Free!) (Templates & Libraries) 8 NOV 02
Interbase DataPump allows you to pump data from any ADO/BDE/ODBC sources (such as dBase, Paradox, Access, MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB2 etc) and native Interbase/Firebird databases into Interbase/Firebird databases easy, fast and painlessly with total control over the whole process.

You can generate SQL script to create Interbase/Firebird database based on your ADO/BDE/ODBC source. This tool will help you to migrate from Interbase 5.xx and older Interbase databases to the new Interbase 6.x/Firebird format. You can use it to pump data from one Interbase database to another. A “must have” utility for all Interbase/Firebird developers and administrators!

This is "One Hour Solution" - in most cases it takes even less than an hour to pump data to your Interbase database.

What Interbase DataPump can do which other similar tools can't?

Interbase Server & Client 22 OCT 01
Download the tagged version. The is the same version with same core source except not being certified by Borland.

Interbase Server & Client 22 OCT 01
This is the Firebird version. I had just tested with my applications and was surprised to find that it is pretty stable. It seemed to be slightly faster than the version (my personal view only). (Kelvin Chua's personal view)

Interfaces Everywhere (Clarion Magazine) 3 FEB 03
Some time ago Jim Kane created the OLETCL class to use COM objects with a VB-like syntax. OLETCL relied on a quirk in Clarion's COM and thread handling, but with Clarion 6's new threading model OLETCL will no longer work. That prompted Jim to finish a COM interface generator he'd started many years earlier.

Interfacing Satellite Forms Applications and Clarion for Windows (Clarion Magazine) 22 DEC 00
Satellite Forms is a rapid application development environment for 3Com Palm devices that is similar in many ways to Clarion for Windows. This article highlights the Satellite Forms development process and the steps necessary to successfully interface to a Clarion for Windows application using the Satellite Forms Hotsync Control.

Interfacing With An Interface (Clarion Magazine) 12 JUN 02
Interfaces are becoming increasingly important in the evolution of ABC. In this article, Phil Will shows how to implement the WindowComponent interface to make the currently selected control more visible to the user.

Interfacing With C++ Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 18 JAN 02
This article demonstrates how Clarion interfaces and C++ abstract base classes can be freely interchanged between Clarion, TopSpeed C++ and Microsoft Visual C++. Not only does this provide a convenient conduit for mixed language development, it also allows objects to be shared across languages. In practice it is possible to build a very powerful C++ library by simply wrapping existing or third party code within a Clarion compatible interface. Part 1 of 2.

Interfacing With C++ Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 21 JAN 02
In this second of two parts, Gordon Smith concludes his demonstration of how Clarion interfaces and C++ abstract base classes can be freely interchanged between Clarion, TopSpeed C++ and Microsoft Visual C++.

Interfacing with Quickbooks using ThinkData's QBFuse (Tips) 12 DEC 03
Contributed by Rick Williams

Rick's company has been working on projects which integrate Clarion and Quickbooks. In this presentation he demonstrates how simple it is to integrate the two using ThinkData's QBFuse product. Included are a PowerPoint presentation and a Word document detailing the process.

Internal Help - An Alternative To Commercial Help Systems (Clarion Magazine) 9 AUG 01
At its most basic, application Help is just a display of a specific block of text when a button is pressed. This is a lot like displaying the memo of a record upon demand, something that Clarion can do easily. That was the starting point for Tim Philips' integrated 'internal' help system.

Internationalization Tools Standards: Learning from an ABC Calendar Workaround (Clarion Magazine) 21 OCT 05

Internet Framework Templates - Client Edition 9 JUN 00
Internet Framework Templates - HTTP Client Edition is for quickly and easily building Web (or HTTP) clients that access Web (or HTTP) servers. These templates enables applications to perform a variety of tasks including:

You can use it to build Internet/Web utilities such as remote file management utilities, agents, web robots, and spiders, or to add Web client capability to an existing application.

These templates use the Windows Socket API for efficiency, using the asynchronous (Windows messaging) functions, and are entirely written in Clarion (with no DLLs) for flexibility. Comes with Clarion example app file to compile. Re-use example for your needs.


Great introductory pricing at $ 89

Internet Framework Templates Server Edition 9 JUN 00
The Internet Framework Template HTTP Server edition gives you the power to build your own, custom, 32-bit Windows, HTTP server application using Clarion. You will be able to assemble and test an HTTP server in minutes. The Internet Framework Templates handles the interface to the Windows socket (Winsock) functions. Version1.5 upgrade Free to current IFT customers.

Introducing PostgreSQL (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 28 NOV 02
PostgreSQL, a long-time open source rival to the MySQL database, isn't particularly well known among Clarion developers. In part, that's because until recently the only way to run PostgreSQL on a Windows machine was by using the Cygwin Linux emulation. A beta of a native Windows version is now available, and that's prompted David Harms to begin this new series on PostgreSQL.

Introducing PostgreSQL - Creating Tables And Sequences (Clarion Magazine) 6 FEB 03
Dave Harms resumes his series on the open source PostgreSQL database with a look at table creation, and the intricacies of PostgreSQL's sequences, which are used primarily for autonumbering primary keys.

Introduction to SQL - Part 4 (Clarion Magazine) 1 MAY 01
In Part 4 of this series, Dave Harms answers some questions about the differences between developing for flat file and SQL databases.

Introduction To SQL: Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 28 FEB 01
In the first installment of this new series, Dave Harms compares TPS and SQL databases and explains why SQL is important to Clarion developers.

Introduction To SQL: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 6 MAR 01
In the second installment of this new series, Dave Harms explains how to create an SQL database.

Introduction To SQL: Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 14 MAR 01
In the third installment of this new series, Dave Harms looks at some of the differences between TPS tables and SQL tables.

inVision Discussion Board (Web Sites) 10 DEC 02
For those interested, im busy setting up a forum with template and api downloads for Clarion.

Invoice! 2000 29 MAY 01
Tired of using invoicing software that requires you to set everything up including how the invoice will work. You have tried other software to create invoices and they are too complicated or too bulky, or worse yet every time you turn around you have to buy an upgrade to get the bug fixes... You have no desire to learn how to create an invoice, and you are tired of paying for every upgrade and maintenance release to use the software, you just want one that works! Do it with Invoice! 2000™...only $99.95! 5 APR 00
Why struggle with static, bitmap-based gauges, switches, and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls designed for the needs of automation programmers. Reliable, Real-Time, Real Fast!

Hi, have been working with IOComp's Instrumentation suite... After a little fiddling I have been able to make their OCX's work well with CW5.0. If anyone is in need for a vast quantity of switches, knobs, sliders, gauges, led's and all other stuff check them out. They were VERY HELPFUL and interested in my getting it running with Clarion. Sort of a surprise compared to most ActiveX software houses. (Thanks to RJMiller)

IP*Works v4.0 3 MAR 00
A comprehensive set of tools including everything you need to write powerful connected applications. With 22 royalty-free controls implementing Internet Protocols such as: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, MIME, Telnet, and more. IP*Works! gives you a complete solution, and it's excellent 5 year track record means you get a robust enterprise-class solution backed by professional technical support.

Available as ActiveX controls, C++ Libraries, Native Delphi and C++ Builder VCL's, and Pure Java Beans! ActiveX and C++ versions also available for Windows CE. IP*Works! SSL also available.

IPAddress Control 2 FEB 02
Source, lib and examples for the IPAddress Control.

iQ-XML v1.22 (Templates & Libraries) 14 SEP 06
iQ-XML is a free tool for Clarion developers to add XML functionality to their applications with very little knowledge. But, don't let the free price scare you. It offers many features not found in Clarion's own XML functions.

iQ-XML comes with both Parser and Writer functions. Quickly generate an XML document from a Clarion Queue, Group structure, or just using the API's.

A novice user can also read a complex XML document and fill a Clarion Queue. Navigate easily through-out the document, finding nodes and parsing only what you need.

For users who feel comfortable with Templates, there are also templates options available for all the API's. Both PDF, Online HTML documentation, as well as example applications are also included.

IRC Transcript: Andy Ireland Discusses COM (Clarion Magazine) 15 OCT 01
This is an excerpt from the IRC chat on Saturday, October 6, 2001. Andy Ireland, of PlugWare.Com Solutions, Ltd talked about interfaces, COM objects and how to use them in Clarion. Side conversations, parts and joins and other notices are removed for clarity. Also, the conversation is reformatted to read like an interview. You do not need a subscription to read this PDF.

IrfanView (Freeware) 4 SEP 00
IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIFF support The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support.

Is SQL A Real Standard? (Clarion Magazine) 15 APR 01
In this Whitemarsh paper, Mike Gorman takes a look at the SQL "standard." If a standard is something you can count on, for what it means, says and does, then perhaps SQL really doesn't qualify anymore.

iSEDQuickPDF (Templates & Libraries) 26 MAY 04
Welcome to the home of iSEDQuickPDF - the easiest way to get powerful control of PDF documents in your applications.

iSEDQuickPDF (Templates & Libraries) 23 FEB 05
Features of the iSEDQuickPDF include:

  1. TrueType font support (including font embedding)
  2. Built-in barcode support
  3. Import and append to any existing PDF file
  4. Encryption and decryption (including 128-bit encryption)
  5. Advanced drawing, including circles and arcs
  6. Outline and hypertext functions
  7. Embedded image support
  8. Rotated text, multi-line paragraph text, word-wrapped paragraph text
  9. Save-to-stream and Load-from-stream support for web serving
  10. Page cloning technology
  11. PDF merging technology
  12. Form field support
  13. Advanced page extraction
  14. Page combining and imposition
  15. PDF compression
  16. File format conversions
  17. Preview PDF files with the Icetips Previewer

IsNetworkAlive: When You Don't Need to Know &lt;i&gt;That&lt;/i&gt; Muc (Clarion Magazine) 27 DEC 05

ISO - International Organization for Standards 17 OCT 01
ISO Information, including ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

It's an XML World! (Clarion Magazine) 25 APR 02
XML is everywhere, as Jim Kane is beginning to see. In this article Jim shows how to use the MS DOM XML parser to manage XML documents.

ITEMIZE Your Parameters For A Better OMITTED() (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUN 00
Omitted parameters can be handy, but they're also an easy way to add bugs to your program. Carl Barnes outlines a strategy for bug-free omits.

IV DEVCON/GESCLA Brazil (Events) 22 APR 03
The organizer Comission of IV DEVCON/GESCLA have the honour to invite all of Clarion Developers to the biggest event of the Program already done in Brazil, that will be realize in the Lizon Hoel dependences in Curitiba - PR, from June 19th to June 22nd, 2003 with the participation of well-known talkers from Clarion world like; Juan Domingo Herrera, Sebastian Tallamoni, Marcono Antonio Machado, Matias Flores and others. Among the topics to be approach are: Clarion, Clarion ASP, Clarion PHP, Clarion with, Templates, SQL, API, Data Replication and PostgreSQL.

We'll have a biggest pleasure to take in as guest in Curitiba, on of the beatiful cities in Brazill, with a good transport an tourist structure known in all parts of the world. The IV DEVCON/GESCLA certainly will be an ungerttable event. Come to Curitiba.... bring you famili and participate in with Clarion Community of this fantastic event.

Organizer Comission of IV DEVCON/GESCLA
Julio César Pedroso
José de Mello Jr.

J-Fax v1.21 (JFax) (Templates & Libraries) 17 AUG 06
We have built a Clarion DLL that wraps up all the functionality exposed by the Windows Fax Service COM objects provided with Windows 2000, XP and 2003. J-Fax consists not only of our DLL wrapper, but it also includes Clarion templates and classes, which greatly simplify the process of adding this functionality into your own software. You can now add faxing abilities into your own code in a matter of seconds!

J-PWBlowfish (Templates & Libraries) 23 JAN 06
J-PWBlowfish is a Clarion wrapper (pure Clarion source, no black boxes) for the Blowfish encryption algorithm. Most of this code was written by Plugware - we have added a helper class, examples, templates, etc.

This is a free download (with permission from Plugware), all that we ask is that you submit any changes you make to this code back to us. If you would like to receive notification via email when new builds are released, please click here.

Lastly, we would love to hear from you, as it's rewarding to find out who is using your code and what they are doing with it. This information will not be given to anyone else, it is simply used to motivate ourselves. We accept donations and beer also .

J-Skype v1.04 (Templates & Libraries) 3 OCT 06
J-Skype enables you to integrate Skype into your own Clarion applications. You can send messages to other Skype users, you can initiate and close Skype calls, and so forth!

To send a Skype message to another user, simply code:

MySkype.SendChatMessage ('strategyonline', 'Hi Gary!')

That's right! It's a single line of code! To call a user simply code this:

MySkype.StartCall ('strategyonline')

Then simply call "MySkype.EndCall" when you're done!

You can call Skype from any procedure, across any thread! You can even have multiple Skype objects running simultaneously! We take care of all the complexities for you.

Now does inter-application communication.

J-Spell v1.26 Gold (JSpell) (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUL 06
Most popular software (including almost everything written by Microsoft) supports the ability for the user to press F7 in order to check their spelling. J-Spell adds that exact functionality to your own Clarion applications!

All you need to do is install J-Spell, add the "J-Spell Global Extension Template" to your Clarion APP, and then recompile. When your users run your EXE, they will then be able to press the F7 key at any time to check their spelling!

The great thing about J-Spell is that it DOES NOT use Microsoft Word as the underlying spelling engine! Instead, it uses an open-source spelling engine called aSpell, which is also used by the likes of Opera and UltraEdit. And the "Spell Checking" window that appears when your users press the F7 key is actually a Clarion window, which we wrote, so we (and you) can control how it behaves, looks, and feels.

JA 'Objects Edition' 15 MAR 00
Create COM Components In Clarion Jazz Age’s JA Objects Edition 1.7.103 for Clarion is freely available for download. This product makes it possible to create COM components with full ASP and MTS compliance, and dual interfaces. Advanced COM threading models are supported.

Please feel free to download it and use it at your convenience.

JaDu - Free templates (Templates & Libraries) 14 OCT 02

JaDu Technologies 8 JUL 02


JAGUAR v1.0 Beta 3 (Templates & Libraries) 9 DEC 04
We are glad to announce the beta release of JAGUAR, the first Clarion template chain that allows you to generate multi-platform applications!!! Yes, right now you can generate your applications once, and the run them on Windows, Linux, Mac, and many other platforms!!

The JAGUAR package includes:

The JAGUAR Micro Edition, included in the Beta 3 of JAGUAR with no additional costs, is a separate template chain and a set of Java (J2ME) classes specifically designed for Clarion developers that want to design and generate applications for mobile devices with the tools they already know, and the knowledge they already have.

James Fortune's ETC talk 13 AUG 00
Just thought you'd like to know, I've finally got the ETC2000 pages on my website. It includes the .PPT of my talk [without and without sound :-)] and the pictures (click 'photo album').

James Fortune's page 29 FEB 00
James Fortune's Clarion web site. It contains full information on help systems and James' famous Help talks as well as links to the software he recommends, etc. Worth a look. Go on we dare you! (James dares you)

James Fortune's web page 8 JUN 00

Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research 11 MAR 02
Books about USB, Serial Ports, Parallel Ports, Microcontrolers & Circuit Boards. You've always been told, "It can't be done in 2000," but here's how to do it.

Java Botique (Java Applets) 1 FEB 03
Downloads and development information.

Jazzage Software 4 NOV 98
Create ActiveX components with CW?!?

Jean-Marc's Wild Wild Wares are still available! (Web Sites) 27 DEC 02

Jeff Slarve's Icon Finder (Utilities) 13 FEB 04
Here is a small program that will look through your .LNK files to see which ones have been linked into all of the apps in a folder. You can then save the list to a text file and use this text file to pass to pkzip or whatever.

The program makes use of the CW redirection file and gives the fully qualified path names if possible.

Requires the redirection class from Clarion Magazine if you want to compile it.

If you find any errors, then please fix them ;)

Jeff Slarve's products for CW developers 5 DEC 00

Jeff Slarve's Slider Control 4 OCT 99
As far as I know, it works great, except for some known limitations:

Jerry Ray's Clarion Developer's Site 7 NOV 00
Replication Strategies

DevCon 98 Presentation Files:

Dial-Up Networking Automation for use with Replication:

Other Data Replication Strategies:

Jerry Ray’s Clarion Developers Site 27 MAR 00

Jim Kane's examples of dealing with printers through APIs 15 OCT 99
Look for it on IceTips.

Jim Kane's MSSQL Class 7 FEB 00
What I did was take a class Surf wrote for Sybase and redid it for mssql plus added a template. With that, the autonumbering is done on the backend and all the CW templates work normally as if you were using a tps. There was also a bug in C5b templates that effected SQL that this fixes. The zip file SQLAN.Zip is on icetips.

Jim Katz's ABC DLL Toolkit 9 MAY 00

JNData Splitbar 16 AUG 01
A new version of our free Splitbar Template is available that fixes the problems in Clarion 5.5e. This should work just fine in ABC programs from Clarion 4 and above.

There has been some other small changes to how the bar redraws, and one that may effect the appearance of your programs. Please review the "readme" file in the downloadable Zip file. 20 JUL 00 20 JUL 00

Joel on Software 29 MAR 01
"Over the years I've formed some pretty strong opinions about software development. Friends and colleagues who have heard my rants have often encouraged me to write them down."

John Howman's templates 25 FEB 00

Josko R. Split, Croatia (Tips) 7 JUL 03

JoskoR Network Examples in Clarion (Demos) 19 FEB 03
Programs in Clarion (Source Available) that use Winsock for various functions.

JoskoR's Clarion 6 examples (Web Sites) 11 NOV 04

by Josko R. Split, of Croatia

JPG Manipulation software.

JUDO - JVZ Utilities DataDoctor & Organiser 27 DEC 01

Just Screenshots (Utilities) 18 OCT 02
Create perspective views of your program's screenshots

If a picture says a 1000 words what does your screenshot say about your program? Are your screenshots boring and square? Do you want to breathe new life into your screenshots and give your visitors something a little more visually pleasing? Then run your screenshots through Just Screenshots and let them jump off the pages of your site!

JVZ's Clarion & MS SQL page 27 MAR 00
This page is intented to be a source of information for Clarion Programmers using the MS SQL File Driver.

Kefren Designs (Web Sites) 9 SEP 02
Custom graphics for the Clarion Connection courtesy of Kefren Designs, inc.

Kelvin Chua's links to faq's tips and tools. 16 JAN 02
This is meant for all the newbies and Clarion Developers to access for centralized information. It will be FREE for the Clarion Community.

Kermit Protocol 31 JAN 02
Kermit is a file transfer protocol first developed at Columbia University in New York City in 1981 for the specific purpose of transferring text and binary files without errors between diverse types of computers over potentially hostile communication links, and it is a suite of communications software programs from the Kermit Project at Columbia University. The Kermit protocol and software are named after Kermit the Frog, star of the television series, The Muppet Show; the name Kermit is used by permission of Henson Associates, Inc.

Key-Lok Dongle (Templates & Libraries) 14 MAR 05
Reportedly has documentation for Clarion use.

Keystone Computer Resources 18 DEC 00

Keystone Computer Resources (Templates & Libraries) 18 JUN 03

KlariSoft 6 JUL 06
More goodies from Leonid Chudakov and Kirill Scherba!

Klarisoft Examples (Tips) 27 OCT 05

Koders (Web Sites) 11 NOV 04
There is a new search engine for open source developers looking for code snippets, examples etc. at The short description of this service is "google into open source source code". This site tracks many open source projects, including Firebird (right now, their index holds 125,112,016 lines of code).

KP Payroll 29 FEB 00
KP Payroll Software is the Absolute Answer to your payroll administration and provides a complete payroll solution to you human resources needs.

KSAnimate (Templates & Libraries) 4 APR 02
Special effects when showing or hiding windows.

KSAnimatedText by Leonid Chudakov (Templates & Libraries) 11 APR 02
Easily animate static string controls. KSAnimatedText is included with the KSAnimatedWindow package.

KSbgc by Leonid Chudakov (Templates & Libraries) 11 APR 02
KSbgc template allows your users to apply a custom background to application windows at run-time. This template adds a background selection submenu to any existing menu.

KSMsgBox Class (Templates & Libraries) 26 JUL 02
Thread safe message box class replaces standard Clarion MESSAGE dialog box with the API based one. You will continue using MESSAGE call but standard Clarion MESSAGE window will be replaced with the Windows API based one. So, no extra ACCEPT loop coming from the Clarion MESSAGE window and unwanted thread switching. Everything is done with just one line of code:


anywhere in your app and MESSAGE statement will call standard Windows message dialog now.


sets it back to Clarion message window.

KSprbar™ - ProgressBar Control Template (Templates & Libraries) 30 APR 02
KSprbar™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the standard MS Windows ProgressBar control.

KSprbar™ can be used in Clarion4, Clarion5 or Clarion5.5 32-bit applications.

With the help of the templates you will be able to handle standard Windows 32-bit ProgressBar control in a "Clarion Way". Templates support changing style of the ProgressBar, autoresizing, changing ProgressBar orientation and color and many other features.

KT Software 7 SEP 00
Consulting and Web Hosting (CWIC).

L3 Drivers 8 DEC 01
Paradox and dBase drivers for Clarion.

L3 Technologies offers a dBASE File Driver providing full native access to dBASE tables from Clarion applications, and a native Paradox File Driver. The Drivers are written using the TopSpeed File Driver Kit, ensuring complete compatibility with Clarion. Database access is achieved using the Borland Database Engine (BDE). This is the same engine that is used in the dBASE and Paradox Database systems, so full compatibility is ensured.

The Standard variants of the L3 Database Drivers are fully functional, entry-level drivers providing full native access to tables through the BDE.

The Professional variants of the L3 Database Drivers incorporate new technology which enables applications to dynamically create, open and access tables without defining the file structure at compile time. This enables developers to produce general-purpose applications that can operate on any dBASE or Paradox table.

Full support for Local SQL is provided through the use of the Prop:SQL file property. Support for Query By Example (QBE) is provided by a Prop:QBE property. In addition a special form of file declaration, is supported which allows the efficient use of SQL style cursors in applications.

L3 Technologies LTD 29 MAR 01
The home of the incredible Sean Wilson.
Advanced File Drivers
Free Utilities

La primer revista de Clarion en español 24 OCT 01
Bienvenidos a El ABC de Clarion, la primer revista de Clarion en Español, aqui encontrarás artículos de interés general y particular sobre el uso y manejo de Clarion como una herramienta de desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones de bases de datos.

Larabie Fonts 18 AUG 99
Fonts for free, made by me. I've made over 225 free fonts. Download them, give them away. Use them for whatever you like. What do I ask in return? Please have a look at my Deluxe Fonts and my donations section. Visit the Showcase. If you enter your email address on my sign-up page you'll be notified when new fonts are added.

Large Table Performance in MySQL (Clarion Magazine) 26 OCT 01
The MySQL server has a reputation for speed, yet some developers are noticing huge performance problems with large tables. What's the real story? Dave Harms tests a 300 megabyte, 5.5 million record table and finds out what's really going on.

Larry Teames on Reports (Clarion Magazine) 5 APR 99
Larry Teames begins a regular column on reports in April, starting with the basics and divulging some of the secrets he's learned on his way to becoming the acknowledged authority on Clarion report writing.

Larry Teames On Reports (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 99
Larry continues with his new series on the mysterious (not to say sinister) inner workings of the report formatter.

Larry Teames On Reports (Clarion Magazine) 13 JUL 99
In this installment Larry Teames looks at summary reporting and creates a report that can be printed in two different formats.

Larry Teames On Reports (Clarion Magazine) 31 AUG 99
Larry Teames takes apart a Clarion report and teaches it how to print multi-page letters the right way.

Lassalle Technologies (Controls) 10 FEB 04
Each time you need to graphically display interactive diagrams, you should consider using AddFlow ActiveX Control, a royalty-free ActiveX control that offers unique support to create diagrams interactively or programmatically: workflow diagrams, database diagrams, communication networks, organizational charts, process flows, state transitions diagrams, CTI applications, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), expert systems, graph theory, quality control diagrams, ...

You may also wish to draw a graph without having to worry about the position of each node or link. Our Graph Layout Controls are AddFlow extensions that perform autolayout graph drawing and therefore automatically auto-arrange the graph. We provide an ActiveX version and a .NET version of each layout components.

Latin America DevCon (Events) 12 MAY 05
Latin American DevCon to be held on Foz do Iguazu, a beautiful turistic place this year on may 26 to 29. We are looking for products sponsorship, we have a contest on the event in which each assistant can present a Clarion program and some members of the organization will evaluate these program and give them points, the one with more points will get more prizes. If you want to donate some products from your company to be included in the prizes list you are more than welcome, just send us and email and we will publish it on the event site ( for spanish and for portuguese)

On the event we will have the participation of Robert Zaunere speaking about the future of Clarion and Bruce Johnson giving us an overview of the new Clarion products as well as a presentation for their own set of templates.

Latitude/Longitude for 28,000 US cities (Templates & Libraries) 29 OCT 03
In a TPS file. FREE.

Layout Manager (Templates & Libraries) 25 NOV 02
Let your customers change your screen layouts and control properties to suit their needs at runtime.

Lead Tools 8 MAR 03
With a LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK in your hands, your clients or managers will think you have spent years becoming an expert in the field of imaging.

Whether you need to take control of images in a database,compress and optimize your images for storage, view images or add any other image manipulation tasks to your applications - You will be able to say, "Yes, I can do that!" with a LEADTOOLS Imaging Toolkit.

Learning To Write A Business Object (Clarion Magazine) 16 AUG 00
Writing useful objects in Clarion still isn't as easy as using existing ABC objects, but the potential is there. Alan Telford shows how to create a business object that solves a real-world problem.

Legacy to ABC: There is Another Way! (Clarion Magazine) 25 JUL 00
Daunted by the challenge of migrating your apps from Legacy to ABC? Simon Brewer shows how to do it one piece at a time with a hybrid of Legacy and ABC code. Part 1 of a series.

Legacy to ABC: There is Another Way! Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 8 AUG 00
Daunted by the challenge of migrating your apps from Legacy to ABC? Simon Brewer shows how to do it one piece at a time with a hybrid of Legacy and ABC code. Part 2.

Legacy to ABC: There is Another Way! Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 16 AUG 00
Daunted by the challenge of migrating your apps from Legacy to ABC? Simon Brewer shows how to do it one piece at a time with a hybrid of Legacy and ABC code. Part 3.

Leonid Chudakov's Stuff: 13 SEP 01

Ce site est mis à la dispositions gratuite des utilisateurs de Clarion par: Francened

LHA Prototypes

libxml2 (Templates & Libraries) 10 JUN 05
For a free XML dll, try libxml2. It's a bit of work making prototypes and stuff, but it's save you $69. It's freely downloadable from:

You'll also need iconv.dll and zlib1.dll from the same site. I found that I had to re-write the memory-allocation functions to avoid GPFs but it works great now.

The libxml2 C source can be downloaded from

Limit An App To A Single Instance: DDE Strikes Back (Clarion Magazine) 12 APR 05
In days of old, when programmers were bold and DDE was the ultimate tool, if one wished to limit one's application to a single instance, it was quite easy. But Microsoft has deprecated DDE, and has done its best to move programmers to other solutions. As a result, that old DDE instance-limiting code doesn't always work as expected. Unless you add a modern twist, as Steve Parker shows.

Linder Setup Builder 5.6 Developer's Edition (Install Programs) 19 SEP 06
The SetupBuilder 5.0 IDE has been completely rewritten and redesigned. The new V5 source code base should make porting to C6 reasonably easy. There will be built-in script support for C2, C4, C5, C5.5 and C6.

We are happy to announce that our SetupBuilder 5 Installation System is compatible with the new Windows Vista Beta 1 (Build 5112). Both the SetupBuilder IDE (compiled with Clarion 6.2 #9047) and the resulting setup.exe files work fine. (Utilities) 6 JAN 03
LindowsOS is a new, fun and exciting operating system that delivers the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with the ease of a windows environment. LindowsOS is easy to experience because of its friendly graphical interface and support for popular Microsoft Windows file types (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .gif, .mp3, etc.).

Linked Software (Clarion Applications) 28 MAY 03
Membership and Fundraising Software: The Membership Management System (MMS) from Linked Software is a universal membership and fundraising software program for all nonprofits, clubs, churches, professional and trade associations, museums, country clubs, yacht clubs, health clubs, chambers of commerce, political organizations, fraternities and sororities, zoos --- and many more!

Links to many user groups 5 AUG 99

Linktivity (Utilities) 15 MAR 02
Remote control, web access and web demoing software.

List & Label Templates (Templates & Libraries) 22 JUL 05

List & Label v 11

List Box Marking (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 00
Professor Parker gets out his marking pen and explains how list box marking works, and how it can be made better.

List Header Customizer v1.2 (Templates & Libraries) 11 OCT 05

Live Update 1 JUL 99
Your customers can update your app from the web.

Loading DLLs At Runtime - Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 16 MAY 01
Do you want to sell your software with optional modules that are automatically recognized when installed? Do you ever need to call a procedure that may not exist on your end user's system? Will your program even load if you use one of those functions? In this three part series Larry Sand exlains how to load DLLs at runtime.

Loading DLLs At Runtime - Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 22 MAY 01
Do you want to sell your software with optional modules that are automatically recognized when installed? Do you ever need to call a procedure that may not exist on your end user's system? Will your program even load if you use one of those functions? In this three part series Larry Sand exlains how to load DLLs at runtime.

Loading DLLs At Runtime - Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 29 MAY 01
Do you want to sell your software with optional modules that are automatically recognized when installed? Do you ever need to call a procedure that may not exist on your end user's system? Will your program even load if you use one of those functions? In this three part series Larry Sand exlains how to load DLLs at runtime.

Localizer 26 MAR 99
Application Scanner is used to add translation code to those source code modules, and the Translator used to create new languages for your application. You as a programmer do not have to do anything, just insert the Extention template and re-compile. Now run the provided program and add the other languages OR pass the Localizer program on to the user to Change text, Button Sizes and Report text on there own. Its never been so easy

Locus Templates updated (Templates & Libraries) 4 SEP 06

(Comments by Don Redd) I just installed the Locus DEMO and the Template set. I must say, these are some of the nicest templates I've ever seen, period. The RichEdit works like a champ now. There is a new template that I personally love, the "Explorer Panel" extension - for a Window procedure. This one, you gotta see. These templates warrant everyone looking at. I encourage anyone that uses them to do as I did and email the author and thank him for his efforts. (comments by Don Redd) There is an enhanced EIP template that uses: DropList, DropCombo, SpinBox, etc. Locus Templates has it's own FileManager, that works right out of the box, so to speak. There are too many *goodies* to list here. See for yourself

And they are all FREE!

(Comments by Michael Gould) I've downloaded and installed the templates and compiled the demo application using C55EE RC2, there were 7 or 8 place where the VIRTUAL attribute needed to be added to a method ( KILL methods if I remember correctly ) and I also got 3 or 4 messages about the _ABC???????_ compiler directives appearing more than once but everything I have tried in the demo has worked.

(Comments by Don Redd) Also make sure you downloaded the Locus51.exe NOT the 50/and patch.

Lodestar Software 20 DEC 01
The office will be closed 20-Dec-2001 through 2-Jan-2002

Lodestar Software's CW accessories page (Templates & Libraries) 11 JAN 05

LogFlash v2.5 Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
LogFlashFlash is now compatible with all versions of Clarion from CW20 to Clarion 6.

  1. LogFlash is very easy to use - the main template is an Extension which is attached to any update form and logs changes on a field basis. So if only one field is changed, only one field's contents (old and new) are stored. Other templates handle rollback, undelete, log file purge etc.
  2. Also logged are inserts and deletes.
  3. Memo changes (up to 64K) are stored in a separate file - to keep the log file size under control.
  4. When a record is deleted there is the option to store the whole record (and related child files) in an archive file. This allows records to be "undeleted"
  5. Changes to individual fields can be rolled back.The scope of the rollback can be either a) Just the highlighted set of changes or b) all changes going back to a certain date. Rolling back in reverse order means that a record can be reinstated to a defined date. Also, rollback can be restricted to a named User ID.
  6. All key information is stored in the log file : date/time of change, User ID of person changing, computer name (32 bit only), Filename, Fieldname, Old Value, New Value, Procedure used, Unique Record ID, Primary Field (for quick identification of the main record) and 4 user fields where you can record any other info you think is relevant to this log file entry.
  7. Supports any file format that Clarion does - including SQL. Also, the log file format can be changed from TPS to anything you want.
  8. Multi-language support - Danish, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  9. Edit In Place logging for Clarion 5 and upwards (ABC)
  10. Compatible with Legacy and ABC templates - CW2 to C6
  11. All source code supplied. No black boxes. No runtime royalties.

Logic Central's demo IFT server 23 SEP 99

LogiCentral 23 JUL 98
Have you wanted your users to use your web application without the Java download wait, but ...
you still wanted to have Java functionality in other procedures of the same application? A real pain, right? Until now!

Lone Wolf Software (Utilities) 8 JAN 03
Timeclock Solutions in Clarion.

Look Good v2.0 from Gitano Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
Gitano Software’s solid reputation was built on the stupendous aesthetics of its applications. Buckle your seat belt before you view this latest masterpiece. Now you too can produce the same exquisite results in your own applications with little or no effort when you use this theme pack.

Look Ma, No Keys! (Clarion Magazine) 16 JAN 01
With ABC you can sort a browse on fields other than those defined in your keys, with reasonably good performance in most cases. Unfortunately you also lose locators and scrolling thumb support. Jim Kane goes digging in ABC and discovers it's not that difficult to add back the locator and thumb.

Look Out, It's Outlook! (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 9 MAY 02
The subject of interfacing with MS Outlook comes up regularly on the newsgroup. Mark Riffey takes a second look at his Outlook code, and discovers unexpected help in MS Word. Part 1 of 2.

Look Out, It's Outlook! (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 14 MAY 02
The subject of interfacing with MS Outlook comes up regularly on the newsgroup. Mark Riffey takes a second look at his Outlook code, and discovers unexpected help in MS Word. Part 2 of 2.

Lotus Screen Cam 25 JAN 02
ScreenCam is Lotus Development's popular PC screen recording application. Use ScreenCam to demonstrate your product, teach people how to use it and help them get the most from their applications.

Mabry Software 31 DEC 00

Mabry Software's .NET components 26 OCT 01
Ftp/NET, Mail/NET and News/NET components. These new versions of our award-winning Internet components are designed to be used in the Microsoft .NET framework. Our new .NET components take advantage of the .NET framework and also fit into the framework. These are not five-year-old warmed-over VBXes (as you'll get from some vendors), these are completely new components that will support your new requirements.

Macmillan Personal Bookshelf 27 OCT 99
Soon to be Informit

Macromedia 11 JAN 02

Mail Merge by Solace Software (Templates & Libraries) 21 AUG 02
The Mail Merge templates gives you the ability to add Mail Merging facilities to either standard text or RTF fields in your application. Also available as a discounted bundle together with with Solid Software's RichReport templates. This allows you to add RTF text to standard Clarion reports.

Maillite 3 JAN 00
A Freeware SMTP and POP3 activex (Spanish & English) (c) 1998 Norberto Fernández

(No attachments. Message must be less than 64kb.)

Making Sense of ABC's ErrorClass - Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 21 NOV 00
If there's one part of ABC that consistently draws fire, it's ErrorClass. In this three part series, Russ Eggen puts on his flak jacket and steps out into no man's land to explain what ErrorClass is all about, why it's good, and what you can do with it.

Making Sense of ABC's ErrorClass - Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 28 NOV 00
If there's one part of ABC that consistently draws fire, it's ErrorClass. In this three part series, Russ Eggen puts on his flak jacket and steps out into no man's land to explain what ErrorClass is all about, why it's good, and what you can do with it.

Making Sense of ABC's ErrorClass - Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 5 DEC 00
If there's one part of ABC that consistently draws fire, it's ErrorClass. In this three part series, Russ Eggen puts on his flak jacket and steps out into no man's land to explain what ErrorClass is all about, why it's good, and what you can do with it.

Making The E-Mail Connection (Clarion Magazine) 27 JAN 03
Brice Schagane shows how to use John Hickey's Internet Link Template to open an email message editor in the user's email program using a specified email address, subject, and body text.

Mallorca Icon Collection (Graphics) 12 JUN 06
620 beautiful Vista style icons that will make your project sparkle. Sizes: 16x16, 24x14, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72. 96x96, 128x128, 256x256 File types: ICO, PSD, PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG

Mambo Server (Utilities) 11 JUN 05
Mambo is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Mambo is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

Managing Report Page Breaks With The C6 Break Manager (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
Geoff Bomford shows how to use the new BreakManagerClass to get control over report page breaks. This comrehensive article is a great introduction to this important new technology.

Managing Skipped Field Hot Keys (Clarion Magazine) 19 SEP 02
If you've ever used the SKIP attribute on a seldom-used entry field, you've probably also noticed that you can no longer use a prompt hot key to get to that field. For keyboard-intensive data entry, that's a problem. Fortunately, Carl Barnes has the solution.

Managing Table Opens In ABC (Clarion Magazine) 11 FEB 02
Clarion applications have automatically managed opening and closing tables for years. ABC applications continue this practice. The templates, under control of global template options, handle this task using the RelationManager objects. So you don't have to worry about how or when your tables are opened, right? Wrong.

Manual Creator Version 1.6 Beta (Utilities) 11 AUG 03

MAPI Templates 22 APR 00
Send mail to: (Apparently not available)

MapInfo 9 JAN 98
Collection of links and products for mapping and GIS.

MapX 11 APR 00
Show maps in your app.

Marathon 22 OCT 01
Open Source Interbase adminstration and maintainance tool. Download this Open Source Tool to manage your indices, add your fields, add and test your Stored Procedures and ....

Mark Geisinger's example of using Catalyst SocketTools 30 APR 99

Marking Time 3: Inter-Date Computations (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUL 06

MASC Voice Compression Technology (Controls) 28 JUL 04
Voice management software.

Mascon 28 NOV 00
A graphical tool to create and manage tables, fields and keys in MySQL

Master Index of Clarion Books (Tips) 28 JUN 04
Thanks, Dave Harms of Clarion Magazine.

MAV direct ODBC Template v0.08 (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUL 05
MAV direct ODBC Template version - It is an extended clone of the standard templates which works with the DB files (Control, Extension and Procedure Templates like Browse, Form, Process and Report) optimized to work with the MAV Direct ODBC library.

MAV Direct ODBC ver 0.10 (beta) Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUL 05
MAV direct ODBC (MAV) class and template is a set of classes and templates for quick, easy and powerful access to SQL servers using ODBC API. Tested with Firebird.

Benefit of using MAV direct ODBC (MAV) class and template:

To use MAV direct ODBC you need: Library was tested and works with: Clarion 5.0b, 5.5 and 6.0, ABC or Legacy, 32-bits only.

MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection Service (Services) 21 AUG 04
Credit card fraud is a growing problem for online merchants. As the merchant, you are liable for fraudulent credit card transactions, as well as chargeback fees. Excessive chargebacks can lead to losing your merchant account and being unable to open another one.

MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection tools automatically sift through your online charges to flag potentially fraudulent transactions. The service works by combining MaxMind GeoIP geolocation metrics - identifying the geographic source of the charge - with additional checks for known fraud risks. MaxMind tools pin down potential fraud and identify associated risk factors, pointing you to the best strategy to verify the flagged transaction and prevent future fraud.

Maybry Barcode VBX/OCX 2 DEC 97
BarCod VBX/OCX makes barcode display and printing really easy. Just pick the barcode Style, set the Size, and fill the Caption property with the information you want to be displayed as a barcode. You can choose vertical as well as horizontal orientation. For printing, add instructions for position placement on the paper, and BarCod paints into the Printer Object.

MDM-C 29 MAR 01

MemoDemo.Zip 31 DEC 00
How to print multi page memos in a CW report.

Memory Mapped Files in Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 19 NOV 05

Menu Buttons In Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 11 MAR 03
If you've ever used Intuit's Quicken software, you will have seen Menu Buttons in action. Instead of a standard menu bar across the top of the window, Quicken uses what appear to be flat, transparent buttons, which display a popup menu when clicked. Brice Schagane shows how to get the same effect in a Clarion application.

Mertech Data System 26 SEP 01
Mertech Develops Oracle and MS SQL Server Drivers for Btrieve Market Mertech is taking its highly successful database driver and migration technology to the Pervasive/Btrieve market. Mertech's new product offerings, called ORAFlex™ for Btrieve and SQLFlex ®for Btrieve, will allow developers of Btrieve/Pervasive-based applications to work with Oracle or MS SQL Server without source code change! Application developers can take any executable that works with Btrieve/Pervasive databases and make it work with Oracle or MS SQL Server by replacing a few DLLs

The new offerings are directed at companies using non-DataFlex based development tools like VB, Delphi, and COBOL etc. We have received enthusiastic support from Btrieve developers who want to offer a database independent solution and are not in a position to rewrite their application.

MessageEX 27 FEB 01

Messenger Service SPAM Filter (Utilities) 27 DEC 02
Get rid of the Net Send spam messages without disabling Messenger Service. Messenger Service Spam Filter processes Net Send messages and shows/hides messages based on the user defined keywords and rules.

Metabase with Data Modeler 3 MAR 00
From Whitemarsh

MetaDraw Diagramming/CAD/Graphic component (Controls) 20 SEP 06
MetaDraw is a professional tool bringing the maximum in flexibility and power to developers looking for a reliable Image component for

Metafile Companion 13 MAR 01
Metafile Companion makes it easy to create and edit WMF and EMF files. It's great for customizing WMF clip art and for editing graphs, charts and drawings from almost any Windows application! Use it to edit practically anything copied to the Windows clipboard (in Picture format) or saved in a WMF or EMF file.

Michael Melby's ICON collection 1 SEP 01
Nice 3d look, high quality icons in a zip file. Thank Earl Coker for the web space.

Michael Melby's site 16 APR 01

MicroAngelo Icon and Cursor editor and accessories (Utilities) 17 JAN 05
The Microangelo Toolset provides a complete array of tools for icon and cursor enthusiasts.

Microsoft Agent Website 12 APR 00

Microsoft Clip Gallery Live 29 MAY 00
They have excellent pics for EVERYTHING.

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 SDK Download Page (Microsoft Documents) 13 NOV 02
This SDK is useful to developers who are building applications using ADO, OLE DB, and ODBC. It contains updated documentation, headers, libs and typelibs, new and updated sample applications, and developer tools. The MDAC 2.6 SDK is designed for use with the MDAC 2.6 Redist (mdac_typ.exe).

Microsoft Help Compiler 26 APR 00
Works with Word. See an article on icetips.

Microsoft HTML Help 5 MAY 00
Microsoft® HTML Help is the standard help system for the Windows platform. Authors can use HTML Help to create online help for a software application or to create content for a multimedia title or Web site. Developers can use the HTML Help API to program a host application or hook up context-sensitive help to an application. As an information delivery system, HTML Help is suited for a wide range of applications, including training guides, interactive books, and electronic newsletters, as well as help for software applications.

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1 DEC 00
Microsoft® HTML Help is the standard help system for the Windows platform. Authors can use HTML Help to create online help for a software application or to create content for a multimedia title or Web site. Developers can use the HTML Help API to program a host application or hook up context-sensitive help to an application. As an information delivery system, HTML Help is suited for a wide range of applications, including training guides, interactive books, and electronic newsletters, as well as help for software applications.

Microsoft ODBC Overview Documentation (Tips) 9 NOV 02
The Microsoft® Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface is a C programming language interface that makes it possible for applications to access data from a variety of database management systems (DBMSs). The ODBC interface permits maximum interoperability—an application can access data in diverse DBMSs through a single interface. Furthermore, that application will be independent of any DBMS from which it accesses data. Users of the application can add software components called drivers, which interface between an application and a specific DBMS.

Microsoft Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers (Tips) 4 OCT 04
The Microsoft Windows User Experience, an indispensable guide to designing software that runs with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. The design of your software's interface, more than anything else, affects how a user experiences your product. This guide promotes good interface design and visual and functional consistency within and across Windows-based applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 28 JUN 00

Microsoft Windows Media Player 4 OCT 99
This url gives you access to the developers kit.

Microsoft Y2K update for win 95 3 FEB 99
1 1/2 minute download

Microsoft's Code Red Fixer 15 AUG 01

Microsoft's HTML Help 26 AUG 97

Microsoft's OLE/COM object viewer 12 JAN 00
The OLE/COM Object Viewer is a developer- and power-user-oriented administration and testing tool. With the OLE/COM Object Viewer you can:

Microsoft's Spyware Sweeper Antispyware (Utilities) 13 JAN 05

Microsoft's UI guidelines (Tips) 30 NOV 04
The UI guidelines page mentioned by Andrew on Planet Clarion

MicroTech Labs 31 DEC 99
The ActiveX Controls that are available on this site have been developed with Visual Basic 5.0 (Service Pack 3) using Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3) at MicroTech Labs. You may use these ActiveX Controls in your commercial applications provided you give credit to us somewhere in your application. You may not resell the ActiveX Controls but you can purchase the source code. (Thanks Andre Knudson for the link)

Midwest Clarion Developer's Association 12 AUG 99
Orbtech is proud to announce the formation of a new developer association. The Midwest Clarion Developer Association (MCDA) is a community of professionals in the St. Louis area who create applications using the TopSpeed Clarion development tool. From independent contractors to in-house developers and project managers, anyone who has a serious interest in Clarion is welcome to apply for free membership. The MCDA website at contains information about the group, meeting announcements, useful industry links, and the membership application form. If you have any questions about the group, please E-mail them to Patrick O' Brien,, or call (314) 416-1440.

Migrate Your Topspeed Application To Firebird, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 27 MAY 04
Faced with a conversion from Topspeed to Firebird, Jimmy Rogers wrote an extensive template to automate the process as much as possible. Part 1 of 2.

Migrate Your Topspeed Application To Firebird, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUN 04
Faced with a conversion from Topspeed to Firebird, Jimmy Rogers wrote an extensive template to automate the process as much as possible. Part 2 of 2.

Migrating The Inventory Application To SQL Server (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 15 AUG 01
In this three part series, Ayo Ogundahunsi takes the Clarion example Inventory application from a flat file TPS database to a MS SQL database, focusing on portability, business rules, relational integrity, and Clarion as an interface tool.

Migrating The Inventory Application To SQL Server (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 20 AUG 01
In this three part series, Ayo Ogundahunsi takes the Clarion example Inventory application from a flat file TPS database to a MS SQL database, focusing on portability, business rules, relational integrity, and Clarion as an interface tool.

Migrating The Inventory Application To SQL Server (Part 3) (Clarion Magazine) 28 AUG 01
In this three part series, Ayo Ogundahunsi takes the Clarion example Inventory application from a flat file TPS database to a MS SQL database, focusing on portability, business rules, relational integrity, and Clarion as an interface tool.

Migrating The Inventory Application To SQL Server (Part 4) (Clarion Magazine) 7 MAR 02
In the previous fourth installment in this series, Ayo Ogundahunsi converts the States data for the Inventory application from a flat file model to a SQL relational model.

Mike Hanson's Clarion Online articles. 16 NOV 99
Pretty much all of my articles referenced the MH templates, which you can download from

Mike McLoughlin's Clarion Developers Photo Gallery (Web Sites) 8 JAN 05

Mimer SQL (SQL) 29 JUL 03

Mimer SQL Manager (Utilities) 29 JUL 03
Mimer SQL Manager from Riebens Systems, shows how Clarion can connect to to the SQL engine via ODBC and manage the database.

Mindjet MindManager 6 (Utilities) 29 OCT 05
You have ideas, goals, options. How can you be sure to cover the small details and see the big picture - and do it fast? Simple: visual thinking. Mindjet® MindManager® Basic 6 frees you to brainstorm around a central concept as you identify relevant issues and their relationships using visually intuitive rich-data maps.

MiscFunc (Free) Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
Free stuff from Sterling Data thanks to Frank Uhlik.

Mitten Software 15 OCT 99
Products for CW developers. Many templates at reasonable prices.

Mixing Clarion with .NET, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 2 SEP 05
The .NET framework is extremely large, growing and very well supported. Right out of the box the framework has hundreds of classes that are well thought out and which integrate seamlessly with .NET applications. These classes cover a very wide range of the things you might want to do, once Clarion.NET arrives. But there's no need to wait. In the first article in this series, Wade Hatler looks at calling .NET classes from Clarion code.

Mixing Clarion with .NET, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 16 SEP 05
Now that you know how to call methods in .NET, it's time to put some WinForms objects inside of Clarion windows. It's surprisingly easy once you know a few tricks, as Wade Hatler demonstrates.

Mixing Clarion with .NET, Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 22 SEP 05
September's focus on .NET continues with Wade Hatler's series on using Clarion and .NET together. In this installment Wade shows how to call Clarion procedures from inside .NET applications.

Mixing Clarion With .NET, Part 4 (Clarion Magazine) 30 SEP 05
September's focus on .NET continues with Wade Hatler's series on using Clarion and .NET together. In this installment Wade shows how to how to pass string, date, time and decimal parameters from .NET to Clarion.

Mixing Clarion With .NET, Part 5 (Clarion Magazine) 12 OCT 05

Mixing Clarion With.NET, Part 6 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAY 06

MobileDB 4 APR 01
MobileDB for the Palm Computing Platform is the award-winning database application to view and edit any table or spreadsheet-like information on your Palm OS device. MobileDB was designed for the Palm user who requires simple and efficient access to any table or spreadsheet information. With MobileDB v2.0, we've added the ability to beam, rename, and lock databases as well as some great user interface improvements.

Can communicate with your Clarion apps through CSV files.

Mockup Screens (Utilities) 26 MAY 06
MockupScreens help you to sketch screen mockups of your application and organize them in scenarios. With MockupScreens you can experiment interactively with your clients, and quickly create wireframe of your application, while the coding hasn't even started yet.

Mockup Screens (Utilities) 12 SEP 06
MockupScreens help you to sketch screen mockups of your application and organize them in scenarios. With MockupScreens you can experiment interactively with your clients, and quickly create wireframe of your application, while the coding hasn't even started yet.

MODBUS Protocol 3 SEP 99

Modern Minds (Java Applets) 1 FEB 03
This page presents Java programs that Modern Minds is providing free of charge to the Internet community.

Modifying the Common Dialogs: How Hard Could It Be? (Clarion Magazine) 16 MAY 05
Have you ever wanted to add a button or other control to one of the built-in common dialogs for opening a file, saving a file, or printing? Jim Kane thought it would be nice to add a multi-page TIFF preview button to the file open dialog. How hard could it be?

Modifying The Frame Background - A 10 Minute Template (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 9 DEC 05

Modifying The Frame Background - A 10 Minute Template, Part 2 (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 16 DEC 05

Modulaware 30 JUL 99
32 bit modula compiler. Ok, it's not actually Clarion, but there's a lot of us who still speak Moduleese.

Modulizer 11 JUN 99

Monitoring Changes in a Directory or Directory Tree 14 JAN 02

Mono (Utilities) 1 JUL 04
Mono is a comprehensive open source development platform based on the .NET framework that allows IT and ISV developers to build Linux and cross-platform applications with unprecedented productivity.

Mono includes a C# compiler, a .NET-compatible runtime and two stacks of application programming interfaces (API) -- a Mono stack that takes utmost advantage of Linux servers and desktops, and a set of APIs compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 that provides support for ASP.NET, ADO.NET and several other components.

We have been working with Mono long time ago. We have detected several small incompatibilities and one mayor Mono BUG ( aknowledge by them and in their bug fixing system) and as soon as that bug is fixed we will formally announce that Fenix v2.00 will support Mono generation. -- Sebastian Talamoni 20 JUL 00

More info about corruption on NT servers 29 SEP 97

More Macros (Clarion Magazine) 20 MAY 03
Macros are one of the least-talked about features in the Clarion IDE, probably because until Clarion 5.5 you couldn't save them. But you can, and macros are a great aid to productivity. Tom Giles shares some of his favorites.

MORvoice dll 27 OCT 00
MORVoice: A 32-bit DLL that allows Clarion applications to utilize the Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine.  It is designed to simplify the addition of text-to-speech functionality to Clarion applications, while also including a variety of functions to provide greater control of the text-to-speech engine.  A brief description of the available functions are:

MORVoice5 (Templates & Libraries) 5 JUN 02
MORVoice5 ™: A 32-bit DLL that allows Clarion applications to utilize the Microsoft ® Speech API 5 Text-To-Speech engine. It is designed to simplify the addition of Text-To-Speech (TTS) functionality to Clarion applications, while also including a variety of functions to provide greater control of the TTS engine. A brief description of the available functions are:

MORVoice5 Advanced (Templates & Libraries) 2 NOV 02
MORVoice5 Advanced is a 32-bit DLL that allows Clarion applications to utilize the Microsoft ® Speech API 5 Text-To-Speech engine. It is designed to simplify the addition of Text-To-Speech (TTS) functionality to Clarion applications, while also including a variety of functions to provide greater control of the TTS engine. In addition to the functions that are in MORVoice5, MORVoice5 Advanced has these functions:

MoviePlay (Utilities) 25 MAY 03
Do you need custom borderless video in your presentation?
Do you need video in your kiosk or touch screen application?
Do you need video to look embedded in your application?
Do you need custom sized, variable position or fullscreen video?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you need Developer MoviePlay

Moving Applications to Oracle: RI And AutoNumbering Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 21 NOV 03
Jon Waterhouse takes a detailed look at the differences between relational integrity and autonumbering in Topspeed databases and Oracle databases. Although specifically about Oracle, this series also contains useful general information about converting to SQL. Part 1.

Moving Applications to Oracle: RI And AutoNumbering Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 28 NOV 03
Jon Waterhouse takes a detailed look at the differences between relational integrity and autonumbering in Topspeed databases and Oracle databases. Although specifically about Oracle, this series also contains useful general information about converting to SQL. Part 2.

Moving Applications to Oracle: RI And AutoNumbering Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 5 DEC 03
In this third installment Jon Waterhouse looks at transactions and concurrency control in Oracle.

Moving Applications to Oracle: RI And AutoNumbering Part 4 (Clarion Magazine) 11 DEC 03
In this conclusion to his series on Oracle transactions and relational integrity, Jon Waterhouse discusses transaction isolation levels.

MS Article on GPF causing (and annoying) tooltips in win 2000 8 FEB 00

MS SQL Explorer by Seal-Soft (Utilities) 17 JUN 05
MS SQL Explorer is a small tool which allow you view MS SQL Server database structure and paste table or field names in your favorite editor by double click mouse button.

MS SQL Information (Tips) 28 MAY 02
SWYNK.COM is the single largest independent resource for Microsoft .NET EnterpriseTM and Windows Server technologies. Here you'll find the very latest information on Windows XP / 2000 / NT, SQL, SMS, and Exchange Servers.

MS SQL Server 2000 Compare tool (Utilities) 24 JUN 04
xSQL Object for Microsoft SQL Server has been designed with the DataBase Administrator in mind. Scripting, Comparing and even Synchronizing different objects like tables, views, stored procedures etc. is fast and easy.

MS SQL Server Developer's Edition (SQL) 16 DEC 03
The DEVELOPPER version of MS SQL 2000. That is, this has all the tools coming with SQL Server, enterprise manager, etc... BUT, developper edition or not, SQL 2000 is not "distributable". Your client has to buy a license if you create a solution using SQL 2000.

MSDE, on the other hand, is exactly SQL 2000, WITHOUT any tool.

MS SQL Server Express beta 2 (SQL) 17 SEP 04
SQL Server Express is a version of SQL Server 2005 designed to helps (sic) developers build robust and reliable applications by providing a powerful database that is also free and easy to use.

MS SQL Server FAQ 3 APR 00
A FAQ about MSSQL Server.

MS Tooltip Support Library v1.43 (Templates & Libraries) 11 OCT 05

MS Visual Studio Express (Utilities) 9 NOV 05
Lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn tools for the hobbyist, novice, and student developer.

MS XML (Templates & Libraries) 12 JUN 02
Plugware Solutions and ThinkData have released the MS XML wrapper for free at There is now a link available after registering the COM Classes to download the XML wrapper, or you can use the link below to download it directly. You must have the COM classes installed and your redirection file edited properly for the XML wrapper to be useful.

MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) (SQL) 21 JUL 04
MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) is a fully SQL Server 7.0 compatible data engine for building mobile and shared solutions that easily migrate to SQL Server 7.0. Solutions built with MSDE for Visual Studio 6.0 are freely distributable and leverage the enterprise-class reliability and features of SQL Server, including merge replication to enable mobile computing.

Register for distribution rights here:

MSDE here (SQL) 25 MAR 04
Get Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)—the free, redistributable version of SQL Server that’s ideal for client applications requiring an embedded database, new developers learning how to build data-driven applications, and websites serving up to 25 concurrent users.

MSSR210.OCX (Tips) 14 JUN 04
Shows that you can record and playback audio in Clarion using the MSSR210.OCX.

Many thanks to Jim Kane who pointed me in the right direction.

Ben Brady

Multi Edit 15 OCT 99
Multi-Edit is the only text editor you need because it is designed to work the way you work, w ith the languages and tools you use everyday. No matter what type of programming you are doing, from the web to embedded systems, Multi-Edit will make your work easier.

Multi-DLL Debugging/Profiling (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 02
The cciProfiler and cciDebug classes are a great aid to debugging and understanding what ABC is doing under the hood, but until now were limited to single EXEs. Here are Matías Flores' modifications to allow these classes to be used in multi-DLL applications.

Multi-Platform Development: Clarion, MySQL, and Linux Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 18 APR 00
In the third and final installment of this series Dave Harms explains how to connect to and use/modify a MySQL database on a Linux machine.

Multi-Threaded Browses and Forms (Templates & Libraries) 4 JAN 06
by Mike Hanson

I’m a really a big fan of Clarion. It does almost everything I want to do in a simple and easy manner. Anything that it doesn’t do out of the box is usually possible with a little ingenuity and a little template or class. For quite some time now I’ve been coveting a feature often found in other programs (most notably Microsoft Outlook). When you are looking at a list of items, be it contacts, messages, notes, etc., you can open it just like you might double-click on an item in a Clarion browse. The corresponding form appears, as expected.

The difference, however, is that Outlook’s update form is independent of its list of items. While the form is still open, you can return to the list to select another item for update, or whatever else you desire. Once you finish with the form, the instigating list is updated (assuming that it is still open itself). You’ll also notice that each update window is represented as a different program in your task bar.

Multi-User Primary Keys: A Solution (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 APR 06

Multiple Template Installer 31 DEC 00

Murray Gillespie's database of Currency Names and Pictures (Templates & Libraries) 30 NOV 05
Recently I wrote an application that had to use foreign currency exchanges. After some researching I found the Clarion will not use the Windows std currency pictures (and trying to convert them from an API call would be a nightmare) - So I decided to just create a table with the currency names and pictures. It works well so I am posting the table on here if anyone else needs it. (No resonsibility for errors)


Must Be in This List (Clarion Magazine) 16 AUG 01
"Must Be in List" validation does little more than complete template prompts to call a lookup. But what if you need to validate against a specific list? Steve Parker shows how.

My Experiences With The CHT Server Templates (Clarion Magazine) 20 MAY 03
Can a Clarion programmer with little or no Internet development experience really put an application up on the Web with little effort? Gene Witherup discusses his experiences with the Clarion Handy Tools server templates.

My First Function Library (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAR 03
If you've never created a function library, Alan Telford wants to talk to you. You will make your first function library. And yes, it will be important to you! You will enjoy it! You will remember it for life!

My Name Is Tom, And I'll Be Your Server (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 00
It's been a long Christmas break for ClarionMag readers, but the first issue of 2001 is now available on the new Tomcat-powered ClarionMag server.

My SQL's faster than Your SQL! 20 MAY 01

MyComputerJournal.Com (Services) 14 FEB 03
You spend your time consulting and we spend ours creating a newsletter with your name on it for a price that can't be beat!

Your newsletter will be written by us totally or you can contribute an article. Either way the layout will look professional and include multiple references specifically to your company.

You will be able to choose from a variety of newsletter formats and frequencies from 1 2/3 page to 4 page with frequencies of monthly or quarterly.

MyDNS 5 APR 01
They provide, free, a pretty good range of "manage your own" DNS services via a web interface. 5 DEC 01 Dynamic DNS Services (Utilities) 7 JAN 03
Tired of having to figure out what IP address your ISP has assigned you every time you log on? With MyServer.Org Dynamic DNS Services you can give your computer a friendly, easy to remember name on the Internet instead of a hard to remember IP address like

MySetups (Utilities) 15 DEC 04
MySetups makes it easy for you to keep track of your install files, download information, passwords, registration codes and a whole lot more.

By Icetips Software

MySQL - Open Clarion 19 SEP 01
While using the MySQL DB has many advantages, it still requires a working knowledge of its limitations to properly implement it into your clarion projects. The following is a brief overview of the things required to get a MySQL implementation up and working properly.

MySQL release Jan 2004 (SQL) 2 JAN 04
MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most popular and standardized database language in the world. MySQL is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon mysqld and many different client programs and libraries.

MySQL Worm (News) 28 JAN 05
A worm that takes advantage of administrators' poor password choices has started spreading among database systems.

The malicious program, known as the "MySQL bot" or by the name of its executable code, SpoolCLL, infects computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system and open-source database known as MySQL, the Internet Storm Center said in an advisory published Thursday. Early indications suggest that more than 8,000 computers may be infected so far, said the group, which monitors network threats.

MySQL/MyODBC Update (Clarion Magazine) 27 JUN 00
Here's the latest on MySQL including MyODBC driver issues, plus a few corrections of fact.

MySQL: InnoDB Tables And Transactions (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 11 OCT 01
There have been a number of important developments in the MySQL world in the past year, and it's time for an update on how to best use this freely availble SQL server with Clarion. This week Dave Harms kicks things off with a discussion of newly-added transaction support and other related features.

MySQLMan 19 JUN 01
MySQLMan is a web based database manager. It allows you to perform common maintenance and administration tasks in Mysql (Mysql is a great mostly-free SQL database server). MySQLMan was based off of PHPmyadmin, but written in Perl. It allows you to do common tasks like:

Mysteries of the iPod (Clarion Magazine) 15 JAN 05
In honor of the new PlanetClarion podcasts, Vince Du Beau divulges some of the hidden information on the iPod, Apple's highly successful digital music player.

NaDa™ 0.5 ! (Utilities) 8 SEP 03

In the case that NaDa is ever truly fool-proofed against usefulness, I will continually remain interested in a paid version of NaDa. But alas, NaDa is free !

NAME() Becomes Irrelevant (Clarion Magazine) 4 DEC 03
NAME has been an important attribute of the FILE statement for a long time. In Clarion 6, however, there is a new feature that makes PROP:NAME irrelevant in many situations, as Henry Plotkin shows.

NAME() Comes Of Age (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAR 99
Steve Parker discusses two solid, reliable and easy to use techniques for managing variable filenames. (subscribers only)

Namo WebEditor 6 suite (Utilities) 20 APR 04
Namo WebEditor 6 Suite, the most complete Web site creation and management Suite.

NCD ThinSTAR 18 SEP 01
NCD ThinSTARs are award-winning, Windows-based terminals (WBTs) that deliver easy access to any Web, Windows, UNIX or legacy application. Accessing information on network-based NT servers via either Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), NCD ThinSTARs are also the only WBTs that deliver UNIX applications via the X11 display protocol. NCD ThinSTARs include remote administration tools for reducing the total cost of ownership and simplifying a systems administrator's tasks.

NeatMessage v1.02 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 15 FEB 06
NeatMessage is a Message Box replacement from Huenuleufu Development. You don't need to change anything in your program to take immediate advantage of this product. The template makes use of the message hook to directly replace your regular Message() calls. NeatMessage may replace STOP() and HALT() as well.

This template allows you to quickly replace the standard message box, which gives you many new possibilities.

All the extended features are implemented with a especial command syntax, compatible with the Message() function, so you can activate or deactivate the template without breaking your program. You can even remove the template and recompile without errors.

NET DDE templates

Net Engines At Logic Central 1 MAR 99
Mike Pasley describes how to use Clarion to provide web services.

Net Time 29 JAN 01
Hi guys, I have been using NetTime to sync my PC's for a while now, It's freeware and is posted on my ftp site at Server syncs with a real time server, everything else syncs to it. Still would like a way to use via SQL though if you have any ideas as there is no chance of getting clocks out of sync. (Rod Webster)

NetUpdate 4 NOV 98

Network Commerce 6 JUN 00
Rapid Transaction Authority Server is the answer for those looking for a top-of-the-line, platform independent, database independent payment processing engine. This multi-threaded solution is designed to handle a high volume of real-time transactions. (Credit Card Authorizing)

Network Traffic Monitor (Utilities) 16 NOV 05
Nico Cuppen Software - What process in your machine is causing network traffic, and how much?

Network Traffic Monitor shows you which processes in your machine are causing TCP/IP network traffic, how much traffic that is, and over which IP ports this traffic takes place. For each process it can show detailed information, including the path to the process executable. Network Traffic Monitor can give you a historic overview of the network traffic since the application was started, and save that info to a file for later examination.

Network Traffic Monitor is freeware. You may copy and distribute it as long as you don't make money from it and distribute it in its entirety, including the accompanying README.TXT file. You can download from the download page.

Network Troubleshooting (Tips) 23 JUN 03
Thanks to the Granite Bear.

Networking Tips and Information 10 NOV 01

New C5.5 WebReg with HAND-CODED Messaging 27 FEB 01
(That really works)
Uses "START()-a-Source" method for sending messages without crashing your program.

-- Craig (The Data Ferret)

New Clarion 6 Tips &amp; Techniques In Final Production (Clarion Magazine) 21 JUN 05
The latest in our series of tips books, Clarion 6 Tips &amp; Techniques Volume 1, is in final production, and we hope to ship around the end of the month. List price is $49.95, but if you pre-purchase before the book ships you can save up to 40%. The table of contents is now available online.

NEW Clarion Profile Exchange 23 DEC 98
Use with Product Scope 32

New Engalnd User's Group 23 FEB 01

New Topics Created For Clarion 6 (Clarion Magazine) 10 FEB 03
The Clarion Magazine Topical Index now has several topics for Clarion 6 articles, and more will be added as needed.

News Feature: Clarion Goes COM! (Clarion Magazine) 12 APR 99
Ross Santos offers a tantalizing glimpse of Clarion's upcoming Component Object Model layer. As usual, the TS development team is making this inordinately complex MS technology easier to use. Includes links to COM information sites.

Next Month Anniversary Date Function (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 21 JAN 06

NextAge Consulting (Templates & Libraries) 4 FEB 04

NextAge Security Templates (Templates & Libraries) 25 JUL 02
Category and Access Level based security in a template! 9 levels of security and an unlimited number of categories.(For Example: A user can be a level 1 for Accounts Payable and a level 9 for General Ledger!) Developer sets default values, but all level requirements are configurable by end users.

Nice Touch Solutions Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05

Nifty Window Tricks And Smart DLL Loading (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 8 MAY 06

NIST Internet Time Serivce (Utilities) 2 APR 02
Is your clock right? (Utilities) 7 JAN 03
Use No-IP's FREE dynamic DNS solution to run a server at home even with a dynamic IP. Our dynamic DNS update client tracks your changing IP.

Normal Files, Normal Display (Clarion Magazine) 10 SEP 01
One of the basic concepts of normalization is that every record in a file or row in a SQL table should be uniquely identified. Steve Parker addresses two aspects of unique IDs: the generic motivation for using them, and the difficulties they can present when displayed to the end user.

North Star Solutions (Services) 15 FEB 03
Secure Cyber Store

If you have something to sell, we can help! When you sign up to use our services, it may very well be the best thing you've ever done for your business!

NoteTab Light 9 MAR 01
What caught my (David Troxell) eye was the support for PAD files with it's add-on files called Clipbook libraries.

PAD is the next generation dataset that will allow Authors to communicate specific and most often requested information regarding their products to the Online Communities and Vendors abroad. PAD was designed with the future in mind.

PADGen - is the freeware tool used to create PAD files and was developed by the Association of Shareware Professionals.

If you have ever struggled as a software author trying to upload your program information to file download sites, you'll appreciate the difference PAD file convenience is making in the industry. There are at least 20 file download sites that accept the PAD format (most of these are listed in the current Search Engine Profile Exchange).

NoteTab is a programmable text editor and its functionality can be extended through small add-on files called Clipbook libraries. The PAD library featured on this page does just that. It extends the functionality of NoteTab, turning it into a flexible PAD viewer and output generator. This PAD add-on is a template-based system, so you have complete control on creating and viewing PAD data in any format you wish. It contains several ready-made templates that let you view the contents of PAD files in a matter of seconds. This PAD library works in all versions of NoteTab 4.8 and higher, including the freeware NoteTab Light.

Notifying ClarioNet Clients With PushWindow (Clarion Magazine) 26 FEB 05
ClarioNet is designed to so that the server responds only when the client makes a request, to minimize the amount of network traffic. This can be annoying when the server side needs to complete a batch process and you want to inform the user that everything is okay and the client has not frozen up. Jason Sylvestre shows how to solve this problem with ClarioNet's PushWindows.

Nova Extension Templates (Shareware) (Templates & Libraries) 25 FEB 04

Novell and Open Enterprise Server for Linux (Web Sites) 7 OCT 05
These training modules consist of three main components.

  1. There are a set of presentation slides with room for your notes in PDF format. There are 3 slides on each page. The intention is that you will print the slides and add your own comments as you view the modules.
  2. The individual training modules are Flash streaming video presentations. Novell recommends that you have a high speed internet connection to view these presentations. The overall dimensions of the presentation require a minimum 1024x768 display with the browser set to full screen.
  3. The third component is an exercise manual PDF document. Print the PDF to perform the hands-on exercises.

Novell Cool Solutions: The easiest Linux guide you'll ever read (Tips) 5 AUG 06
This book is geared towards Windows users who want to take a look at Linux. Are you interested in trying Linux on your computer? If so, you have found the perfect book. In this book, I will give you a gentle introduction into using Linux, and help you ease into it. The only technical skills you should have include browsing the Internet and downloading files. It will help if you have burned your own CDs before, but such skills are not required. If you have a computer geek handy, that also couldn't hurt. The purpose of this book is to make it easy to try the Linux operating system, particularly for people who are used to Microsoft Windows. Even if you only use your Windows computer for checking email and surfing the Internet, this book was written just for you.

Novell Netware (Utilities) 12 APR 03
Solid and fast file server software.

NS Basic 4 APR 01
For programming palm, ce and newton computers.

NT Process Viewer 20 AUG 01
It can delete practically any process including services and NT itself. It can also list all handles of locked DLLs etc.

NuMedia Soft (Templates & Libraries) 20 FEB 04
We specialize in CD/DVD recording tools for developers. We are committed to being on the cutting edge of development of numerous media related technologies. We concentrate on creating efficiently designed software to ensure our customers the best quality. Whether you are just someone who wants to utilize your CD hardware to burn the best audio CDs, or a developer trying to design a CD/DVD specific application, we may have what you need.

O & O Defrag v8.0 (Utilities) 25 JUL 05
O&O Defrag V8.0 is the newest generation of the very successful O&O Defrag. Simply, quickly, and securely, you can get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments - and all this with only a tiny investment of time and energy!

The new O&O Defrag V8.0 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks the hidden Performance of your computer. This software will optimize your hard disk in Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows NT 4 Workstation, securely repacking fragmented files together for more efficiency. In addition, O&O Defrag V8.0 Professional Edition boasts outstanding usability and a myriad of important functions not found in any other defragmentation software platforms on the market today.

Oak Park Solutions (Hosting) 14 SEP 06
We are now opening up our products to Clarion developers and their clients.

Oberon Type Library Tools 11 JUN 01
This shareware utility builds an Html file or Help file based on any .tlb, .olb, dll. Thought it might be useful to someone who is into OLE/OCX.

Its easy to use and the resulting Html page generated is far easier to navigate than ObjectBrowser or OLEViewer..imo. I havent tried the help files yet.

Another feature it has is to compare two OCX's, I guess to pick up changes from one Version to the next.

(Thank Ian Vincent for the link)

OCX Controls: Web Browser, Media Player, and pcAnywhere (Clarion Magazine) 11 APR 02
OCXs are a quick and sometimes easy way to add a lot of functionality to your applications. Peter Rabolt shows how he used web browser, media player, and remote control OCXs to beef up one of his apps.

OCX Custom Controls 14 MAY 98
A large collection of OCX controls for download.

ODBC Driver for Firebird v1.2 (SQL) 27 AUG 04
The Firebird ODBC driver development team are pleased to announce that v1.2 is now officially released.

Off Topic Digital Clock (Off-Topic) 11 NOV 04
I like it, but then, we already know I'm weird.

Office Templates v2.0 (Templates & Libraries) 28 OCT 02
This clases/templates are to control Word, Excel and Outlook through Ole Automation.

Templates, classes, examples & help files are all in English now.

You can get OLEGEN here.

OfficeGate (Templates & Libraries) 29 APR 05
OfficeGate is the perfect mediator between the programmer and the Office applications. Easy to install, to use and maintain, no study in depth is needed and most important – its application is very fast.

OfficeGate is a smart and flexible component with a reliable, simple and easy system, which enables an easy approach and a simple integration between Office programs and various applications. Using some simple operations, OfficeGate enables the transfer of data from any application to a Word document; fill cells and extract data from Excel sheets; manage diaries, contacts and Email in Outlook.

OfficeQ 29 AUG 01
The first and only product available that can extract ALL accounting data from QuickBooks® files - including all transactions, inventory, and payroll information. Includes support for both single user and multiuser files. U.S. versions 4, 5, 6, 99, and 2000 as well as Canadian versions 5 and 6 are supported.

Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers 21 SEP 00
From Microsoft.

OLE Drag & Drop (Clarion Magazine) 6 SEP 02
If you want to drag a URL from Internet Explorer and drop it onto, say, a Clarion text box, regular drag and drop won't do the trick. You need OLE Drag and Drop. Clarion Magazine's resident master of all things OLE, Jim Kane, shows how it's done.

OLE Drag and Drop (Templates & Libraries) 10 APR 06
Drag and drop information to or from your Clarion application and any application that supports Ole Drag and Drop (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc).

OLE Gen 18 OCT 01
Available in English or French. Click the English flag, unless you want the French version.

Olivier Cretey's Free French KnowledgeBase 8 DEC 99
Ce site est dédié à tous les utilisateurs de Clarion* pour Windows*, le fameux R.A.D de TopSpeed*.

omponent Source (Web Sites) 21 JAN 04
Components for (almost) any purpose.

Online Mapping And Routing In Clarion (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUN 05
Online mapping is a useful and increasingly popular tool for personal and business use. Colin Wynn shows how easy it is to interface to MSN mapping and routing with a Clarion application.

Online SQL Tutorial 12 MAR 01
This unique introductory SQL tutorial not only provides easy-to-understand SQL instructions, but it allows you to practice what you learn using the on-line SQL interpreter. You will receive immediate results after submitting your SQL commands. You will be able to create your own unique tables as well as perform selects, inserts, updates, deletes, and drops on your tables. This SQL tutorial currently supports a subset of ANSI SQL. The basics of each SQL command will be covered in this introductory tutorial. Unless otherwise stated, the interpreter will support everything covered in this course.

Onscreen Virtual Keyboard Designer (Utilities) 25 OCT 02
The MountFocus Keyboard Designer will let you create amazing and versatile keyboards that can be used with any application in a touchscreen or normal environment, and may be controlled via OLE Automation.

OnTop System's Devcon presentation. 4 OCT 99
Thank you for attending our sessions at TopSpeed's Devcon '99! It was a pleasure to meet all of you.

Open Clarion Source Project (Temporarily unavalable due to Hurricane) (Templates & Libraries) 30 SEP 03
The Open Clarion Project (OCP) is dedicated to extending the functionality of SoftVelocity's Clarion RAD software. The project focuses on integrating Clarion into the Internet world with other operating systems like Linux and open standards programming such as Perl.

IRC server at Port 6667.

Open exchange (under reconstruction?) 1 DEC 00
Works nicely with Clarion.

Supported formats

Opera Web Browser (Utilities) 6 OCT 05
Opera has removed the banner ad license fee. The free version is now bannerless.

Opinion: A Solution To The Scripting Problem? (Clarion Magazine) 29 AUG 03
The Clarion EVALUATE function is a great way to implement a level of scripting into your Clarion applications. But if you work EVALUATE too hard, your app may slow unacceptably. David Podger proposes a novel solution to the problem.

Opportunistic Locking and Read Caching on Microsoft Windows Networks (Tips) 8 APR 03
Keystone Computer Resources provides an article on Opportunistic Locking.

Opportunistic Locking on Windows NT 31 MAR 01
Explanation of Opportunistic Locking on Windows NT. Look for article # Q129202 ( I copy-pasted the number in the search box, TSR).

Optimizing DLL Loading - Introduction to Rebasing (Clarion Magazine) 31 OCT 01
If you create DLLs with Clarion, then you'll definitely want to read this series of articles. By default, Clarion 32 bit DLLs load more slowly than they need to, and are not sharable between processes. You can easily fix this, as Carl Barnes shows, thereby reducing load times and memory requirements.

Optimizing DLL Loading - Rebasing Your DLLs (Clarion Magazine) 6 NOV 01
If you create DLLs with Clarion, then you'll definitely want to read this series of articles. By default, Clarion 32 bit DLLs load more slowly than they need to, and are not sharable between processes. In this installment Carl Barnes shows how to easily rebase your own application's DLLs.

Oracle 28 JUN 00

Oracle Dictionary Tools 4 FEB 02
Oracle Dictionary tools template by RADventure Products is at

The RADventure Oracle dictionary tools is a utility template that generates a number of Oracle scripts from your Clarion Datadictionary.

Oracle SQL Browse tools (Templates & Libraries) 16 APR 02

Order a free DVD with more than 50 add-ins and packages (Utilities) 16 JUN 06
Create your own one-of-a-kind IDE with modifications developed by Microsoft® Visual Studio® Industry Partners (VSIPs). Order a free VSIP DVD* to get a taste of what’s available. It’s loaded with more than 50 add-ins and packages—full and trial versions. You’ll get tools, languages, and components that can help you develop applications for Windows®, Web services, and mobile devices.

Orphaned Embed Template (Templates & Libraries) 2 DEC 05
A new template that will find orphaned #EMBEDs in your application is ready for download at

OS Help! Info-Author v2.30 (SHIA)

OSCON: Keynotes, Database Tuning, and .NET Tools (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 8 AUG 06

OSCON: PC History, Tech Trends, and Wrap-up (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 AUG 06

OSCON: Query Interfaces, PHP/Web 2.0, and TimeTravel Tables (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 31 JUL 06

OSCON: solidDB Beefs Up MySQL OLTP Choices (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 31 JUL 06

OSCON: Wednesday Keynotes (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 31 JUL 06

Our DevCon or No DevCon Sale! (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 6 SEP 06
new subscriptions are just $109 including all the back issues; renewals are only $79. And we have weekly specials for subscribers! This week save $14 off the list price of any e-book. Next week: book deals! (Subscribe now and you can still take advantage of next week's special.)]]>

Our Email Addresses Have Changed! (Clarion Magazine) 26 MAR 04
Please note that due to excessive spam we have been forced to change all email addresses. Please see this page for the new addresses.

Outlook EmailReport by Vivid Help v1.1 (Templates & Libraries) 24 FEB 03

Outlook Menu Templates (Clarion Magazine) 12 SEP 00
Steffen Rasmussen has provided an additional download for his MS Outlook-style menu articles. This new download includes menu templates.

OutlookBar (Templates & Libraries) 15 NOV 05
Providing easy and intuitive navigation options within an application is the goal of every software developer. OutlookBar is a native Clarion control that enables you to write applications with a navigation bar very similar to the famous navigation bar known from applications like MicrosoftTM OutlookXP and Outlook 2003.

OutlookFUSE v 2.0 Ready for C6 (Templates & Libraries) 26 JAN 04
OutlookFUSE provides a native COM (Component Object Model) automation interface to Microsoft Outlook using Clarion 5.5. It is the first 3rd party Clarion product in the world to support both early and late binding natively. Complete support for Outlook XP events as Clarion derived class methods. Now you can capture Outlook events and secure the user interface of Outlook all from a Clarion application! Enhanced demo application demonstrating Plugware COM late binding interfaces to Powerpoint, Excel, and Access using ADO. SOURCE CODE INCLUDED IN THE DEMO!

Overflow Manager 5 MAR 01
Overflow Manager is an addon product for use in CPCS based reports which gives you the ability to detect when page overflow will occur, and provides you with the ability to do things like print overflow/continuation headers in your CPCS reports.

It also makes it possible for you to maintain and access the page number in your report. This feature can be used to capture the page number and the specific information on that page for producing document indexs, etc.

Owen Brunker’s thread changes for Clarion 5.5 (Templates & Libraries) 27 JAN 03
This zip file contains all changes to handle a threading problem in some implementations of Clarion 5.5 ABC. The zip file contains install instructions.

Made available by Russell B. Eggan

The OZEKI SMS Server enables office users and software developers to send and receive SMS messages automatically with a mobile phone connected to a computer. Send messages from:

Palm Conduit via COM 11 APR 01
FYI, in case Im not the last person to notice, Palm now provides (free) a conduit development kit that uses COM and includes VB sample programs. Previously it was C/C++ only unless you had a 3rd party tool, few of which offer access to the Palm standard databases.

Its not just the playground of 3rd party tools and C/C++'ers anymore....

See the developer/conduit section of (Mark Riffey)

Park Center - A collection of templates 4 FEB 00

Parsing Strings In ASCII Files (Clarion Magazine) 5 DEC 02
Konrad Byers' recent article on a class for accessing and processing ASCII files really spoke to Steve Parker. In this article, Dr. Parker combines that class with some string parsing code to extract field data from an ASCII file record.

Partners In Rhyme (Web Sites) 5 MAY 05
These sounds are collected from the web and are generally available to everyone for personal use. PIR did not create these sounds and cannot grant absolute permission for any use other than personal. Please do not direct link to these sounds. If you would like to use one simply right-click on the link and choose 'save target as' from the menu to save the file to your hard drive.

Patch for C55 Document Send Template. (Templates & Libraries) 27 JUN 02
Document Send template is found to have a bug that was there forever. It makes this useful template very unreliable especially when it comes to sending embedded images. We already reported this bug to Soft Velocity, but until they fix it this patch can be used to significantly improve performance of that template.

Patch for running Clarion 3.1 programs on newer computers. 7 APR 01
(Server is gone?)

Patch for updated CCS templates Feb 8, 2001 8 FEB 01
There is a new patch on CCSSQL templates on I apologize for any miscomunications on where it was...

Andy Stapleton [TBA]
(CCS) Cowboy Computing Solutions
CCS SQL Templates ABC/Legacy and now the internet

Payment Processing Software (free) (Templates & Libraries) 14 SEP 02
Allows EFT, ACH and CC processing for your customers and business, (Realtime CC processing coming soon).

Download and implment...

FREE Requires payment processing to be done VIA Paywire. Competitive rates, ASK , If I Can beat your rates for MOTO .

(From Cowboy Stapleton)

Paywire (Credit Card Services) 16 FEB 04
We have developed a set of libraries currently in C6, and C5.5 that allows you to take within your application Credit Cards and validate these credit cards across the internet.

what does this mean, your POS/ Hospitality/ Doctor Office/ ANY application where Credit Cards can be taken can implement these templates/libraries.

How do you make residuals at the same time? , due to the patience of a lot of people since I started this , we have decided to split the revenue created by the credit card transactions with the developer. What does the developer do? just recommend as the preferred method for a merchant account.

if you have ANY questions on how this works, feel free to call 830.232.4241

PC CILLIN (Trend Micro's virus scan software) (Tips) 8 NOV 04
As you may or may not know, vuFileTools uses vuFT2.dll that was reported to be a virus by PC CILLIN (Trend Micro's virus scan software). No other virus scan software (Nortons, etc) saw this dll as a problem. After attempting to work with Trend Micro to resolve this issue (to no avail), I set out to find the problem myself. After numerous edits and recompiles, I discovered that any common call to GetCurrentProcess() (a standard Windows function that has been around since Win32 days) causes the calling program to be interpreted by Trend Micro as a virus.

Research by Bill Roe

PC Week Review of C5 25 MAY 99

PCIA's Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol 27 MAR 00

PCL to PDF Conversion 24 FEB 00
LaserJet PCL conversion to Acrobat PDF, TIF/Fax, PostScript, Windows EMF/WMF, ASCII text, XML Pcl2pdf, Developer Libraries, LaserFAX

PcWedge (Utilities) 14 JUN 05
PCWedge is a utility to interfase RS232 serial Bar-Code Reader output and convert the data to keystrokes in any Windows application program as if it were being typed directly in the keyboard. Optionally it can save Serial data output in a txt file.

PCWedge was designed to run with very low demand on system resources and hardware. It has been tested on a 2.2Ghz Atlon XP 2400 running win 2K PRO SP4 and it runs with no problems at all.

The EXE file is a free standing 32 bit portable executable file that do not need any runtime DLLs to work correctly. You do not have to download other files for PCWedge to work properly.

PD "UNIVERSAL" DROP EDIT CONTROLS No update needed for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
ProDomus is please to announce the release of PD "Universal" Drop Edit Controls, a Drop List or Combo with an “Edit…” choice that you can populate quickly without having to create a file, browse or form. The library can use INI or database files to save the pick list. Prompts, headers, pictures, and entry mode come from the dictionary or local data. It’s quick to implement because:

PD Browse Button Lookup no update needed for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
All Source Code Class Library for C5.5 and Clarion 6 ABC and Legacy.

PD File drop and Combo (Version6301 for C6.3) (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06

PD Finance and Financial Calculators Version 60-01 no update needed for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
The Financial Library, originally released in 1994, is now included as an all source code class library. Six new customizable calculators have been added:

  1. Financial Calculator (PV, FV, Rate, Payment, Periods).
  2. Amortization Calculator (Year or Period displays with/without balloon payments)
  3. Days Duration Calculator (360 Day Calendar Year)
  4. Discounted Cash Flow Calculator (IRR and NPV for variable cash flows)
  5. Interest Calculator (APR, Simple, Compound, and Continuous Interest)
  6. Simple (Add, subtract, divide . usable with numeric keypad)
Calculator windows are declared in a translation file that may be easily customized. A translation method makes run time translation easy using the ABC or ProDomus translator libraries.

Available for C5, C55, and C6. Supports both ABC and Clarion template chains.

PD Translator Plus available for 6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 21 JAN 06
The Next Generation International Development Tools

PDF Converter (Utilities) 21 JUN 05
PDF Converter 3 instantly converts PDF files into documents, forms and spreadsheets which look just like the original - complete with text, columns, tables, and graphics!

PDF EMailer Addon for CPCS 2 APR 01
This CPCS Addon allows you to create a CPCS report and do any of the following:

Recipients of the email need only have a PDF file reader (such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader freely available from the Adobe website listed below) to read, and print the PDF file.

PDF Lib 15 APR 98
C Library for printing PDF files. Available in source.

PDF Mailer (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUL 02
We just found and added a very cheap PDF print tool to our product range. You can download a fully functional demo at:

This tool installs as a printer driver and generates a PDF file which is also passed to the default email client. The PDF file can also be saved.

The demo version contains a line at the top of each page with our name. A version without this top line will cost approx. 55 - 60 $ (49 Euro).

PDF Zone 25 JAN 01
Tools for working with PDF files.

PDF-Tools v3.60104 (Templates & Libraries) 16 AUG 06
PDF-Tools is entirely DLL based and does not require the installation of Print drivers.

We currently offer a template for the report output only - but will have templates for most other functions shortly - users comfortable with working with the API have access to all features now.

PDF-XChange v3.6102 Works with C6.3 (Utilities) 23 AUG 06
an Adobe Compatible PDF File creation tool

Now supporting JBIG.

  1. Printer driver (Initially we are supplying the W2k driver only - but purchasers will receive a Driver for all current versions of Windows (W95 and up) as they become available, over the next 2-3 weeks. Plug in the driver with a little printer code and your reports can be output to PDF! With Silent Installer - just call an exe from your installation program!
  2. API/SDK - Windows OS independent - allows you to supply PDF creation for your applications only without the need to install a printer driver ! Add Images, Text,draw shapes and much,much more!
  3. Clarion Template & Class simplifying the use of the Core API functions/prototyping and mapping.
  4. Full help file documentation.
  5. Sample App and files.
  6. Additional Non - Clarion Examples and files.
  7. silent installer to include with your application distribution/installer!
See This review of PDF tools by Cadalyst Labs Review!

pdf995 (Utilities) 22 JAN 04
The pdf995 suite of products is a complete solution for your document publishing needs, offering ease of use, flexibility in format, and industry-standard security. And all at no cost to you.

Pdf995 is the fast, affordable way to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any application, creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer.

PDFMailer (Utilities) 29 MAY 02
PDFMAILER makes windows applications Email capable. Simply by printing a PDF, TIFF, or JPEG file attachment is created and sent over the Internet. Even database oriented software that normally does not have direct Email access like, order entry systems, PPS systems, vertical market solutions, and custom software, can now send proposals, invoices, payment reminders, order confirmations etc. per Email.

PDFWizard PDF Software 10 MAY 01

PdfWrite Class 2.0 Beta (Templates & Libraries) 23 NOV 02
Use PDFWrite Class to generate Adobe PDF files on the fly. Everything is pure Clarion source without any "black boxes". No OLE or API calls. You don't need to have Adobe or special printer drivers installed. Great for exporting data from your application to pdf format without using any 3rd party tools. List of features includes multiple fonts (14 types) support, jpg image support, text/background colors, automatic page numbering, different text regions on one page and various text effects (word/character spacing, scaling and rising).

PDPTTools (Utilities) 19 OCT 02
Transcom's Rapid Development Platform is a framework based system for developing enterprise level applications at lightning speed. The RDP system allows the rapid adoption of new technologies such as the revolutionary .NET Platform from Microsoft by supplying field tested templates coded to best practice standards.

PeerDirect 15 FEB 01
Easy and secure database replication in virtually any information environment.

Pegasus Imaging Corporation (Templates & Libraries) 8 MAR 03
Pegasus provides Software Applications for many advanced Image Editing and compression technologies.

Development software for:

Pencel 28 MAY 01
Our Kinectivity platform provides mobile database management, back-end data integration, synchronization, wireless connectivity, application deployment and heterogeneous mobile device support.

Pencel's powerful define-and-deploy platform is suitable for any mobile initiative: enterprises, their solutions providers and independent software vendors.

Pendragon Forms 4 APR 01
The best product I have used for this is Pendragon Forms 3.1. You can synchronize your file or SQL database from a PC or Network directly to the Palm and generate all the input forms for each Table for the Palm in about 15 minutes. Push the HotSync button and the app with all the input forms that you automatically generated is sent to the Palm. No coding to do this.

Make a change on the network db or the Palm and sync. Everything gets updated.

If you want sophisticated code to do a particular job like writing an Order Entry System, barcode enabled tracking system, ePurchase Order system etc., on the Palm, it's got a simple language like CW to do it in about a day's work. Has lookups, radio buttons, check boxes, choice fields, sub forms for 1:many rels, barcode scanning, wireless transmit/receive, searching, etc.

(Chet Sapino)

Performance Support, Inc. 20 NOV 01

Personal Job Agencies & Telecommuting Resources for Programmers and IT Staff (Web Sites) 30 SEP 03
Updated weekly courtesy of Alfred Blaho.

Pervasive Software (formerly Btrieve Technologies)

Pervasive SQL 8 NOV 01
Pervasive's database technology, from Btrieve to Pervasive.SQL 2000, has long been recognized as a leader in the Workstation, Workgroup and Server embedded database markets. Pervasive.SQL 2000 allows you to build applications that scale from the workstation to high-volume, multi-processor, client/server-computing environments.

Petite 30 MAR 00
Petite is a Win32 (Windows 95/98/2000/NT) executable (EXE/DLL/etc...) compressor. The compressed executables decompress themselves at run time, and can be used just like the original uncompressed versions. Petite also adds virus detection to the compressed executables - they will check themselves for infection every time they are executed.

PFE32 Programmer's File Editor (North American Sit 23 NOV 98

Phil Will's fix for the bug in the DATE function 15 OCT 99
Thanks, Phil, for this free fix. There has been some discussion about a bug in the Clarion DATE function that causes it to returning March 1 in leap years where it should return Feb 29. This occurs when adding months, i.e. DATE(2 + 12.... Or days. Alexey has report that this will be fixed in the next release of Clarion. In the meantime, I've posted a free open source (use at your risk) fix at

The fix suggests renaming the DATE function in the Builtins.clw file and using an alternative function for which source code is provided.

Philippe Pierre's Calendar Skeleton (CWICWeb Download Center) 7 FEB 03
Philippe Pierre has asked me to announce the availability of his calender skeleton at CWICWEB's download center.

Pick Debugger by Paul Attryde 28 MAR 01
PickDBG installs as the system debugger and allows you to determine at GPF time which debugger you would like to run to debug the GPF. Particularily useful for those of you running multiple copies of Clarion or doing application development in different development tools.

Picture Buttons for CW

PiFolio Word Reporter v4 Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 6 AUG 04
Formerly ARCO Word Reporter.

PiFolio Word Reporter (formerly known as ARCO Word Reporter) is now ready for use with Clarion introducing extended functionality and new options.

Compatibility information:

Pinnacle Graphic Server 30 MAY 00
(link fixed) Pinnacle Publishing's Graphics Server 5.0, included with ASNA Visual RPG, was PC Magazine's Editor's Choice of data graphing packages. In its June 30, 1998, edition, PC Magazine analyzed five popular graphing packages. In selecting Pinnacle's Graphics Server, they noted that it, "...provides the most features and most sophisticated capabilities. With its superior documentation and fine performance, Graphics Server is a hard package to beat."

Pintexx (Utilities) 7 JUN 05
Tools for web programming.

pjLogIt 9 NOV 01
pjLogIt tracks changes to your data. Includes Report Wizard, Browse Wizard, Application Frame Extension, and Code Template for adding ad-hoc entries to the Log file. Logging is customisable.

Planet Clarion for 23 Dec 2004 (Tips) 13 JAN 05
In this edition of the Planet, Dave and Andrew talk at length about the IP driver with Capesoft's Bruce Johnson. Track list:

  1. 00:00 Intro
  2. 01:39 Bruce Johnson and African languages
  3. 05:38 What is the IP driver really for?
  4. 08:37 Using the IP driver over a WAN
  5. 10:59 The IP driver's killer feature
  6. 15:00 The IP driver and bandwidth issues
  7. 16:59 The five minute conversion
  8. 18:02 Filtering: server side vs client side
  9. 21:48 More on bandwidth, saturated LANs, and WANs
  10. 27:58 IP driver vs SQL and other technologies, and some tips/tricks
  11. 33:24 Color theory redux, and closing comments

Planet Clarion for April 29, 2005 (PodCast) 2 MAY 05
Political mover and shaker Andrew Guidroz spills the beans on how a custom Clarion app helped him wage a successful election campaign, Dave Harms waxes and wanes poetic on Thunderbird, and Dave and Andrew discuss user interface issues and the new Planet Clarion/Clarion Magazine coffee mug.

Planet Clarion for December 15, 2004 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
Andrew and Dave talk Skype/Clarion integration with special guest Colin Wynn in the UK, and discuss Clarion/PHP. Will it be the sleeper hit in the SoftVelocity product lineup?

Planet Clarion for December 23, 2004 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
In this Eve of Christmas Eve edition of the Planet, Dave and Andrew talk at length about the IP driver with Capesoft's Bruce Johnson. Track list now available.

Planet Clarion for Friday, February 25, 2005 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
Special guest Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity's president, talks about Clarion 7, Clarion.NET, the new IDE, the subscription program, and much more.

Planet Clarion for January 31, 2005 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
This first podcast of 2005 is the annual Planet Clarion predictions show. Andrew and Dave pontificate on Clarion 7, Clarion.NET, open source databases, the future of Microsoft, and the world according to Google.

Planet Clarion for June 30, 2005 (PodCast) 6 JUL 05
SoftVelocity president Bob Zaunere is back on Planet Clarion. Andrew and Dave talk with Bob about the ConDev AVIs and what they really mean, what's involved in creating the new IDE, and the differences between Win32 and .NET screen formatters.

Planet Clarion for March 30, 2005 (PodCast) 31 MAR 05
In this prequel to the previous podcast's Bob Z interview, Dave Harms talks with Bob about Clarion.NET, and Andrew and Dave talk about the value of trial editions.

Planet Clarion for May 25, 2005 (PodCast) 25 MAY 05
Clarion 6.2 has been released, and Andrew and Dave talk about the new features, the subscription program, the upgrade fee, and Clarion 7.

Planet Clarion for November 26, 2004 (PodCast) 30 NOV 04
Planet Clarion #2 is in the can! In this edition Andrew and Dave look at color theory and application skinning, discuss the IP driver, and talk to graphic designer, Clarion developer, and rising photography star Leroy Schulz.

Planet Clarion for November 26, 2004 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
Planet Clarion #2 is in the can! In this edition Andrew and Dave look at color theory and application skinning, discuss the IP driver, and talk to graphic designer, Clarion developer, and rising photography star Leroy Schulz.

Planet Clarion for November 9, 2004 (PodCast) 26 FEB 05
In this first ever Planet Clarion podcast, hosts Dave Harms and Andrew Guidroz II discuss topics ranging from "Why stay with Clarion?" to how many developers are using Clarion, and the impact of Clarion.NET.

Planet Clarion Podcast #1 (Tips) 11 NOV 04
Our first ever podcast, with hosts Dave Harms and Andrew Guidroz II, is now online! This MP3 is 35 minutes, 12 megs. We've already had lots of feedback and in the future will be offering play lists and individual tracks, as soon as we make a proper home for audio on the ClarionMag web site.

Works very well with Windows Media Player.

Planet Clarion Transcript: Bob Zaunere on the new IDE and Clarion.NET (Clarion Magazine) 22 JUL 05
The unplanned release of the ConDev AVIs showing the new IDE created much confusion among Clarion developers. In this interview Bob Zaunere explains the context of the AVIs, and discusses the C7 and Clarion.NET development roadmap.

Planet Clarion Transcript: Bob Zaunere Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 4 AUG 05
In Part 2 of the June podcast interview, Bob Zaunere talks about COM vs .NET, C7 productivity gains, pricing, XML, Code DOM, and the stuff nobody has asked about yet. This part of the interview is only available in transcript form.

Planet Clarion Transcript: Bruce Johnson on the IP Driver (Clarion Magazine) 4 MAY 05
Our interview with CapeSoft's Bruce Johnson about the IP driver remains one of our most popular podcasts. If you've ever had to deal with bandwidth issues or file corruption using TPS files on a network, this transcript is a must read.

Planet Clarion Transcript: Clarion 6.2 Released (Clarion Magazine) 7 JUN 05
In this transcript of the May 25, 2005 show Andrew Guidroz and Dave Harms discuss the release of Clarion 6.2, its features and upgrade fee, the subscription program, and Clarion 7.

Please Mr. Postman: Calling External Functions By Address (Clarion Magazine) 5 JUL 00
Steve Bottomley explains how to call an external procedure by address when the procedure isn't exported from the DLL.

Please, User Dearest, Complete The Fields (Clarion Magazine) 20 FEB 02
In the spirit of user-friendliness, Steve Parker implements form field validation with INCOMPLETE().

PlugIT v2.0 (Templates & Libraries) 13 MAY 04
ThinkData, Inc., in conjunction with Plugware Ltd., has released PlugIT, a memory leak checker and thread safe memory allocation engine for Clarion 5/5.5 ABC and Legacy Templates. PlugIT is a template based solution giving Clarion programmers the ability to check existing or brand new applications for memory leaks in a matter of minutes. PlugIT even checks 3rd party generated code for memory leaks! It is a must-have utility for programmers whose clients demand reliability and stability in their commercial applications.

PlugIT is the first product of its kind for the Clarion development environment. Programmers have been using memory leak checking utilities in other languages for years and now Clarion developers can do the same with a minimal amount of effort. If you can populate a global extension template, you can take advantage of the power of PlugIT and make sure your applications are handling memory properly.

The User Guide for PlugIT 2.0 is available at home page as a PDF. For those that were wanting more information about what it is, what it does, how to do it and just what is a memory leak anyway, this PDF explains this and much more.

Plugware - Clarion 6 (Clarion 6) 13 DEC 02
All of ours will be compatible as they stand unless they change the language itself as they are already thread safe where it matters.

Plugware Ltd, taking the puzzle out of I.T

PNet Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 30 JUL 04
I (Lodestar Software) guarantee you will not find an easier way to implement Postnet barcodes in your Clarion reports ( or your money back! )

Written for use with then Standard Report Templates & CPCS Report Tools.

Consists of two extension templates, one GLOBAL and one for each report that needs Postnet Barcodes. Extremely easy to implement in your Clarion apps whether created with the AppGen or used in hand coded reports.

Provided in 16 and 32 bit DLL's for "standalone" compiles . Does not require any additional addons to function. Handles 5, 9 and 11 digit zipcodes. No VBX or OCX required. 100% Clarion source code. All required templates, DLL's and online template help provided.

Podcast Production Notes (Clarion Magazine) 22 DEC 04
A number of Planet Clarion listeners have asked for more information on how we record the podcast using Skype. This page now has a production notes section at the end which answers some of these questions.

Poland Clarion User's Group 13 AUG 01
As a Clarion User Association we organize first meating in Poland 6-9.09.2001. It will take 3 days with plany of presentations. We sent more then 160 invitations for people who use Clarion in Poland. In our conferential materials we want to record a CD with our presentations and any other things which are avaliable for us. If you want to put on this CD any your materials please contact .We will appreciate any support from you. We will also have lotery-drawing so any gifts and souvenirs would be also very nice.

Polish Clarion User's Group (Web Sites) 20 AUG 02

Polska Grupa uzytkownikow Clariona (Web Sites) 20 AUG 02

Porting to the C6 Threading Model: The AutoLog Example (Clarion Magazine) 16 JAN 04
Clarion C6 has gone gold and so it's time to start getting serious about porting applications. In this series of articles Carl Barnes looks at porting some of the C55 example applications to C6.

Porting to the C6 Threading Model: The AutoLog Example Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 22 JAN 04
Clarion C6 has gone gold and so it's time to start getting serious about porting applications. In this series of articles Carl Barnes looks at porting some of the C55 example applications to C6. Part 2.

Positioning List Box Totals (Clarion Magazine) 11 JUN 02
Sometimes you'll want to place total fields below list boxes, and in some cases those totals need to be positioned exactly below a column. This is easy if the user doesn't resize any columns, but what if you do allow resizing? Brice Schagane shows how to align the total fields with the columns at runtime.

POSitive Software Company (Clarion Applications) 11 NOV 03
Point of Sale software provides the retail business with important features like barcode scanning and printing, in depth inventory features like serial number tracking and multiple vendors for purchasing. Retailers need the ability to open a cash drawer and to quickly and efficiently process customers at a busy cash register. As you have probably found most "Accounting Programs" don't provide these functions. POSitive for Windows Point of Sale POS Software is the accounting system designed for retail business.

PosOD (Templates & Libraries) 11 JAN 03
PosOD template moves automatically the mouse cursor upon the control with the default property set on or another control if no control has the default property.

Post-mortem Debugging: How I stopped fearing the GPF (Clarion Magazine) 14 MAR 03
Sometimes, when you're testing that almost completed application, it crashes. No rhyme or reason, and inspection of the last code changes reveal nothing out of place. Re-run and it crashes again. Where do you go? To the debugger for a quick post mortem. Russ Eggen shows how to track down those tricky GPFs.

Postal Package Partner 26 FEB 01
Postal Package Partner is a Windows software package that provides Delivery Confirmation for Priority and Package Services shipments. It will calculate postage and fees for special services, interface to many supported electronic scales and printers, and download tracking data via the internet. The Postal Package Partner software works strictly with USPS services. This keeps it simple to use and affordable.

Major USPS services supported by Postal Package Partner include Priority Mail with FREE Delivery Confirmation, Package Services (Parcel Post, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, Library Mail) with discounted Delivery Confirmation, Express Mail with Electronic Manifesting and Express Mail Military Service to APO/FPO addresses. Choose the version below that's right for you.

for more information about this wonderful Clarion Software:

PostCast Server 29 AUG 01
PostCast Server is a free SMTP mail server program that enables you to send messages directly from your computer. This program is used for sending newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending notifications to your customers, as well as for sending individual e-mail messages.

PostgreSQL 101: Security Basics (Clarion Magazine) 20 MAR 03
Just when you think you're ready to start using PostgreSQL, you realize you can't connect to the server. Here's what you need to know about server connection security.

Postgresql General Bits - Gapless Sequences for Primary Keys (Tips) 28 AUG 06
By defining a column in your table to be of type SERIAL, you can guarantee that column will increase in value and be unique. However, you cannot guarantee that the values will be gapless.

PostgreSQL v8.0 (SQL) 20 JAN 05
PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere. Commercial Support is also available.

Postmortems and The Clarion Tips & Techniques Book (Clarion Magazine) 22 APR 04
Andrew Guidroz II tries to learn a little something from every day's work. A trip to a client site, some unexpected code copying, and a few articles from the Tips book add up to a useful postmortem.

Power Browse from Toolcraft 2 OCT 00
Get the documentation:

Power Office - Professional Clarion Accessories (Templates & Libraries) 2 JUN 05
Our products is all source code so there should be no problems with using them with Clarion 6.2.

Power RAD 18 FEB 98
Looking for PowerBrowse? Look no farther.

Powerbrowse 19 MAR 01
I've just uploaded c55 gold powerbrowse templates to my newly created home page. Enjoy! (Alan Telford)

Powerrun (Freeware) (Templates & Libraries) 1 FEB 03
powerRUN picks up where RUN() left off!

Used by over 1,000 Clarion developers worldwide and on a few other planets.

PowertToolbar (Templates & Libraries) 15 NOV 05
The most powerfull Clarion toolbar ever! Create Office toolbars with ease in minutes. Office 2000, XP, 2003 and Native XP. A real productivity booster!

PowerXP-Theme v2.2 (Templates & Libraries) 1 DEC 05
PowerXP-Theme: When your application is running under Windows XP, Clarion's default XP manifest will add Windows XP Theme to some controls. Since many controls still lack Theme support Clarion apps look unprofessional when running Windows XP. PowerXP-Theme will apply the users currently selected Windows XP Theme to several Clarion controls, giving your app that professional look.

Looks sell! You simply can not afford to be without this essential template.

Prerelease C6.1 patches (Clarion 6) 11 MAY 04
- We are releasing the patches for 6.1 for Early Access. Intended for 3rd party vendors (and also to anyone else who just can't wait). The goal is to give the tool vendors some time to rebuild their distributable binary files (rebuild of DLLs/Libs is required) in preparation for the general release of 6.1, and to take the opportunity receive some immediate feedback on 6.1. The general release will be posted later this week (week of May 10, 04).

The In-Memory driver is done and will ship as sson as c6.1 is finalized. There are some ideas we have as to additional class support that may be desired by the community, but they won't delay the release.

The IP driver/server is probably about 3 weeks away.

Presenting Many-To-Many Relationships (Clarion Magazine) 9 NOV 99
Many-to-many relationships are a common part of database designs, but they can be tricky to present to your users. Tom Ruby explains three approaches to making M2M work for the end user. Part 1 of 2.

Presenting Many-To-Many Relationships: Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 16 NOV 99
Tom Ruby concludes his approach to presenting many-to-many relationships to the end user.

Princen Clarion Tools 8 MAY 00
As of May 1st, 2000 Princen IT will stop the support activities for its Clarion 3rd party products. The main reason is the fact that we have been heavily understaffed over the last period of time and will be for months. As a result of this move we will temporarily stop our sales activities. Our freeware products will be available and as soon as we have the time we will bundle some new products and offer them to you as freeware via our website. Furthermore we are looking for extra programming capacity. We would like experienced CfW programmers who want to work for us on a fixed contract basis or as a freelancer to send their CV's to

Print Directly to Printer Made Easier (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAR 06

Print On Demand Clarion Books: An Odyssey (Clarion Magazine) 17 DEC 04
A number of readers have asked for an article explaining how we brought our popular series of Clarion books to print. Dave Harms gives a behind the scenes tour of the production process, and Clarion Magazine's use of print-on-demand technology.

Printed Book: Clarion 6 Tips & Techniques, Volume 1 (Tips) 11 MAY 05
The latest printed book in our popular Tips & Techniques series contains a wealth of ClarionMag articles specific to Clarion 6. Topics include user interface issues, new C6 features such as the In-Memory, Dynamic, and IP drivers, using COM, reading/writing XML, handling C6 threading issues, and much more. Now in production, and scheduled to ship in June. Approx 300 pages, regular price $49.95. (Templates & Libraries) 13 JUL 06
A class containing the code for Trevor's direct to printer code.

Put the inc and clw files in your LIBSRC folder, put INCLUDE('LPT.INC') in your module, and create an instance:


Work it like this:

IF Prt.Open('PrinterName')   Prt.WriteLine('This is a line of text')   Prt.Write('And here is ')   Prt.Write('another line of text.')   Prt.Close()   END

If you don't have the vsa classes, just remove the "FindOne" method and the include at the top of the .clw file.

Printing Unknown Queue Fields (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 30 MAY 06

PrintKey 2000 (Utilities) 9 SEP 02
PrintKey is an excellent add-on. It is activated when you press the PrintScreen Key and allows you to capture the entire screen or any portion of it. You can then make changes to the screen capture and save in a variety of formats including .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .emf and .wmf. You can also swap colors, convert to grayscale or black and white, change picture size and send to the printer all from this little freeware program.

PrintWindow Provides Alternative To Standard Reporting (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 29 JUN 06
Huenuleufu Development's PrintWindow reporting add-on provides a highly customizable way to reproduce screen layouts in report form.

PrintWindow v1.05 (Templates & Libraries) 19 SEP 06
Just drop a button control in your window and obtain a printout that looks exactly alike. You use your own report with customized parameters, what means you can choose your previewer (or none), and how many "tabs" per page (only one or as much as they fit).

You can customize the aspect of the printed controls to mimic the full window, or to use a image as background (like when you fill a Form), for example, not drawing the entries or group boxes, etc.

When you take a "screenshot" to print, you get exactly what you see, but PrintWindow gives you several advantages:

Procedure Notes updated 2 April 2005 (Templates & Libraries) 2 APR 05
The ProcuedreNotes Template is now available Keep detailed notes about each procedure in your app The template is 3 templates in 1.

  1. A Global Extension template which will add the Local Extension to each procedure in your app
  2. Local Extension template, which allows you to keep notes about each procedure
  3. Utility Template which will create a .txt file detailing each procedure and the notes for each procedure

ProDomus Updated for C6.1 build 9026 (Templates & Libraries) 18 AUG 04

Product Review: NetTalk, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 22 OCT 03
Over the years, Tom Hebenstreit has used various methods to add Internet functionality to his programs, ranging from the built-in Windows WinInet libraries to the SocketTool libraries from Catalyst Corporation. Each had its strengths and, as usual, some weaknesses as well, so Tommy's always on the lookout for simpler, more Clarion-friendly ways of accomplishing those tasks. Enter CapeSoft's NetTalk, a veritable jack of all Internet trades. Part 2 of 2.

Product Review: The Ripley Code Commentor (Clarion Magazine) 10 SEP 04
The Ripley Code Commentor, by Scott Ripley, is a nifty new utility that makes commenting code changes fast and easy, not just for Clarion but for other languages/development environments as well.

Product Review: View Wizard 1.0 From Nice Touch Solutions (Clarion Magazine) 11 JUL 00
Nice Touch Solutions' View Wizard adds user customization to your browses easily and quickly, and even lets users modify and save sort orders.

Product Scope 32 Bookmarks 16 DEC 98

Product Scope 32 Pro v5.0 (Gold) (Utilities) 24 OCT 03
A very resourceful Internet Bookmark program and Comparative Shopping. File Search - Any file type, text within files, image preview, Copy, Move, Launch. Spreadsheet and Crosstab reports available (Spreadsheet Option). Custom Views - Customize fields to display, quickly sort a single field. Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information. Serve as an alternative address book for your email program. Search All text fields including memos to find a particular Product or Vendor FAST. Reference Archived HTML Files. Associate Product Prices with International Currencies. Basic File Management for Downloading Files From The Web and Installation. Document Insight Development Web Page Captures - iCapture 2, ZUTW PRO. Associate PDF files with product record. Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF file.

Products for Clarion 5 Developers 6 DEC 99

Programmer's File Editor 1 JUL 99
FREE! More features than you can think of (slight exaggeration). PFE is a large-capacity, multi-file editor that runs on Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 on Intel-compatible processors, and on Windows 3.1x. Although it's primarily oriented towards program developers and contains features like the ability to run compilers and development applications, it also makes a very good general purpose editor for any function at all.

Programmers going Extreme 5 APR 01
At last, a software development methodology you can actually put into use.

Programming Labs dot com (Web Sites) 11 JUN 04
A place to let SV know about your Clarion success stories.

Programming Objects in Clarion (Tips) 1 JUL 03
If you don't know how to code objects in Clarion, or even if you do not know if they are any use to you and your projects, then this is the book for you.

The book assumes no prior skill levels as there is something in here for everyone. From the beginning, what is OOP (including precise and usable definitions of all the OOP buzzwords), to why one would need to code objects, to how ABC works, to converting a procedural style procedure that every Clarion developer already has on their machine, to coding a template wrapper for that new object.

The book is accompanied by a code section in all editions. All code referenced in the book is included. Plus some extra goodies not referenced in the book.

Programming Objects in Clarion is version neutral. If you use Clarion 4 through Clarion 6, this book is for you.

You will learn about:

Programming Objects in Clarion is 221 pages in length. Available as a download. A CD only and printed version (with CD) are available and ship anywhere in the world.

Progress Bars for Queues: Creating An ABC/Clarion Template (Clarion Magazine) 31 MAR 05
In Part 1, Bjarne Havnen showed how you can use the undocumented ABC QueueProcessManagerClass to create processes with progress bars. In this installment, Bjarne creates an accompanying template that is compatible with both ABC and Clarion (legacy) template chains. The principles demonstrated here can be applied to other classes.

Progress Bars for Queues: Using The ABC QueueProcessManagerClass (Clarion Magazine) 18 MAR 05
What do you do if you have a queue to process, and you want to display a progress bar to the user? You can write your own code, or, as Bjarne Havnen shows, you can use the undocumented ABC QueueProcessManagerClass.

PROP:SQL And Embedded Single Quotes (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAR 06

Prophecy GNU Experiment in Interface Design 19 NOV 99
Prophecy is written in Clarion for Windows. It's inspiration comes from the alternative shells and desktops that have appeared for the 32 bit Windows environment. The original design concept for Prophecy was a Desktop that would help organise daily tasks in terms of projects and activities, but was flexible enough to not get in the way of the work at hand. It also would be modular, in that anyone would be able to create an active desktop module that Prophecy would be able to integrate into it's routine functions easily.

Propitious Memory Corruption (Clarion Magazine) 31 AUG 99
Propitious WHAT?! David Bayliss examines the theory and practice of relational integrity and file aliases in Clarion 5/ABC, with comparisons to legacy Clarion.

Prospector - Contact and Support Management (Utilities) 19 MAR 05
Prospector is a contact program that we (Ray Rippey) have been using for many years here at VMT Software. You can configure it to suit your type of business. For instance it is running at a phone company in Virginia for the purpose of internet support.

We have been using Prospector here at VMT Software for 10 years. Prospector keeps track of all of our contacts, how they found us, what software they used to have, what OS they have, what version they have, email address, shipping address.

Many of these options are variable, so you can use it to keep track of any business you can think of that needs the ability to schedule contacts, and keep track of contact conversations.

protec.htm: HOW TO PROTECT BETTER 20 JUN 01
FRAVIA'S "HOW TO PROTECT BETTER" A good protection is NOT an impossible dream!

Providing Good Customer Support (Clarion Magazine) 22 APR 05
They call day and night, email you even on weekends, and actually expect you to help... customers! Arggh! But without them, you're out of business. So what is the best way to manage tech support? In this article Drew Bourrut defines good tech support, and suggests ways to assure that type of support. 6 JUL 99
I put together a demo that uses the win32 printer api. It does the following:

Some of the utility functions can be used to get win api printer info. You can then set any property you want and write the data back to set anything you want for the printer. Pause, purge all jobs...

In the incomming directory.

Public documentation for C6EA4 (Web Sites) 1 MAY 03

PuterBuddy (Utilities) 7 DEC 05
Track anything that needs tracking; data snippets, logins, licenses, passwords, recipies and whatnot. Configure your own menu structure.

Putting Clarion 6 Under Version Control With TortoiseSVN (Clarion Magazine) 8 JUN 05
You might be using version control software for your own source code, but you should probably be using it for Clarion releases as well. As David Harms shows, this is easy to achieve with TortoiseSVN, Subversion, and a local repository.

Putting images on an RTF control 26 APR 01
You can do it your self with the api. You get the hwnd for the rtf control and call sendmessage() to send it a em_getoleinterface message. It returns an IRichEditOLE. Once you have the interface after some prepatory work (sample code in MSDN in article Q220844) you call the GetClientSite method to pass an image (bitmap in my case) to the RTF control for display. When the window is shutting down, a little more code to release all interfaces.

qbFuse v1.3 (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUL 03
qbFUSE relies on the professional version of the Plugware COM classes, which usher in a new era of stability and performance when writing COM automation interfaces in Clarion. It has been designed to support QuickBooks Pro 2002, QuickBooks Premier 2002, and QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2002. qbFUSE Product Features

QODBC Driver for QuickBooks 2003 & 2002 (Utilities) 17 NOV 03
QODBC is a fully functional ODBC driver for reading and writing QuickBooks 2002 and 2003 accounting data files by using standard SQL queries. It requires an ODBC compliant front-end application such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder or Delphi. Once installed, it will allow these applications to read and write QuickBooks Accounting files in the same fashion as other file formats installed on your computer. Using the official QuickBooks SDK interface, we are able to offer our customers total compatibility with all QuickBooks file formats.

Quantum Dynamics' Free templates 14 APR 99

Query Slider 5 MAY 99
Query Slider is a full featured query system compatible with Clarion4 and Clarion5. It can be used in conjunction with the Clarion5 QBE Browse class to increase its functionality by sending the GetFilter( ) statement to a report. The queries can be stored in a table and edited, as well as recalled for later use. The search fields and query operators are selected by slider controls or with the left and right arrow keys. Query Slider comes complete with a text and html manual, demo app and dct. Search operators include; Less Than, Greater Than, Contains, Less Than or Equal, Greater Than or Equal, Not Equal To. Concantenate query statements with AND, OR operators. Search on dates, and times, or a range of Dates or Times. Supports Larry Teames CPCS Report Tools.

Query the SQL Database without DUMMY table (Tips) 12 APR 04
Dan Pressnell's example code on how to query the SQL Database without having to define the DUMMY table

Query Wizard 6 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 28 JAN 06
Providing your users with customizable access to their data is something they will thank you for over and over. Query Wizard makes it possible to add these capabilities to any applications without coding.

Querying SQL Data (Clarion Magazine) 2 SEP 05
It sure would be handy if Clarion had a way to run an SQL query and just get back a result. Say you want the total of a bunch of records. The problem is that in Clarion you need a view to project just the amount field and...but wait! As Tom Ruby shows, you can easily use the cCwADOclass for just this situation.

Queue Edit-In-Place 8 JAN 01

Quick COM Using A Windows Script Component (Clarion Magazine) 13 NOV 02
Everyone knows that Clarion can do COM, but did you know that you can interface a Clarion program toCOM? Wayne Price shows how to use a Windows Script Component to create a Clarion program that's usable by any programming language that can call COM objects.

Quickbooks-Style Date Fields (Clarion Magazine) 10 MAY 01
Andrew Guidroz II gets a request for QuickBooks-style date incrementing/decrementing, and writes a template to automatically apply this code to an entire application.

QuickEez Templates 31 DEC 00

QuickFlash Template (freeware) Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
In early 2001 I started work on a template which I planned would export to all Quicken Quickbooks account types. After I had completed the first stage Quicken announced they were going to bring out an XML interface to replace the IIF files that QuickFlash produces.

So I have stopped work on the IIF files and I am now releasing as freeware what I have written so far - hopefully it will serve as a teaching example for anyone who still needs/wants to create IIF files.

full details at:

Mike McLoughlin

Quickie WMF Viewer 14 JUL 00
(on Steve Parker's CWICWeb) Here's a free app to view wmf files. In the Open filedialog, enter \windows\temp to view Clarion reports. It's a Clarion App by Bob Campbell.

QView (Templates & Libraries) 5 DEC 05
The queue debugging tool you didn't know about. Plug the library in with a global template then use the supplied code template or hand-code simple procedure calls to pass queues for viewing and editting. Queues can even be saved and restored across sessions. Next time you're fighting a complex queue try it.

The RABSORT template allows the enduser to sort any colum of a listbox by clicking on the column header of the listbox. The beta release does not allow the use of any other custom sort orders and no keys are needed to create the sorting.

RAD accounting system demo 31 DEC 00

RAD IntelliSense RADVenture (Utilities) 6 FEB 06
RADIntelliSense (RADIS) gives you rapid access to the Clarion commands, dictionary, local and global data, classes and window controls while writing your code. RADIntelliSense is not restricted to the Clarion editor, but can be used in any editor of your choosing (Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.0, UltraEdit and even in Notepad)! Restructure your data and code in the Code Center by pressing the hotkey of your choice which will also correct the case of keywords. RADIS enables the mouse wheel functionality in the Clarion editor. Record macro's with prompts, learns new words and easily insert them into your code. All the wordlist sources are editable text files and can be configured freely.

RADRestyle (Templates & Libraries) 24 AUG 04
Restyle your complete application on runtime. You can change almost any property runtime and the RADRestyle has some new special properties (Show XP menu, Resize/Scaling, Mark active control, Image on Control, etc.)

Randy Rogers' Example of how to Download a File (Tips) 10 JUN 05
For those interested, I (Randy Rogers) have updated the URLDownloadToFile api example I posted a couple of days ago. The revised version runs the download on a separate thread, and implements a timeout for the async process.

I have compiled and tested RARS using the C55 compiler, etc. and it all seems to work OK. (The Data Ferret)

RAS Dial up Library 4 OCT 00
Freeware/Mailware RAS dial-up library for:

( If link doesn't work, try )

Raw and Edited IRC Chat logs (Tips) 2 MAY 02

RCLC Software in Russia (Link dead?) (Templates & Libraries) 17 JAN 03

RDC Wrapper from KlariSoft (Templates & Libraries) 6 AUG 02
RDC Wrapper - Use the latest Crystal Reports technology

RDraw Diagramming (Templates & Libraries) 19 MAY 04
Riebens Systems is developing a new windows class [DrawWindowClass] that will allow software developers to implement GDI functionality into their applications and create diagramming components like Visio and Smartdraw by placing the new class as a control on their application interface.

Reading Tables With ADO (Clarion Magazine) 21 MAY 01
Have you ever wanted to write a generalized utility to work with a data file which may exist on more than one backend database? Do you need a utility to handle a file when you don't have/or want a DCT layout? Have you ever wanted to use ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) in Clarion as a standard way of managing your data? Here's how to get started.

Reading XML With The CenterPoint Classes (Clarion Magazine) 30 JUL 04
Clarion 6 ships with wrapper classes for the open source CenterPoint XML class library. David Harms shows how to use these classes to read an XML file.

Real Draw Pro (Utilities) 9 MAR 04
First time in just one drawing package you have the power to combine vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing into totally new level, where one form seamlesly transforms into another. Real-DRAW sets a whole new standard in vector editing.

Rebasing Third Party DLLs (Clarion Magazine) 15 FEB 02
In the first two installments in this series Carl Barnes explained the principles of rebasing 32 bit DLLs to minimize load times and better utilize memory. This time around, Carl shows how to rebase a DLL from someone else such as a third party vendor.

Rebecca Norlander - why is XPSP2 so big? (Tips) 28 JUN 04
Rebecca is very articulate with a nice UI.

According to Pratik Patel, "It's a conspiracy between software houses, hdd mfg's and dial-up services ;-)"

Receiving Email With MAPI (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 23 OCT 02
MAPI email has been discussed in previous Clarion Magazine articles, but for the most part these articles cover sending email. In this two-part series, Konrad Byers shows how to receive email with MAPI.

Receiving Email With MAPI (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 30 OCT 02
MAPI email has been discussed in previous Clarion Magazine articles, but for the most part these articles cover sending email. In this series, Konrad Byers shows how to receive email with MAPI. Part 2 of 2.

Recording Audio: An Introduction To OCXs, Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 8 JUL 04
OCX technology has been around for years, but not that many Clarion developers use OCX components. Ben Brady shows how to use a readily-available OCX to record and encode audio. Part 1 of 3.

Recording Audio: An Introduction To OCXs, Part 2 (Clarion Magazine) 8 JUL 04
OCX technology has been around for years, but not that many Clarion developers use OCX components. Ben Brady shows how to use a readily-available OCX to record and encode audio. Part 2 of 3.

Recording Audio: An Introduction To OCXs, Part 3 (Clarion Magazine) 14 JUL 04
OCX technology has been around for years, but not that many Clarion developers use OCX components. Ben Brady shows how to use a readily-available OCX to record and encode audio. Part 3 of 3.

Recovering Deleted Records (Clarion Magazine) 19 JUL 01
Fans of the old Clarion (DAT) file format know that unless you use the RECLAIM attribute, deleted records still exist in the data file. That isn't the case for most other drivers. Here's how to make records recoverable, using two new methods in Clarion 5.5.

Recursive Queries in SQL:1999 and SQL Server 2005 (Tips) 15 SEP 06
How many of you have written resursive queries in SQL? Or any language since school for that matter? Not many people write recusrive queries because of the complexity, the difficulty to understand how they work, and the chance for heap overflows. However, SQL Server 2005 implements Common Table Expressions and recursion in a way that is much easier to code and incorporates some safeguards. New author SQL Server MVP Frederic Brouard has written a fantastic article looking at resursive queries. (SQL) 24 JUN 04
MS SQL Tools for comparing and synchronizing MS SQL Database structures and Data, find out more. Download a 14 day fully functional free trial!

Redirector Update to fix corruption of TPS files on NT servers. 11 JAN 00
If the customer has got Win95 workstations with version 95A or B, there might also be the need to update the network redirector. Courtesy of Rene Gass.

REDRTEST.EXE Utility Program (Utilities) 3 MAR 04
The REDRTEST.EXE program is a diagnostic tool that can be used to test for current redirector software on network workstations and most file servers. It also tests for our recommended Windows registry settings including Windows NT/2000/XP opportunistic locking settings and can be used to implement those registry settings if they need to be changed. This program will also optionally implement recommended settings for workstations using the Novell Client 32 Redirector.

RegClean by Microsoft 24 FEB 00
When you install, uninstall, and reinstall programs on your computer, registry keys are created, modified, or deleted. Over time, your computer's registry may begin to contain corrupted, unused, and unnecessary registry keys, especially if keys are not removed when you uninstall a program. As a result, you may begin to experience problems when using OLE to embed objects or Automation to control other programs.

The RegClean utility is designed to clean up unnecessary registry entries in your registry.

The RegClean utility that was originally supplied with Microsoft Visual Basic, version 4.0 for Windows. The Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit has been updated. The current version is 4.1a.

Registering your program with Intellimouse driver 15 MAY 01
Article Q237614

Registry Function Library by Jeff Jones v1.61 (Templates & Libraries) 12 APR 05
Utilize the Windows Registry in your applications. This library provides easy to use high-level access to the Registry. Low level access is also provided with a set of API wrapper functions. Also templates are provided for use with the ABC and Clarion Legacy template chains.

"I was especially impressed by his complete and easily understandable documentation about a complex subject." (Earl Coker)

Registry Mechanic (Utilities) 12 SEP 05
"I, too, have had some real bad experiences with registry cleaners. Thanks to XP's System Restore, I usually can recover okay. However, I recently tried Registry Mechanic (, and am extremely satisfied! After several cleanings, I haven't had any problems, and most problems have disappeared! My PC runs better, consistently, than it has for months!" -- Rocky Phelps

Relation Trees: A Few Of The Finer Points (Clarion Magazine) 16 NOV 99
A serious case of wrist pain brought on by too much listbox scrolling sends Steve Parker to the manuals in search of a mouse-friendly relation tree interface for his batch compiler.

RelationManager Part 1 (Clarion Magazine) 14 SEP 99
Relational integrity is one of the keystones of database software development. David Bayliss explains how the RelationManager handles RI and other related file management.

Releasing Software :: Music to Freak Out By (Web Sites) 22 NOV 05

REMAILER for mimer sql (Templates & Libraries) 28 AUG 03
REMAILER for mimer sql has been released as a demo version with full functionality. This allows you to send email from your Mimer SQL database the same way that MSSQL sends email.

RemFlash 2.1 Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
RemFlash The "Instant Messages" and reminders template is now compatible with all versions of Clarion from CW2 to Clarion 6.0 Gold. The help file REMFLASH.HLP is also available as REMFLASH.PDF

  1. Easy slot-in implementation of Reminders. All procedures are pre-written and because all source code is supplied you can easily change any windows to your own look and feel.
  2. Unique visible warning that a Reminder is due. The jumping alarm clock on the toolbar can be seen from anywhere in your app. There's also an option to bypass this and "auto popup" immediately a reminder becomes active. Or you could use a different set of icons for the animation.
  3. Run an external program at the scheduled date/time and/or show a message
  4. Set recurrences - daily, weekly etc. - see above screenshot
  5. Option to beep/play WAV on a reminder. Allowance is given for the fact that some users won't want sound FX
  6. When a reminder pops up there are 3 options : Leave as is, Reschedule to another time or De-Activate (mark as "done")
  7. Can be used in single user or network apps
  8. In network mode reminders can be created for other users. And they will immediately see it - works like a message system!
  9. If your app is iconized/minimized it will be brought to the top when a Reminder becomes active.
  10. Clarion only allows one IDLE() per app but with the RemFlash Idle Manager you can have up to 10 separate IDLEs running.
  11. In Network apps you can select that only system administrators can see other users Reminders
  12. Compatible with all versions from CW2x through C6.0, ABC & Legacy

Remote Reporter 12 FEB 01
Mike Pasley's been busy. Remote Reporter, an add on to IFT:HTTP server, web-enables your Clarion reports very quickly (just set two features) and without coding. You can send your reports where you want them, when you want them, and how you want them. Remote Reporter requires Windows 95 or better; Clarion 5 or better; and Internet Framework Tools: HTTP Server 2.5 or better. Read more at

Removing Icons from ABC Popup (Templates & Libraries) 21 FEB 05
The popup on my ABC browse displays the icons of the buttons that the items are associated with. I still want the buttons to have their icons, but don't want the icons on the popup. What do I do?

Repeats (Utilities) 2 AUG 06
A couple of weeks ago I (Billy Reaves) needed to repeat a section of code but I needed to change a value after each repeat. So I created Repeats. It makes generating repeating code easy.

You can download it at Steve Parker's Place under download center.

Replay Radio (Not exactly Clarion) (Utilities) 6 FEB 04
Replay Radio 4.0 turns your PC into a sophisticated Web Radio VCR. It's a great new way to enjoy listening to radio!

Replicate v1.25 (Templates & Libraries) 7 NOV 03
Replicate provides an automatic, driver independent, file-version independent, mechanism for replicating the data in two or more databases.

Replicating IDLE: All Quiet on the Keyboard? (Clarion Magazine) 3 MAY 01
Needing to have two inactivity timers running at the same time, Steve Parker goes in search of an IDLE equivalent.

Report Archiving & Retrieval Freeware for Clarion 5! 7 NOV 00
"RARS1000.exe is the Report Archiving & Retrieval System freeware version self-extracting exe. It is based on the talk given by Craig Ransom at DevCon '99 on Reports Over The Internet, and shows methods of intercepting WMF's generated by the Clarion printing process, archiving them in a central repository, and retrieving them at a later time for remote viewing by a variety of means including automatic or manual emailing and downloading archives via an IFT-based web server." If the site isn't working, try

Report Archiving and Retrieval System C5 27 OCT 01
RARS1000.exe is the Report Archiving & Retrieval System freeware version self-extracting exe. It is based on the talk given by Craig Ransom at DevCon '99 on Reports Over The Internet, and shows methods of intercepting WMF's generated by the Clarion printing process, archiving them in a central repository, and retrieving them at a later time for remote viewing by a variety of means including automatic or manual emailing and downloading archives via an IFT-based web server.

Report Redirection (Clarion Magazine) 25 SEP 01
This week Steve Parker takes on report redirection. Although there are excellent third party products available (and Dr. Parker isn't shy about making recommendations), there's something to be learned by reinventing the wheel.

Report to WMF and Fax Merging Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04

These can be downloaded from the freeware section of the Sterling Data software library

Report Wizard 6.06 Ready for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 16 JUN 06
Report Wizard facilitates access to simple on-demand reports from within any application. This process is easily integrated into existing or new applications by simply dropping the Report Wizard extension onto an existing report. Support for most third party reporting products is built-in.

Report-to-WMF (Freeware v2.0) Ready for C6.1 (No update needed) (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
Alex Oberhard of Komputery in Poland kindly donates a template (no dll or lib or anything) to make numbered WMF's from a Clarion Report. Now works with C55. Thanks to Sterling Data for publishing it.

ReportDAT 11 SEP 01
Through a special arrangement with Grebar Systems, we've updated ReportDAT! to work with Clarion version 5 and 5.5, both Legacy AND ABC templates! Yes, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived... you can now create 2 dimensional reports using the ABC templates!

ReportDAT! is a heavy-duty crosstab report template for Clarion for Windows that will summarize your data in 1 or 2 dimensions. ReportDAT! will help you to lift the fog from your data to reveal any underlying trends that otherwise may have been too difficult to analyze. With ReportDAT! you'll see your data in whole a new perspective.

Reports: OOP, ABC and Ignoring Templates (Part 1) (Clarion Magazine) 31 JUL 02
While preparing his ETC presentation, "Reports: Paying the Price of Flexibility," Steve Parker had an epiphany. He suddenly realized that he uses templates, well, strangely. Part 1 of 2.

Reports: OOP, ABC and Ignoring Templates (Part 2) (Clarion Magazine) 8 AUG 02
While preparing his ETC presentation, "Reports: Paying the Price of Flexibility," Steve Parker had an epiphany. He suddenly realized that he uses templates, well, strangely. Part 2 of 2.

Reports: OOP, ABC and Ignoring Templates (Part 3) (Clarion Magazine) 20 AUG 05
A reporting technique, mentioned in passing three years ago, comes back to haunt Steve Parker.

ReportToText (Templates & Libraries) 21 MAY 02
ReportToText Template for Clarion 5/5.5 Legacy/ABC. Template saving Any Clarion, CPCS, RPM, DAS, as plain text file.

Required Fields Times Two (Clarion Magazine) 26 APR 02
A lot has been written lately in Clarion Magazine about validating required fields. Carl Barnes validates the notion that there's no such thing as too much Clarion knowledge, and lays out his approach to required field handling.

ResEdit 15 MAY 01
ResEdit is an resource file compiler and editor for Visual Basic developers. You use it to create new resource files with the usual bitmap, icon, cursor, and string types. It can edit existing resource files and also supports user-defined binary files as well as audio (WAV) and video (AVI). The program's front-end is excellent. It allows multiple open resource files and features full drag-and-drop support --handy for swapping resource components. You can also use it to open and edit RES files created by other applications. If a resource contains unsupported types, ResEdit will not damage them in any way. Although some VB programmers might not see a need for this type of system, it really can be useful as a way to create and juggle resource templates safely outside of the development environment. It displays every supported file type automatically as you browse through your directories. In fact, if you're a "call it from the properties window" type of programmer, this product might encourage you to start compiling your resources by making it easier to do. This well-documented program is fully functional and can be evaluated for 30 days.

ReSort by Solace Software (Templates & Libraries) 26 FEB 04
FREE Enables users to specify sort orders for Reports, processes and browses at runtime. A new version of the free ScrRes templates has also been uploaded. This cures a problem with the Start bar being misplaced after the screen resolution has changed. Also a new feature to allow detection of any screen resolution and change it to the required one.


ReSort Pro (Templates & Libraries) 1 MAR 04
ReSort Pro is a beefed up version of the free ReSort template. It includes the following enhancements for end users:-

Retriever Payment Systems (Credit Card Services) 9 SEP 06
A plague with a contract.

Reverse Browse 19 MAR 01
The class and template allow the current browse sort order to be reversed. Reversing the sort order options include, double click on list box header, hot key, push button or radio buttons and combinations of each, ie hot key and push button.

Review of CWIC 13 NOV 97
Topspeed Corporation's Clarion for Windows Internet Edition takes a unique dual-purpose approach to database-application development. You can create a single executable file that runs both as a native Windows application and as a Web-based application. Clarion could be ideal for the forward-looking Web developer who wants to extend the reach of his or her applications to any user of a Web browser. (2,100 words)

Review of SQL engines by PC Magazine 2 AUG 99
A big-time database gives you the power to harness all of your business's crucial data. PC Magazine Labs tests the latest from IBM, Informix, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase.

24 Assembly Language procedures and functions to do those bit manipulations you've always wanted to be able to do plus some other neat stuff. The RFM_ASM.APP allows you to test all 24 procedures and functions. Source code for all is provided. The RFM_ASM.ZIP contains source code only and if you have C5 SR1 that is all you will need. RFM_ASM-.ZIP contains the executable only as compiled by C5EE SR1. If you do not have C5 SR1 then you will need to download the executable to run the demo.

Incomming directory of Ice Tips

RHeader by Sterling Data *Free* Ready for C6.1 (Templates & Libraries) 31 JUL 04
RHeader is a freeware Windows utility to read the header record of a Clarion DAT file. This is essential info when trying to recover data from a damaged file. It will also display Record information on the DAT fields.

The utility was written by Bill Rollins of Total Control Software and is based on the DOS utility from the Sterling Data software library (READHDR.ZIP)

RichReport Version 1.3.2 Ready for C6.2 (Templates & Libraries) 12 JUL 05
It's a small class with surrounding templates that allow you to print RTF text in standard Clarion reports! Instead of spending several hundred dollars for a 3rd party text processor or report generator you can now RTF-enable your reports with 100% pure Clarion code. In addition to that, you can do that without writing a single line of code. Simply put a control template onto your report and tell it where to get the text from (can be a database column or a RTF file).

RichReport supports Clarion 5.0 and Clarion 5.5, Legacy and ABC templates. Comes as .LIB and .DLL versions, supporting both standalone and local runtime libraries (32bit only).

Rick Hoffman's page 18 JAN 01

Rick Smith's examples of how to use Catalyst Socket Tools with Clarion 23 DEC 00
(Updated 23 DEC 2000) "It seems every time someone asks about getting a copy of my Socket Tools zip file, I get e-mail from a handful of other people as well. I don't mind this at all. But it does take time to formulate a reply and attach the zip to each message. Therefore, I've decided to make the zip file easily available to everyone. If you'd like a copy of my zip file with a working Socket Tools SMTP example, please feel free to download it from my website at" (Rick Smith, quoted without permission)

Rickey's DELPHI-BOX (Web Sites) 29 AUG 02
How to make cracking your apps a little harder.

Rieben's Systems 9Update 28 Dec 2000) (Templates & Libraries) 26 JUN 03
Now it is possible to grant that request using the new RABSORT template from Riebens Systems. Just drop the extention template into the procedure and tell it which listbox you want to allow sorting on. (Multi usage per procedure)

The template automatically picks the fields from the listbox and automatically creates the sort orders.

The default allows the user to ShiftMouseLeft on the Listbox column header to sort. During the sort process, the currently selected record is retained.

This template currently does not allow any other custom sort orders other than those created by the template itself. Also it is not advised to use this template on listboxes with more than 15 000 records.

RInstaler (Install Programs) 19 MAY 04
RInstaler is a Clarion for Windows Template that allows a developer to implement the following measures into applications created with the ABC template chain:

Full source code will be supplied to Developers so that they don't have a blackbox; doing their protection for them. This allows the developers to change their serial number and unlock code generation as they see fit. The unlock application also keeps track of all unlock codes that have been generated.

Ripley Code Commentor v1.15 (Utilities) 24 AUG 04
The Ripley Code Commentor is a tool designed for programmers to allow them to comment changes to their code in a consistant manner making it easier to find changes.

RMChart Free Charting DLL (Templates & Libraries) 16 JUN 06
RMChart is a simple to use and really lightweight developer tool to create a various range of modern looking business charts - and it's freeware.

Depending on which compiler/development system you prefer, you may either use the DLL-Version (see RMChart.dll) or the ActiveX-Version (see RMChartX.ocx) of RMChart. The features and the resulting charts (visit the Gallery) are in both cases identical.

RMChart comes with RMCDesigner. This is a tool, which helps you to create a chart with all aspects entirely without coding, just point and click and see immediately the resultant chart. The source code of the chart you've created in the designer is only a mouse click away - just paste it in your editor and run the code. In the current release of the Designer source code generation for BCX, C#.NET, PowerBASIC, VB.NET, VB6 (ActiveX) and VB6 (DLL) is supported.

Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages (Web Sites) 6 FEB 04
This site is chock-full of scripting examples, ready to be used. The primary objective of this site, however, is to teach you how to use batch and other scripting languages yourself. So read the explanations that are available on these HTML pages or embedded in the scripts as comments. The main focus of this site is scripting for computer and server management, only a few pages are dedicated to web design.

Robert Paresi's XML Reader/Writer for Clarion (Templates & Libraries) 9 APR 05
I've created an XML Parser/Writer function library to use with Clarion 6.1 - since it is a function library, you can easily attach it to Legacy and ABC applications. This function library is completely free. It comes with many functions to Load XML documents in to a Clarion Queue as well as write an XML document from a Clarion queue.

While there are other classes and support for processing XML documents in Clarion, I believe this is very easy to use with some good flexibility. It comes with an example application and documentation.

You can find it as downloads section, thanks to

Robert Stanic Clarion Corner 2 FEB 01

Roel & Karin - Clarion Downloads (Templates & Libraries) 13 OCT 04
Oplocks and Read Caching fix - Freeware This utility is for everyone experiencing database corruption using ISAM databases (such as Topspeed). When the database is centrally hosted say on a server the fix needs to be run on the server and on all workstations. The fix is started using a commandline parameter FIX. Default it shows an about window with informational links.

OSShield and DriveInfo template - Freeware These two templates wrap the API's needed to get drive information such as drive label, free space, used space and total space, FAT type, serial, drive type, aswell as the API's needed to fetch the operating system version, its build number and the service packs installed. Additionaly OSShield allows you to block your application for specific operating systems or from running under Citrix or Terminal Services. A C6 example is included in the setup. (Templates can also be used in lower Clarion versions)

Clarion TXA and TXD scanner - Freeware The Clarion TXA and TXD Scanner was designed to give a visual presentation of your sourcecode and data dictionary without the need to load the data into into Clarion. Procedure information, templates, variables, used files, images and icons , global templates and data are all displayed when a TXA is scanned. Table information, relations, fields and keys are displayed when a TXD is scanned. Unused tables are marked when both the TXA and TXD are scanned. Besides displaying this information on your screen you can copy fields and tables from the scanner into your Clarion dictionary. Also you can create program and dictionary documentation in HTML. The HTML colors are configurable aswell as the specific data you wish to export. If you have the Microsoft CHM compiler installed then AppScanner can also generate a project for your CHM compiler and compile the HTML files to CHM giving you easy to distribute database and program layouts.

EasyTwain template - Freeware This library implements the scanning functions in EZTwain classic.

DebugView template - Freeware This template implements debugview and has some default options such as sending global variables values to the debugger aswell as local and a few more options.

ProcessorBinder template - Freeware The ProcessorBinder template fixes problems with Clarion applications (compiled with the old Clarion RTL system) on multi-cpu systems. ProcessorBinder checks if your app was generated in a Clarion version smaller than 6 and if your program is running on a multi-cpu system. If so then the process and its threads are locked on the first cpu instead of divided over all cpu's.

Oracle Bulk Load Script template - Freeware The BulkLoad script template allows you to create bulk load scripts for every table in your procedure. These scripts can be imported into existing Oracle tables. Normal SQL scripts (INSERT INTO etc..) cost a lot of time to import because Oracle has to interpet each new insert, update the indexes after each insert, write the rollback data etc.. This is very time consuming. The bulk load option in Oracle lets you import special scripts (generated by this template for instance) that are written into a buffer. Then the entire buffer gets written to the database and after that the indexes are updated aswell as the rollback features. For instance a 10mb ascii SQL script with inserts took 1 to 2 hours where the same data in a bulk script took less then 2 minutes!

Roel S.F. Abspoel's template for multiprocessor systems (Templates & Libraries) 20 AUG 03
On 6/8/03 there was a thread called C55 app and Citrix conserning Clarion applications running on multi-cpu servers. Suggested solution was running IMAGECFG to bind the process to one processor instead of allowing the OS to devide the threads over the available CPU's.

I made a template that does just this, it checks if the app is compiled < C6 and checks if the machine has multi-cpus. If so then the threads are binded to the first processor.

Anyone who would like a copy, please reply to me (Roel, not Tom!).

Roll Your Own Accounts Receivable 9 APR 01
"Roll Your Own Accounts Receivable" is a multi-company Accounts Receivable application. It is a "sample" application designed to assist new Clarion for Windows developers. The aim of the application is to help the new Clarion get up and going as quickly as possible. For those of us who started with Clarion Professional Developer, I would compare it to the "Video Shop" annotated example. That particular example taught me my basic Clarion programming skills by providing a complete working business application.

I am making this software (including all app, dct and source files) available as Freeware as my my repayment for the help I have received from others, on the newgroups over the years. I do not profess to be a Clarion expert but I do hope others find these applications useful.

Steve Parker has kindly made it available for download on Just look for "Roll Your Own Accounts Receivable".

Steven Muller

P.S. Dictionary password is "ELI".

Roll Your Own Web Search Engine (Article) (Clarion Magazine) 15 SEP 06

Demo of an accounts receivable package you can buy and customize.

Ronald van Raaphorst 26 FEB 01
I wanted to arrange my windows like outlook has arrangen them:
1) A menu on the left
2) A tree menu in the middle, which can be visible or invisible
3) And a browse window on the right and maybe some other windows

Anyway, here's the result, (Kind of alfa testing, but I hope you see my goals)

Royalty Free Icons for Developers and Designers! (Graphics) 21 JUN 06
Here are 4 sets of royalty free icons for use in your software or web pages. $19 per set.

RPM Installs available for C6.3 (Templates & Libraries) 19 JAN 06
Providing a full cast of features for you the developer as well as for your users. It does far more than simply allow previewing of a report. Check it out and see just what it can do for you.

RPM does Newspaper Column Reports!

ABC or Legacy for C2, C4, C5, C5.5, C6, C6.1...

RSBackUp 27 FEB 01
RSBackUpis designed to be used as a stand alone EXE. This has the advantage that if disaster does strike, a user will still be able to do a restore, even if they can't run your main App due to corrupted file(s).

1.Compression is excellent and uses the addZIP dll.
2.RSBackUp will work out how many floppies are required and notify the user.
3.Any drive and path can be specified for backup - so large capacity drives such as ZIP drives could be used, or drives somewhere else on the network.
4.If a user tries to restore from a disk out of sequence (for example they insert disk 3 when disk 2 is required) RSBackUp will notify them accordingly and prompt for the correct disk #
5.During compression progress bar is displayed to show the progress, together with percent processed in total, for the diskette and also for the file.
6.User can specify which files will be restored

RTF Tools 23 AUG 01
It is listed under the company "Riebens Systems" and under the category "Rich Text".

RTF Tools is a Clarion for Windows Template that allows a developer to implement the following measures into Applications created with the ABC template chain:

This template adds two classes to the LIBSRC directory and is NOT implemented as a LIB or DLL. This means that the developers can modify the classes as needed.

RTF TOOLS currently ONLY work with the RTF Control Implementation from SoftVelocity.

For more information AND a Demo product of the implementation of the Reporting and the RTF2HTML features, go to and follow the "RTFTools" link under "Clarion Templates".

RTF Tools (Templates & Libraries) 19 MAY 04
RTF Tools is a Clarion for Windows Template that allows a developer to implement the following measures into Applications created with the ABC template chain:

RTFCreator (Utilities) 16 FEB 06
RTFCreator was created out of need. Need to fill in RTF fields that were for display purposes only. I got tired of creating the RTF in WordPad then copy/paste and create the Clarion string out of it. Besides the RTF created by WordPad always had extra verbage that I didn't need and didn't want. Constructing simple RTF is a PITA and I figured I should be able to do something about it;)

RTFCreator takes care of that by letting you create a RTF text and display it as formatted RTF, RTF code and Clarion ready RTF code. By Clarion ready RTF Code I mean that all the { have been doubled up to {{ etc. and it is ready to be pasted into a clarion string variable. The simple RTF editor that comes with it allows you to save and open RTF files. Arnór Baldvinsson

RTFGEN Windows Help Authoring 30 MAR 00
Create Windows Help files for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 with RTFGEN 2.03, a freeware help authoring program by David Baldwin. This page is not endorsed or supported by RTFGEN author, David Baldwin. (Thanks, Randy Stewart)

RubBut 9 NOV 01
An alternative 'button'. Include 3 full-colour images for Active and Inactive states. Assign Values, Hide/Unhide, Enable/Disable, call Procedures, run Programs, etc., etc.

No limit to number of RubButs per window, or per thread. Template includes interaction with other RubButs in the window, with flags to activate Runs/Hides/Enables. Can be configured as Buttons, or Toggles.

Rubén E. Ruvalcaba Camba 17 APR 01
Bienvenidos, este es un sitio dedicado a la comunidad de Clarion. Esperamos les sea de utilidad y nos visiten constantemente.
(Documentation in English and Spanish)

Running Totals (Clarion Magazine) 21 AUG 01
Running totals come in two flavors. The first is the constant updating of an account balance in real time, such as a running total in a checkbook application. The other kind is, well, the subject of this 100th article by Steve Parker.

Running Totals: A Reader's Perspective (Clarion Magazine) 14 FEB 02
Steffen Rasmussen revisits Steve Parker's article on Running Totals, and contributes a template.

RUpdate (Install Programs) 19 MAY 04
RUpdate is a Clarion for Windows Template that allows a developer to implement the following measures into Applications created with the ABC (and soon to be, Legacy) template chain:

  1. Provide a method for the end user to check the Web for application version status.
  2. Provide for downloading the new version file(s).
  3. Provide for running the version update file(s).
RUpdate will allow files to be downloaded up to 4MB per file. All file types except *.exe, *.pdf and *.com files can be downloaded. (All files not registered with IE to run as executable binaries in the browser.) This should not pose a problem as most update files are distributed as *.zip files to minimize size and download time.

Russ Eggen's new book (Tips) 4 SEP 02
A new Clarion book is in production. As with some other Clarion books, this one is combines data (“What is it?”) with practical (“How to”). This is not a philosophical book. It is not for the beginning Clarion programmer. It is advanced in nature, but presented in a light manner that pushes the reader into new areas.

Russ's UK Trip (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 03
A few photos from the recent Clarion UK gathering with Russ Eggen in London.

RVCS (Utilities) 23 NOV 05
RVCS is a VCS system written for Clarion 6 using Clarion 6 and is intended for Clarion 6.x developers.

RVCS interfaces on a command line level with Clarion 6 and is controlled by the Clarion 6 IDE VCS commands.

RVCS allows a single or multiple programmers to make use of a single VCS repository for a project and implements module level READONLY locking of files already opened and in use by other developers.

S.C.A. Micro Browse Header Sort and Reverse Sort Template (Templates & Libraries) 8 FEB 03
Package includes three templates with these features:

Available for ABC and Clarion (legacy).

Sable Software 3 DEC 98
11 Nov 1998 - App-Ref.Exe Version Beta 6 Released App-Ref is compatible with Clarion 5EE, Clarion 4 and CW20 (small edit of template required).
New Features in App-Ref Beta 6

Sambar Server (Utilities) 21 FEB 05
Web and FTP server.

SAP DB 30 JAN 02
SAP DB is an open, SQL-based, relational database system that provides high availability and performance scaling from small to very large implementations. In addition, SAP DB goes beyond relational database technology by offering object orientation as well as support for managing unstructured data. It supports open standards including SQL, JDBC and ODBC; access from Perl and Python; and HTTP-based services with HTML or XML content. SAP DB is platform independent, so users can deploy it for a wide array of projects. Since 1994, the SAP e-Business Solution is available on SAP DB technology. Today SAP DB is being used by nearly 800 customers. On October 5, 2000, at Linux World SAP DB was announced to be made available as Open Source software using the GNU General Public License for the database kernel and the GNU Lesser General Public License for clients and programming interfaces.

Satellite Forms 12 APR 01
Satellite Forms® software is the premier visual rapid application development tool for Palm OS® handheld, including Palm Inc' family of devices, Symbol Technologies' SPT 1500/1700 Series, the Handspring Visor, and the TRGPro. Use Satellite Forms to rapidly develop sophisticated handheld applications and seamlessly integrate these handheld solutions with enterprise data from Oracle®, Microsoft Access®, and many other databases. Satellite Forms' comprehensive feature set, combined with Palm Computing's one-touch connectivity, lets you easily create integrated solutions with unparalleled versatility.

See the article in Clarion Magazine (try out Dave's new Search engine).

Save and Restore Window Size and Location (Clarion Magazine) 31 DEC 03
Nardus Swanevelder goes on a template-writing quest to blend window size and location saving with the IceTips Cowboy SQL Templates and Ingasoftplus's Easy Resize and Split templates.

Scan-It (Utilities) 5 DEC 05
A source-driven alternative to the IDE and TopScan's database browsing. Also offers direct access to clarion and topspeed files. Use it next to your source code (including dictionaries). A flexible tool for working with the ISAM drivers.

Scan-It (Templates & Libraries) 5 DEC 05
Scan-It's functionality can now be added to your applications

Scanbin 31 AUG 99
Scans EXE's and DLL's reporting what DLL's are required to make them run. Many features.

Scanning in CW (not actually a link) 7 OCT 00
Here is some practical experience of scanning document into a Clarion Program:

1. If all you require is a scanned image, buy and use the Nextage templates.
2. There is a TWAIN driver called EZTwain which is free and it allows complete control of your scanner an outputs directly to Tif or Bmp files.
3. If you require OCR capabilities, use the EDT OCR Engine (it works and is royalty free). If you would like the prototypes for Clarion, e-mail me at
4. Image enhancemet can be provided effectively by using the TMS Sequioa engine which is simple to use. again if you would like Clarion prototypes, contact me or ask Sequioa (
5. We have produced a product (using EDT and TMS Sequioa) to scan documents, OCR them and then convert the resultant text file to a Clarion (.TPS) database file. This is incorporated as a part of a suite of products for the UK construction industry.

Barry Groom
Kestrel Estimating Ltd

Schedule Wizard 16 APR 01
Schedule Wizard is in use right now by everyone from home users to IT departments in some of the largest companies in the world. Here are just a few examples of what our existing users do:

Schoffler & Rau Datensysteme (Templates & Libraries) 11 JUL 03
Auf Deutsch.
In English:

ClaScript clarion script language and runtime windwos with formatter

Scot Finnie's Newsletter (Tips) 5 AUG 02
Accurate and reliable information on Windows, Internet, Broadband and Networking. Where's this guy been all my life? He has direct contact with the engineers that make things so he kinows "how it was meant to be used," rather than "how we think you're supposed to use it."

Scot's Newsletter File Systems Issue (Tips) 5 AUG 02
Includes an article about NTFS vs Fat32 in XP.

Scot's Newsletter, the best Antivirus of 2006 (Tips) 2 AUG 06
He exhaustively examined many antivirus programs. What ones bubbled to the top?

Scott MacGregor's Triolet Challenge (Web Sites) 9 APR 03
In the interest of the finer arts, here is some computer related poetry:

Rime of the Ancient Mutex
by Owen Ozier

Deadlocking processes - Out of my code!
Never lets go of its semaphore stash.
Scheduler kills all the threads that have showed
deadlocking; processes out of my code
pathological pointers from their cyclic abode.
My hero, my schedule will struggle to slash
deadlocking processes out of my code;
Never lets go of its semaphore stash!

(personally, I can never write anything bigger than a limeric or haiku)

Scott's Box Shot Maker (Utilities) 11 DEC 02
The Scott's Box Shot Maker program is a unique marketing tool and image-editing software that creates a virtual package for your product. A box shot is a colorful image of the box in which your product would be packaged if it were on the shelf at a software store. Now you can use your company's existing logos and promotional images to create a virtual box with ease, whether you've actually developed packaging or not. Box shots are a key motivating factor in potential customers' perception of overall product quality and their willingness to download your product.

Scott Box Shot is currently available free of charge to all Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP users. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for operating systems other than Windows.

ScottMenu Shareware Utility 17 FEB 00
ScotMenu is the COOLEST traybar popup menu program that you have ever seen! It was born out of frustration with other shareware programs that promised the moon and fell short. After you try ScotMenu you will wonder how you lived without it.